War Queen Title Match

"Oh J. Looo! Come get this ass whipping that I got for you old woman. Mama has cooked up something good for you tonight." Rihanna sings across the ring from her corner at Jennifer Lopez. "You're going to love it."

"Oh Lil RiRi" Jennifer sarcastically sighs back. "You still trying to be a bad girl. I'm going to take you to Bad Bitch University tonight. Then I'm going to send you home crying."

This is a a day about ten years in the making. In 2005 when Jennifer was already a superstar, border lining on being an idol of millions, She met Jay-Z's new prospect at a New York party. When she looked into Rihanna's ambitious and aggressive eyes, she knew someday that she would have to deal with this woman. She did not know if was going to be on the music charts, for a movie role, or over a man, she knew that they would one day clash. The feeling was mutual. Rihanna looked into Jennifer's eyes and saw an ambitious predator, just like she was. She knew that when she reached the top, this woman would have already become an icon, and would still be there waiting for her. Jennifer and Rihanna have always been friendly with each other since that day in 2005, but never friends. The two always shared a whole lot of respect for the other, but also a petty and catty jealousy of each other.

Jennifer remembered that night when she marched to the ring a few minutes ago. Jennifer wore black heels, a black thong with black fishnet pantyhose. A black bra and black shades completed her wardrobe. She marched to the ring or actually stomped so her legendary ass shook like a bowl of Jell-O. As Jennifer started to the ring looking smoking hot with her ass jiggling like none other on earth can, Jennifer could almost hear thousands of boners shooting up at first sight. After her entrance Jennifer remembered that 2005 night more when Rihanna appeared. Jennifer jealously muttered, "I never liked that bitch."

Rihanna stepped on the stage wearing a silver lace bodysuit and nothing else under it. The height of her sexiness was on display. The lace hid little to nothing, yet mystically enhanced everything. Rihanna had eyes popping and jaws dropping when she entered. Most of all, even though she could not see Jennifer's eyes behind those dark shades, she knew they were boiling with jealousy.

"Ring the bell!" Rihanna shouts from her corner in the present. She is anxious to get this match started. She is ready to prove who the dominant Alpha female is. Rihanna has beaten Beyonce twice and beat Jessica Simpson & Britney Spears in a triangle match. She is sure that she can beat Jennifer, but she wants to dominate, destroy, brutalize and humiliate Jennifer. "Let's get this slaughter started!"

Jennifer leisurely leans in her corner still hiding behind her dark shades. She does not want to show her disgust and jealousy for Rihanna. She is confident that she will win also. She is confident because she is Jennifer Lopez and things usually go her way. Besides she will do anything to win the belt, including putting her body through anything and despite being known as a respectable woman, getting down right dirty and nasty during the match. The bell rings and Jennifer tosses off shades her and bounces out of her corner.

Jennifer cautiously approaches Rihanna. Opponents as skilled as Rihanna frequently out wrestle Jennifer, who is more a street fighter. When they neared, Jennifer let her fist fly, quickly before Rihanna could get her hands on her. Three quick succession jabs put Rihanna on her heels. Next Jennifer leaped to take Rihanna down with a dropkick, but Rihanna countered by knocking Jennifer's feet away allowing her to crash heavily to the mat.

As Jennifer quickly rises to all fours, Rihanna drops down and applies a side headlock on Jennifer. As Rihanna applies the pressure Jennifer's face is pressed against the side of Rihanna's boob. "You like my tit?" Rihanna asks. "I might let you lick it later, after I beat you into being my little bitch." Rihanna taunts with a sinister laugh.

"Fuck you" Jennifer growls as she grabs Rihanna's hair on the back of her head and pulls her head backwards. Soon it loosens Rihanna's grip enough for her to slip her head out of the headlock. Then Jennifer rolls away and pops back to her feet as does Rihanna. She puts her fists up and approaches Rihanna just like before. Rihanna launches a kick into Jennifer's side. The Hispanic blocks it and charges forward behind her swift, sizzling fist to Rihanna's face. After a series of combinations land, Jennifer kicks Rihanna in the gut. The sexy Barbadian doubles over holding her stomach. Jennifer drops to one knee and launches an uppercut up onto Rihanna's face. The monster blow sends Rihanna flying. She is launched off her feet and lands flat on her back.

Rihanna scrambles to her feet, a bit shaken. Jennifer strikes with a thumping side kick to the chest that knocks Rihanna back on her ass. Jennifer quickly turns Rihanna over on her stomach and sits down on her back. Jennifer pulls Rihanna's arms over her thighs and applies a camel clutch. Rihanna is way too big and strong for Jennifer to keep her in this hold for long. Besides, Rihanna would not allow her to lock it in well enough. However Jennifer entertains herself and demeans the champion by smiling and waving to ringside fans and the camera with one hand while Rihanna struggles to break free. Once Rihanna fights our both stand and square off again.

Next Rihanna raises both hands challenging Jennifer to a test of strength. Jennifer accepts, thinking her bigger arms would win out. They held their own, but Rihanna's significant height advantage and leverage eventually carries the day. Rihanna pivots her body to the left and forces Jennifer to turn also. It takes away her base of power and Jennifer starts to sink. As Jennifer goes down, Rihanna sinks to one knee as well. Jennifer is forced down till her back is stretched out across Rihanna's out stretched knee. Rihanna keeps the pressure on and bends Jennifer's back over her knee, making an impromptu back breaker hold. Jennifer hollers as she is bent over backwards with the small of her back across Rihanna's knee and her upper body is still being pressed back by Rihanna's knuckle lock grip of her two hands.

Realizing that she is not doing near enough damage, Rihanna withdraws her knee allowing Jennifer to drop to the mat. Rihanna grabs Jenifer's legs, flips her over onto her stomach and sits down on Jennifer's back, applying a Boston Crab hold. Jennifer lets out a loud shout knowing that she is in trouble. Before Rihanna can sink into the hold deeply, Jennifer crawls, pulling herself and Rihanna several inches till she reaches the bottom rope and grab a hold to break the hold. Rihanna rises off the crab and might fully jerks Jennifer's grip on the ropes away, then drags Jennifer back to the center of the ring. Lastly, Rihanna sits back down reapplying the Boston Crab. Rihanna sits back and listened to Jennifer's screams.

Jennifer's face shows desperation as she reaches and stretches, trying to pull herself back to the ropes to force the referee to break the hold. However Rihanna is not having it. Jennifer is not able to budge, just scream and suffer. "Just tap out now Jen." Rihanna tells her victim. "If your sorry fat old ass taps out now, I'll let you leave the ring without sucking my toes and kissing my ass." Rihanna offers with a laugh.

Rihanna abandons her Boston Crab after it does not get a submission. Before Jennifer could move, Rihanna drops her knee into the small of Jennifer's back, then curls her arm around Jennifer's jaw at the same time. Rihanna bends Jennifer's back backwards again, this time in a Single leg Camel clutch combined with a chinlock as well. "This is normal for you.... getting your ass smashed in big matches" Rihanna says. "Remember when you fought Beyonce? I pinned her once, then made her tap out the second time I faced her. Beyonce however annihilated your ass! She brutalized you. You have no chance against me."

Jennifer is having trouble breathing. Her neck and spine is in distress. Rihanna is bending her neck backwards. Rihanna's knee is a fulcrum in the small of her back, bending her back further. Rihanna's words are stabbing at Jennifer's feisty spirit. She reaches out trying to claw herself to the ropes but her larger opponent is not allowing her to move an inch.

Jennifer's movements slow from asphyxiation. She will not submit, and Rihanna knows that she cannot use the hold to totally restrain breathing enough to choke Jennifer out, although it has reduced her to a groggy state. Rihanna releases Jennifer and stands up. She reached down and grabs Jennifer by the back of her black bra. Rihanna pulls Jennifer's lax body to her feet by the garment. Rihanna pushes her compliant victim against the ropes and fires a fist deep into Jennifer's stomach. Rihanna keeps the fist in place and grinds it further into Jennifer's abdomen. "Face it you're not championship material. Do you remember your match against Britney Spears?" Rihanna asks as she fires another shot deep into Jennifer's gut, and grinds it in as well. "I beat Britney, but she totally dominated you in your last War Queen shot. She knocked you out about a hundred times before she made you submit." Jennifer says nothing, just hangs there with her arms draped over the ropes to stay upright as Rihanna fires another shot into her belly. A glob of spit comes out of the dazed, dangling beauty's mouth as Rihanna rears back again. "I'm going to make an example out of you just like Beyonce and Britney did."

Jennifer looks like the picture of defeat. She is slumped and hanging on the ropes with spit and drool hanging from her mouth while she coughs and gags. Meanwhile Rihanna is laying in her gut busting punches with continuously. After a few more punches, Jennifer slips off the ropes and sinks to her hands and knees, gasping for breath. Rihanna reached down and grabs Jennifer's bra strap and again hauls the slack vixen to her feet again. Rihanna scoops Jennifer up into her arms. She walks to the middle of the ring, then body slams Jennifer down as hard as she can. Rihanna backs up like she is enjoying her handiwork, but then she dashes toward Jennifer and jumps up and comes crashing down on Jennifer with a full body slash. Jennifer howls as the bigger woman's body squashes hers. Rihanna gets up off of Jennifer and is pleasantly surprised by the effectiveness of the maneuver. So she backs up and leaps and splashes down on her rival again.

Jennifer lies on her back holding her ribs. Rihanna stands and looks down saying, "This ain't a movie where you're on top of your game." Rihanna raises her foot and stomps down into Jennifer's belly. "It's not a concert where your old ass rocks!" Rihanna adds another stomp to her quivering adversary. "This is a ring where you've been beaten and humiliated on a regular basis. Even Jessica Simpson kicked your weak ass and I beat her and Britney at the same damned time!" Rihanna finishes as she stomps down on Jennifer harder than ever before.

Jennifer curls into a ball holding her churning belly. Rihanna reaches down and grabs Jennifer by the bra strap again. She hauls Jennifer to her feet with the care and respect afforded to an old duffle bag. "I'm the champion around this mutha fucka, and I'm going to be champ for a long time." Rihanna tells Jennifer as she pushes her into the closest ring corner. "At your age, you should give up all hopes of ever winning my title." Rihanna continues. "I'm going to dominate and humiliate you like all the other all-time greats have done."

With Jennifer trapped in the corner by Rihanna's body, Rihanna bends over then drives her shoulder into Jennifer's abdomen. It felt good so Rihanna repeats driving the shoulder into Jennifer’s stomach two more times. Since they are right in front of her face at this point, Rihanna grabs Jennifer's black thong. Rihanna kneels and peels the thong down Jennifer's legs while the Hispanic coughs, gurgles and holds her belly. Rihanna yanks the thong out from under Jennifer's feet, taking it all the way off. This leaves Jennifer in just her fishnet panty hose and bra. Her sweet spot is as visible as Rihanna's is through her nylon stocking bodysuit. Rihanna stands and presses her body against Jennifer. Then she raises the thong and wraps it about Jennifer's neck, choking the challenger.

Rihanna leans in close and whispers into Jennifer's ear. "So you know, I've got the biggest 10 inch strapon dildo you've ever seen under the ring. After the match I'm going to get it and stick it all the way up your big ass and ride you all night long, just like Jenny McCarthy did. Then I'm going to take it out and shove that shitty thing down your throat and make you eat your own shit like Vida (Guerra)." The referee is counting for Rihanna to break the choke. Rihanna is enjoying the panic in Jennifer's eyes from being choked, then the panic growing when she told Jennifer about the dildo. Rihanna breaks the choke to avoid being disqualified. Jennifer drops to her hands and knees gasping for breath.

Rihanna backs away for a second as the referee fusses. She gives him a dismissive wave off and suggests a few choice places he can kiss. Jennifer raises her head. She does not feel good, but she has a slight smile on her face. Although her stomach is killing her, she is thrilled that Rihanna chose to attack her abdomen. "Some all-time great" Jennifer thinks. "Haven't Lil RiRi seen a picture of me lately or the Booty video? I'm in better shape than any time in my life, and I got abs of steel. These abs can take a little beating." Rihanna steps back to Jennifer. As she approaches, Jennifer rises to her knees and fires a missile punch as hard as she could into the apex of Rihanna's pubic mound.

Rihanna's eyes pop out of her head like in a cartoon. She screeches like a scream queen for a B-movie. Rihanna clutches her coochie and drops to her knees. Rihanna hurts like she could not ever imagined. Her head droops down and rests on the mat as she whimpers in the classic 'face down ass up' position. Jennifer is not in great shape either. Although her abs were able to take a little beating, however they took more than a little beating, and she needs time to recover. Jennifer leans back against the turnbuckles and catches her breath.

Jennifer gets up first. She steps to Rihanna and kicks her hard in the side, knocking her over onto her back. Jennifer leaps in the air and comes crashing down across Rihanna's throat with her leg in a leg drop. Rihanna coughs and gags from the blow to her vulnerable throat. Jennifer gets up and runs across the ring and bounds off the ropes and delivers another leg drop across Rihanna's throat. There are a lot more gags and coughs. Jennifer stands again, then looks down and snarls at the sight of Rihanna. She jumps up and crashes down on Rihanna's throat one more time just to make sure Rihanna is hurting. "Welcome to Bad Bitch University, little girl", Jennifer comments.

Jennifer pulls Rihanna to her feet and immediately rocks her with a forearm to the jaw; then another, then another, then another. Rihanna staggers back into the ropes and bounces off and staggers back toward Jennifer. The challenger grabs the champion by either side of her head. Jennifer leaps up and comes down to the mat in a sitting position, also driving Rihanna's face into the canvas at the same time with a Face Buster move.

"Cocky ass bitch" Jennifer mutters showing her growing contempt for her rival. Then she rolls Rihanna over onto her back. Jennifer sees a distant look in the Barbadian's lovely eyes. "I'm going to finish you" Jennifer mutters and goes to the corner and starts scaling the turnbuckles. Jennifer's words woke Rihanna out of her stupor instantly. Nobody is finishing her and taking away her title. Rihanna pops up off the mat and runs after Jennifer. The challenger has just put one foot on the top turnbuckle, with her back to Rihanna when the champion reaches her. Rihanna strikes first with a classic forearm shot between the legs, low blow. Jennifer shrieks in pain and surprise. With Jennifer stuck in a precarious position, Rihanna starts firing kidney shots to Jennifer's lower back.

Several kidney shots have Jennifer shouting in pain. Rihanna positions herself under Jennifer and plucks her off the turnbuckles. Jennifer falls back and across Rihanna's shoulders in perfect position for a Human Torture Rack hold. With one hand under Jennifer's chin and one hand on her pussy, Rihanna bends Jennifer like a bow. Tits up and looking at the ceiling, Jennifer screams while realizing her championship aspirations may be over. She is reaching her limits quickly. Rihanna senses that Jennifer is close to submitting, so she applies more strength in the hold. "Jennifer I hear that dildo calling your name right now!" Rihanna taunts.

Jennifer happens to see The jumbotron's broadcast of the match. She notices Rihanna's body, faintly hidden by the stocking bodysuit, straining and flexing while glistening with sweat. Even Jennifer had to acknowledge that Rihanna is a sexy beast. She thinks that maybe it will not be so bad to have that sexy body on top of hers. Instantly her pussy gets wet. Jennifer even notices the erotic position that her own sexy body is in. Her phenomenal ass looks even bigger, hanging horizontal in the air where gravity assists in making her masterpiece of booty look even more irresistible. Jennifer could not deny that there is a certain eroticism in being tortured in a hold by a sexy woman. Her pussy wettens more, like she is about to fuck. Rihanna notices and is confused why Jennifer is getting so aroused as her fingers use her wettening pussy as a handle.

Suddenly Jennifer has a brilliant revelation. She throws her legs up in an attempt to flip off of Rihanna's shoulders. To Rihanna's shock, Jennifer's soaking wet pussy slips though her fingers and Jennifer flips off her shoulders and land on two feet behind her. If not for Jennifer's wet cunt, that donkey move would have never worked. Rihanna immediately turns to face Jennifer and is greeted with a straight jab to the nose. Rihanna's head snaps back and then bombarded a four punch combinations. Rihanna's eyes flutter, feeling the effect of Jennifer's fist.

As Rihanna pulls herself together, Jennifer swoops in and connects with another flurry to Rihanna's chin. Rihanna is rocked and shaken. Meanwhile Jennifer gets on her toes and starts bouncing and dancing around Rihanna like the Greatest of all-time himself, Muhammed Ali, as she circles Rihanna like Jaws. Jennifer lets her fist fly swift and fast like lightening striking Rihanna time and time again. Rihanna tries fighting back but big swings wind up empty and Jennifer strikes back with fists of fury. In no time, Rihanna is wobbled. Her coordination is off and has her stumbling and reeling from Jennifer's onslaught.

A few more dazzling dance steps followed by more lightning fast combinations have Rihanna stumbling around punch drunk. Her arms dangle by her sides, and Jennifer can fire at will. Jennifer swoops in and whacks Rihanna with a combination. She bumbles and stumbles into the ropes and bounces back to Jennifer and gets nailed with a right cross. Rihanna goes reeling and stumbling in another direction. "Rumble J.Lo Rumble!" the wired challenger cries.

Still bouncing like a young Ali, Jennifer stalks her victim. She rattles off another electric fast combination. Rihanna teeters into the ropes. The champion grabs a hold of the ropes to stay upright. Jennifer shouts "Come on Lil RiRi! Come on Bad Girl! You're not out of Bad Bitch University yet!", to the bewildered young woman. Rihanna returns to the fight, but is totally discombobulated. Jennifer gets back on her toes, riddling the champion with one hard jab after another. Rihanna is noodle legged at this point. It is obvious that Jennifer could knock Rihanna out anytime she wants, but is just torturing and punishing Rihanna. She is making Rihanna look foolish, and jealously marking her pretty face up slightly in the process.

Finally it is time for the big finish. Jennifer rares back and unleashes a right handed bomb on Rihanna's jaw. Rihanna drops like a sack of potatoes. Jennifer drops to her knees. She leans over Rihanna's body but instead of going for the pin, she chomps down on Rihanna's right tit. Jennifer gets as much delicious nipple and boob in her mouth as she could and bites. Rihanna starts reviving as Jennifer leaves her right tit to bite down on her left tit. Rihanna wakes in a confused panic, not knowing what is happening to her body, but it hurts. Jennifer goes for the coup de gras and moves down Rihanna's body and takes a big bite on Rihanna's pussy. Rihanna arches her back and howls as her Birthday Cake song becomes her reality.

Finally Jennifer finishes her jealous and vengeful Rihanna picnic. She wraps Rihanna in a tight pin with one leg hooked and gets the three count to finish Rihanna's education at Bad Bitch University. Jennifer sits up and realizes that she is at long last the War Queen Champion. Moments later the referee hands Jennifer the title belt. Jennifer stands and raises the belt to the crowd, and places a foot on Rihanna's head for a victory pose.

The pose does not last long before Jennifer sees Halle Berry followed closely by Pam Anderson and Tia Carerre racing to the ring. They all enter the ring and smothers Jennifer in a group hug and jumping up and down. Kim Kardashian, Coco and the other followed the original Fab Four by milli-seconds and join the celebration. Rihanna rolled out of the ring and starts walking back to the locker room. She looks over her shoulder for one more motivating look at Jennifer's celebration. Surprisingly Rihanna is not too tore up by her defeat. She is confident that it is only a matter of time before she catches up with Jennifer and reclaims her belt.

However this night belongs to Jennifer Lopez. She finally feels vindicated for all those terrible defeats the Rihanna was too quick to remind her about. She holds the belt high, the champion at last.


“Hey Kelly.” Said Rihanna as she picked up her phone seeing her name on the caller-id.

“Hey Rihanna. I need to ask a favor of you. It concerns G-Man.” Said Kelly..

“Sure thing, I’d love to help out. What would you like me to do?” asked Rihanna

“I’d like for you to hypnotize him to see where his loyalties lie. Ever since he’s come back from Vegas he hasn’t seemed the same. I think his problems there messed him up more than he realized. Besides, Janet and the Gen Prime girls are getting antsy with the ABA. They want to move things along. I want to make sure his head is in the right place. I don’t want to spoof him by letting on that you are or going to hypnotize him.” Said Kelly.

“Of course I’ll do that for you and ensure his loyalty. I will let you know once I’ve done that. You can thank me later for what I do.” Said Rihanna, the wheels turning in her head.

“I will thank you and be in your debt.” Blushes Kelly as she hangs up the phone.

Rihanna thought to herself how to go about hypnotizing him. She had met him briefly a few times and hadn’t talked to him a whole lot. She remembered hearing earlier that day a man at the front desk talk to someone and mentioned the name G-Man telling him that he was staying in the suite next to her. She decided to wear only a night gown before leaving her own suite and heading to his suite. She then knocks on the door. A moment later, G-Man opens the door smiling when he sees Rihanna.

“Hi Rihanna, I didn’t expect to see you there.” Said G-Man.

“Hey G-Man, I heard you were here and wanted to come by and see you. I know we haven’t seen much of each other and would love to chat with you some more. Mind if I come in?” Said Rihanna.

“Please do come in. I just got out of the shower.” said G-man as he steps aside letting her in. He can’t help but look her over and get excited, Rihanna’s gown leaving little to the imagination.

“Like what you see, G-man?” smiles Rihanna smiling at him and putting a finger under his chin as she walks by him.

“Yes I do.” Said G-man as he closes the door and smiles at her.

“You can look at me all you want.” Says Rihanna as she leans in and kisses him on the lips. G-man moans at the unexpected kiss. He wraps his arms around her. A moment later, she breaks the kiss and winks at him, “Let’s finish this elsewhere, shall we?” G-man nods as Rihanna takes his hand and leads him to the bedroom swaying her ass on the way. He couldn’t help but look at her ass and legs. She sees him looking at her ass and thinking: “This is going to be easy.” As she gets to the edge of the bed, she lets go of his hand and slides off her nightgown to reveal her nude body. She motions towards her ass with her head and smirks at him, “You can start there. I’ve heard you like ass and mine is as good as it gets.”

“You’re right about that. You’ve got an amazing ass.” Said G-man as he got to his knees.

As he was about to kiss her ass, Rihanna says, “Don’t kiss it just yet. Look first, I want to get you in the mood first. You can smell my scent if you like.” G-man nods as he looks at her now swaying ass. His smile grows seeing her sexy, naked ass inches from his face swaying and start to twerk a bit occasionally softly bumping her ass into his nose. “That’s it G-man, look at that sexy, juicy ass in front of your face getting you all excited. My scent going up your nostrils into your brain. Focus on my scent and voice. Lose yourself in them.” G-man moans a bit and says ‘ok’ softly as he looks at her ass, his cock getting harder with each passing second. Rihanna smiles over her shoulder seeing G-man slowly falling under her spell, getting entranced by her. “That’s a good boy, get lost in my scent and voice. I know you want it… want me. Let my scent and voice invade your mind and take over.”

“Huh? Taking ov…” said G-man in a semi-trance as he looked at her ass.

“Ssshhhh… it’s ok G-man. I’m just getting started with warming you up.” Said Rihanna as she turns around and puts her finger under his chin slowly guiding him up to his feet. As much as she loved G-man and others getting lost in adoring her ass, she had a job to do and she felt it would be more efficient to finish hypnotizing him like she did Kelly.

“Look into my eyes G-man.” Said Rihanna as she untied his robe and sliding it off of him to reveal his own nakedness and semi-hard cock. He did as she asked and looked into her eyes. She puts her arms around his waist pulling him closer and put her right thigh under his cock. She slowly started rubbing his thigh with her cock and smiled knowing it was only a matter of time he was fully hypnotized. He moans feeling her thigh on his manhood. She says to him, “Look into my eyes. Get lost in them. Listen to my voice and only my voice. Resistance is futile. Feel my eyes pierce deep inside you and my voice resonate in you… deep inside your mind… inside your very soul.” G-man looks deep in her eyes, not resisting her at all. He moans as his cock gets even harder. “Feel yourself surrendering to my hypnotic eyes and sound… falling under my spell. I know you want this… enjoy this. I can feel your cock getting so hard. Mmmmm, I know you’re almost there… just a little more. Once you are there, your cock will be hard and you will fall into me. You may only cum when I say so. Surrender to me… surrender. All you hear is my voice inside of you…surrender. Hear only my voice inside your head.” Whispers Rihanna.

G-man could feel Rihanna’s will completely overpowering his as evident by his pupil growing. A moment later, G-man moans in with a slight quiver in his voice as his cock is finally hard and he falls into her, hypnotized.

Rihanna smiles as she holds him and says, “I want you to kneel before me, I have some questions for you and you will answer them honestly and truthfully.” G-man does as he is told and kneels before her. Rihanna sits on the edge of the bed and opens her legs, “The first question I have is; what happened in Vegas years ago after all the groups came back from all those fights?”

“I stuck around and started gambling at the different casinos. I racked up a lot of debt and couldn’t pay it off. I thought they were going to sic their goons on me only to find out one night when Demi Moore paid me a visit. She told me she paid off all my debts and all she wanted was a…favor from me. She wanted me to be her spy and report back to her on Gen Next and any other groups so she and the ABA could dominate the league. I thanked her for paying my debts, but as for me being her spy she could go pound sand and that I wouldn’t help her. She didn’t like that. Then she and some of the ABA girls with her took out their frustration on me by roughing me up. I tried fighting them off, but they were too many of them.” Said G-man.

“I understand. From now on, you will be totally honest with us. Why didn’t you tell us about that?” asked Rihanna.

“I didn’t want any of you to worry about me and think I would turn on them.” Said G-man.

“And you are loyal to… who?” asked Rihanna inquisitively.

“I am loyal to Shakira, Kelly Clarkson and the girls in Gen Next.” Said G-man.

“It’s good to hear about your loyalties G-man. There’s a few things you should know as there are some changes going on in the league. Shakira wants to join the DIVAS and don’t see why she wouldn’t and she will be taking orders from me. Also, Kelly Clarkson is under my influence just like you are now. You’re loyalties now lie with me and the DIVAS. Do you understand?” said Rihanna.

“I understand Rihanna. I hadn’t realized the changes with Shakira and Kelly, not that I have been talking with them very much. My loyalties are now with you and the DIVAS. I should mention that I was very excited to hear you had joined Gen Next. I have had a crush on you for a long time and now that you are heading up DIVAS, I now get to serve and obey you.” Said G-man.

“Thank you for telling me about your feelings G-man. It means a lot to me. Now that your loyalties are in order, Kelly, Janet and I will need your help in defeating the ABA. Once they’ve been dealt with, I have plans on making Gen Prime an ally under my influence.” Said Rihanna. She smiles down at G-man and crosses her legs, “Now, before I bring you out of your hypnotic state you will worship my body starting with my feet.”

“As you wish Rihanna.” Said G-Man as he took Rihanna’s right foot and starts massaging, kissing and licking her foot much to Rihanna’s delight. He covers every inch of her foot with his fingers, lips and tongue including sucking each of her toes individually. Once he finishes with her right foot, he sets it down and picks up her left foot and repeats the process all over again before putting it down.

Rihanna stands up, turns around and pats her ass cheeks. She looks over her shoulders, “Now for the thing you and my fans really want to worship.” G-man leans in and starts placing kiss after kiss and lick after lick onto Rihanna’s sexy ass cheeks. Rihanna moans and smiles feeling his tongue and lips. He even ventured between her cheeks for a couple of kisses. She gasped when he did that, “Oh my, you really do love my ass and me.” A moment later, she looks back at him, “Lay on the bed.” G-man nods and complies as he lies on the bed. Rihanna looks at him with his cock still hard and climbs up on the bed and straddles his waist. She slowly impales her pussy on his cock and starts to ride it. “You have my permission to cum and make me cum. When that happens, you will come out of your trance. To get back into this trance, the trigger word is ‘poontang’. You will not remember what we discussed but the effects of it will remain. You will know that you had the greatest sex of your life with me.”

Both Rihanna and G-man moan as she rides him faster and faster. As they get closer to climax, she leans over and intertwines their hands. A couple minutes later, they each climax, a mix of his seed and her cum in their lower regions. As they came, Rihanna kissed G-man’s lips. She soon skooches up and places her crotch on his face and orders him to clean her up. He sticks out his tongue and licks her pussy clean as best he could.

“That was amazing Rihanna. I’m glad you came by.” Said G-man as Rihanna rolled off of him.

“Why don’t you come to my suite and stay there with me. It’s a lot nicer there.” Said Rihanna as she stood up and put her nightgown back on.

“As you wish Rihanna.” Said G-man as he got out of bed and put his robe on. Rihanna winks and smiles at him as she takes his hand and guides him to her suite.

“The bedroom’s in there. Go wait in there.” Ordered Rihanna. She watched as G-man went to the bedroom. The second he was out of site, Rihanna grabs her phone and calls Kelly, “The deed is done Kelly. He’s completely loyal… always has been.”

“Thanks so much Rihanna. I will really thank you later.” Said Kelly as she hung up the phone. Rihanna went to the bedroom to be with G-man for the night. Over the next few days and weeks, Rihanna, Kelly and Janet along with their respective groups would meet discreetly in places to discuss how to take down the ABA. Keira suggested using the Gen Prime girls as plants to lull the ABA into complacency and have them on the inside when the attack goes down. She asked if they can bring in some hired guns to help them out in the fight. She also suggested they use G-man to reach out to his contacts about the security system being used at their facility to see if they can rig it somehow to slow any response from the ABA. Rihanna and Kelly each liked the idea and got behind it. Janet was unsure about it, but she supported it too. As time went on, Rihanna had G-Man check his contacts while the other girls went quietly around looking for support.