Jessica Simpson (60%) beats Jennifer Lopez (40%) Janet Jackson stood at ringside with her mouth dropped open. She probably was the only person in the arena surprised that Jennifer Lopez was in the ring wiping the floor with Janet's charge Jessica Simpson. Although Jennifer has been on an inexplicable losing streak since beating Jessica's Generation PRIME mate, Christina Aguilera, the sexy latina was still a heavy favorite to defeat little Jessica. Also a lot was riding on this match. Janet and Generation PRIME have aligned themselves with the renegade ABA. Stone Rage, Jennifer & the Fab 4 were seeking to destroy all outlaws. This is a pivotal match to destroy the ABA's power base.

However in the ring, Jennifer was toying with Jessica. The blonde was severely outmatched, and Jennifer was in total control. But when Jennifer put her young rival across her knee and started spanking her like a small child, Janet could take no more. She fled from the ringside area back to the dressing rooms.

She charged into Jessica's dressing room where Christina Aguilera was waiting. "What's going on, Why isn't the doll working?" a breathing hard Janet blurted.

Janet JacksonChristina Aguilera"Uh I thought I'd let Jessica try it on her own, without the doll" Christina sputtered back.

"Are you crazy!" replied Janet, "You couldn't beat J.Lo with Generation PRIME's help, that's why we made this doll, remember." Janet says while snatching a small Voodoo doll out that bared a remarkable resemblance to Jennifer of Christina's hands. "Or do I have to remind you!" Janet continued. "After Jennifer beat the pea out of you* and you wanted revenge I called my sister LaToya. Because you knew you didn't have a chance in hell of beating Jennifer on your own, I had LaToya contact her best Witch Doctor and put this Curse of Aguilera on Jennifer. Or do you really think J.Lo would have loss all those matches without this doll and our curse?" asks Janet.

Janet picks up a large stickpin and drives it into the butt of the doll. "Now let's give Jennifer one giant pain in the ass!"

Mariah CareyAs if on queue, Mariah Carey leaps out of the audience and enters the ring. Jennifer pushes the devastated blond that has just endured her humiliating spanking off her knee and stands to face her longtime rival, Mariah. "Who the hell let you out of the nut house, or the fat farm or what ever other type of institution they've put you in lately?" Jennifer says with a smirk on her face.

Maria replies with a sarcastic smile at Jennifer's catty jibe at Mariah's numerous personal problems of late. Then she lashes out with a kick to Jennifer's belly that doubles the latina over. Mariah then backs into the ropes for momentum and plows over Jennifer with a clothesline that knocks J.Lo off her feet, and causes her to land hard on the back of her head. Jennifer pops back up to her feet and is furious. She charges toward Mariah, who at the last moment raises her foot and kicks J.Lo in the face, dropping her back to the canvas. Jennifer is now stunned by Mariah's sudden attack. Mariah used the opportunity to slide Jennifer's head between her super sexy legs and hoist Jennifer in the air and bring her crashing back to the mat with a devastating Power Bomb.

Jennifer lies on the mat, holding her back and screaming in pain. Mariah does not give her a respite, but instead dives on the fallen diva, and starts punching her face, ripping out clumps of hair and slamming her head into the mat. Jennifer is screaming, kicking and thrashing about, trying to escape her rampaging rival. Jennifer has fought Mariah many times before, with J.Lo coming out on top most times, but Mariah had an almost magical aggression about her tonight. Jennifer takes a tremendous mugging on the mat, but is finally able to kick free of Mariah and escape out of the ring.

Jennifer knows when she is beat and starts to run to the safety of the dressing rooms, but Mariah gives chase after her. The larger woman catches Jennifer and tackles Jennifer to the ground, driving J.Lo's face into the unforgiving steel of the ramp to the dressing rooms. Jennifer is again hurt & dazed and is easily lifted high in the air and body slammed hard on the steel ramp. Jennifer lie there moaning in pain, as Mariah scoops up her injured foe and slings her body across her shoulder and carries the near defeated woman back to the ring.

Mariah dumps Jennifer over the top rope and climbs in after her. To her credit the latina warrior, rose to her feet on wobbly legs. Mariah easily scoops her up into body slam position and drops her throat first across the top rope. Jennifer bounces off the rope and stumbles back looking for a place to fall, but before she could, Mariah clutches her tightly around the throat with one hand. "No" Jennifer whispers before she is lifted high in the air and choke slammed to the mat.

Jennifer lies on the canvas hoping her punishment is over, when Mariah again reaches down and clasps her hand around Jennifer's throat. Mariah pulls her defeat archrival to her feet and hoist her in the air. Jennifer is pleading, "No please not again!" but to no avail as Mariah again choke slams her to the mat. Finally a third time Mariah clutches her hand around Jennifer's throat and lifts her up. Jennifer offer no resistance as Mariah suspended her in the air by her neck. "Please no... Please Mariah... No More" uncharacteristically begged Jennifer before Mariah choke slammed her to the mat even harder than before.

Jennifer lie on the mat in a semi-conscious state like a bug splattered against a windshield. "Give Tommy my best would you?" Mariah says to her devastated rival. Jessica has finally recovered from her earlier beating and approaches Mariah to thank her for the aid. As she gets near however, Mariah captures her by the throat and lifts her up too. Mariah choke slams the blonde beside Jennifer and says, "I'm not through being me yet, so you better quit copying me too, or you'll end up like that pile of shit beside you!" Mariah says and exits the ring.

Both Jennifer and Jessica lie motionless on the mat. Jennifer is the first to move. She rolls over to her stomach and pushes her body off the mat. Her weak arms are no longer able to support her weight and buckle under her. Jennifer crashes back to the canvas, and bumps her chin on the mat, nearly knocking herself out.

Jennifer simply lies face down on the mat, her body numb with pain. Her brain slowly starts working again. Jennifer's first thought is "I hope Mariah has gone!" Then her brain starts to wonder when the medics will come with a stretcher, cause she knew she would be able to leave the ring under her own power. Then she felt someone grasp her hair. She could tell by the ruff handling it was not the gentle touch of a medic. Her mind flooded with fear that Mariah had returned. Jennifer looked up to find Jessica hair hauling her to her feet. Jessica was thirsty for payback for her spanking, and Jennifer was helpless to stop her.

First Jessica scoops up Jennifer and carriers her to the corner. Jessica hangs Jennifer upside down by wrapping her leg around the turnbuckle. Now with J.Lo tied to the proverbial 'tree of woe' Jessica takes her time, running across the full length of the ring to drive a knee into Jennifer's gut. After a few of those, Jessica opts to stand in front of Jennifer and kick her stomach at will, while the latina is helplessly hung upside down and can only cry out in agony. Jessica finally unhooks Jennifer, allowing her to flop to the mat.

J.Lo crumples to the mat holding her stomach, and occasionally quivering in pain. Jessica is not finished however. She pulls Jennifer to her feet and pushes her back into the corner. Jessica rips off Jennifer's top. Jennifer chose to wear a t-shirt from her J.Lo line of urban wear, and a pair of jean cut off shorts. With Jennifer now bare-chested, Jessica chops her across her exposed breast. Jessica fires away at Jennifer's tits with chop after chop. Interesting enough, Jennifer's arms stay folded across her aching stomach, and never come up to protect her assaulted tits. Jennifer is sliding down the turnbuckle to the mat when Jessica grips her by the hair and pulls her out of the corner and bulldogs J.Lo face first to the mat.

The new racy Jessica surprises and delights the crowd by pulling off her own shirt. Jessica then reaches behind her back and unfastens her bra, and allows it to fall to the mat. Jessica reaches down and pulls Jennifer to her knees with two handfuls of hair. "How does it feel to know you'll never be woman enough to have tits like this!" says the blonde teen and twist causing her tits to slap Jennifer across the face. Two handfuls of hair hold Jennifer in place while Jessica swings her tits back and forth and slapping J.Lo across her lovely face. Jennifer unfortunately is conscious, but too battered to resist these humiliating tit slaps by this younger woman with twice the tits she has. Her arms dangle lifelessly by her side, while Jessica gets her revenge for her spanking earlier. Jennifer tries to comfort herself with thought of what she will do to the youngster to get revenge, when Jessica changes tactics and plunges J.Lo's face into her breast. Jennifer gives a few weak token gestures of resistance, and then passes out rather quickly from Jessica's breast smother. The teen then allows Jennifer's limp body to slump to the mat.

Jessica uses her foot to roll Jennifer over onto her back then places one foot on her chest to claim an undeserved victory. Jessica then exits the ring to the disapproval of the crowd. Tia Carrere accompanies the medics into the ring and helps Jennifer as they carry her to the infirmary. J.Lo wakes up halfway there and starts cursing and yelling Spanish slurs of what she's going to do to Mariah the next time she sees her.

Jessica returns to her dressing room and is greeted by Janet and the rest of Generation PRIME. All are happily jumping around and singing Jessica's praises, except for one person. Christina stands alone in the corner glaring at her friends with spiteful eyes. "This is my fucking group, I'm the leader around here! And look at them treating that bitch like she the best thing since sliced bread." Thinks Christina. "I'll show them, I'll show them all!"

Jennifer couldn't out muscle The Curse of Aguilera!

Jessica Simpson dances with Generation PRIME

* The Curse of Aguilera begins here