Please Read Christina Applegate Vs Christina Aguilera THEN Jennifer Lopez Vs Jeri Ryan to get Caught up in this War.

Jennifer Lopez (67%) stomps Christina Aguilera (33%) Jennifer stood in the ring impatiantly with one hand on her hip and patting her foot on the mat. She had to put up a lot to get this match with Christina Aguilera. She knew she would have to put her Songbird Title on the line to get Christina in the ring, after Christina had masterminded Jennifer's destruction at the hands of Jeri Ryan. But Christina required that she put up the title of "Latina Supreme" that Jennifer earned by defeating Salma Hayek. Then when Jennifer demanded the match take place in a cage to prevent Christina's Generation PRIME cronies, Ananda Lewis, Foxy Brown & Jessica Simpson from interfering, Christina added a few more stipulations. First, if she lost, Jennifer would endure a 10 minute session in the ring following the match at the mercy of all 4 Generation Prime members where they could publicly have their way with Jennifer. Jennifer knew the kinky witches would dildo fuck her into oblivion during this time. But most disturbing & frightening, Jennifer had to agree also to be Christina's slave for two weeks if she lost. Who knows what strange indignities she would endure at that time from the devious teen.

Christina thought that Jennifer hired Christina Applegate to crush her so she hired Jeri Ryan to do the same to Jennifer. Christina did not know that actually rapper Eminem hired Applegate to teach Christina a lesson about spurning his affection, and making the Slim Shady parody song. Christina was involved in a war and did not realize who her enemies were. She did manage to piss Jennifer off royaly however. This scenario could prove to work to Christina's benefit although, if she could win Jennifer's Songbird championship. Many critics could easily see the former War Queen using her ariel, and wrestling skills to subdue Jennifer and leave her hippy opponent face down and unconsious in the middle of the ring.

At the opening bell, Jennifer stomps out of her corner muttering, "I'm going ta kick yo scrawny little ass!" Christina stands her ground in her corner and waits for Jennifer to travel across the ring. Once Jennifer reaches her, Christina tries to kick the singer in the stomach. Only Jennifer catches Christina's foot before it can reach its target. Jennifer holds Christina's foot so she can kick Christina in her exposed crotch several times. Jennifer winds up and uncorks a looping punch to Christina's chin that drops the little blonde on her cute little ass. Jennifer hold on to the top rope for support & balance and starts stomping all over Christina's body. After stomping the breath out of Christina, Jenifer reaches down and pulls the blonde to her feet with two handfuls of blonde hair. Jennifer then uses those two handfuls of hair to fling Christina across the ring. The slender blonde landed hard on the other side of the ring holding her back.

Christina is still lying on the mat trying to gather herself, when Jennifer walks over leaps up and drops an elbow across her chest. Christina howls. The diminutive blonde was dressed in a white pair of stretch pants, and a matching sports bra. "Punk ass bitch! This will hit you where you live, you little slut!" chortled Jennifer as she almost buried her fist between Christina's thighs. The spasm of pain caused Christina to spring to a seated position. She gamely aimed a punch at Jennifer's face, only to be flattened by Jennifer's quicker, harder fist. Jennifer grabs Christina by the hair and jerks the blonde onto her belly. Jennifer drives her right knee into the back of Christina's neck. While Christina's body convulses in pain, Jennifer stands and drops with both knees onto the center of Christina's back. Christina screams and rolls onto her side holding her back. Jennifer is quickly back to her feet, and drops a knee into Christina's ribs. Standing, she delivers a series of kicks to the boobs and belly that drives the blonde onto her back. Jennifer drops another knee into her victim's belly. Jennifer finishes Christina off by slaming a series of ax handle blows into Christina's gut. Jennifer stands and admires her handi work while Christina rolls in agony on the canvas.

Jennifer again hair hauls Christina to her feet and launches her face first into the steel cage surounding the ring. Christina bounces off and staggers backward. Jennifer captures Christina again and ushers her to the side of the cage so she can slam her face repeatedly into the side of the chain link mesh. Jennifer kept up the punishment at will until she grew bored with this manuever and forced the dazed, semi conconcious girl's head inbetween her thick thighs. Jennifer gripped her waist and lifted her inposition for a piledriver. Christina could not offer a miniscule of resistance, so Jennifer was able to execute the hold to perfection. Jennifer drops on her ass driving Christina's head into the mat. Christina's lifeless body falls to the mat like a fallen tree. Jennifer stands back and takes a deep breath. Jennifer licks her lips as she stands with her hands on her hips looking down at the fallen warrior. Jennifer wore a glittering gold bikini top, and a short matching gold mini skirt. The skirt did little to hide Jenifer's huge assets. Although they she wore bikini brief's under the skirt her ass was on display at the slightest bend of the waist.

"I saw you admiring my ass on that MTV interview!" taunts Jennifer "I thought you'd love a real up close view of it."

With that Jennifer plopped her famous ass onto Christina's face and started grinding it all over. "Humpt! bony little slut is hardly worth the effort." commented Jennifer ass she continued to grind on her victim. Christina could only manage an occasional twitch or convulsion to protest this humiliating treatment she was recieving from Jennifer.

Finally the calvary came to Christina's rescue. Generation PRIME girls charged from the dressing room with Ananda leading the way. Ananda started to scale the tall steel cage meant to keep her out. Foxy and Jessica followed but took considerably more time climbing the cage than the lieth Ananda. Jennifer stood from her seat on Aguilera's face and waited as Anada dropped from the top of the cage into the ring. Chrstina rolled to her side moaning agony from the beating she has suffered so far. Ananda charges Jennifer and runs right into a looping uppercut. Ananda drops to the mat as if she has been shot. She gets up a little dazed and catches Jennifer's super kick right in the chops. Ananda again is knocked to the mat. Jennifer pulls her to her feet and hurdles her into the side of the cage.

Foxy was on top of the cage at the time, about to drop into the ring. The force that Jennifer sent Ananda into the cage rattled the cage so hard that Foxy lost her grip and the rapper fell off and into the ring with a loud thud. Foxy bounced off the mat hard, and was not in any condition to fight at that point. Jennifer put Foxy's head in between her thighs and lifted her high in the air for a Power Bomb. Foxy pleaded, "No, no, no!" before Jennifer drove her hard to the mat, knocking the rapper out.

Jennifer turns to see Jessica in the ring and yelling, "Come on you bitch, I'll kick your ass by myself!" Jessica charged across the ring to Jennifer. Jennifer charged at Jessica. Right at the point of impact, Jennifer dips her shoulder and spears into Jessica's gut. Jessica has both feet knocked from under her and is driven into the mat. The blonde groans curled in a ball on the mat while Jennifer rises to her feet. Jennifer reaches down and rips the silk button down shirt off Jessica's body. She wraps the garment around Jessica's neck and throws her into the side of the cage. Jessica bounces off the metal and back towards Jennifer. Jenifer lashes out a foot to Jessica's gut, doubling her over, grabs her around the head and falls back, executing a DDT. Jessica is knocked sensless and is left lying with the rest of Generation PRIME.

Jennifer looks around the ring, and sees the young gang that has terrorized the league scattered all over the canvas. Afer all the trouble the teen gangsters have caused throughout the league, Jennifer figured she owed it to the rest of the league to give some of the pain back to the youngsters. The pop star began by capturing Jessica and Christina by the back of the head and grinding their faces into the chain link mesh. The steel links sratch the blonde's flesh and threatens to open huge gashes. Finally tiring of this, Jennifer pulls the ladies' faces back from the fencing and turns to get a running start and bulldogs both of their faces into the mat. Jennifer gets up leaving both blondes moaning face down on the canvas.

Ananda is up to her feet while Foxy is sitting up still shaking her head from the devastating power bomb. Ananda is still woozy when Jennifer approaches. Jennifer slings Ananda into the ropes and on the rebound back flips her over the top rope, and sends her crashing upside down into the steel fence. Jennifer grabs a handful of hair of Foxy & Ananda and pulls both to their feet. She slams the two beauties' foreheads together again & again until both are like rag dolls only supported by her grip on their hair. Then Jennifer released her grip, allowing the ladies to slump to the mat live puppets cut from their strings.

Jennifer knew she had to teach Generation PRIME a serious lesson with so they would think twice before seeking revenge sometime down the road. Jennifer approaches the defeated & dominated Aguilera. Jennifer pulls the limp blonde's sports bra & pants off. She takes the limp pop star to the side of the cage, and leans her up against it. She ties Christina's wrist above her head to the side of the cage with her sports bra. After 5 minutes, Jennifer had all four members of Generation PRIME in a row, nude and tied to the side of the cage.

"Now kiddies, I hope this teaches you a lesson about fucking with J. Lo." Jennifer lectures as she walks by Foxy Brown and pinches her large dark nipple.

"Ouwww! Yes Ms. Lopez!" responds Foxy Brown.

"And if you ever want more, I'll be happy as shit to give it to you" Jennifer continued as she walked pass Jessica and clutches her thick patch of pubic hair. "Right?"

"R..R...R..Riightttt Ms. Lopez" Jessica stammers out.

"If you stay out of my business, and I'll stay out of yours." finished Jennifer stopping in front of Ananda and humiliating thumping her on the tip of the nose.

Finally Jenifer gets directly in Christina's face and says "And if you ever try to put a bounty on my head again, I'll bust your ass worst than I did tonight! Understand?" .

"Well you sent Christina Applegate after me!" Chrsitina burst out.

"You Fucking IDIOT! Do you really think I'd have anything to do with Christina Applegate after what she did to me in that dumpster match?" Screams Jennifer "I hate that bitch!" "You dumb ass I didn't hire Applegate to kick your sorry ass, if I wanted your ass kicked I'd do it myself like I just did!" Jennifer continues yelling. "But I do know who DID hire Applegate!" Jennifer yells as she delivers a demeaning & stinging slap across Christina's rosey cheeks. "Dumb asses" Jennifer mutters as she walks back down the row of bound beauties with her right hand extended, slapping each one across the face as she went by like she was in a Three Stoges comedy routine and exits the ring through the cage door.

Jennifer walks past Eminem who is seated in the front row, thouroughly enjoying Christina's destruction. Suddenly, Jennifer snars Eminem in a head lock and start to rub her knuckle against his head, giving him a knuckle nookie. "Tell her.... Tell her...." Demands Jennifer like a neighborhood bully.

"Alright Ouch! I sent Christina Applegate after you Christina" says Eminem.

Any way you cut it, Jennifer looks great!

Generation PRIME is dominated