Christina Applegate (72%) creams Christina Aguilera (28%)Eminem sat listening to Christina Aguilera's parody of his "Real Slim Shady" song called "Slim Shady Please Shut Up" completely unamused. If Christina was a guy, he would have punched her in the nose. But she is not a guy, she is a girl, and that is where the problem lies. As often happens when two kids can not express their emotions and desires properly for each other, they reduce themselves to dishing out childish little "love hits" to express their true feelings for each other. They "dissed" each other in public and in the press, but those disses seem to be little more than 'love taps'. Now it seems those 'love taps' are getting out of hand. There is a thin line between love and hate, and Eminem and Christina are now flirting on the hate side of that line. Eminiem was so angry, he had one thought as he listened to her song, "I otta pimp slap that bitch!" Eminem could not beat up a lady, well at least not publicly, so he decided to do the next best thing. Have another woman beat her up for him.

Aguilera thought the match she was offered against Christina Applegate was the product of Stone Rage's marketing team. It was a highly marketable match. It was called "The Battle of the Christina's" "Applegate vs Aguilera" "Blonde Battle Royal" Little did she know this was a plot by Eminem to destroy the young blonde. Aguilera eagerly took the match thinking it was an excellent way to get back into the title picture.

When Aguilera arrived for the match, she was told, her friends, and Generation PRIME team mates, Jessica Simpson and Ananda Lewis will be delayed because the limo that picked them up from the airport broke down on the highway to the arena. Aguilera would have to face Applegate tonight without any outside interference from her friends. This worried Aguilera a little, but she was a former Champion, and felt she should be able to handle Applegate without her friends help. The mastermind has isolated Aguilera for the night, Eminem smiled as his plan unfolded.

Aguilera enters the ring and awaits Applegate's arrival. She spies Eminem seated in the front row, and flips him her middle finger as she prepares herself for battle. She forgets Eminem is even present at the battle and prepares her mind for the task to come. Aguilera is wearing cut off jean shorts and a powder blue crop top with her Super Girl emblem on her chest. Applegate stalks the ring shortly after Aguilera's arrival. Her face is covered with intensity, as she enters the ring wearing a white tank top and jeans.

The bell rings and the ladies tear into each other without a moment's hesitation. The two combatants lock up briefly and struggle against each other before Applegate overpowers her rival and grabs two handfuls of hair and flips Aguilera over to the mat. Applegate maintains her grip on her opponent's hair, and yanks her to her feet only to flip her over to the mat again. Applegate repeats this sequence ten times, slinging her smaller opponent around like a rag doll. After the tenth time, Applegate snatches Aguilera to her feet and plants a knee into her stomach. The young blond doubles over, bellowing in pain, allowing Applegate to scoop her up and deliver a teeth rattling body slam. Aguilera struggles back to her feet while the crowd cheers wildly at Applegate's early success. Applegate circles her prey like a vulture, waiting for her to rise only to send her crashing back to the mat with a wicked right hook.

"Get up you skinny bimbo!" yelled Applegate to her already dazed foe.

Aguilera labored to her feet. Her eyes were still a bit cloudy and disoriented from the fist that rocketed across her chin. When Aruilera had reached one knee, Applegate grabbed her by the straps of her tank top and pulled her to her feet. The dominant blonde repeatedly slapped the smaller girl across the face, only stopping to punch her tits flat when Aguilera was able to block the slaps raining across her face. Aguilera struggled against her foe, but the larger conquering blonde easily overpowered her lieth foe, and continued her assault. Applegate continued till Aguilera's cheeks were rosy red, and her tits ached. Finally Applegate again scooped her victim up and walked to the ropes and dropped the pop singer throat first across the top rope. Poor Aguilera fell to the mat gagging and suffering. Eminem smiled as his plan continues flawlessly.

Aguilera was lying on her back when Applegate leaped down on top of her in a 69 position. Applegate wrapped her powerful thighs around the tiny singer's head and squeezed for all she was worth. Aguilera's arms and legs flailed from underneath her conquer. Eminem heard muffled screams & pleas from his ringside seat. Applegate maintained her hold until Aguilera could no longer struggle to escape. Her screams were reduced to pitiful moans and sobs of agony.

In a completely dominant position, Applegate sit up onto her prey's face so that her wide ass engulfs Aguillera's face. Fan could only see the ends of Aguilera's blone hair peaking out from under Applegate's ass as her legs & arms again flail, because of this new smothering position. Applegate pulls up Aguilera's crop top and is delighted sees her perky breast standing at attention.

"Great! No bra!" Applegate says with a smile as she starts to pinch and twist Aguilera's tits. The pop singer's muffled squeals escape, as she squirms under her conquer's weight to escape. Everyone in the arena maybe except Aguilera realized she does not have a chance of escaping Applegate's 'Buns of Doom'. Applegate adds to Aguilera's horror by grinding her buns onto Aguilera's face. The frenzied fans loved Applegate's show of dominance, and beg for more. Applegate looks to ringside at Eminem who gives her as approving smile to continue her assault.

Applegate delivers several ax handle blows to Aguilera's stomach that ceases her struggles. Applegate rises off her foe who is left coughing and breathing heavily on the mat. Applegate reaches down and relieves Aguilera of the tattered remains of her crop top. Applegate tosses the shirt into the audience. The fans scuffle like hungry sharks to own a shred of the top. Applegate pulls the beaten blonde to her feet by a handful of hair, and forces her back into the corner. The familiar sound of flesh smacking against flesh rings out throughout the arena, as Applegate starts to deliver uppercut after uppercut to the underside of Aguilera's boobs. Aguilera's boobs jump and jiggle from the impact as if an electric current had hit them. Aguilera was so weak, her skinny little arms offered no protection against Applegate's assault. Applegate stops for a moment, and Aguilera slumps down in the corner. The blonde massages her aching boobs and is thankful for this moment's relief. This moment is short lived as Applegate unfastens the button to Aguilera's blue denim cutoff jeans and allows them to fall to the canvas. Aguilera gasp in horror and humiliation, but was powerless to stop Applegate. Applegate scoops up the pop star now clad only in her pink panties and walks to the middle of the ring. Applegate gathers her balance then drops Aguilera's back across her out stretched knee. Aguilera yells loudly from the pain of the back breaker. Applegate places one hand under Aguiilera's chin and the other on her crotch, and arches the small singer's back across her knee. Aguilera weakly struggles and moans in agony, but can not escape her torment.

"Now let's see how many of these you can take!" Says Applegate, before sending a looping punch into Aguilera's pussy while the blonde is still vulnerably stretched out across her knee. Aguilera howls loudly in pain. Applegate holds Aguilera in place with the one hand on Aguilera's chin while the other hand balls into a fist and launches punch after punch into her victim's crotch. The audience join into the act and starts counting out loud how many pussy crushing blows Aguilera can take.

One... two... three... four... counts the audience. They continue their count zestfully. Eighteen... nineteen... At this point Aguilera burst into tears, howling in agony at the torment the dastardly blonde is dishing out. Applegate ignored the tears and kept on with her torture test. She would only stop at Aguilera's whimpering submission. Finally after the crowd had counted punch number 35, Aguilera burst out with pleas of submission.

Pleeeaase Stooopp!" "I can't take anymore!" cried out the slender blonde across Applegate's knee. Applegate ceased her assault and looked at the roaring audience with a look of satisfaction and accomplishment on her face. Applegate pushed the small, uncontrollably crying blonde off her knee with contempt. Applegate looks at Eminem who is on is feet applauding his assassin.

"Sorry cunt, but my employer wants these panties for his collection." Applegate says as she stoops over to remove Aguilera's pink panties that are wet from sweat and Aguilera's damp tortured sex.

"Em..employer??!!???" Aguilera stutters out. "Someone is paying you to do this to me??"

"Oh yeah they are paying me, and rather handsomely I may add." Applegate replies. "They want me to bring back your panties, and a hand full of this!" Applegate growl out before clutching a handful of Aguilera's blonde pubic hair and starts yanking and pulling. A couple of seconds later, Applegate pulls out her prize - a handful of big handful of blonde pubs. Aguilera screams like a banshee and draws into fetal position her ravished cunt.

"Here's a hint" Applegate says to the crying blonde, "my employer's in the front row." Applegate says as she leaves the ring. She tosses the panties to Eminem in the front row as she exits.

It's several minutes later before poor Aguilera is able to stop crying long enough to scan the front row for the one responsible for this. Her first thought was obviously Britney Spears. But she has known Britney for a very long time, and knows Britney would only gain satisfaction by personally hospitalizing her. So who was responsible? Aguilera scans the front row through her tear stained eyes. Her eyes pass Eminem twice before settling on Jennifer Lopez.

"J. LO that bitch, I bet it was her!" thinks Aguilera. "She thinks by hurting me I won't be able to take her Song Bird Championship." "Wrong Bitch!" Aguilera thinks with a sneer. "I'm going to send the best Bounty Hunter in the business to handle you Bitch"

"Who ever who is responsible for this will PAY!"

Christina Applegate basks in the glory of victory

Will Christina ever find out who is reponsible??

Find out what happens to Jennifer Lopez