Hardcore Champion vs Songbird Champion
Jeri Ryan (60%) crushes Jennifer Lopez (40%) "This is a big match huh Jeri?" asks our roving reporter, Downtown Julie Brown. "You're about to face Songbird champion, Jennifer Lopez. It's Champion against Champion, and Jennifer says she owes you for beating her in the Fatal Fourway last year. *

"Oh I did kicked her fat ass and those other chicken heads Mariah & Kim Page, but I beat them for fun last time, this time when I kick her big butt it'll be business." Jeri replies as she stands in the ring wearing a sleeveless silver body suit. "Someone is paying me big bucks to take that pompous, snotty bitch down a few notches, and there is nothing she can do to stop me from collecting."

"Someone is paying you to destroy Jennifer!" Julie says in shock. "Who would do that?!?!!" Julie inquires. She sticks the microphone in front of Jeri's lips waiting for a response, but only receives silence from the blonde assassin.

The crowd began cheering loudly, as Jennifer makes her way from the dressing room to ringside. She is barely dressed in a pair of cut off jean shorts, and thin white tank top that her breasts are threatening to burst through. She is carrying stack of her new J.Lo CD's and tossing copies out to the frenzied crowd. There is no evidence of Jennifer's reported bitchiness behind the scenes when she greets her public and the cameras start rolling. She smiles and tosses the CD's into the crowd, and they return her good nature with cheers of affection. Once she ran out of CD's, she continued to greet the ringside fans. One lucky fan with a large sign proclaiming Jennifer to be the greatest even received a big hug from the celebrity.

Jeri watched intently as Jennifer interacted with her public. When Jennifer started hugging the fan, Jeri leaped from the ring apron and clubbed Jennifer at the base of her neck with her fist clasp together with a flying ax handle while she still had her back turned hugging the fan. Jennifer's knees buckled and she yelled out in pain from the sneak attack. Jeri would not give her a moment to recover as she grabbed a handful of hair and slammed her head into the steel barrier separating the fans from ringside. Jennifer was seeing stars and the fans heartily booed the cowardly attack on the Songbird Champion. Jeri did not even acknowledge the crowd as she pulled Jennifer to her feet to sling her into the hard iron ringpost. Jennifer hit the hard iron face and chest first and bounced backwards into Jeri's awaiting arms. Jeri scooped up her brunette opponent and bodyslammed her to the hard arena floor. Jennifer was dazed and had the breath knocked out of her as she looked up at her blonde opponent.

Jeri pulled Jennifer to her feet and rolled her into the ring, and the blonde followed in after her quarry. It was obvious that her ambush had nearly taken Jennifer out already, now she had to finish the job. Jeri sits down on the small of the fallen warrior's back. She then grabs a handful of Jennifer's brown hair and uses it to slam her face to the mat. Again & again Jeri slams Jennifer's face into the canvas.

Jeri takes a step back and waits as Jennifer struggles up to her hands & knees. She then gets a running start and flips Jennifer over onto her back with a kick to the ribs. Jeri then secures her foe in a headlock and pulls her to her feet. Jeri the drags Jennifer over to the ropes and drags her forehead across the top rope. Jennifer screams as the rugged rope threatens to open a gash across her forehead. Finally through with this tactic, Jeri throws Jennifer backward to the mat. Jeri does not forget to add to Jennifer's torment by stomping the downed grappler a few times. Jeri repeats her earlier tactic of slamming Jennifer's face into the mat, before hauling the Hispanic star up and hurling her back to the canvas.

The fans boo & hiss the blonde hard core champion while other fans encourage Jennifer to somehow recover and make a comeback in this fight. Jeri is determined not allow this to happen. Despite the fan's encouragement, Jennifer does not seem to be able to rouse herself as she is lying on the mat looking up at the lights. Jeri grabs Jennifer's tank top at the top and rips it open down the middle. The sweat soaked material easily gives way to reveal two tan-skinned beasts that are capped by two brown rock hard nipples. While many fans continue to boo Jeri's savagery and despicable tactics, many change their tune and cheer the pleasing sight of Jennifer's topless body splayed across the mat.

Jeri takes the tattered remains of Jennifer's top and wraps it around the latina's throat. Jennifer kicks and flails as she vainly tries to free herself. Jeri uses the top to pull Jennifer up to her feet, then to fling her across the ring. Jennifer goes flying and lands hard on her back with a loud grunt. Jennifer tries to regain her senses while coughing & gagging from the choking she has received.

More boos continue to rain down on Jeri from the stands. Jeri ignores the protest of the fans and goes back on the attack against Jennifer. The Hispanic warrior is struggling to her feet when Jeri rocks her back with a sharp jab to the face. This stuns Jennifer just long enough for Jeri to scoop her up and power slam her to the canvas. Again Jennifer has the breath knocked out of her. She is sputtering and flopping on the mat trying to regain some air into her lungs. Jeri takes advantage of the situation, to heap further embarrassment on Jennifer in her quest for her bounty, and peels off the sexy cut off jean shorts that hugged ever so tightly to their curvaceous owner. Once again this tactic earned Jeri some approval from throng of fans in attendance. Jeri threw the garment into the crowd leaving Jennifer wearing only black string thong panties.

Jeri reached down to her sweaty conquest and clutched her around the throat. Jeri used her grip to hoist Jennifer to her feet. Jeri took a moment to gather her strength before attempting to lift the latina above her head for a choke slam. Suddenly Jennifer was able to lash out her foot and catch Jeri between the legs. Jeri winced and grimaced from Jennifer's first offensive move of the fight. Jennifer followed with a flurry of punches to her blonde attacker, rocking her back into the ropes. The fans roared their approval at the first sign of life by Jennifer. Trapped on the ropes, Jennifer peppered Jeri's face with all that she had left. Finally once the blonde was dazed and leaning against the ropes for support Jennifer backs up and clobbers her enemy with a clothesline that flips Jeri over the top rope and to the arena floor.

Jeri was rocked and struggling to her feet when Jennifer leaps over the top rope and lands on Jeri, knocking her to the arena floor. The crowd was in a frenzy. After all that Jennifer had endured, it seemed she had finally turned things around and was conquering her blonde bounty hunter. Jennifer used a handful of blonde strands of hair to pull Jeri to her feet. Time and time again Jennifer wound up and blasted Jeri in the face.

Jeri was reeling backwards until she stumbled back into the announcer's table. Jennifer pressed forward, looking to finish off the blonde bitch once and for all. Jeri's mouth is open gasping for oxygen, her hands search behind her for support to help her wobbly legs support her weight. At the last moment Jeri's groping fingers find the answer, as Jennifer approaches. The desperate blonde clutches the ringbell on the announcer's table, and whips it out from behind her back to clock it against Jennifer's lovely head. The bell makes a clang as it makes contact against Jennifer's skull, and the Bronx native slowly sinks to the ground. The crowd lets out a collective "Ohhh" that is followed by silence as they realize their favorite will not possibly rise from the blow.

With Jennifer motionless on the floor, Jeri spys a roll of electrical duct tape. She grabs the tape and drags her prey over to ringside. Jeri leans Jennifer's back against the side of the ring and secures her there by taping her wrist to the bottom rope. Jennifer starts to come to from all the movement, and groggily opens her eyes. With the Hispanic diva helplessly taped to the ropes, Jeri slips off the only article of clothing that has survived the struggle, her black thong panties. Jeri takes the thong and stuffs it completely into Jennifer's mouth. Then she peels off another strip of tape, and tapes Jennifer's mouth shut. The defeated brunette pitifully moans in pain as she dangles from the bottom rope, with her chin resting on her chest. Her head lolls back and forth as her tormentor mercifully walks away.

Downtown Julie Brown once again rushes up the the victorious blonde and stick the microphone in front of her lucious lips. "Now Jeri, will you please tell us who paid you to do this to Jennifer. After what you've put her through she at least deserves to know who put this bounty on her head!"

"Well I guess you're right" purrs Jeri. "Tell her beating comes compliments of her next challenger for the Songbird Title, Christina Aguilera!"

Jeri is at home in the House of Hardcore as the EXTREME CHAMPION!

Jennifer get Fucked up Tonight... But She'll be back

* This Way for the Fatal Fourway