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Jeri Ryan (33%) defeats Jennifer Lopez (28%), Kimberly Page (22%), & Mariah Carey (17%) Kimberly Page, Jennifer Lopez, and Mariah Carey each made their entrances to the ring. Each entrance was filled with the fanfare & glamour each stunning beauty deserves. They all waited in the ring, for the fourth combatant to enter. She was a mystery wrestler. No one had any idea who this mysterious woman would be, but each wrestler was sure they would be able to handle whatever came their way. Suddenly, they all turned as these words blast from the huge screen monitor above the entrance way.

“You know The Rock can’t believe the amount of slutty monkey crap in the ring tonight.” WWF Wrestling Superstar, The Rock, was on the screen, and the crowd was going wild. “This is the best that The Battle Zone has to offer?” The Rock continued. “First we have the stiffest, clumsiest dance girl The Rock has ever seen out of a second rate wrestling organization. Positively Page? No, Kimberly I think your roody-poo ass positively SUCK!”

The crowd erupts in laughter, while Kim pouts, obviously upset at the insults. “And you Scary Carey...” The Rock starts again, but Mariah is not about to be publicly insulted without defending herself, grabs the house microphone and say, “Hey you fuckn' idiot, are going to put on a dress like you did on Saturday Night Live and come to the ring? I’ve got something special for you, and by the way the name is Mariah, not........” but Mariah is interrupted by The Rock’s customary, “IT DOESN”T MATTER WHAT YOUR NAME IS!” “No The Rock is not going to wear a dress, but he is going to promise you that The Rock’s wrestler will leave you in a position you will love Scary, lying on back, with your legs open in the Heartbreak Hotel!”

The crowd roars their delight to The Rock’s comments. “And finally Ms Lopez or should The Rock say Ms Big Ass”, Rocky continues, “You like to wear pretty dresses do you? You’re turned on by wearing pretty silk garments covering a sexy, sculpted hot body? The Rock remembers that dress at the Grammies, and how the People’s eyes about popped out the People’s head." The Rock pauses and and chuckles as he remembers the monent, "Oh yeah The Rock Remembers. Well The Rock says this, The Rock’s mystery wrestler is going to walk to the ring tonight, take that pretty, sexy silk green dress, strip it off your silicon enhanced body, fold it up into a little square, turn that son-a-bitch sideways, and stick it up your candy Ass!” "Because The Rock says this, No, The Rock promises, No, The Rock damn well guarantees that she will come to the ring, and lay the smackdown on each and every one of your candy asses!” “And ladies, resistance is futile!” “IF YOU SMEEELLLLLL... WHAT THE ROCK... IS COOKING!” With that the Rock’s theme music plays, and Jeri Ryan, who co-stared with The Rock on an episode of Star Trek Voyager makes her way to the ring. Jeri is wearing the familiar silver bodysuit, but it’s sleeveless and her hair is loose, dancing about her shoulders.

Unfortunately for Jeri, her opponents were all very experience, and was not about to let The Rock’s theatrics distract them from their task. Once Jeri entered the ring, the bell rung, and the match began. Mariah & Jennifer quickly squared off against each other. They have been long standing rivals but were eager to tear into each other anew due to Mariah’s past relationship with Jennifer’s current beau, Sean "Puff Daddy" Combs. Jennifer threw furious punch after punch at Mariah. Most were blocked, but some got through. At the very least though, each punch punished Mariah’s arms to the point that her defenses were weakening at each blow.

Kimberly, fuming at The Rock’s remarks, and Jeri’s grand standing entrance, charges the blonde. Jeri calmly waits for the rampaging wrestler to approach, and at the last moment sidesteps Kim, grabs the back of her head, and slams her face into the turnbuckle. Maintaining a grip on Kim’s brown hair, she is able to slam Kim’s face 5 more times before releasing her. Kim howles & coveres her face, reeling back a couple of steps, when Jeri’s foot rockets into Kimberly’s rock hard well defined stomach. Kim grunts a little, but other than that, the kick has no effect on her muscular belly. Realizing the futility in attacking Kimberly’s “six pack of muscles”, Jeri switches tatics, and chooses to plow her down with a clothesline. Still stunned Kim used the ropes to help get back up to her feet. Jeri waited behind Kim, and slipped her arm between her legs once she stood, and drove her arm up into Kim’s crotch in a classic low blow. Kim grabbed her crotch with both hands, and howled again. Jeri realized Kim was in trouble and The Rock had trained her how to effectively go for the kill early in matches. With this in mind, Jeri snaked her arm around Kim’s neck, until her Kim’s chin was under her armpit in a reverse headlock. Then Jeri fell backwards, driving the back of Kim’s head to the mat with move called a reverse DDT or the Scorpion Death Drop. Kimberly called the move very painful as she lie dazed on the mat. Jeri gave her no respite though and hauled the beautiful brunette to her feet. She whipped Kim into the ropes and caught her under her hips as she rebounded. Lifted her into her into the air, leaped and twisted to drive Kim’s back to the mat with a Spine Buster. Kim’s head once again bounced on the mat sending the Nitro Girl into a semi conscious state.

On the other side of the ring, Jennifer’s punches were starting to regularly penetrate Mariah’s defenses and sting her time & time again. With her arms bruised & battered, Mariah started to retreat backwards to escape from Jennifer’s punishing fist. Unfortunately for her, she bumped back to back with Jeri, who was just standing after delivering that devastating Spine Buster. Jeri quickly turned, while Mariah still had her back to her. She snaked her arm under Mariah’s right arm, and brought it up till she gripped Mariah’s left shoulder. Using that grip, Jeri lifted Mariah up, kicked her feet out from under her, and slammed her back to the mat with The Rock’s patented finishing hold, The Rock Bottom. Apparently Jeri’s version of the hold is just as effective, leaving Mariah flat on her back on the mat, making no effort to rise.

Jennifer looked in amazement at how easily Jeri just wiped out her rival. That instant of no action was all Jeri needed to leap to her feet and tackle the Latina to the mat. Jeri knew the experienced celebrity catfighter was more skilled than her, but if she took her off her feet, and made turned it into a fight, her size & strength should win out. Jennifer quickly found herself pinned under the larger blonde catching punishing short punches to her jaw. Jeri then slammed her forehead into Jennifer’s with a head butt. Jennifer gave a loud “Unghh” and her head fell back to the mat. Seeing Jennifer stunned, Jeri hauled her to her feet. Holding the latina by her hair, Jeri rams her knee into Jennifer’s belly button 5 consecutive times. Each blow lifted Jennifer off her feet, until she knocked all the wind out of the pained singer/actress. With Jennifer doubled over, and gasping, Jeri trapped both of her arms in a lock and fell backwards for a double armed DDT. Poor Jennifer rolled into a ball on the mat moaning in pain.

Jeri rose to see that Mariah had regained her feet, but was still woozy. Jeri went to her, and again snaked her arm under Mariah’s and gripped her shoulder to deliver another Rock Bottom, this time in the center of the ring. With Mariah again down for the count, Jeri went to Kimberly who had made it to her knees. She Jeri pulled Kim up and planted her with a Rock Bottom right beside Mariah. Jennifer was still hurting on the mat when Jeri pulled her to her feet and planted her with a Rock Bottom on the other side of Mariah. With all three brunettes defeated, and lying shoulder to shoulder on the mat, the conquering blonde took a comfortable seat on Mariah’s chest, and placed a hand on both of the heaving chest of the prone bodies on either side of her. The referee counted the three beauties out to the deafening cheer from the audience.

Jeri had amazed everyone. The crowd started chanting “Jeri...Jeri...Jeri...” No one doubted the impressive blonde would make one hell of a catfighter, but no one ever expected that she would easily wipe out three top contenders in her debut. Jeri who had remained silent the whole match modestly raised her right arm & smiled to show her appreciation to her public. She was about to leave the ring when the crowd started yelling, “Noo, We Want More.... We Want More..... We Want More......” Jeri stopped in her tracks. She knew what the public demanded, and knew how to give it to them. She had just proven her superiority over the three brunettes, but now it’s time to show their inferiority with a cruel humiliation session. Jeri was not going to disappoint her public.

She walked over to her victims, and first pulled Mariah to her feet by the black halter top she wore. She drove her fist deep into Mariah’s belly. Mariah doubled over with her mouth open, and her lips making a sensual “o”. Mariah was wobbly and barely able to stand, and defenseless to stop Jeri from pulling the halter top over her head, and off her body. Jeri then placed Mariah’s head between her thighs. Mariah’s tits swayed & shook as she weakly struggled to escape. Jeri than clutched Mariah’s waist and lifted her into the air to Power Bomb her back to the mat. The crowd roared their approval as Mariah lay unconscious & topless on the mat.

Kimberly was next. She had enough presence to roll under the bottom rope to the ring apron, but that’s where Jeri stopped her. The blonde reached down and used a handful of brown hair to yank Kim to her feet. With Kim now standing on the ring apron, and Jeri in the ring, Jeri suflexed WCW’s finest back into the ring. Kim landed hard on her back and arched her back on impact, grabbing the lower region of her spine. Jeri stood over Kim and delivered a few stinging & demeaning slaps to Kim’s face if nothing than to just piss Kim off. Kim was hurting, and could only lie there and take whatever Jeri wanted to dish out. Jeri reached down and unhooked the hook on Kim’s bra. The bra exploded open, unable to contain the huge tits that were now free to stand up at attention. Jeri just slapped the big globes around on Kim’s chest, before leaping up and landing with her knee in-between her breast. Now with all the breath knocked out of Kim, Jeri hauled her to her feet, and lifted her up into position for a suflex. She held Kim upside down for a long time before dropping her on the top of her head in a Brain Buster. Kim too was now spread eagle and unmoving on the mat just like Mariah.

Finally it was Jennifer's turn. All of her opponents were top quality catfighters. Mariah & Jennifer are in the top ten, with Kim only falling just falling out of the top ten, largely due to inactivity. But Jennifer has always been considered one of the most elite of the elite in the Battle Zone. Dominating Kim & Mariah is definitely impressive, but dominating Jennifer was next to impossible.

Jeri smiled for the first time tonight as she approached Jennifer. Jeri reached down and grabbed a handful of Jennifer’s hair, just as she had previously done the others. To the blonde’s surprise, Jennifer curled into a ball and unleashed a mule kick into Jeri’s mid section. Jeri expressed a loud “ummpt” and backed up a few steps. Jennifer sprung to her feet. She was not about to be a meek victim like Kimberly & Mariah were. After all she was Jennifer Lopez! Jennifer took the offensive, and sent punches into Jeri’s bosom. With pain on her face, Jeri was forced back into the ropes. Once she reached the ropes, the blonde found the strength to strike back. She lashed her foot out, finding Jennifer’s crotch. Jennifer instinctively lowered her defenses for an instance, allowing Jeri come with a crushing light cross to Jennifer’s chin. Jennifer’s legs instantly turned to jelly, and she sunk to the mat like a sack of potatoes. “Bitch” Jeri mutters as she surveyed Jennifer on the mat with a distant look in her eyes, but still fighting desperately to regain her senses. Jeri was not about to allow that to happen as she dropped an elbow on Jennifer’s chest. Jeri stood and walked to Jennifer’s feet and spread her legs open. Jeri delivered a fist drop directly to Jennifer’s exposed pussy. Jennifer thrashed around on the mat like a bolt of electricity surged through her body. Jeri decided not to press her luck any further, and finish this display of post match domination. The rookie learned a valuable lesson, not to toy with dangerous foes like Jennifer. Jeri roll Jennifer on her stomach and circled her arms around her waist. She stood upright, lifting Jennifer upside down in a reverse bearhug. Jeri bounced Jennifer while she hung helplessly to produce shooting shots of pain in Jennifer’s abdomen. Jeri then dropped Jennifer on her head in a Tombstone Piledriver. Even the extra tough latina could not withstand that finishing maneuver after all she had suffered tonight. Jennifer too lie spread eagle, moaning softly on the mat. Jeri removed Jennifer’s sports bra, and tossed it into the crowd. She then yanked off Jennifer’s shorts and tossed them to the ringside fans as well. Jeri slipped off Jennifer’s panties and thought for a brief moment as to what to do with them. Jeri placed the sweaty smelly garment over Jennifer’s head like a ski mask, to send one final insulting message to Jennifer.

Jeri smiled to herself, thinking how pissed and embarrassed Jennifer & the rest of her opponents will be when they came to. The Rock again appeared on the screen and pronounced, “Finally, ‘The People’s Blonde’ has come to The Battle Zone!!!!”

Finally, Jeri Ryan Has Come to The Battle Zone
Resistance is Futile

Mariah, Jennifer & Kimberly had The Smacketh Layeth Down on their Candy Asses!