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Christina Applegate (55%) Dumps Jennifer Lopez (45%) Ever since the late night incident outside the gym when Christina had been beaten and humiliated by Jennifer in front of a news reporter and her camera that ultimately had Christina left in a dumpster she had been livid and anxious to get back at Jen. Not only had she caused her to lose to Mariah Carey but now this final insult. If it's insult and humiliation she wants, that she will receive. Christina had coaxed the promoters to let her and Jen face off in a celebrity pro wrestling dumpster match. No time limit, no dq, no pin or submission, the only way you could win was to toss your opponent into a metal dumpster and lock her in it. There was no love lost between either and it was a fairly even match, size-wise, experience. She had beat Christina badly that night and the capper was it was filmed. To humiliate her further and beat her to an inch of her life appealed to Jen greatly. She gladly accepted the match.

The match was ready. The metal dumpster had been rolled in closest to Jen's corner and half filled with trash. It had a light metal lid as opposed to the plastic one Jen had dumped Christina into. Christina entered the ring leaping the top rope and flexing as she whipped off her ring jacket to reveal a one piece light blue outfit with high cut legs, red calf length wrestling boots and to complete the U.S.A. color scheme, white socks were rolled over the red boots contrasted with white laces. Chris continued to limber up as Jen made her way to the ring sliding through the ropes carrying a couple chains. Jen was dressed in a black leather jacket when removed revealed a bloody red one piece similar to Christina's and red boots with red laces. She had her hair in a pony tail tied with a red scrunchie as opposed to Chris who had her straight blonde locks loose. Jen dumped the chains over the top rope and seemed angry when Christina wasn't shaking in her boots but instead chiding Jen for having to bring the chains as weapons when Chris showed off her body was good enough as her own weapon.

The bell rang, the only official thing about this match as the ref exited the ring only to intercede if one appeared to be in mortal danger. And that seemed right away as Jen and Chris circled with Jen swinging her chains. Chris ducked and grabbed the chain end charging in and tackling Jen. The two rolled on the floor each grabbing an end of the chain and began pummeling each other with it. They rose both already showing minor cuts as Jen went to strangle Chris, but Jen let a foot to the gut send her down to her knee. Chris followed up with a fist of chain opening the small wound to a trickle of blood flowing down her face and a knee to her face bloodying her nose. Jen sat back on her butt dazed as Chris tossed the chain aside.

As Chris went to attack Jen headbutted her in the gut and grabbing her legs flipped her forward where Chris landed her throat on the bottom rope. Gagging and resting on the rope, Jen got her in a one legged Boston crab. As she settled into the hold Chris used her free leg and kicked her back. The ever cocky Jen twisted around as Chris rolled over still laying her head across the rope only to have Chris kick her in the crotch area. Jen was again on her knees, red faced as Chris still red faced herself bounded up and grabbing her pony tail yanked the scrunchie off and wrapped it around Jen's throat twisting it tightly, choking the life out of her. Jen, fighting for her life, karate chopped Chris in the gut enough to make her let go and the two rolled toward the corner pummeling each other.

They pressed each other against the corner post as they let fists fly and held each other at bay with effective headbutts that opened each others foreheads. A particularly effective one allowed Chris to climb the middle rope as Jen held her legs while Chris pounded down on her forehead. Jen eventually had the fortitude to climb up to the second rope then the top as absorbing blows and giving them where Chris temporarily rested her face on Jen's knees. Chris then joined her as both precariously sat atop the turnbuckle. Each absorbing the other's fists as the crowd marveled at the sound of bone against flesh. The stalemate ended with Chris grabbing Jen's legs and thrusting upwards toppling her backwards off the turnbuckle, causing her to land atop the metal lid of the dumpster. Chris leaped off landing on her as the metal resounded with the impact. Chris slid off and grabbing Jen's legs helped her off. Jen tossed a couple fists Chris was easily able to block and followed up with a kick to the gut and front facelock turned to a DDT landing her head on the hard cement floor. Still holding her head Chris rammed it right into the side of the dumpster.

Crimson flowed freely down the Hispanic actress's face. Chris opened the lid with Jen trying to stop her only to have her hand smashed as Chris let the lid fall back on it. She opened it again fully and pulled Jen to the ring apron. Jen feeling her going for a bodyslam threw a fist to her gut and both were on the floor again. A knee to Jen's gut had it in Chris's favor again. Chris lifted her in a bodyslam from the floor and tossed her over the dumpster her back taking the brunt against the metal side. Jen fell back onto the floor. Chris lifted her again to the ring apron and grabbing her crotch into a bodyslam flung her off into the soft, smelly green and black trashbags. Chris jumped off the ring apron onto Jen's stomach then rolled out of the dumpster and grabbed the lid closing it. Jen tried one last escape but the lid came down on her hand again as she screamed her other hand keeping the lid up. Chris heaved the lid up again and let it slam across Jen's head as it slammed shut. She turned the latch locking it as everyone heard Jen, scream, cry and hurl obscenities to Christina and everyone.

Christina jumped atop the dumpster hands held high in victory, smiling widely despite the drying blood crusted on her face and some still oozing as well as a multitude of bruises across her body as she then jumped off and exited the ring area while the lid was opened and Jen gasping for air leaned over the side breathing deep and was then helped out and carried from the ring area.

Christina Show Jennifer What a Bundy Funday is All About!

Jennifer is TRASHED tonight