Mariah Carey (56%) escapes Christina Applegate (44%) Mariah currently possess a mediocre record of 1 win to 2 losses. Christina’s is an equally unimpressive, 1 win to 1 loss. Each wants to make an impact in this league so promoters match them against one another. Christina enters the ring first in a T shirt and jeans. Mariah came next wearing a black top with spaghetti shoulder straps. She also wore a pair of painted on black pants.

As soon as Mariah climbed through the ropes, Chris pounced on her. Christina earned the title of fighter not wrestler this evening. Mariah was punched, clawed, hit below the belt, had her hair torn out by the roots and a number of other questionable tactics. Mariah endured until she finally was able to use her strength & size advantage. Kicks to Chris’ stomach eventually allowed her mount an offensive that put Christina down on the mat for a while.

Mariah’s arch enemy, Jennifer Lopez came to ringside at this point. Last month Mariah & Whitney Houston attacked Jennifer & Lauryn Hill during their title match for the vacant Songbird title. They not only beat Lauryn & Jen, but gave them a humiliating face sitting session till they both passed out. Mariah had cost Jen the Songbird title last month, and she wanted revenge. Jen distracted Mariah long enough for Chris to recover and grab the singer’s arms from behind. Jen jumped in the ring and peppered Mariah with jabs while Chris held her in place. She reared back for the knockout blow, when Mariah slipped out of the way at that fateful moment, and Jen nailed an unsuspecting Christina, dropping her in her tracks. Jennifer stood there for a moment with her mouth wide open in disbelief. That was all the time Mariah needed to clutch the beauty around the neck, lift her high in the air, and choke slam her to the mat. For good measures she reach down, again clutching Jen’s throat, pulled her to her feet, and again choke slammed her back down. Chris had made it to her feet, but was still woozy Mariah clutched her throat too, and choke slammed her. Mariah fell on Chris for an easy pin.

Mariah grabbed the microphone and yelled, “Thanks Jen I couldn’t have won without you.” In truth Mariah had mounted an offensive but doubted she had enough left to put tough Christina down for the count.

Jennifer and Christina were still just coming to their senses. Christina looked at Jen and muttered, “Fucking shit face bitch!” and attacked the Latina. Chris easily put Jen in check, ripping off her mini skirt, and reduced her to a spaghetti shoulder strapped shirt similar to Mariah’s and panties. Chris picked Jen up and dropped her ass first on her knee with an Atomic Knee drop. She held to Jen’s panties waist band and didn’t allow her to fall. Jen did arch her back and scream before Chris pulled her back and lifted her for a second knee drop. Jen screamed even louder than the first time as her legendary ass connected with Chris’ knee. Chris again maintained hold of the panties and didn’t allow Jen to fall. Chris lifted Jen again, this time holding her up for a long time. All the tugging on Jen’s panties has caused the material to go in between Jen’s huge ass cheeks, and the fans got a great view of Jen’s ass & pussy. Finally, Chris dropped the meaty ass on her knee again. This time Jen bounced off the knee and flopped flat on her face.

Chris pulled Jen to her feet and wrapped her arms around her in a bearhug. “Say you’re sorry, you sorry ass bitch”, commanded the blonde. Jen would have gladly said anything Chris desired, but she was being squeezed so tightly that when she opened her mouth, nothing came out. Chris’ hands slid down Jen’s back, and again found her panties’ waist band. She yanked as hard as she could, and lifted Jen off her feet with a wedgie. Jen’s massive ass quickly ate up the material. Chris released Jen, and allowed her to slump to the mat.

Chris turned just in time to see Jen’s partner/friend and former choreographer with the Fly Girls, Rosie Perez enter the ring. Rosie was cussing in Spanish and charging the blonde. Chris raised her foot at the last moment and caught the rampaging beauty in the chest. Rosie fell to the mat, but Chris hair hauled her to her feet almost as soon as she landed. Christina drove her fist deep in the petite woman’s stomach, picked up the Latina and gave her a tombstone pile driver. Rosie was again pulled to her feet, whipped into the ropes, and ran face first into Christina’s up raised foot. Beautiful Rosie’s head snapped back, and she landed unconscious & spread eagle on the mat. Chris smiled for the first time tonight. She even giggled when she looked over her shoulder and saw Jen clutching that legendary ass and whimpering like a wounded puppy. “Sorry ass whores” she muttered as she left the ring.

Jennifer Lopez & Rosie Perez Pay for crossing Christina Applegate

Christina Applegate looked GREAT even in defeat

Mariah Carey Wins!