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Prelude To War
Christina was leaving the gym late night around 11:30 p.m. maybe closer to midnight. Christina had persuaded the gym owners to keep it open later than usual since she had arrived in town late and wanted to get a couple hours training in for the day, preparing for her upcoming fight with Jennifer Lopez. A lone reporter and her cameraman had waited for Christina outside as the lights of the gym darkened in the old 2 story brick building. The street was all but deserted as most of the adjacent houses were dark as well in this mostly residential neighborhood with a few older industrial buildings. The gym occupied most of this block with a basketball court next to it and a parking lot. The only lights were streetlights, an outside security light of the gym and the light of the camera. Christina was dressed in a medium blue tank top, red shorts, white socks and red sneakers. Her hair was perfectly combed but still showed traces of wetness from her shower. She had her gym bag slung over her shoulder as she smiled at the reporter being very receptive to the impromptu interview. Sweat began to bead on her forehead from the very hot and humid climate even at midnight. She was only to happy to answer questions about her show "Jesse" and more importantly her upcoming fight with Jen.

As the interview went on no one noticed the black Lincoln Town Car go up the street quietly making a U-turn more than a block away. The car silently pulled up to the curb near where Christina had left her own car and only then did Christina briefly look over but too late as the door had opened on the rear passenger side and Jennifer Lopez took advantage of the dark to run towards Christina. Christina had time to only drop her bag as she let out a yell trying to defend herself when she recognized it was Jennifer. The reporter jumped back startled but the cameraman kept the camera trained on the sudden interruption and now action. Jennifer was dressed in a white tank top, short denim blue shorts and white athletic shoes. Her hair was tied back in a pony tail as opposed to Christina's loosely worn hair parted in the middle. Later it was learned that Jennifer had found out about Christina arriving in town and making some inquiries after following her to the gym knew about when she was to leave and had staked the gym out for this confrontation. The reporter being there was a happy coincidence to now document this incident.

Jennifer had taken only seconds to exit her car and saying nothing attacked Christina who barely had time to react. Jennifer laid into Christina with fists as she rested the gym bag away from her shoulder and arm using it briefly to buffer the attack but now Jen kicked it away as she now kicked at Christina who had fallen on her back. Jen pounced on her trying to pin her and smashing fists to her sides, stomach and mostly her face. Christina fought back some but mostly used her legs and arms to defend herself blocking the onslaught as she was finally getting some of her bearings. Jen had landed some hard fists to her ribs and face, the last two or three to the temple but Christina managed to coil up her knees and kick back Jen.

Jen jumped on her again but Christina held her at bay for now wrapping her legs around Jen's head in a scissor while still lying on her back. She twisted Jen over as Jen pummeled and scratched at her long legs. Jen fell rolling as Christina rolled to her feet. She was crying both in fear and anger as the reporter was rapt in awe of what was happening only cheering on her cameraman to keep focused on the action. No need to tell him that as the light on the camera continued to illuminated this event. The only other eyes on the spectacle came from Jen's car as the windows rolled down halfway. Whoever all was in the car was silent not interfering in the slightest.

Both women were on their feet face to face, toe to toe. Both were throwing fists at each other connecting well with those blows that weren't blocked. Both women's heads snapped back and bodies started to double over as flesh cracked against skin and bone to the face and body. The only other sound besides the injuries to each other were the heavy breathing and occasional cries of pain from each. Christina was managing to get back some momentum hurting Jen as she landed a combo of fists to the jaw. But Jen knowing this and still taking advantage of Christina being flustered about being suddenly assaulted only two minutes before tackled her and the two rolled on the ground. Christina managed to hold her own hugging Jen wrapping her legs around hers and throwing some good fists to her ribs and back of her head. But Jen had the advantage again as she rolled her over and pummeled her back and sides. She also gouged and raked at her eyes. Christina tried to buck her off but Jen delivered a blow to the stomach that had her winded and clutching her abs as Jen now banged her head in the hard dirt of the sparse lawn in front of the gym. Christina instinctively tried to escape but Jen letting up briefly tackled her again on the asphalt of the basketball court and banged her head a couple times on the hard tar.

Christina held the back of her head crying as Jen lifted her up by the hair in a front facelock and pummeled her back more as Christina gamely tried to fight back despite her legs buckling. Jen was out for revenge and humiliation before their scheduled fight and continued the onslaught even though she knew she had her beaten. The camera lost them temporarily in the dark but caught them as Jen rammed Christina's head into the basketball pole. Holding her by the hair Jen had to yank to keep her from going flat on the ground as Christina went down on both knees. Holding her up again in a front facelock she pounded on her back and threw kneelifts to her stomach. Christina had stopped fighting back as she went down again to her knees only managing to hold onto Jen's legs as Jen refused to let go of her neck.

Spotting a dumpster against the fence of the courtyard Jen lifted her bloody and beaten foe over her shoulder and carried her to it. Christina threw a few weak punches as Jen lifted the plastic cover to the heavy metal dumpster. She tossed Christina over into the rubbish where she landed on plastic trash bags. Jen slammed the cover shut and it landed over Christina's ankles which were jutting out of the dumpster. Jen dusting herself off silently went back to her car only briefly sneering at the camera saying nothing to the reporter who only now was getting her voice back after being startled so. Christina kicked at the cover as opening the dumpster as Jen waited at the open car door as if to wait to see if Christina wanted more. Christina only sobbing was heard cursing at Jen while trying to get out of the dumpster. Bleeding from the forehead, nose and mouth from the short but intense fight, Christina fell back into the trash continuing to curse and cry. Jen only smiled got in her car and left as the reporter helped Christina out of the trash.

The reporter asking her about her upcoming fight was met only with a scowl as she shoved away the camera taking the reporters hand getting out of the dumpster, then sitting against it her head resting on her knees as she vowed revenge speaking to herself rather than the reporter who with a gleam in her eye and excited tone turned to end the interview with a prediction for one hell of a fight to come!

Jennifer Lopez gets Revenge

Christina Applegate has a Rough Night

This All Results in a Dumpster match Between Christina Applegate & Jennifer Lopez