Jennifer Lopez (51%) Escapes Salma Hayek (49%) Jennifer Lopez enters the ring first in a multi-colored bikini of blue, yellow and pink. Her hair is tied back in a yellow scrunchie as she shadow boxes limbering up in the corner. Salma slowly makes her way to the ring in a blood red bikini, her jet black hair worn loose. She pauses on the ring apron and says to Jennifer, "Hey! The Extreme Title isn't up for grabs tonight, lighten up!" Jennifer only flips her the bird and then motions for her to come in and get her. Salma climbs on through the ropes smiling confidently and limbers up.

The bell sounds and the two approach. Salma lunges but drops back quickly as Jennifer slap boxes her and then sends a closed fist hitting only air. Salma realizes quickly Jennifer has more boxing on her mind than wrestling so she circles her reassessing her game plan. Salma stops short and Jennifer braces for her move only to be surprised when Salma closes her fists and swings. Jennifer ducks and the two stand toe to toe swinging. Each hits her mark and hurts the other. Jennifer is known to be the better boxer and it shows as Salma embraces her stopping the onslaught. Salma wrestles her down to the mat but as she tries to grapevine her legs, Jennifer breaks loose and scrambles to her feet. Salma holds on grabbing her top and ripping it off as she jumps to her feet as well. Salma rakes the back of Jen and tosses the now loose top aside. Jen grimaces holding her back as she rakes the eyes of Salma. Her talons don't stop there but continue on down to her cleavage and the cotton fabric of her top are no match as her nails mow right across taking it with them. Jen mauls the breasts and bites them as Salma grabs her in a front facelock and again wrestles her to the ground as they roll, mauling, biting, hitting like crazed animals.

Each does her best to keep the other at bay locking their ankles together and holding each others arms from soft flesh. They lay cheek to cheek hot air blowing on each other as neither gives a quarter. They jerk and spasm as each tries to break loose and continue her punishment. Slaps and punches to the face hurt but not enough to make the other let go. Salma has her arm around Jen's head and bites her nose. Jen screams and grabs Salma by the throat as both women's faces redden. A thrust to the throat forces Salma to break. Both get to their feet but much slower as they face each other once again. Salma lunges for Jen but Jen delivers a fist to the gut and reaches down between her crotch going for a bodyslam. Salma blocks it wrapping her leg around Jen's as she gasps for breath. Jen has a hard enough time breathing with Salma's arm wrapped around her neck and the two blowing hot air right face to face as they appear near a liplock. Now rubbing cheeks, Jen elbows her back and reaches down for the bodyslam with Salma continuing to block it holding fast and tight with her ankle around Jen's.

Salma is surprised when a smirking Jen reaches into Salma's briefs instead of just under her. Salma's startled look tells the story as Jen starts to finger her. Increasing the caress, Salma's surprise turns to potential ecstasy as her eyes begin to roll back and she loosens her grip on Jen's neck. Salma holds on to Jen's shoulders loosening the grip of her ankle as she pants. Jen looks like she's enjoying giving as much as Salma is receiving as the briefs barely hold her gyrating hand. The leg that only seconds before held a tight grip on Jen's now moves up and down flesh caressing flesh. When Salma appeared to be reaching full orgasm, Jen suddenly stopped to her dismay. She licked Jen's face and kissed her as if begging her to continue.

Jen once again reached down for the crotch but this time lifted Salma up and over into a bodyslam slamming her hard on the mat. Salma arched her back grabbing her hip. Despite the pain she continued to spasm as if she were still trying to reach her own orgasm. Jen straddled over her drops down on her. He ass covering her face as she delivers a devastating double axehandle to her stomach. She then gyrates doing a bump and grind on her face stopping only to punch her in the stomach again. She continues till the Extreme champ is still. Jen rises up and the crowd that was held in silence at the sexual spectacle now cheer her on the catfight once again turns into the violent spectacle they had known they would see. Jen left looking back at Salma who rolled over into a fetal position still out of it awake enough only to let out sobs. Salma later vowed to get back at her for this humiliation.

Jennifer Manufactures Another Victory

Salma Hayek will be back