ThE RoCk tHe BoAt CrUiSe! 2




NOTE - This match follows events of Beyonce vs Alicia KeysThE RoCk tHe BoAt CrUiSe! 2
"Ladies and gentlemen it is time for the main event. I am Marv Albert and I am joined by my broadcast colleagues, Stephen A. and the legendary catfighter, Pam Grier. This is easily the most anticipated rematch of the year. Amidst great controversy last year, Rihanna was able to capture the War Queen title from her idol Beyonce at RAGE! Since then Rihanna has been an excellent champion. Rihanna easily defeated Lady Gaga. She was extremely impressive retaining her championship in a three way fight against Britney Spears and Jessica Simpson. However questions remain if the Championship was served to her on a silver platter because of the conditions that the Resistance set on the match. Stephen A, do you think those conditions affected the outcome of the match?"

"There is absolutely no question about it." Stephan A explains. "Beyonce was obviously disturbed and distracted by the thought that her husband, Jay-Z would have sex with Rihanna. It was a lose-lose scenario for Beyonce. If she won then her husband would have been forced to have sex with Rihanna. By no means should Beyonce be worried about any man on the planet leaving her for just about anybody, but if anybody can give Jay-Z a second thought it would be Rihanna. But back to the point, Cameron Diaz should be arrested for putting the squeeze on poor Beyonce. It was pathetic! Christina Applegate should be banned from making matches! It was blasphemous!"

"Well Stephen you're making your feelings clearly known." Marv says, "How do you think those stipulations affected the match Pam?"

"I don't think they affected the outcome at all Marv" Pam answers. "Beyonce has the ability to be as sweet as a fairy princess and as mean as the Wicked Witch of the West. When she is switching back and forth, Beyonce has lapses and makes mistakes. I've noticed it, Shakira knows it and Christina Applegate saw it. So when you put Beyonce in a situation where she is in emotional turmoil, she makes mistakes. Just putting Beyonce in the same ring with Rihanna is enough to put Beyonce in emotional flux."

"What! You need to be drug tested!" Stephen goes ballistic. "You have the audacity to say unleashing a nuclear sex bomb on her husband would not discombobulate her? Beyonce is big time! Under normal circumstances she delivers!"

"Absolutely" Pam calmly responds. "If that nuclear sex bomb was going to explode on Jay-Z, it isn't under Beyonce's control. She lives with that specter lingering over her head every day."

"That brings up another question." Marv interrupts. "For several years now there have been rumors about Jay-Z and Rihanna. Still there are reports about Beyonce arguing about Jay-Z spending too much time with Rihanna. Do either of you give any credence to these rumors, and how will they affect tonight's championship match?"

"First of all Marv, let me start by saying that Jay-Z is a very close personal friend of mine. We have hung put together at the 40/40 Club on countless occasions. I've had long discussions him for years at Knick and Nets games. To say that this man does not have his house in order is asinine! Asi-ten! Asi-eleven! Asi-twelve! There is no strife in this man's house. He has everything between Beyonce and Rihanna under control. Believe that!"

"Well speaking from a woman's point of view, I'd don't believe this happy family story with these two alpha females." Pam rationalizes. "They can pretend to be one happy family, but look at the evidence. First you rarely see Beyonce, Rihanna and Jay-Z together in public. Think about all the parties, premiers and award shows, Jay is sitting with either Beyonce or Rihanna, rarely with both of them. Google Beyonce and Rihanna, and you can't find an abundance of pictures of them together. Thereíre even fewer recent pictures. There must be a reason why Jay-Z's two leading ladies paths don't cross more often. Beyonce and Rihanna have made collaborations with almost every great singer, except each other. I think there is definitely at least a friendly rivalry between those two that makes them feel uncomfortable being around each other. Both of them are threatened by each other. Whether it is personal jealousies over Jay-Z's affection or professional tension is yet to be seen. It will affect this match. These two women will beat the hell out of each other tonight, and enjoy inflicting pain on the other."

"So what are you predictions for tonightís main event?" Marv asks his broadcast colleagues.

Stephen speaks first. "There is no question about it, Rihanna is a bad girl. She is the champion and deservedly so. Rihanna is on top of her game and getting better in each match. However Beyonce is still the baddest chick in the game! I see Beyonce coming out on top in a close match, ending the match with a Beyonce Bomb."

"Pam, who do you see winning?" Marv enquires.

"Now show some respect Ms Grier." Stephen interjects. "You've been dissing my girl Beyonce all afternoon."

"Well Stephen, Beyonce is the better fighter. She's the best in the league when she wants to be." Pam explains. "However Rihanna, especially being trained by Shakira, is a very bad match up for her. The winner of the match will be the woman that wants it the most. This time I think Beyonce is tired of this rivalry. I think Beyonce wants it bad enough to stay focused, avoid the big mistake and takes her title back. I think Beyonce wants to prove she is better than Rihanna tonight and will do just that."

"The good news is that we don't have to wait any more to see how this plays out. We have already seen the All-Star concert performances from Nelly Furtado, Pink, and the iconic Janet Jackson. Now its time for the main event. It's Beyonce vs Rihana II, the match of the year! and it starts next." Marv closes.

BOOM! POW! WHOOOSH! Pyrotechnics explode and illuminate the sky. Then the speakers explode with a medley of some of Beyonce's women empowering hits. Beyonce now power walks to the ring. Independent Women Part I leads the medley before giving away to Survivor. Next Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It) emerges followed by Ring the Alarm Beyonce next prances around the ring as Love On Top finishes the medley. The song selection made most think that they were targeted at Rihanna and her possible relationship to Jay-Z.

BANG! ZAP! WHAM! Pyrotechnics explode again and Rihanna walks through the smoke and heads to the ring with the championship belt around her waist. A medley of Rihannaís hits accompanies her as well. It starts with her Jay-Z collaboration, Umbrella. Many thought it has to be a dig at Beyonce as Rihanna's voice accompanies Beyonce's husband. What's My Name? plays next, followed by Only Girl (In the World). S&M breaks in next and the medley finishes with Diamonds as the champion takes the ring.

The referee calls both women to the center of the ring as some of the chaos dies down. Although there is a buzz of anticipation for this long awaited Main Event Rematch. As the two competitors near, the tale of the tape is told. Rihanna is an inch taller, but Beyonce is thicker. The stare down between the two begins as they walk toward each other. The referee starts explaining the rules, but neither combatant listens, they already know the rules. They just stare each other down.

"Just speaking woman to woman", Beyonce begins. "I don't appreciate all the time and how close you're getting to my husband. I ain't accusing you of anything, but itís not right. Tonight I'm going to beat your ass all over this ring until you learn to keep a proper and respectful distance from someone else's property. Do you understand?"

"Whatever, I don't give a fuck about that." Rihanna dismisses. "I want you to know that I'm going to walk out of the ring with this title. And I want you to know that I don't care what I've got to do, or how bad I've got to hurt you to keep this belt. Nothing is out of bounds for me to keep this belt."

The referee finishes and sends Beyonce and Rihanna to their individual corners for the opening bell. Beyonce wears a black bra top and matching booty shorts. She stands in her corner beaming intensity. Rihanna is across from her. There is confidence and nervousness in her eyes. Rihanna wears a flower covered bra top with a matching pleated tennis skirt bottom.

The bell rings and Marv announces, "Now we're on" to the Pay Per View audience. Beyonce and Rihanna walk and meet in the center of the ring. Beyonce raises both hands, inviting a test of strength. Rihanna complies and locks hands with the challenger. The sturdy Beyonce thought she would bowl the slender Rihanna over, but the sinew strong island girl holds her ground. Beyonce is winning the test of strength, but not by much. Beyonce rips one hand from Rihanna's grip and slips behind the champion. Quickly Beyonce secures a full nelson hold on Rihanna once she is behind her. Beyonce compresses Rihanna's neck down with all her might. Next she violently slings the champion from left to right showing her total control over Rihanna. Beyonce jerks up, picking Rihana off her feet too. Finally when she is done with her physical display of strength over Rihanna, Beyonce slings Rihanna to the canvas.

As soon as Rihanna hits the mat, Beyonce is on top of her in an instant. Beyonce presses her body down on Rihanna, pinning her to the mat with Beyonce's hands holding Rihanna's wrists to the mat. Rihanna bucks hard several times, trying to throw Beyonce off, but is now where powerful enough to do that. She is strong enough to knock Beyonce off balance briefly. In that moment, Rihanna rolls to her right, she topples Beyonce off top of her, and rolls through until Rihanna is on top of Beyonce. The upper hand is short lived as Beyonce gets her legs up and kicks Rihanna away. Both women get to their feet.

They quickly square off. Rihanna goes to lock up, but Beyonce goes for Rihanna's head, and captures Rihanna in a head lock. Beyonce wrings Rihanna up and down violently. Once again Beyonce displays her power over the champion. Then when she finished her exhibition, Beyonce slings Rihanna to the mat once again.

"Wow! Beyonce in an amazing display of power over the champion." Marv reports. "She is toying with Rihanna right now."

"Rihanna is a worthy champion, but Beyonce is an possible Hall of Famer. Rihanna is going to have to be patient, and pick her spots." Pam tells the viewing audience.

When Rihanna gets back to her feet, Beyonce is on her in an instant again. Beyonce nails Rihanna in the gut with a punch. Rihanna hunches over and backs up. Beyonce barrels in to Rihanna and pounds her with two more punches to the stomach, sending Rihanna retreating back into the corner. There Beyonce traps her and lets her fist fly. Beyonce starts pounding Rihanna's midsection. Then her attack travels up and she starts beating Rihanna's perk tits. Beyonce's two fisted assault has Rihanna is twisting and squirming in the corner. Beyonce is snarling and grunting like a animal. Beyonce is totally lost in battle. She is oblivious of everything except beating Rihanna. In her frenzy, Beyonce puts her forearm across Rihanna's throat and presses the younger woman's head back, choking the champion. Some fans react to this uncommon rule infraction from Beyonce.

"Just like Beyonce has been telling me." Stephen A states. "She is willing to do anything to get her championship back. It looks like Rihanna is in for a rough ride tonight." Beyonce somehow contains her bloodlust and back away from her strangle hold. But before leaving Rihanna, she harpoons Rihanna with one last punch to the stomach.

"Come on little girl. Time to give mama her championship belt back." Beyonce taunts.

"No! You're going to have to take it from me Bey." Rihanna replies with a small hint of sass and attitude. Rihanna is still uneasy that her role model is competing and talking smack to her. The fact that Beyonce is treating her as an equal blows her mind. All she knows to do is to get into character and perform on this stage with Beyonce.

Beyonce and Rihanna lock up collar and elbow. They struggle with each other till they lose their balance, and fall to the mat, but stay connected. Eventually Beyonce wins out and pushes Rihanna away. Then she grabs Rihanna's head and traps it between Beyonce's strong thighs. The back of Rihanna's head is against Beyonce's crotch and her head is being squeezed like a nut in a nutcracker. Rihanna reaches up to try to find something to latch on to twist or scratch and escape. Beyonce grabs Rihanna's arm and holds it at bay. Rihanna flops around, trying to escape.

Beyonce mutters "Trifling little slut. I never trusted you alone with my man." Rihanna's bucking has loosened Beyonce's scissor lock. Beyonce draws one leg up putting her calf against Rihanna's throat, turning her lock into a figure four head scissors. Rihanna thrashes around more. Her young body appears to have an endless flow of energy. Rihanna is able to kick free. However before Rihanna can scramble away from Beyonce, the challenger rises to her knees and pop Rihanna with a punch to the lips that knocks Rihanna back down. Beyonce stands and looks down at Rihanna. "That's what you get for wanting to party with my man all the fucking time."

Rihanna slowly gets to her feet. "Don't get mad at me because he prefers my company" Beyonce's face snarls from Rihanna's remark. That gives Rihanna a instance to strike. She blasts Beyonce across the jaw with a right hook. Beyonce is dropped in her tracks. The next moment a dazed and confused Beyonce is frantically scrambling across the mat to get to the ropes and uses them to pull herself to her feet.

Beyonce gets to her feet rattled as hell. Number one, one comment from Rihanna made her make a mistake that could cost her the match. Number two, Rihanna hits hard as hell. Number three, the egomaniac, control freak is starting to understand and accept that there is one thing in her life that she has absolutely no control over. That thing is named Rihana.

Beyonce's wits return quickly. She comes roaring back at Rihanna with a spearing punch to Rihanna's gut. Beyonce's fists fly like lightening slamming into Rihanna's belly, backing her back in the corner again. There is a desperation in Beyonce's attack. She knows that she has to put Rihanna away quickly, or no matter how she dominates this match, Rihanna always has a chance to win. Once Rihanna is cowering in the corner, Beyonce continues to pound Rihanna's mid-section. Then Beyonce adds kicks to Rihanna's stomach. Next Beyonce grabs two handfuls of Rihanna's hair and throws her out of the corner and to the mat.

Beyonce does not hesitate. She goes to Rihanna and stomps down on Rihanna's stomach a couple of times. Then Beyonce drops to the mat and clasps both hands together raises them above her head and slams them down into Rihanna's gut a few more times. Rihanna is getting destroyed. She reaches up and grabs Beyonce and wrestles her to the mat. The two tussle around on the canvas a while. Beyonce eventually comes out on top. She has Rihanna's legs and doubles the younger superstar up, bending Rihanna's legs up till Rihanna's knees are on her chest, and her ankles are by her head. Beyonce sits on Rihanna's legs for a matchbook pin. Rihanna is way too strong to be pinned like this at this point of the match. Rihanna flexes her legs and sends Beyonce flying off top of her.

Beyonce and Rihanna scramble to their feet and lock up. They grapple against each other, but by now, Beyonce has gained control over her emotions. She is too strong and too skilled for Rihanna to handle when Beyonce is in this mindset. Soon Beyonce is behind Rihanna with the champion locked in a full nelson. Rihanna groans as Beyonce cranks up the pressure. "You skanky little slut. You're always fucking every man, girl or dog that you come across. That's why I don't want you hanging around tempting my man." Beyonce says voicing her concerns out loud. The whole time Beyonce slings Rihanna around like a toy.

"How many times do I got to tell you. I don't want Jay like that." Rihanna grunts out. "If I wanted him, I would have him already."

"Bull shit bitch! I'm Beyonce! That mutha fucka ain't dumb enough to leave me!" Beyonce arrogantly spouts. "You young girls better realize! You're hot I give you credit, but you're no Beyonce!". Another facet of Beyonce's complex personality moves to the forefront.

Beyonce pushes Rihanna into the ropes. Rihanna hits the ropes chest first and rebounds backward. Beyonce hits Rihanna with a kidney punch to her lower back. Rihanna drops to the mat like she has been shot. Beyonce resumes stomping on her downed foe. Then she drops to the mat and wraps her legs around Rihanna's body for a scissor hold. Then her arm curls around Rihanna's chin for a rear chin lock at the same time. "I'm going to make you suffer for every hour you've spent temping my man. Then we'll see how you like partying with Jay after that." Beyonce tells Rihanna.

Rihanna could not make any arguments at this point. Beyonce's big round chocolate thighs crush the breath out of Rihanna. Beyonce's arm cuts off fresh air, and at the same time tries to pry the champion's head off her shoulders. Rihanna flails around and twist and turns looking for some escape or relief. Beyonce does not give any relief. She adds to Rihanna's suffering by occasionally pounding on Rihanna's chest and stomach. Finally when Beyonce's blood lust could not be satiated by this torture she releases Rihanna and kicks her away.

Beyonce gets to her feet and stalks her opponent who is on her hands and knees, trying to catch her breath. Beyonce hunts her foe and kicks her in the side. Rihanna flips over onto her back. Beyonce steps on top of Rihanna's chest. One foot is on Rihanna's breasts. The other foot is on Rihanna's throat and she balances herself by holding onto the ropes with both hands. Now Beyonce can press down and put pressure on Rihanna.

"It's breaking down now! Things are getting mean and nasty!" Stephen A excitedly tells the audience. Beyonce hangs onto the top rope dearly to maintain her balance on top of the thrashing girl underneath her. Beyonce stomps down with one foot to try and calm Rihanna down while the other foot continues to choke Rihanna. Finally Rihanna is able to knock Beyonce's foot away from her neck and topple Beyonce off top of her.

Now with both combatants on the mat, they wrestle around briefly. Before long Beyonce has her legs around Rihanna's waist and Rihanna's upper body secured in a full nelson. The blessing of youth allows Rihanna to flail and flop endlessly Beyonce holds onto Rihanna tightly. Beyonce realizes that even though she is applying a constant stream of pain and domination over Rihanna, her biceps are starting to tire, applying the sustained pressure and she feels strain in her thighs. Beyonce releases Rihanna and kicks her away.

Beyonce stands to give her muscles a brief break. Rihanna moans on the mat, then slowly pushes up to her hands and knees. Beyonce swoops in and kicks Rihanna in the side, and flips her over onto her back yet again. Beyonce thinks it is time to lay some heavier blows on Rihanna and bring this match to a conclusion. Beyonce takes a comfortable seat on Rihanna's boobs, looking at Rihanna's belly and feet. Beyonce starts beating a two fisted assault on Rihanna's stomach. Beyonce pounds a beat on Rihanna's belly like she is pounding a drum. Poor suffering Rihanna gags and gurgles as Beyonce pounds her guts out. When Rihanna looks close to done, Beyonce abruptly stops and turns around and sits on Rihanna's belly and capturing Rihanna's arms under her knees. Next Beyonce opens a two fisted assault on Rihanna's perky little breasts. Like she is chopping down a tree, Beyonce rhythmically goes to work on Rihanna's tits. "This is a scathing beating that Beyonce is inflicting on the champion." Marv announces. "Practically since the opening bell Beyonce has been in total control of the action. Beyonce is proving to be too much for the champ to overcome."

After minutes of straight unrelentlessly beating Rihanna's stomach and breasts. Beyonce stands up. Like a woman possessed on pounding Rihanna, she reaches down and punches Rihanna's stomach one more time. Then she quickly adds a stomp to Rihanna's belly like she cannot help herself. Then Beyonce completes her original thought and grabs a handful of hair and snatches Rihanna to her feet. "Get up here. You're going to learn to bow down to the queen." Beyonce grumbles.

Beyonce shoves Rihanna back into the corner and starts pounding her stomach yet again. Rihanna is falling into shambles. Her legs are shaking. Her facial expression peers through a tangle of hair, showing suffering and pain. Slowly Rihanna starts sinking down the corner and descending to the mat. Beyonce grabs a handful of hair on top of Rihanna's head and pulls her back upright. "Do you want to shake your ass around my husband now?" Beyonce asks before blasting Rihanna across the jaw with a devastating right hook. Rihanna goes down heavily.

Rihanna is dazed and groggy but not out. Instinctively she rises to her hands and knees and tries to put some distance between her and Beyonce. The raging challenger runs up and kicks Rihanna like a dog, saying, "I asked you a question bitch. Do you want to shake your ass around my man anymore?" Beyonce repeats, and punts Rihanna in the side. Rihanna tumbles over, but gets back up to her knees. Beyonce kicks her down again. "You still want to party with Jay?" Like that dog getting a whipping, Rihanna gets back to her hands and knees and tries to crawl away. "This is what happens when you hang out with Jay and disrespect me! I kick your ass! And this is nothing. You should see what I would do to you with no TV cameras around! Do you still want to hang out with Jay?" Beyonce rants as she harshly kicks Rihanna at every turn. Beyonce's kicks coral and herd Rihanna at every turn.

Pitiful Rihanna grovels on the canvas now saying "No" repeatedly. No she doesn't want to hang out with Jay anymore. No she will not disrespect Beyonce anymore.

Beyonce takes a moment to look down at her opponent. It is pretty obvious that Rihanna is close to being finished. Normally the efficient Beyonce would execute her finishing maneuver, the power bomb, commonly called The Beyonce Bomb, and quickly finish the match, but she is too deep in the moment. For years Beyonce hes dealt with rumors of a Jay-Z/Rihanna relationship. This is the bitch who took her championship belt. This is the superstar challenging her at the top o the music charts. Beyonce is so indulged at being the Baddest Chick in the Game that she could not find a way out of tormenting Rihanna if she wanted to. Beyonce kicks the beaten dog ranting, "That's right bow down! Bow down bitch! H fucking Town bitch! Bow down!"

Rihanna absorbs the beating. The whole time she is thinking, "Shakira is a fucking genius."

Her trainer Shakira considers herself an authority on Beyonce. Shakira soundly defeated Beyonce in the past, and Jay-Z admitted to Rihanna that Beyonce wants no parts of a rematch with Shakira. Shakira started training for this match with this speech to Rihanna. "I hope you're ready for an ass kicking. You've embarrassed Beyonce by beating her for the title. You're kicking her ass on the music charts, and you've been flaunting your friendship with Jay-Z, and the fact that she can't do anything to stop it. Beyonce is going to murder you. You thought she was tough last time? She'll be three times as focused and three times better than last time." Shakira explains while Rihanna looks at her wondering what she is getting into. She ached for weeks following the first match with Beyonce. "Beyonce is a beast, but if you survive the beating that she gives you there is a chance. When she gets worked up and goes all crazy ass Sasha Fierce on you, she'll make mistakes, and a lot of them. Talk to her, get under her skin, get her all crazy, either she'll give you opportunities, or knock you into next week. Once she gives you the opportunity, you've got to maximize it. Get her down and hurt her and keep hurting her. Beyonce has a hard outer shell, but she is soft and gooey on the inside once you crack that shell. Beat her up bad enough, and she will never mess with you again."

The whole training was defensive moves; How to cover up, how to go with blows to minimize their effects. Shakira only added one offensive move to Rihanna's repertoire. Rihanna is thankful. If not the title would have already been loss. Beyonce would have already beaten her unconscious, and Shakira would be trying to wake Rihanna up in the dressing room. Right now Rihanna is only beaten into a pitiful stupor.

Beyonce pulls Rihanna up to her feet. Next she picks Rihanna up in the air and drops her belly first on her extended knee. Rihanna bounces off Beyonce's knee and falls to the canvas. Rihanna lies flat on her back with her head lolling from side to side, practically out of it. Beyonce pauses "So what? Are you just going to lie there?" Beyonce asks with a chuckle. "You think you can bait me to to the top rope and make a big mistake again?" Beyonce laughs again. "I'm on to you and Shakira's little games. Tell blondie I'm going to put a boot up her ass next time I get her in the ring too." Beyonce grabs a handful of hair and hauls the unresisting woman back to her feet. Beyonce hoists Rihanna up again and drops her on her knee one more time. Rihanna collapses to the mat, nearly lifeless.

Rihanna closes her eyes tightly. Beyonce is on to their strategy. Rihanna has always found it intimidating being in Beyonce's presence. Now being in the ring with a pissed off Beyonce and her only game plan has just left the door is overwhelming the 24 year old. The only thing is that Rihanna is not ready to stop being champion. Rihanna opens her eyes and sees the lights shining on her. Rihanna hears the crowd this is her stage. She really wants that championship. She wants that championship more than she fears Beyonce. She wants it more than Beyonce.

Beyonce reaches down to haul Rihanna off the mat. Rihanna grabs Beyonce by her clothing or whatever she can get her hands on and pulls Beyonce down and into a small package roll up. The referee count one.. two... before Beyonce kicks out. Beyonce scrambles to her feet unhinged and distraught. "No! No mistakes!" she tells herself. Beyonce beats Rihanna to her feet easily. Beyonce then blasts her young competitor back down with a wicked clothesline, as she tries to rise. "No mistakes" Beyonce repeats to herself.

Beyonce sees Rihanna down again and shouts, "It's over!" and notions with her arms like a football referee calling a play over. Beyonce grabs Rihanna by the hair and pulls Rihanna's head between her thighs. Beyonce grips Rihanna's waist and sets herself to lift the beautiful Barbadian up for her patented Beyonce Bomb power bomb.

In one moment everything came so clear. Beyonce has made a crucial mistake. That mistake is getting in the ring with a champion that simple wants the championship more than her. Beyonce hoists Rihanna in the air. She did everything perfectly. However while Rihanna is being tossed and turned, she painfully reach out and snatches a handful of Beyonce's honey colored hair. Rihanna maintain an iron grip on the hair and pulls herself higher till she is actually seated on top of Beyonce's shoulders. Rihanna instantly starts firing rapid fire shots down on Beyonce's face. Rihanna does not know where she found the agility and strength to pull off this reversal. She does not even know where the she found the strength to bash Beyonce's face in like she is currently doing. All Rihanna knows that she really wants to walk out of this ring with her title belt.

After absorbing countless short range atomic bombs to her face, Beyonce topples, sending her and Rihanna to the mat. Both women take a hard spill and lie on the mat gathering themselves. Rihanna looks over and for the first time tonight she does not see Beyonce. She does not see an intimdating woman. Rihanna sees the bitch that she is about destroy to retain her title. Little does that poor bitch know, she is in for a world of hurt if she think that she is going to take her title.

Beyonce starts slowly getting to her feet. She is dazed by Rihanna's punches, but more her mind is reeling that she made a mistake to allow Rihanna back into the match. Her massive ego is rocked at this intolerable imperfection. Beyonce tries to put this mistake out of her mind. She came in this ring to beat some distance between Rihanna and Jay, and to prove that she is better than Rihanna. Now that is in jeopardy.

Rihanna is tired and hurting, and would rather lie on the mat a little longer. She sees Beyonce getting up and knows she has to too if she is going to keep her title. So Rihanna commands her body to rise. Beyonce is already coming hard toward her. "You're going down little girl" Beyonce grumbles and takes a big swipe at Rihanna's head. Rihanna ducks under the woman freight training toward her and fires a hard quick shot at her pubic mound as Beyonce passes by. Rihanna thought she heard Beyonce singing "HALOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" as Beyonce drops to her knees, clutching her pussy.

For the first time in a long time. Rihanna can visualize her championship belt in her hands and walking out the ring with it. She swirls around to capitalize on Beyonce's misfortune. As soon as Rihanna approaches, Beyonce's hands leave her pussy and grab Rihanna by the ankle, and snatches the champion's legs out from under her. In a flash, Beyonce is on her feet and twisting Rihanna's ankle in a old fashion Kurt Angle inspired ankle lock. "That's it girl, tap! You've had a good run, but now itís time to tell everybody who's your mama!" Beyonce spouts, back in total control of the action.

The fans are going bonkers, but Beyonce and Rihanna cannot hear them. Marv, Stephen A and Pam go on and on about how spectacular this match of the year has been. Beyonce twists Rihanna's ankle with her only goal at this point of the fight being to get this match over with now. Rihanna shrieks as the pain courses down her leg. At first she cannot think, she just wants to tap and stop this pain. Beyonce cranks on the ankle. She contemplates trying to snap the ankle or showing decency and just making Rihanna tap out. Jay-Z would be furious at her if she breaks Rihanna's ankle. Rihanna remembers her championship. She stops screaming and shuts out the pain. Rihanna sends her mind out of her body on a mission to keep her title. Beyonce shouts, "I'm the queen, tap out little girl, there's no shame in losing to the best."

Rihanna's brain goes blank except for one thought, keeping her championship. Rihanna starts twisting left and right. Finally a Herculean effort she flips over from being trapped on her elbows and one knee to lying on her back. Beyonce is shocked that Rihanna on the verge of escaping her ankle lock. She nearly misses Rihanna's next Herculean effort. Rihanna draws both legs in then kick out with strength that she did not even knew she possessed. Beyonce is kicked off, and sent reeling back into the ropes. Immediately Rihanna does a back roll, like in 4th grade PE class, and ends up on her feet just as Beyonce is rebounding back toward her. Rihanna barely has enough time to lift her foot as high as she can. A millisecond later, Beyonce's face collides into the sole of Rihanna's shoe. Beyonce's head snaps back and she collapse to the mat seeing stars.

Rihanna drops to her knees, knowing that Beyonce is only momentarily stunned. Rihanna spreads Beyonce's legs apart and kneels between them. Next Rihanna slams her head down into Beyonce's pussy, head butting Beyonce's cunt. Again, again and again Rihanna head butts Beyonce's snatch. Beyonce was so stunned that she did not register what was happening until the fifth head butt. Beyonce grimaces then howls in pain. Rihanna keeps up her assault. Rihanna slowed for a moment to stop and disrespectfully laugh at Beyonce's plight. "Looks like you won't be fucking Jay tonight after all bitch." the sinister laughing young woman declares in her extremely sexy island accent.

Rihanna resumes her head butting assault on Beyonce's cunt. Beyonce barks and howls the whole time. Rihanna's head is like a wrecking ball pulverizing Beyonce's pussy. It makes Beyonce cry out, "Fuck! That big ass Klingon forehead is killing me you little slut!" That insult earned Beyonce an extra ten vengeful head butts with not sauce on them before Rihanna was done.

Rihanna wanted to incapacitate Beyonce for a few moments. She succeeded. When Rihanna stopped, Beyonce clutched her pussy tightly and lie on the mat. She could not get up or escape for little bit with that fiery pain in her pussy.

Rihanna rolls Beyonce over onto her front. She swiftly grapevines her calves around Beyonce's calves. Beyonce's legs are incapacitated with her feet caught by the crook of Rihana's knees. Rihanna drops to her knees, forcing Beyonce to fold her legs, pulling her feet against her ass. Rihanna dropped her knees into the small of Beyonce's back. Next Rihanna reaches forward and grabs Beyonce under the chin. Finally Rihanna rolls over bringing Beyonce on top of her completing a brand new submission hold. Beyonce's legs are trapped underneath her with Rihanna applying pressure to her knees with her legs. Beyonce is bent over backwards over Rihanna's raised knees. The small of her back to at the peak of Rihanna's knees, providing a fulcrum for Rihanna to bend Beyonce's spine in a way that it was never designed to bend. Lastly, Rihanna hands are clasps under Beyonce's chin, bending Beyonce backwards in this human made torture device.

Beyonce starts with a roar, and ends with a long sustained scream. Beyonce's hands try to pull Rihanna's hands from her chin. Then her hands search for Rihanna's facial features to gouge, but has no success. "Shakira wanted me to tell you that she invented this hold especially for you. She calls it Love On Top bitch!" Rihanna jerks sharply back on Beyonce's head, getting a loud shriek. Rihanna advises "Give it ip up bitch! It's over. Just submit and take your fat ass home to Jay." Rihanna bends Beyonce back keeping her screaming and yelling her lungs out. Beyonce knows that she is beat. It is a more devastating defeat than the first loss to Rihanna. This time she is going to have to submit to Jay-Z's little darling. Her ego is having trouble dealing with it. She stubbornly endures the torture denying Rihanna the satisfaction as long as possible. Rihanna is getting great personal satisfaction from Beyonce's stubbornness. It gives Rihanna a chance to put a serious hurting on Beyonce, and she bends Beyonce back a little bit further. Rihanna gets a little revenge. After all Beyonce dominated and put a hurt Rihanna for the vast majority of the match.

Beyonce has endured the torture for over a minute. It seemed like an eternity for Rihanna, so she adds to Beyonce's suffering. Rihanna sticks her fingers in Beyonce's nostril and uses that finger hold to pull Beyonces head back. Beyonce's screams reach a new height as Rihanna seems like she is trying to rip Beyonce's nose off her face. Then Rihanna sticks her fingers in Beyonce's mouth and stretches her mouth apart. Beyonce's pitiful screams tell her torment. Finally Rihanna claws at Beyonce's eyes, and pulls her head back. It looks like Rihanna is trying to disfigure Beyonce.

Finally Rihanna pulls Beyonce's head back as far as possible then bashes Beyonce's temple with her fist. After three punches, Beyonce is knocked loopy with her eyes aimlessly rolling around in her head. Her hands drop lifelessly from trying to free herself and fall by her side. Then Beyonce starts tapping the mat. Beyonce is done. All the fight has been knocked out of her. Beyonce is totally helpless. Refusing to submit at this point will give Rihanna the opportunity to abuse her any way she pleases. Her massive ego will not allow Jay-Z and the world to see her being Rihanna's play toy.

The fans erupt in cheers, and the bell rings. Rihanna irreverently pushes Beyonce's body off top of her. Beyonce just curls into fetal position. Rihanna stands in a surreal moment. The official hands her the championship belt. The fans are cheering, and Rihanna's mind returns from the elevated state she was in. Rihanna looks at Beyonce curled into a tight ball. She cannot believe how disrespectful she was to Beyonce, and repeatedly calling her a bitch. But that is what was needed to retain her belt. Rihanna climbs to the middle turnbuckle and accepts the accolades of the crowd.

Rihanna climbs all four corners of the ring and acknowledges the fans on each side. When she finishes, Beyonce is standing then gives Rihanna a hug. "Congratulations Champ." Beyonce says sweetly. "You earned that title tonight." Beyonce tells Rihanna. Beyonce take the belt and starts humbly fastening the belt around Rihanna's waist. Then Beyonce leans in and whispers in Rihanna's ear. "This championship doesn't change anything. If you get too close to Jay, I will break my foot off in your lil' ass. I guarantee you won't catch me in a mistake that time. Do you understand me?" Once again intimidated, Rihanna quickly and subserviently nods her head in affirmation. She wants no parts of Beyonce in that scenario. Beyonce gives Rihanna one more congratulatory hug. Then she humbly leaves Rihanna to her fans and to her shining moment.

"Wow what a spectacular match!" Marv exclaims, finishing the broadcast. "Beyonce dominates for over 80% of the two matches, but Rihanna somehow comes up with the win both times. Do you have any explanation for this Pam?"

"No I don't Marv." Pam answers. "There was a lot of chatter in the ring. However our microphones could not pick it up over the crowd noise. Maybe those conversations would give us some insight into the outcome of the match, but for now we will never know. In the end, we've got to commend our champion Rihanna. There is no question that she deserves that belt. I also commend Beyonce, she looked as dominant as one can look in a defeat. Both of them are a credit to this league."

Stephen A takes a deep breath and pauses before speaking. "I feel that Beyonce is the better fighter. In the end she didn't get it done. Rihanna came up a larger in the closing minutes and Beyonce didn't get it done. My hat's off to Rihanna. She deserves to wear that championship belt proudly."

Almost a week after the ThE RoCk tHe BoAt CrUiSe! 2 Beyonce and Alicia Keys have lunch in a New York deli. "This is so awesome that you decided to fly into town and hang out with me today."

"I deserve some time off." Beyonce answers. "Besides I can't dance in rehearsals for the tour right now. My back is still sore from that crazy ass hold Rihanna put on me, but don't you dare tell anybody that."

"I got to admit, you impressed me in the ring that night. You wrestled a great match. I thought Rihanna would beat your ass all over the ring." Alicia admits. "Then I'd have listen to you whine and moan over that forever." Alicia looks in Beyonce's eye. "Tell me the truth is Rihanna that good, or did you blow it in the end?"

"Desire." Beyonce admits solemnly. "In the end Rihanna wanted the belt more than me. I really was there to prove a point."

Beyonce's cell phone makes a noise. She looks at the phone and reads the text.
Jay Z (Hubby)

"Well it looks like I might stay in town a couple more days. Jay won't be flying in, he'll be in LA for a couple more days." Beyonce tells Alicia.

"Really, is he partying with Rihanna again?" Alicia asks almost disgusted.

Beyonce smiles. "I don't think so. I'm 100% positive that I proved my point. Let's go back to your place after lunch."

TO ThE RoCk tHe BoAt CrUiSe! 2