"It's all settled." Cameron Diaz broadcasts to Beyonce's chagrin. "The main event of RAGE! It's BEYONCE VERSUS RIHANNA for the War Queen Championship! If Beyonce loses, she's outta the Fab Four! If Rihanna loses she get's a fuck session from Beyonce's husband Jay-Z! Good luck champ!"

Cameron Diaz's words have been burned in Beyonce's brain ever since she heard them. In short, Beyonce is being forced to defend her title against her husband's discovery and protégé, one of her friends, Rihanna. Beyonce will be fighting it out with a woman that idolizes her, and also currently smoking her on the music charts. Rihanna is the reigning pop princess, while Beyonce is the pop queen. Rihanna is the woman that her husband adores and she still have not been able to determine if they have had a sexual relationship or are still having one. The tabloids are labeling this fight the 'The Missus verses The Mistress'.

Beyonce went home that night and exploded on her husband Jay Z like never before for agreeing to be a part of this match. Jay exploded back just as volitale arguing if he did not agree to fuck Rihanna, Cameron Diaz would have delivered Rihanna into the hands of Jay Z's most hated enemies. There was no way that her would allow that to happen. "She's like my little sister! It's my job to take care of her!" Jay Z vehemently argued.

"I'm your wife!" Beyonce yells at the top of her voice. "It's your job to protect me and be on my side!"

"Really!" Jay shouts back. "I married the Baddest Chick in the game. That means I married a strong woman, who knows how to handle her business and find a way out of this mess. You won the championship, you joined the Fab Four and made yourself a target of groups like the Resistance! You've brought all of this on yourself. You take care of your duties. My responsibilities are to take care of the girl I brought from Barbados that has nothing to do with this mess other than her association with me and you. The Baddest Chick in the game would understand to take care of her mess, and I'll take care of my responsibilites! If I didn't marry the Baddest Chick in the game, let me know, cause I can rectify that too. Right now you sound like a whiny weak jealous bitch! I guarantee Rihanna isn't crying about this like you. She ain't worried about having sex with me in the middle of the ring either. She's only thinking about kicking yo ass all over the ring, taking your title, and proving that she is the Baddest Chick in the game!"

Jay thought that Beyonce's head would literally explode off her shoulders when he finished. Beyonce has been jealous and suspicious of Jay and Rihanna's relationship since before they were married. She has been angry about the amount of time they spent together. Now he is implying that Rihanna is an innocent victim in all of this. Beyonce is convinced that Rihanna and the word innocent parted ways about three years ago. After two hours of arguing, the only thing they decided that Jay was heading to his Los Angeles mansion on business, and Beyonce is staying in New York to work on her new album. She knew she would see Jay at ringside at match night.

Beyonce could not and would not deal with this situation. Going into that argument, Beyonce knew how it would end. She knows in her bones it is dangerous to expose her husband to Rihanna if only for one night. There is a natural bond between Jay and Rihanna. Primarily their age difference keeps them from being romantically linked. If Beyonce wins, Jay and Rihanna get to have sex in the middle of the ring. While she is unsure if it is the first time they've had sex or not, this time will be public and in front of her. It would give them a great excuse to start or reveal an affair. Beyonce's winning will help to erase the current boundaries of their relationship and jeopardize her marriage.

On the other hand if Beyonce loses, she will drop her title and more importantly be banned from the Fab Four. Beyonce abhors the thought of letting her friends down. But that is not the most frightening thought in her mind. Beyonce knows how much Jay hates weakness. If she loses, Jay will blame her for being too mentally weak to overcome her jealousies and emotions. This man covets and is fascinated by power and strength. The problem is that if Beyonce shows too much weakness then he may no longer consider her as the Baddest Chick in the Game. Maybe Rihanna can prove she is the Baddest Chick in the Game and deserves Jay's attention, love affection and the title of his wife. Beyonce felt fucked either way. If she won or loss, she was going to be fucked.

Beyonce also felt the pressure of letting her friends and her husband down. She did the one thing that she knew during impossible times, withdrew into her music. Beyonce retreated into the studio and began work on her new album. She avoided anything dealing with catfighting and her match with Rihanna.

Beyonce's trainer and coach, Pam Anderson was calling her daily to start training for her title defense. Beyonce refused to answer Pam's calls or return her messages. When she did talk to Pam, Beyonce insisted she was too busy to talk or occupied. Instead Beyonce spent 10 hours a day in the studio working on her music. After a week of avoiding Pam's calls and texts Beyonce hears her trainer's voice behind her as she sits in front of an enormous sound board in her studio. "Something wrong with your phone? You can't call a person back?" Pam ask sarcastically.

Beyonce did not turn around. She just answered, "I've been busy with my album."

"So when are coming to the gym to start training for your title defense?" Pam bluntly asks.

"What's the point?" Beyonce defeatedly asks. "I can't win no matter what happens."

"So Big Bad Beyone is going to run and hide because things aren't going her way?" Pam challenges. "You're not! You're better than that. Even if you wanted to, I wouldn't let you." Pam argues. "You're going to get off your ass and get into the gym and win that match and keep your title belt! Then you're going to go home and put a foot in your husband's ass and put him in his place. After you're done you're going to fuck his brains out and show him the difference between that sample of a little girl and being with a queen!" Pam preaches. "Come on I've got a new strategy to teach you called, Low Blow punishment. I've got a few ideas. If everything goes according to plan, neither Jay Z or Rihanna are going to enjoy their time together.

Pam's speech struck a nerve in Beyonce. It was the pep talk she needed to face this dilemma. Beyonce nods her head affirming Pam's words. Then she rises out of her seat and says, "Alright, let's go."

Rihanna immediately consulted Jay Z for advice after the announcement of the match. He immediately calmed her fears about the matches' odd stipulations. He reminded her that being stripped and violated is a risk of competing in a celebrity catfight league. She knew that going into the league. The multi millions she will make on the main event will more than compensate for a little embarrassment. Besides the only compromising scenario for Rihanna was if she loss.

Jay Z insisted Rihanna to take the match and to not just defeat his wife, but really kick her ass. Jay and Rihanna are the closest of friends. He confides almost everything in her, even some of the intimate details of his marriage.

Jay instructed Rihanna to train with Generation Next, the new crew that she has taken up with; more specifically Shakira, the chief trainer for the group. Shakira gave Beyonce her last defeat. Jay also knows that Beyonce does not want to ever enter the ring against Shakira again. It was a humbling defeat for Beyonce because she was out smarted and clearly out wrestled by the diminutive Columbian. Beyonce swears Shakira has her number and knows the keys to beating her anytime. Beyonce is actually afraid of the tiny blonde. Shakira is the perfect person to oversee Rihanna's training. He promised to pick up the bill for all of Rihanna's training expenses.

Jay Z admired and marveled at the plan put together against his wife. As a critical thinker he was impressed by this complex scheme, and the amount of work and intelligence it took to pull it off. He could not have put together a better plan himself. Rihanna was the perfect person to possible take Beyonce down, especially with Shakira by her side.

Many people accuse Jay of making Rihanna a 'Beyonce clone'. Jay knows that despite some similarities there is a huge difference between the two. Beyonce is a very complex person. She is like a Jeckle and Hyde or Bruce Banner character. By nature she is Beyonce, a nice very considerate person to a fault. She is almost a living and breathing fairy princess. She has an enchanting smile, she always know the appropriate thing to say. She is perfectly poised and elegant. You almost think she is about to break into song every time she speaks like a real life Disney movie.

However when Beyonce is stressed or overwhelmed, she metamorphasises into her alter ego, Sasha Fierce. Sasha Fierce is a foul mouthed, spoiled, mean spirited bitch. She is an over ambitious, super aggressive predator, a killer, who devours ant thing that stands in her way of her goal. Her goal is total domination, to be the greatest of all time. She does not want to only be the greatest, Sasha wants to be the greatest there is, the greatest there ever was, and the greatest there ever will be. Beyonce is loved by her peers, but those who have encountered Sasha Fierce, like former Destiny Child members, LeToya Luckett & LaTavia Roberson, Jennifer Hudson, Etta James, Aretha Franklin, Lady Gaga, even Michelle Obama all loath her. Over the years as Beyonce has matured, she has gained more control over her alter ego, but Sasha is still a beast.

RihannaRihanna is no Beyonce clone. To state things more accurately, she is a Sasha Fierce clone. Rihanna is a predator and a glory hound. There is no confusion or turmoil for her like Beyonce. Rihanna will not be affected by the fact she is battling her idol and a friend unlike Beyonce. All Rihanna sees is a prize, and a large one, the War queen championship. She will do whatever she has to get her prize and will not feel the least bit of remorse about stepping on Beyonce to achieve it.

Jay Z showed up personally to view one of Rihanna's final training sessions before her main event match. He watched his charge, realizing that she was now where near the fighter that Beyonce is. He thinks his wife could sleep walk through the match and whip Rihanna under normal circumstances or even these troubled circumstances. Once everything was done, Jay climbs into the ring and addresses Rihanna. "You look great! It's your time. After you beat Beyonce Saturday, you'll become the biggest pop icon in the world." Then Jay repeats a message that he has told Rihanna for many weeks now. "Remember... no mercy at all. Beyonce is not your friend or idol. She's the bitch that you're about to destroy. No mercy at all. Nothing's off limits." Then he chuckles, "I'd be fun if you humiliated her a bit too. She's been getting on my fucking nerves lately."

"Don't worry" the supremely confidents young lady says. "I'll kick Beyonce's ass and give her a spanking just for you." Rihannna finishes with her sexy, sultry Barbadian accent then she gives Jay a kiss on the cheek.

By fight night, both Beyonce and Rihanna are more than ready for the match. Pam had focused Beyonce on hurting Rihanna. Pam gave Beyonce the benefit of her three marriages and countless other relationships to give her some marriage counseling. First remove Rihanna from the equation, and put her in her place, then deal with her man.

Meanwhile Jay and Shakira had done a psych job on Rihanna to get the belt anyway possible. Rihanna is ignoring the stipulations, her affection and admiration for Beyonce, her relationship with Jay Z, and focusing on absolutely nothing else, but winning the prize, the War Queen title.

With their orders and objectives clear, both women stare across the ring at each other moments before the Co-Main Event of RAGE! Both know their friendship ceases once the bell rings, and possibly resumes after the match. Beyonce stands ready wearing the traditional Fab Four wrestling outfit, a knock off of a Wonder Woman costume with a gold bustier and black hip hugging shorts. Rihanna stands statuesque wearing a two piece black leather S & M outfit, that looks like she borrowed from her concert tour wardrobe and fish net stockings.

The opening bell rings and the combatants slowly advance out of their corners and start circling each other. Beyonce raises her right arm above her head, challenging Rihanna for a test of strength. With a smug smile, Rihanna accepts the challenge by raising both of her hands above her head. They lock hands and starts trying to overpower the other. Almost instantly the thicker Beyonce starts forcing the slender Rihanna to the ground. Seconds later, Rihanna is forced down to one knee with her wrists bent back.

Rihanna shows her spirit and gumption, by using every muscle in her body to power back up to her feet. Next a surprised Beyonce finds herself sinking down to one knee. Rihanna's strength surprises the champion and most of the crowd. However Beyonce quickly collected herself and muscled her way back up to her feet. Once standing and still pushing against each other in a test of strength, Beyonce sweeps her foot up and out, kicking her and Rihanna's hands, forcing them to unclasp. Quickly and fluidly Beyonce drops to one knee and swinging her just released arm between Rihanna's legs and drives her arm up into Rihanna's crotch in a classic low blow. Rihanna drops to the mat with a screech and grabbing her cunt.

Beconce is on Rihanna in an instant. Beyonce stands over the downed contender and seizes Rihanna's ankles, lifting her legs off the mat, and spreading her legs apart. Then Beyonce stomps down on Rihanna's cunt. Rihanna curls up on the mat holding her crotch with both hands. "What the hell is wrong with you?" She screams at Beyonce. The champion answers by grabbing a handful of Rihanna's red hair and hauling the challenger to her feet. Beyonce gets behind Rihanna and locks her in a full nelson hold.

Rihanna's arms are trapped and Beyonce is putting tremendous pressure on her neck. Rihanna loudly moans and screams. Beyonce shakes Rihanna from side to side, making her round firm young breasts shake. "You might be fucking my man tonight, but you won't enjoy it after I'm done with you." Beyonce shouts. Then Beyonce frees one arm and rakes her nails across Rihanna's exposed mid section. Beyonce resumes her full nelson lock again, but quickly bores of it. Beyonce releases her full nelson, and instantly drops to her knees and delivers another low blow between Rihanna's legs from behind. Rihanna shouts out and again drops to the mat holding her snatch.

Pam and Beyonce's game plan is blatantly clear to Rihanna and everyone in the arena. Beyonce is going to use an array of low blows to wreck Rihanna's pussy to the point that fucking Jay Z will be one of the worst experiences in her life. Rihanna panics a bit and starts trying to scoot out of the ring to recompose herself. Beyonce grabs Rihanna's ankles, preventing her escape. She spreads Rihanna's legs apart then drops her leg down on Rihanna's crotch.

Rihanna is suffering on the mat and mutters the word, "bitch."

"What?" Beyonce asks as she stands then delivers a hard stomp down on Rihanna's side. Beyonce drops to the canvas and digs her fingers into Rihanna's belly combining a claw and a scratch. Rihanna howls until Beyonce stops and fires a few hardy fists into Rihanna's belly.

Beyonce reaches down and hair hauls Rihanna to her feet again. On the way up, Rihanna lashes out and punches Beyonce in the pussy. Beyonce drops to her hands and knees in shock and sudden pain. "Who do you like it? Huh?" Rihanna vengefully calls out. Then Rihanna drops an elbow drop across Beyonce's back, knocking the champion all the way to the canvas. "Ready for another one?" Rihanna asks as she spreads Beyonce's legs and stomps down hard on Beyonce's cunt. Beyonce clutches her cunt and rolls to the side. Rihanna lets out a cold hearted laugh then gives Beyonce an elbow drop to the small of Beyonce's back.

Beyonce hesitates getting to her feet. She does not want to make rash mistakes like she did when battling Shakira. Meanwhile, Rihanna is shouting down "Get up!" anxiously. As Beyonce slowly rises, Rihanna is on her before she can fully stand. Rihanna slams down on Beyonce's back with her hands clasps together, sending Beyonce stumbling back to the canvas. Rihanna waits for Beyonce to rise again then swoops in and nails Beyonce with a swooping right hand to Beyonce's jaw once the champion turns to face the challenger. Beyonce goes reeling into the ropes and bounce back into another Rihanna right hand. Beyonce falls against the ropes and drops to one knee, dazed a bit. Rihanna seizes Beyonce's hair, pulls her to her feet then harshly slings the champion down to the mat.

Rihanna stands over Beyonce, then drops to her knees, driving her fist into Beyonce's stomach at the same time with a fist drop. "You don't have to worry about me and Jay!" Rihanna advises. "I'm taking your title tonight, not fucking Jay!" Rihanna boasts with another punch into Beyonce's stomach.

BeyonceRihanna backs off Beyonce for a breath. Her eyes find Jay Z sitting at ringside. She gives her mentor a smile at her recent sucess in the ring. Suddenly the smile turns into a grimace as Beyonce sprung off the mat and takes a long glide then delivers another low blow between Rihanna's legs. Rihanna yelps and drops to the mat holding her crotch.

Beyonce is right on Rihanna, hauling to her feet as soon as she fell. Beyonce pushes Rihanna's back into the nearby corner. Once trapping her prey, Beyonce starts firing punches into Rihanna's gut. With one hand around Rihanna's neck, holding Rihanna in place, Beyonce fires away at Rihanna's belly. Beyonce finishes her onslaught with a couple of forearm shots to Rihanna's jaw.

Beyonce pulls Rihanna out of the corner fluidly going to the next phase of her assault. Rihanna counters with a sneaky fist into Beyonce's gut. The champion doubles over, looking for her breath. Rihanna vengfully pushes Beyonce in the same corner that she just vacated, then starts punishing Beyonce with her own punches to the stomach. Rihanna's assault is double fisted and much faster than Beyonce's. Rihanna adds knees, thighs and forearm attacks onto her assault to Beyonce's stomach. The flaming read head backs away, allowing Beyonce to sink down to a seated position on the canvas and holding her stomach.

Rihanna backs away, very wary of the wily champion. "Get up!" the challenger barks. When the champion does slowly try to rise, Rihanna swoops in and give Beyonce another shot in to her midesction, dropping Beyonce again. When Beyonce rises again, the champion was waiting for her young foe, lashing out with a chop that strikes Rihanna in the throat. With Rihanna suddenly frozen, Beyonce throws Rihanna into the corner and bombards Rihanna with kicks to Rihanna's gut, fueled by her big round chocolate thighs. Beyonce finishes her offensive with a few power punches to Rihanna's gut. Beyonce pulls a haggard looking Rihanna out of the corner and wraps her arms around Rihanna's waist. Finally Beyonce hoists Rihanna off her feet, holding her in the air in a bear hug.

Rihanna howls like she was caught by a real bear. She had never experienced a woman with strength like this. Rihanna yowls, flails her arms and kicks her legs, but to no avail. Beyonce kept squeezing her guts out. Every time Beyonce wrenched her squeeze tighter, Rihanna's ass would jiggle. After Rihanna's howls had disintegrated to whimpers and her flailing stopped, Beyonce dropped her crotch first on her knee. Rihanna bounces off of Beyonce's knee and falls to the mat, grasping her aching crotch.

"You think you're taking my title?" Beyonce screeches, in her Sasha Fierce persona as she blasts her fist down in Rihanna's stomach. Then Beyonce separates Rihanna's legs and delivers an elbow drop into Rihanna's pussy. "And you're not going to enjoy my man's dick either!"

Beyonce fiendishly rakes her nails across Rihanna's belly then turns the young diva onto her side and locks Rihanna's arm into an arm bar. Then Beyonce uses her other arm to pound Rihanna's stomach and rake her nails across Rihanna's flesh. Beyonce's realizes that her long bear hug has taken Rihanna's breath away, and her strength. She feels like she has Rihanna totally under control now, as long as she does not allow the young woman to breath freely. Beyonce more or less allows Rihanna to escape her hold and squirm away. Beyonce looms behind her prey then swoops in with yet another forearm low blow into Rihanna's pussy again. Rihanna howls and collapses to her knees.

Beyonce again wisely stays on Rihanna. She hauls Rihanna to her feet and ushers her to the corner. Rihanna is grunting and groaning and gripping her crotch. In the corner Beyonce lifts one of Rihanna's legs and props it over the second rope. Beyonce shoots another shot into Rihanna's gut then hoists Rihanna's other leg and drapes it over the second rope. Rihanna is in a bad and vulnerable position, with her legs spread wide apart, caught over either side of the middle ropes of the corner. Rihanna and everybody in the arena recognize the position that she is in. It would take Rihanna a little time to extract herself from her precarious position. Certainly not before Beyonce can retreat to the opposite corner and come charging back across the ring and boot Rihanna in the pussy in WWE's Gold Dust's signature move, the Shattered Dreams. Rihanna screams seeing Beyonce charging in expectation of the pain. Rihanna is not at all disappointed. The pain is excruciating, and the jolt of Beyonce's punt dislodges her from the turnbuckle. Rihanna falls to the mat emitting long whines while massaging her snatch.

Beyonce fires another shot into Rihanna's belly. "Ready to quit?" she asks as she grabs Rihanna's ankles and drags her to the middle of the ring. Rihanna struggles uselessly, her meager struggles had no effect on Beyonce. The champion effortlessly flips Rihanna over onto her stomach hooks the challenger's legs under her arms and sits down on Rihanna's back, putting Rihanna in a Boston Crab.

Rihanna screams and wails loudly as she suffers in Beyonce's Boston Crab. Rihanna sounds like she is close to breaking into tears. She has no strength to escape, all she can do is suffer in Beyonce's clutches. Beyonce seems more content with punishing her young challenger than ending the match.

RihannaSuddenly Beyonce releases her Boston Crab. She stands turns around the quickly drapes Rihanna's arms over her thighs and wrenches back on Rihanna's neck, locking Rihanna in a Camel Clutch within seconds after deserting her Boston Crab. Rihanna resumes her long wails and screams. "No one's going to help you!" Beronce growls in her demonic Sasha Fierce voice, "You're mine." Beyonce wrenches back on Rihanna's neck for a while longer. Finally Beyonce releases her Camel Clutch allowing Rihanna to flop face first to the mat. Beyonce evilly smears Riahanna's face into the canvas before dismounting her.

Beyonce looks down at Rihanna suffering on the mat, making long moans like she is fighting back sobs. Beyonce gives her a swift kick to the side for general purposes then starts hauling Rihanna to her feet. Beyonce puts Rihanna in a front face lock making Rihanna bend over and widen her legs for a better base. Immediately Beyonce release her face lock and launches a kick in between Rihanna's legs. Rihanna goes down like she has been shot. The flaming red head lies massaging her throbbing pussy.

Beyonce takes a moment to look down at her opponent. It is pretty obvious that Rihanna is close to being finished. Normally the efficient Beyonce would execute her finishing maneuver, the power bomb, commonly called The Beyonce Bomb, and quickly finish the match, but not tonight. She wants to prove to her husband that she is really the Baddest Chick in the Game.

Beyonce hauls Rihanna to her feet. The challenger offers little to no resistance at this point. Beyonce pushes Rihanna back into the ropes. Beyonce pounds Rihanna's gut with fist, then finishes with several kicks to Rihanna's stomach. Once Rihanna is drooping and hanging on the ropes, Beyonce drops to one knee and delivers another low blow. Rihanna again collapses to the mat massaging her aching kitty cat.

When Beyonce approaches Rihanna is scooting back away from the predator. Beyonce catches her prey and seizes Rihanna's ankles and spreads her legs for another stomp down on her crotch. Beyonce drops to the mat and delivers several punches to the suffering beauty's belly. Once she tired of that destruction, Beyonce stands separates Rihanna's legs and delivers an elbow drop down the center onto Rihanna's cunt. Rihanna's screams and cries are getting loud and pitiful. Many fans are starting to feel sympathy for poor suffering Rihanna. Jay Z can barely stand to hear his little angel's cries. It is taking all of his resolve not to enter the ring, and save Rihanna from his wife.

Beyonce is in full Sasha Fierce mode. She feels no sympathy at all. She is just thinking about several years of jealousy and speculation about Rihanna and Jay's relationship, and getting revenge. Beyonce drops to her knees and starts pummeling her stomach. The lamented beauty founders under Beyonce as her guts are pounded yet again. Once Beyonce has gotten her fill, Beyonce finishes her assault with a punch between Rihanna's legs. Rihanna's pitifully wails. Beyonce goes for a pin. However the champion pulls Rihanna's shoulders off the mat herself as the referee's hand hits the canvas the second time.

Beyonce pulls Rihanna up to her feet. Next she picks Rihanna up in the air and drops her crotch first on her extended knee. Rihanna bounces off Beyonce's knee and falls to the canvas. Rihanna lies flat on her back with her head lolling from side to side, practically out of it. "Want another one?" Beyonce shouts down to her victim. Beyonce grabs a handful of hair and hauls the unresisting woman back to her feet. Beyonce hoists Rihanna up again and drops her on her knee one more time. Rihanna collapses to the mat, nearly lifeless. Beyonce give Rihanna another kick to the side to see how bad Rihanna was. Rihanna barely reacted. Jay Z silently hopes that the destruction of his little angel is over.

Beyonce looks down at her beaten friend splayed on the mat before her, with very different thoughts. If this woman is getting to fuck her husband at the conclusion of this match, them he will fucking nothing but scraps and remnants of the mighty Rihanna, whom Beyonce knows is capable of stealing her husband away.

Beyonce snarls and applies a stomach claw to Rihanna's gut. As Rihanna pitifully moans and groans, the champion can feel the eyes and the opinion of the crowd turn against her. "Sorry Ri-Ri, nothing personal. If you're fucking my husband, I'm going to make damned sure that there's nothing left to fuck!" Beyonce gets to her feet, lift Rihanna's legs off the canvas and spits them open. Next Beyonce puts her heel on Rihanna's cunt and grinds her heel in.

When Beyonce is done, she drops Rihanna's legs and peers down at the wreckage on the mat. Rihanna lies on the canvas holding her crotch and rolling back and forth, writhing in pain. Yet she is not satisfied. Beyonce grabs a handful of red hair and halls the poor girl to her feet once again. Rihanna does not and cannot resist. She follows Beyonce's lead. Beyonce lifts Rihanna up again and drops her across her knee, pussy first again with yet another crotch buster. Rihanna bounces off Beyonce's knee wailing in pain and rolls out of the ring under the ropes.

Determined to leave nothing but a warm husk, for Jay Z to fuck, Beyonce growls seeing the scraps of Rihanna slither away. Beyonce climbs to the top of the turnbuckle nearest to where Rihanna is floundering at ringside. Beyonce snarls while pearched on top of the corner looking at Rihanna struggling to reach her feet far below.

As fate would have it. Rihanna has exited the ring near Jay Z. The hip hops mogul has been grinding his teeth, seeing Beyonce demolish his pop princess. He honestly did take a vow to protect Rihanna, Especially after the Chris Brown incident. Now he is watching his wife beat his poor creation senseless. He took one look at her pain filled features, and before he could contain himself, Jay blurts loudly, "Bey don't hurt her!"

Beyonce was still perched on the top rope in full Sasha Fierce Berserker Rage when she heard Jay's words. Initially her Sasha Fierce alter ego was consumed with rage. She was furious that Jay was still showing concern for her instead of his wife. She stops and gives Jay a wicked glare. Not an instant later her predominant ego was heartbroken for the same reason. Beyonce stood frozen on the top ropes trying to deal with these conflicting emotions. Meanwhile Rihanna has painfully struggled to her feet.

Though she is still in an emotional uproar, Beyonce sees she has to shake out of her stupor. Beyonce continues with her original plan and leaps off the top ropes way down to the arena floor, with a double handed sledge hammer to Rihanna's chest. As Beyonce is hurdling down, Rihanna takes one of her long shapely, sexy leg and lifts it up head level. Beyonce comes crashing down with her jaw colliding into Rihanna's foot. Beyonce's head snaps back, her eyes roll up into her head and her body collapses to the ground like a rag doll. The force of the impact knocks Rihanna down as well. Suddenly both gladiators are down at ringside.

BeyonceThe referee reluctantly initiates a slow 20 count for both ladies to get back in the ring. He understands the fans and the booking committee would have his head if this match ends in a double count out. After the referee counts to 15 in a long slow count, Rihanna starts to stir. She sits up and gathers her wits. Rihanna sees that Beyonce has not moves one slight bit since her crash landing. Rihanna surmised that her boot has knocked the champion out cold. Jay fears Beyonce's condition is worst, her bootylicious body went totally lifeless. Next Rihanna realizes the referee's count is up to 17.

Rihanna sees glory in her grasps. Knowing that she cannot win the championship by count out, Rihanna ignores the burning pain between her legs and gets to her feet. She slides under the ropes, barely entering the ring enough to stop the referee's count at 19. Immediately Rihanna slides right back out the ring. She walks to Beyonce and tries to pick up her lifeless husk. Rihanna struggles trying to lift Beyonce's dead weight. With a lot of effort, Rihanna is able to hoists Beyonce's upper body up to support its weight on the ring apron. Finally Rihanna lifts Beyonce's thick thighs and hips onto the ring apron. Next Rihanna rolls Beyonce under the ropes and into the ring like she is rolling a log.

Rihanna darts into the ring after Beyonce and dives across her chest. Rihanna hooks Beyonce's leg, just in case and the referee starts his count. He slaps the mat once. He slams his hand into the mat a second time. Finally he brings his hand down for the third and final time. Right before the hand strikes the canvas, Beyonce comes to life, and rips her shoulder off the mat just in time. The audience erupts in a mixture of a collective gasps or cheers. Rihanna sits up and screams in frustration and disappointment and fear that she has allowed her greatest opportunity of the night to slip away.

Beyonce shoots up to a seated position with a wild, disoriented look in her eyes. After knocking herself out, she has no clue of where she is, what's going on, or anything else. Instantly Rihanna gathers her composure. Seeing her bewildered foe looking around, Rihanna realizes she still has a chance. "Alright Bey, you want to do this the hard way." the confident young woman declares in her extremely sexy island accent.

Rihanna stands and grabs Beyonce by the arm and hair and bring her to her feet along with her. Rihanna whips the befuddled champion into the nearby corner. As soon as Beyonce slams back first into the corner, Rihanna comes charging in after her. Rihanna launches herself in the air and turns, slamming into Beyonce's chest, butt and back first. Beyonce elicits a loud grunt. Meanwhile, Rihanna grabs the ropes on either side of the corner and traps Beyonce in the corner. Rihanna swiftly drives her hard shapely butt into Beyonce's bread basket. Over and over again Rihanna slams her butt into Beyonce's solar flexes in her pattened finishing move.

Beyonce breaks out of her stupor and realizes that she is in deep shit. She is already shot of breath and Rihanna's butt is lambasting her gut like a machine. Beyonce flails her arms and tries walloping Rihanna across the back, but it has no effect on the battering ram pounding her gut. Beyonce thinks about raising her knee and kicking Rihanna in the cunt, but she is too late. She already has the air has been knocked out of her and is getting light headed. She tries to knee Rihanna in the pussy, but her legs are already turning into jelly and she cannot find the strength to be effective. Beyonce's head is spinning and fighting away unconsciousness.

Rihanna can tell by the way Beyonce's wash board abs are giving away, and by the living legend no longer grunting but now gurgling, gasping and whimpering at each destructive butt, that Beyonce is finished. She is positive that she can walk away and pin her idol at any time now. With this in mind, Rihanna picks up her pace and drives her ass into Beyonce's belly harder than ever before. Rihanna punishes Beyonce like she has never pounded anybody before. Rihanna wanted to mercilessly punish the suffering woman trapped in the corner with a horrible grimace frozen on her face.

Beyonce is truly a legend and an idol of Rihanna and millions of others. Beyonce deserves her temple high on Mount Olympus with the past goddesses, but Rihanna's idolization of Beyonce has nothing to do with this. Rihanna wants to prove to Beyonce, everybody in the arena, and the millions watching on Pay Per View, that it is time for another temple to be erected on Mount Olympus. It is time for Rihanna.

Rihanna finally stops and takes a few steps out of the corner. Beyonce looks like a deflated blow up doll sagging in the corner. Then there is a thump as Beyonce slides down and falls on her ass. Rihanna stops in the tracks, then looks over her shoulder with a mischievous grin. She sees Beyonce sitting on her ass in the corner, slumped against the turnbuckle. Rihanna thinks, 'I shouldn't', but that thought is quickly replaced by 'Oh what the hell!' First Rihanna hikes up her shorts into her ass, allowing her butt cheeks to fall out the bottom. Next Rihanna backs her ass up until she smashes her ass into Beyonce's face. Then she grinds her ass into Beyonce's face for an extra long Stink Face. The audience laughs and enjoy themselves as the camera zooms for a close up. Rihanna moves Beyonce's face up and down and round and round. Beyonce's nose was caught between Rihanna's ass cheeks, and had to follow it where ever Rihanna desired.

Rihanna stops and grabs Beyonce's ankles and drags her to the middle of the ring. Rihanna falls on Beyonce's chest and hooks her leg for the pin. "Stay down Bey", Rihanna whispers. "Don't make me have to really hurt you." Rihanna's warning really pisses Beyonce off. Mostly because she could not possibly kick out at this point. With Beyonce's shoulders firmly on the canvas, the referee slaps the mat three times and counts Beyonce out.

The fans erupt in cheers. The bell rings and Rihanna sits up off of Beyonce and starts getting lost in the moment. She has just defeated the once thought unbeatable Beyonce, and won the War Queen championship. Seconds later the referee comes over and raises Rihanna's hand in victory and hands Rihanna the championship belt. Rihanna snatches the belt and clutches it to her chest, screaming in excitement. The young new champion over flows with joy and starts celebrating her victory.

Beyonce lies on the mat finally able to catch her breath. She is starting to live and go home with the fact that Rihanna has just kicked her ass. Beyonce observes the beautiful young woman with the championship belt held above her head with both hands as she plays to the roaring fans. She is certain that Jay has a major boner for her right now, even more so than if she he was about to fuck her in the ring, in front of millions. She realizes now how wrong she was, and Jay and Pam were right. Beyonce should have taken care of her business and won the match, and not allow herself to get distracted or threatened by Jay and Rihanna's relationship. No matter what is going on and what has happened between Jay and Rihanna, it is still Beyonce that he chooses to go home to. That counts for something. If that is not enough, Beyonce is doing herself a favor by allowing him to show his true colors and getting rid of him.

Right now Beyonce feels helpless. She cannot prevent Rihanna from coming over and beating the living hell out of her, for the pussy punishment that she subjugated her to. Beyonce could not even fault Rihanna or get mad at her if she did.

On that that, Rihanna walks over to a suddenly nervous Beyonce. Rihanna helps Beyonce to her feet and gives her a huge hug. "Thanks Bey" Rihanna utters.

Beyonce embraces Rihanna and whispers "Congratulations. You know I couldn't let all those nasty things happen to you." Beyonce strategically adds to imply she purposely allowed Rihanna to win. Rihanna frowns hearing this at first, but she also realizes that despite Beyonce's legendary tree trunk sized, Tina Turnerish legs, she very wobbly during their embrace. Rihanna decides to let the comment slide,

"Ahh.. I'm sorry to interrupt this tender moment", Cameron Diaz apologizes while walking onto the stage leading to the ring. The Resistance's Cameron was the person who actually booked this match by virtue of buying the rights to Christina Applegate's rematch clause from when Beyonce originally won the title. She named these unusual stipulations of this match. "but me and Beyonce have a little unfinished business. Rihanna you've got that you came for, the championship belt. Now beat it, the Resistance will be coming for you soon enough!" Rihanna glares defiantly back at Cameron, until Beyonce assures the new champion that she could handle Cameron, and it was okay to leave. Rihanna did not need to be told twice. She smiles and exits the ring, and finds an alternative route backstage to the locker room. She figures Cameron has bad intentions for Beyonce. After all the dastardly low punishment that Beyonce inflicted on her, Rihanna figured she deserved whatever Cameron had in store with her.

"I'm sure you remember our deal, Beyonce" Cameron begins. "If you choked... and loss your title tonight... and you did... Then you're out of the Fab Four! The only problem is if you're out of the Fab four... and you are... then why are you still wearing a Fab Four logo on your bimbo wrestling top? By contract, you're no longer able to wear that logo on your chest! I would snatch it off you myself, but so many people want a piece of you, I thought I shouldn't be selfish. Who should snatch that off you? How about Shannen Doherty?" Shannen Doherty comes from backstage and starts jogging to the ring. "Poetic isn't it? Shannen was the first woman you attacked after joining the Fab Four." Cameron finishes.

Shannen DohertyShannen reaches the ring and starts climbing inside. Beyonce charges across the ring and attacks Shannen as she enters through the ropes. Already doubled over, Shannen drives her shoulder into Beyonce's mid section as she arrives. Beyonce bellows loudly and doubles over. After enduring Rihanna's belly busting finishing move, Beyonce is hopping like she was rammed by a bull. Shannen seizes Beyonce by the arm and whips her across the ring. When Beyonce rebounds back Shannen surges forward, and take Beyonce down with a spear into the midsection. Beyonce ends up on the mat holding her belly and flopping around like a fish out of water.

Shannen is all smiles and laughs. She has been carrying a grudge ever since she went to a restaurant seeking a serving of revenge on Jennifer Lopez, but got a big pot of humiliation from Beyonce. Finally a gasping Beyonce slowly makes it to her feet. Shannen is waiting. She gets a running start and drives her shoulder into Beyonce, giving her another spear. Beyonce is launched off her feet and lands flat on her back. The crowd reacts with 'ooo's and ahhh's' from the spectacular move. Shannen goes to Beyonce and hair hauls the beleaguered heroine to her feet then escorts her to the corner. Beyonce is dazed and woozy. Shannen props her up in the corner. Beyonce slumps against turnbuckle as Shannen retreats to the opposite corner and gets another running start. Shannen leaps in the air and comes crashing into Beyonce's chest with a Stinger Splash. Shannen steps to the side allowing Beyonce to tumble out of the corner and fall face first to the mat.

Beyonce lies flat on her face moaning and groaning while Shannen unfastens multiple clasps on the back of Beyonce's bustier until she is able to snatches the garment off of Beyonce's body. Beyonce lies sprawled face down on the canvas as Shannen starts celebrating and presenting the bustier to the crowd, like Rihanna did minutes earlier with Beyonce's championship belt. After milking the crowd for all she could, Shannen exits the ring and heads back to the dressing room with her golden souvenier. She gives says, "Thank you" and gives Cameron a high five as she passes her by and disappears behind the curtain.

As things settle down, Beyonce finds the strength to rise to her hands and knees. "Wait a minute!" Cameron exclaims. "Is that a Fab Four logo on that fat ass of your? Yes it is! You've got another logo on your shorts. We've got to get rid of that too. Now who can we get to remove that logo? I know, the Resistance’s own Songbird Champion, Jessica Simpson!"

Jessica SimpsonJessica pops from behind the curtain and bounces to the ring. Beyonce heaves air and prepares herself for incoming. As Jessica enters the ring Beyonce stands on shaky legs. When Jessica approaches, Beyonce tries to wallop the blonde with a big punch. Jessica easily ducks the wild, desperate fist, and slips behind Beyonce. Jessica hoists Beyonce in the air and drops her ass first on her knee. Beyonce screams and is about to fall, but Jessica gets a grip on her short's waistband and jerks Beyonce back into her clutches. Jessica hoists Beyonce once again and slams her down ass first with another Atomic Knee Drop. Beyonce screeches at the top of her lungs. Jessica does not let her get far before reeling her in by her shorts again and hoisting Beyonce in the air. "No, not again" Beyonce mutters as Jessica drop her ass one her extended knee once again. Beyonce howls over her bruised ass and is swiftly reeled back by the shorts. Jessica has to pause and take a deep breath before lifting Beyonce one last time. Jessica drops Beyonce's ass on her knee. Beyonce bounces off and plummets to the canvas holding her lower back and ass.

While Beyonce moans and groans on the mat, Jessica grabs a handful of hair and guides Beyonce's head between her sturdy creamy white thighs, then grabs Beyonce's waist. She pauses as fans realize Jessica is about to execute Beyonce with her own finishing move. Jessica hoists Beyonce up, flips her around and Power Bombs Beyonce to the mat with a thunderous boom. Even though it was the wrong recipient, fans could not help but chant "BEYONCE BOMB! BEYONCE BOMB!" like the always do during Beyonce's matches.

Beyonce lies spread eagle and half KO'd on the mat. Jessica unzips Beyonce's left knee high gold boot and peels it off. Next she carelessly throws the boot into the ringside seats. Jessica unzips the other boot and tosses it in the audience as well. Beyonce grunts and groans occasionally as she fights to regain her sense. Meanwhile, Jessica peels down Beyonce's shorts, along with her thong underwear over Beyonce's bootylicious hips and down her thick chocolate thighs.

Jessica retrieves a microphone and returns to Beyonce. Jessica stoops over and explains, "Beyonce, I want you to know that I did not do this because of any personal animosity that I have toward you. But as the Songbird Champion, I feel I have an obligation to be an ambassador of female vocalist. You have offended two all time greats, royalty in our profession, and I did this for them." Jessica looks to ringside, "Mrs Aretha Franklin and Mrs Etta James... please join me."

Ringside security make an opening in the security barrier to allow Aretha Franklin and Etta James to enter the ringside area and enter the ring. Both legendary crooners have personal grudges and feuds with Beyonce from past rifts. Both have had harsh words about Beyonce in the press, and are quick to tell anyone who would listen about their feelings toward Beyonce.

Once the two legends are in the ring Jessica offers Beyonce's thong and shorts saying, "Mrs Franklin and Mrs James, On behalf of the current generation of singers who can only hope to measure up to the standards that you have set, I'd like to offer these for any insults that you might have suffered from Beyonce."

With a smile and a thanks Aretha eagerly snatches Beyonce's shorts out of Jessica's hands while Etta had her eyes firmly fixed on Beyonce's thong. The legends take their prizes and wave them around above their heads happily. The legends are happy for the consideration, happy for the measure of revenge, and happy for the spotlight. Beycone has regained enough senses to start to roll out of the ring, but her escape is stopped when Aretha puts a big foot on Beyonce's chest. With a foot on Beyonce Aretha raises both hands in triumph. Etta joins Aretha and plops her foot on Beyonce's cheek and holds Beyonce's thong high. Most do not notice Etta fiendishly grinding her foot into Beyonce's cheek for some extra vengence.

Aretha and Etta remove their feet, and again a thouroghly whipped Beyonce starts to roll out of the ring. Aretha and Etta help Beyonce with nudging kicks until she disappears over the edge of the ring. Aretha takes the microphone from Jessica to adress Beyonce. "Hey Beyonce, it's the Queen of Soul. You lost your championship, you got thrown out of the Fab Four, You lost all your clothes, I got your little hoochie shorts right here! You got your ass whipped, and we all know that skinny Rihanna is going to end up fucking your man tonight! I'd say for once you got what you deserved!" Aretha announces. "I'd say your fifteen minutes are up! Do us a favor and get the hell out of here!"

Beyonce would like nothing more at this time. However her body has been trounced. She is struggling to her feet and finds her balance on weak shaky legs. Once she accomplished that feat Beyonce takes her first steps, as wobbly as a new born baby.

Etta James grabs the microphone. "I'll give you a good bye song! Na na naaaah naah..... Na na naaaah naah... Hey hey hey Goodbye! Na na naaaah naah..... Na na naaaah naah... Hey hey hey Goodbye! At this point Aretha, Jessica and most of the fan in the arena join in.

Beyonce staggers up the ramp, however she totters side to side like she is smashed on her ass drunk. She looks like a total wreck. Her hair is all over her head, she is hunched over holding her stomach, while her other hand rubs her aching lower back and ass. Backstage Pam Anderson watches the monitor with tears trickling down her face. She mourns not being able to work with her greatest pupil and a good friend any more.

Beyonce takes her long journey and finally staggers backstage. There security informs her that she is no longer allowed in the Fab Four dressing room and is escorted to a new room. Her things have already been packed and moved to her new dressing room. Beyonce curses when she finds her new accommodations are considerably less extravagant than what she is accustom.

After the event is over, Jay Z journeys backstage to check on his ladies. First he checks in Rihanna's dressing room to congratulate the new champion. After a stay there he makes the dreaded trip to Beyonce's dressing room. As soon as he walks in and closes the door behind him he has to quickly duck as a drinking glass comes rocketing through the air and shatters on the door. "You fucking bastard!" Beyonce roars like a demon. Jay quickly moves to his left, only to stop short to avoid another glass hurling through the air and crashes against the wall an inch in front of him. Jay pivots and scurries to his right a few steps before getting cut off by another glass crashing against the wall. Jay looks up and Beyonce is already on him. She grabs her husband by the collar and pins him against the wall.

"You bastard! You cost me my championship!" Beyonce grumbles directly in Jay's face. He recognizes the feral eyes of Sasha Fierce blazing like he has rarely seen. "Tell your little pet to keep that belt shined up real nice. It's my property and she's only borrowing it. I admit you were right, I should have let her borrow my sorry husband's dick instead, but some dumb ass distracted me when he should have kept his fucking mouth shut!"

"Second." Beyonce growls. "It's time for you to make a choice again. Are you going to be my husband or not? If you want to carry your ass to your little girlfriend's room, you're perfectly welcome. I won't stand in your way or say one word. Like I've told you plenty of times before, you're not irreplaceable. I'll have anther you in a minute. But if you want to be my husband, you've got no other mutha fuckin' responsibility ahead of me! I'm your fuckin' wife! Now I'm a reasonable woman. We're both busy career people, but I demand your fuckin' time and devotion whenever I need it. If you can't give me that, then your best option is to carry your ass to that scrawny red head hoe's room right now." Beyonce finishes pointing at the door. "What's it going be?"

"Bey!" Jay sings while flashing that charming smile that Beyonce fell in love with. "You know where my heart's at." He says and gives Beyonce a hug and a kiss.

"Ya fucking right." Beyonce mutters.


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