Beyonce Knowles(51%) Clashes with Jennifer Lopez (49%) for the Bootylicious Title

Jennifer Lopez Encounters Beyonce Knowles As the bell rings, both girls approach the center of the ring. Jennifer taunts holding a strap-on dildo up about shoulder high towards Beyonce, “You sure you want to do this with no ref dear? They’ll be no one to save your ass from this. There’ll be no one to stop me from fucking and humiliating your wannabe diva ass in front of what few fans you have. I can’t wait to get this up between those cheeks.” Beyonce moves in closer drawing attention to her thong by running her fingers inside it to adjust it as she gives Jennifer an ‘Oh, you want some of this?’ look. Jennifer continues to wave the strap-on in Beyonce’s face giving her a good chance to examine it. It was huge. It had to be all of ten inches long and nearly three inches wide. Beyonce cuts through Jen’s smugness by taking a two fisted hold of her long hair. She quickly turns away from Jen, bends, and yanks the rival superstar over her shoulders. Lopez hit the mat with a thump. With one hand rubbing her ass Jen rolls to her right, springing to her feet, but before she could plant herself and even consider going on the offensive, Beyonce was on her. The Ebony starlet dropped to the mat and scissored Jenn’s legs just below the knees. Rolling towards the direction Jen was facing, she caused her knees to buckle and Jennifer was soon back on the mat, this time face first. Lopez was up quickly again seeming to ignore the takedown. She was getting pissed. Beyonce was dead, she thought. But before she could target her prey she was once again face down on the mat. The same maneuver but just as unexpected. JLO wasn’t too quick to rise after getting a second face slam into the unforgiving canvas. “Fucking bitch,” escaped Jen’s quivering lips as she fought against the cobwebs.

Beyonce plans to keep Jen’s powerful dancer legs out of this fight. Clutching LO’s left leg, she forced Jen onto her side and yanked the leg straight up straining her captive’s groin muscle. Jen moaned. The words, “I gonna kil…aarrrgghh,” seeped out of JLO’s kisser. Another scream followed as Beyonce tortured her right groin muscle by stomping the inner thigh. Grinding her heel in savagely and forcing the left leg tighter against J’s hip, Beyonce was sure Lopez wouldn’t be pulling off any scissor holds that night, at least none of any consequence.

The Destiny girl’s face was hidden by her long flowing blonde hair. As sweat formed on her brow and ran down her cheek, the golden locks started to stick to her face. In the middle of brushing her damp hair to the side she looked as much like and angel as ever. With her Bootylicious rival at her feet screaming in agony, she seemed more like an archangel. Deciding to put the finishing touches on Jen’s legs, Beyonce soon seemed more like a demon as she brought several knee smashes down into the inner thighs.

“Get up Bitch!!” Beyonce commanded. “First I’m gonna fuck you up, and then I’m gonna fuck you up the ass.” Beyonce lifted Lopez to her feet confidently and started to whip her into the opposite ropes only to have the whip reversed to find herself flying towards and eventually through the ropes. The setting changed. There was no longer the comfort of a mat and tense ropes. Now it was steel, wood, and concrete.

Beyonce crashes with a thud. Lopez immediately drops to her knees due to the pain in her legs and crawls out of the ring to her seemingly helpless opponent. Knowles had landed awkwardly. She managed to complete her unintentional flip out of the ring and kept from coming down on her neck but her back and the back of her head took a pounding. She rolled over to her stomach unable to bare the pain and had both hands on the throbbing contact point on the back of her head.

Beyonce stirs as Lopez grips and tugs on her hair forcing her to her feet. Desperate not to let the match turn against her, Beyonce delivers a stinging uppercut to JLO's puss. Beyonce took command as Jennifer now on both knees tried to comfort her crotch. Maneuvering Lopez over to a near table, Beyonce scoops her up and delivers a perfect power bomb sending Jennifer through the wooden table.

Brushing her hair out of her eyes, Beyonce smiles at her prey. Making use of Jennifer's flimsy criss cross bikini top, Beyonce strangles her to her feet and rams her into the ring apron. Jen’s hip were hit hard, but J. LO is to busy sucking in volumes of air to refill her deprived lungs and massaging her sore throat to notice. She rocks back and forth in agony as her tormentor closes in.

Beyonce stomps and kicks Lopez until she rolls over to her tummy. Picking up a splintered piece of the shattered table, Beyonce sat on Jen's back facing her ass and used the board as an awkward but effective paddle. She taunts, “The only way to win is through a facesit baby and you aint gonna be sitting on nothing for a long time.” With that said, Beyonce used the sharp paddle to ground JLO’s rump into chuck.

Jen's ass cheeks jiggled furiously with every contact. Those Phat Fat cheeks were bright red. Her ass was beginning to look like a pincushion due to the splinters piercing the ass flesh. Jen had never taking a spanking like this before. Though relatively short, about eighteen seconds or so, each horrific blow from the splintered weapon was like ten Mike Tyson bitch slaps.

Twenty-six blows later, thirteen per cheek, Beyonce tired and started to use the splintered board as a sandpaper strip grinding the sinister weapon into Jen's sore ass cheeks. As the needle like shards stabbed into Jennifer’s rump, tiny rivers of blood started to flow from the wounds.

Delighting in the small bloody strips, Beyonce decided to return to the paddling, six more whacks apiece. Lopez was in tears. Her fist pounded away at the floor and her feet kicked violently.

Beyonce turned around now facing Jen's head. She takes the board and presses it against Jen's forehead. Leaning back she raises Jen's upper body off of the floor as she scars her face. A few of the blood soaked splinters poke into LO’s forehead. By now they are too dull to pierce but they do leave reddened scrape marks on Jen’s head.

Then she releases the board, allowing Lopez head to return to the floor in a thump the momentum keeping the board in position so it drives into Lopez's forehead on impact. Beyonce was pleased with herself. She had dominated from the beginning and she would soon be sitting on the Latin whore’s face. She knew beating Lopez would mean ten times as much as dropping LeAnn Rhimes. By destroying a true champion like Lopez, she would prove that she is a true champion.

Knowles spotted another table not to far away. It was the announcers’ table. She hauled Jen up by the hair and walked the teary eyed opponent over to it. Beyonce was going for another power bomb but Lopez reverse the hold lifting Beyonce in the air for a backwards slam through the table. Jen was far from out. The Latino temper flares and for that brief moment she had enough rage and energy to take on all three Destiny’s Child members.

Jennifer flopped her aching ass onto Beyonce's face with a rear face smother, her huge delicious ass cheeks forming a airtight seal. She prayed that the surprise coupled with the power of the body slam would take wind out of the Ebony tigresses’ sails enough for her ass to finish the job.

Beyonce wraps her legs around Lopez's waist but Lopez only forces her legs down bending her like a pretzel. Looking down into Beyonce's raised thong clad puss, Jen spits into the crotch and then brings one arm in sending several elbow strikes into the vulnerable sex.

Jennifer has Beyonce under complete control. She even allowed Beyonce's legs to crash to the floor sensing how weak the struggle was becoming. If Beyonce succumbs its over, and Jen is looking forward to extracting her revenge on the savage spanking/paddling.

Kelly & Michelle start to close in on the action coming to the aid of their teammate. Lopez is saved from a life threatening ambush however, by Latavia & Latoya, former original members of Destiny's Child. Latoya tears into the backstabbing Kelly, as Latavia rips into her shabby replacement. They pull Kelly and Michelle away from the championship fight counting on Jennifer to finish Beyonce soon. When they're done teaching Kelly and Michelle a lesson they can take over where Jen leaves off on Knowles.

Beyonce desperately makes use of Lopez's thong. Jennifer counters with a two fisted savage tug on Beyonce's thong driving it deep into her cunt lips. Beyonce panics. Her hands now claw at Lopez's ass digging deep into the earlier formed bloody welts. She is soon free, Jen retreating in a howling frenzy.

Lopez circles. Coming up behind Beyonce she makes use of the black girls white bikini pulling it up to her neck for a payback choke. Jen slams Beyonce's head into the apron and pins her there using the choke as a means of control. Jennifer then knees Beyonce in her bent ass repeatedly. As a few blows crush into her tailbone, the pain breaks through the agony of the choke.

Beyonce falls to her knees and Jennifer uses her back as a step to get up to the apron. She is soon in the ring waiting for her ailing opponent. She could have finished Beyonce there and she knew it. A little strategy and Knowles would be carried out with a cum soaked dildo hanging out of her pussy in moments, but Jen wanted to break the black singer’s fighting spirit. She gives ‘come here’ waves to her soon to be victim.

Beyonce makes it to her feet desperate to bring an end to Jen's taunting gestures. While trying to slip one leg onto the apron to get leverage to pull herself in, Beyonce falls victim to another wedgie. The torture move seemed designed to hurry her entrance into the ring only, sense J. LO releases it as soon as Knowles enters.

A thong war breaks out. As soon as Beyonce made it to her feet she locked up with Jennifer and gripped her thong from behind. Jen is happy to reply by once again seizing hold of Knowles’ thong. Both girls grimaced and moan as their womanhood was sawed into by the unforgiving fabric.

Jennifer’s thong snapped. She rejoices by raising Beyonce on her toes by her thong. The Ebony goddess cries out as her the garment seeps deeper and deeper into her sex. As Beyonce's feet left the mat she screamed in horror at her predicament. Thankfully her thong didn't hold up longer than a few more seconds. Jen scooped the moaning singer up into a bear hug. Coming to her senses, Beyonce tries to reciprocate, but she is in a weaker position.

Jennifer takes controls and rams Beyonce's back into the turnbuckle repeatedly adding a tightening grip in between poundings. She drops the withering Beyonce to her feet and delivers scores of raised knees into her bare black cunt. Beyonce’s face is clear this time. The constant jerking of her head as she recoils in agony with every blow keeps her hair out of her field of vision.

Locking Beyonce's arms over and under the top rope Jen takes pleasure in pounding away at her tummy with more knee strikes. Jen then grabs hold of Beyonce's tits with a death grip. Mangling the pliable flesh with her fingers, she pulls Knowles about two feet out of the corner. The grimacing baby diva as Lopez has referred to her in the past was then easily lifted from the mat by her crushed mams in a testimate of strength and rage. Jennifer released the screaming tigress, and dropped to one knee just in time to catch the falling bronze angel in the cunt with an improvised atomic drop.

Beyonce is on her back in agony. She no longer cares about the title. She just wants to get away from that crazy bitch. She motions for the ropes, but every inch is like a mile. Jennifer could have finished her again, but she found her wounded kitten movements amusing. She even chuckled. She was going to let Knowles go, but when Beyonce heard her laughter, her pride covered up her pain. Instead of slipping through the ropes, she used them to pull herself up. Lopez went from joy to ecstasy. She saw that Beyonce had a real backbone, and she would enjoy breaking it.

Jennifer allowed Beyonce to make it to her feet, but as she approached she witnessed the knees buckle. Tears raining down her face displaying agony and anger, Beyonce reached for the ropes again. Jen backs her ass into Beyonce's face and with a booty bump, knocks the girls head into the turnbuckle. Beyonce soon found herself the victim of booty dance, as Jen's beautiful phat ass slammed into her face repeatedly.

Now punch drunk, Beyonce is easy prey to an ass smother perpetrated by the ass goddess herself. Jen grabs the ropes for support as she pins Beyonce's head against the turnbuckle with her ass. Again the Destiny Child was finished, but the Latin Lioness’s passion for domination wasn’t satisfied.

Jen raises her hands in victory and she busts into every booty dance she knows some giving Beyonce little gaps of air. That's all that kept Knowles in the fight. Those air pockets kept her conscious enough to fight back. That and a growing desire for revenge. She knew Lopez was just playing with her, and she would make her pay.

The fight wasn't going well for the former DC members. They were now on the receiving end. Michelle having been stripped to her lingerie had turned the tide on Latavia. Latavia ended up flat on her back with Michelle's knee grinding into her throat. The new girl also had fist full of hair and a death grip on the busty black rival's left tit. Michelle held the choke until she saw Kelly in trouble. Kelly had held her own against Latoya but their slap fest was turning against her. Latoya held Kelly's head down with her fingers entwined in Kelly's short hair, firing blow after blow into her face. Slaps turned to punches and Kelly's legs were buckling. Michelle left Latavia to lick her wounds and came up behind Latoya. After securing a sleeper hold on her, Michelle forced Latoya's knee to buckle with a kick and the old member was soon headed for the floor. Her neck was wrenched by Michelle’s reluctance to let her fall to the floor, keeping her up for a brief moment before releasing the sleep. She didn't want her asleep, just under control. Now tugging on her hair she let Kelly get a little revenge. Once Latoya had a decent amount of blood dripping from her nose and lip, Kelly ended her fist barrage to launch into the now stirring Latavia.

Beyonce's hand snakes up into Jen's crotch and grips her bush. Jen's mistake of considering this match over, and her misplaced concentration on the events outside the ring was her downfall. She now cursed and moaned. Once getting Lopez's attention, her grip eased and her nails dug into the pubic mound. Before Jen could come to her senses, Beyonce raked her sharp claws down the hairy mound, onto the clit, and finally deep into her pussy lips. She fell to the mat in the fetal position wishing she had just smothered that black bitch out instead of playing with her.

Beyonce, still a little wobbly, makes it to her feet and stalks Lopez. She kicked Jennifer in the ass repeatedly forcing her to roll over to the opposite corner of the ring. Every time Jennifer tried to make it to her feet she got a kick to the ribs, tummy, and breast. A face blow left her lower lip spurting blood.

Pulling Lopez out of the corner by her legs, Beyonce spotted the strap-on in the corner. She dropped one of Jen's legs and started stomping the inner thigh again. A heel made it into Jen's puss to stop her screaming protest. Three shots to the thigh, one to the cunt, and three more to the thigh. Beyonce dropped the leg, hauled up the other, and repeated her attack on Jen's right leg, making sure to apply two more pubic stomps as before.

Dropping the leg, Beyonce is in the air. She drops both knees into Jen's tummy. Jen's upper body shoots up in horror. Beyonce grabs her by the hair and slaps the piss out of her sending her head back to bounce on the mat.

Beyonce stands and places the ball of her foot on Lopez's mouth. "Lick it." Jen refuses and gets stomped in the forehead.

"I said lick it bitch." Again Jen refused. Another stomp to her scarred forehead was followed by a stomp to her tummy. As Jen rolled over she was stomped on the hip. Her legs were back in the air and a heel blasted once again into her pubic mound.

Beyonce stabbed her toes into Jen's moist pussy claiming, "I'll wet my toes myself." She wiggles her toes in Jen’s sex torturing her cunt.

“Aaarrrgghhh,” Jen screamed, “My pussssyy!!!! Sssstop!!” Beyonce’s foot went deeper.

“You gonna lick my feet?”

“Yes!!” Jennifer screamed.

Soon the bronze foot was over half way in. “You know they’re really dirty now that they’ve got your nasty cunt juice on them. You gonna lick it all gone?” Beyonce taunts with the last sentence done in baby talk.

“Yes!! P-Please!! My p-pussy!! Ssstop!! I’ll lick, I’ll lick!!”

Beyonce slides her foot out slowly and allows Jen’s legs to drop. Positioning herself over Jen’s head she places her foot about an inch from Jen’s mouth. Jennifer’s saliva coated tongue probes for the crotch soaked toes, but just as the juices mixed, Beyonce slams her foot into Jennifer’s mouth. She mashes her heel into Jen’s lips taunting, “You don’t deserve to taste my feet, bitch!!!”

Beyonce goes for the facesit to finish her prey, trapping the arms under her thighs. Jen’s legs go on the offensive, but Beyonce grabs them and forces them down to the mat with ease. There was little strength behind them. In a minute or so, Jennifer was tapping out. Unfortunately with no ref it was up to Beyonce to decide if she wanted to acknowledge it. She didn’t. She didn’t release her hold for about another minute, not until there was no longer a struggle from Lopez. Weary of deception, Beyonce released Lopez’s legs and pinched her nipples. When there was still no movement she raised her ass slightly. She now twisted the nipples, still able to resecure her facesit if she had to, but there was only the movement of Jen’s chest heaving as her body naturally sought to refill the lungs.

Beyonce stood and raised her hands in victory. She remembers the strapped dildo Jennifer taunted her with. Filled with rage she put on the pleasure weapon. Beyonce rolls Lopez over onto her tummy and inserts the long super dong into her anus. She pumped Jen's ass with unimaginable speed sending pain quakes through Lopez's entire body. Lopez awakes screaming. Fresh tears flowing from her eyes, she pleads for mercy. She finds none. Beyonce pounds away. Satisfied that no one could deny that she is dominating the Latino, Beyonce stood and commanded Jen to bath her feet with her tongue but again she was out cold.

Finally Beyonce was able to hear the screams from outside the ring. Kelly had Latavia's Head nestled in her lap. Her thighs pinned Latavia's shoulders. Her hands were in a vice grip about Lat's huge tits. Latoya was naked sprawled out on a table being spanked by her own belt. Beyonce slips out of the ring, the strap on waving in the air, and approaches the closer of the pairs. Beyonce proclaims, "Oh, you wanted some of me?" as she lays on top of Latoya and anal fucks her brains out.

Kelly squeezes tighter with every pump Beyonce gives Toya taunting Latavia, "You're next." Beyonce and Michelle leave the anally exhausted Latoya tied to the table by her own garments. All three soon focus on Latavia. Michelle holds Latavia's legs so Kelly can keep the tit hold as Beyonce bones her pussy. Latavia was crying her surrender, but her chances of mercy were worst than Jennifer’s. An anal pounding twice as long as Lopez’s sent her to dreamland.

Soon DC are standing over Latavia’s victimized body. Kelly has her foot on her old partner’s large breast. Beyonce yells back towards the ring to the lifeless Lopez while stroking the massive cock, “I’ll keep this. Okay honey?” She continued with, “Thank you dear,” as if Jennifer had answered with a yes and strutted out with her hands raised in victory, Kelly & Michelle at her side.

The end.

Current Destiny Child
Beyonce, Kelly & Michelle (left)
is at war with former rooster members,
Latavia & Latoya (on the left of the right picture)

Poor Jennifer just got caught in the middle