Britney Spears(70%) Dominates Jennifer Lopez (30%) It is undeniably troubling times in the Battle Zone. Alyssa Milano and her band of malcontents, the self proclaimed, ABA (American Bad Asses), rage claims of favoritism by Stone Rage, and seeks to topple the power structure of the league by any means necessary. Commissioner Stone Rage did not take the threats of the renegade group lightly. He realized their capacity to cause mayhem & chaos throughout the division. So much so, he appointed a new deputy commissioner of security and officiating, the awesome Amazon Julie Strain. Julie had hired a group of celebrity "trouble keeping" referees to keep the peace in the league, but felt she should officiate this first main event herself to make a statement that she and Rage were very much in control of the league.

Julie StrainJennifer Lopez waited in the ring with Julie for her opponent. Jennifer was dressed rather modestly for her, in a khaki crop top, tied just under her breast, and a mini skirts that barely covers Jennifer's mountainous ass. Britney Spears does not make Jennifer wait very long as she emerges from the dressing room wearing a classic Britney outfit of extremely tight fitting leather pants and a matching halter top.

Britney wore an uncommon look of determination as she entered the ring. She realized that she lost to Jennifer in their first match up, but she especially wanted to send a message after nearly being defeated by Milano in her last title defense. A match many claimed she actually lost if Stone Rage had not proclaimed the match a no contest.* But Jennifer was surprised as the Pop princess entered the ring and at the bell proceeded to wallop the latina sexpot over the head. Jennifer tries to punch back with Britney, but each time Jennifer tried to fight back, Britney's fist would tattoo and open spot. She quickly realizes the best course of action is to cover up and try to weather the storm.

Jennifer covers her head with both of her arms and absorbs most of Britney's blows until Britney's foot swiftly kicks Jennifer in her abdomen. Jennifer lets out a loud "OOMMMPHHH" and drops to one knee with the breath knocked out of her. Britney grabs Jennifer by her hair and rams her knee into J. Lo's nose. Jennifer probably would have fallen back flat to the mat if Britney had not maintained her grip on her hair. Instead the blonde pulls Jennifer to her feet and quickly takes her over with a suflex. Jennifer grabs the small of her back as she lands with a grunt and a thud. Both superstars scramble to their feet, and charge at each other. Britney knocks Jennifer down with a clothesline. Once again Jennifer finds herself on the mat wincing in pain.

Deciding she has been Britney's victim for too long, Jennifer surprises everyone, including Britney by springing to her feet. Jennifer lashes out with a punch to the blonde's head. She tries to follow with a kick to Britney's stomach, but the champion catches Jennifer's foot in mid flight. Britney slings Jennifer's foot hard to the right, causing the off balance beauty to spin a full circle to regain her footing. Once she was back around to face Britney she threw another haymaker towards the blonde's head. Britney ducks under the punch and rises back up and snatches Jennifer by her curley hair. The enraged blonde champion uses Jennifer's hair like a handle to sling the latina to the mat. Jennifer lands on her back, with the back of her head slamming into the mat. The still determined challenger quickly shakes off the effects of hitting the mat and again springs to her feet. This time Britney is waiting for her and again snatches Jennifer's hair and slings her back to the canvas. The back of Jennifer's head again slams to the mat, and this time the brunette rises to her feet much slower. Britney again is waiting for her prey and again latches onto Jennifer's curly hair. This time the champion leaps in the air and drives Jennifer face first into the mat. The brunette lies flat on her face on the mat moaning in pain. Britney sits down on Jennifer's back and slams punch after punch down on the back of Jennifer's neck. Britney follows by again using her foe's curly hair to slam her face into the mat time & time again. The crowd tries the keep a count, but got lost somewhere between the 25th or 30th time Jennifer's face struck the mat.

Jennifer is definitely dazed following this ordeal. Britney patiently wait for Jennifer to stagger to her feet, and greets her with an uppercut that lifts the beauty off her feet and leaves her sprawled across the canvas. Jennifer is definitely hurt now. She tries to regain her feet, but her clouded brain had trouble commanding her body to rise. Her first attempt to rise ends in failure, as the brunette stumbles and falls back to the mat. Finally Jennifer makes it to her feet on very unsteady legs. "Ohhh, is the hot superstar having trouble tonight??", taunts the conquering teen. Enraged Jennifer lashes out clumsily with another ill-advised kick. Britney easily catches this kick too. Britney yanks the limb toward her pulling the New Yorker down on her phat ass. Britney spreads Jennifer's legs apart, and leaps in the air and lands by driving her knee into Jennifer's exposed pussy. Jennifer howls and squirms across the mat.

Britney's fans are in a frenzy cheering their champion, while Jennifer's fans are shocked to silence by their favorites domination so far. Embarrassed by the beating she has been receiving, Jennifer gets to her feet and yells, "You fucking bitch!" at Britney. The blonde responds by unleashing a hard smack across her challenger's face that knocks her back to the mat. Next thing Jennifer knew she was back on her ass rubbing her throbbing jaw, and groaning in pain. Britney hair hauls Jennifer to her feet, and gets a different response from her feisty opponent. "No... let me go" pleads Jennifer as Britney pulls her to her feet. Britney plows her fist into Jennifer's face stomach getting a loud long groan out of her opponent. Doubled over and breathless, Jennifer is helpless to prevent Britney from hoisting her into the air. Britney parades around the ring with before dropping the small of the brunette's back across her knee. Jennifer shouts in pain as she lies across the champion's knee. Britney places one hand under Jennifer's chin to hold her in place, while the other fist beats on Jennifer's tummy like it was a drum. After delivering a frightful beating, Britney dumps Jennifer off her knee.

Jennifer curls into a ball, holding her stomach, loudly groaning and moaning in pain. Britney reaches down and grabs Jennifer by the nap of her neck and hauls her to her feet. Beaten and battered the weary latina can only comply with the blonde's forceful direction. Britney encircles both arms around Jenifer's waist and squeezes as hard as she can in a bear hug. Jennifer lets out a loud howl as she feels her breathing being restricted. Britney presses her body against Jennifer's, mashing her larger breast against Jennifer's own impressive bosom. Jennifers arms are helplessly pinned to her sides by Britney's embrace. Obviously Britney's body is dominating Jennifer's strong form. Britney sees the anguish and pain in Jennifer's face as she struggles to breath in quick gasps of air whenever possible. Even Jennifer's eyes no longer have that hot latin fire that normally rages when she is in combat. "Damn... let me go..... get off me..... you bitch...." Jennifer mutters weakly. Britney leans back and lifts Jennifer off her feet. Jennifer's face starts to go blank as her hair falls forward covering her and Britney's faces. Britney can feel the power and resistance rush from her rival's body. A small smile creeps across Britney's face, and she bends forward. placing Jennifer's feet back on the mat and now bends her over backwards. Jennifer's head falls back now. Her long curly hair too dangles down tickling her butt and lower back as it sways back and forth. Britney is positive she is in total control, until the new position created and angle where Jennifer could wiggle her right arm free. Jennifer takes her newly freed arm and rakes Britney across the eyes. Britney releases her captive and rubs her eyes. Jennifer is gasping air in gulps as she is finally free and able to breath. Unfortunately she does not distance herself from Britney quick enough, as the blonde quickly recovers and hoist Jennifer across her shoulders and flips her to the mat with a Kurt Angle Olympic Slam.

Jennifer lands on the back of her neck and is knocked nearly senseless. She simply lies with her back against the canvas as Britney leisurely unbuttons and removes Jennifer's crop top. Britney takes the top and exits the ring. She presents the trophy to a ringside fans, and watches carefully as Jennifer to regain some of her senses and struggle to her feet. When Jennifer has made it to a somewhat standing position, she is stooped over holding her aching back, she looks up to find Britney has re-entered the ring and is waiting for her. The blonde reaches out and clutches Jennifer's neck with her right hand, and lifts the latina off the ground. Jennifer holds her up high for a moment before sending her crashing back down to the mat with a choke slam.

Jennifer is once again spattered on the mat. Britney leisurely unzips Britney's mini skirt and slips it off her rival. Again Britney exits the ring and takes her new trophy and presents it to another ringside fan. Britney has time to peck the young fellow of the check and engage in a few words before returning to the ring. Jennifer is in horrid shape. She has struggled up to her hands and knees. The pain coursing up and down her spine contorts her normally lovely facial features. Her mouth is open gasping for air and she is reduced to just her bra and panties. Britney walks over to her prey and puts Jennifer head between her legs. Britney hoist her foe in the air upside down, and sends a screaming Jennifer slamming back to the mat with a power bomb.

Jennifer is once again spattered across the mat, lying spread-eagle looking up at the lights. Her chest rapidly rises and falls gulping air as Britney removes her bra. Britney takes this trophy and awards it to yet another ringside fan. Britney engages in light conversation with her ringside fans. She glances in the ring and sees Jennifer still lying on her back and has not even moved since the power bomb. Realizing she probably knocked the lovely latina unconscious, Britney asks a fan could she have his bottled spring water. The fan is overjoyed to give the water to the teen idol. Britney comments, "Thank you, I'll be back with something special for you." Britney goes back into the ring and squirts he water in Jennifer's face. The shock of the cold water instantly revives Jennifer. In fact she springs up mindlessly swinging and spitting fighting a phantom creature. Britney steps back and is amused by her opponent's dilemma. Finally regaining some sense of where she is, Jennifer labors to her feet, hoping Britney is gone and the match is over. Unfortunately once she is on her feet, Britney is there and steps face to face with her. Britney reaches around Jennifer and grabs her ass and lifts her off the mat. Britney leaps in the air and twists around and drives Jennifer's back into the ground with a spine crusher. Jennifer lies flat on the mat while Britney takes off her lacey panties and again leaves the ring. She gives the panties, rich with the aromas of sweat and combat to the excited fan.

Britney returns to the ring. She goes over to Jennifer and drags her over to the corner of the ring. Britney pulls her moaning foe to her feet and sets her up against the turnbuckle. Britney hangs her there by hanging Jennifer's arms over the top rope, and then goes to work. She starts to use the latina as a punching bag. Britney's punches spear Jennifer's stomach, and tits as the helpless brunette can stand there only accept her beating. Britney unmercifully continues to pound Jennifer then finishes off her attack with an uppercut that snaps Jennifer's head back. The back of Jennifer's head rests on the top turnbuckle. She moans in torment from the unmerciful beating she has recieved. Britney steps back and starts to peel off her leather pants to reveal she's wearing a very small string thong underneath, to the delight and cheers of the audience. The teen idol climbs to the top turnbuckle where Jennifer's head rest, and takes a nice comfortable seat on Jennifer's face on top the corner. The fans applaud. Even Jennifer's fans were in awe of the way the young blonde handled their favorite. Jennifer displayed a few weak token flailing to escape before her arms fell to her sides and stood unmoving in the corner with Britney firmly planted on her face.

Britney climbs off Jennifer's face and the turnbuckle. Jennifer lifelessly collapses face first to the mat. Britney exits the ring, and drops down to the arena floor by the corner where Jennifer lies. She reaches back into the ring and grabs Jennifer's ankles and drags her back and drives Jennifer's spread open legs between the ring post. Jennifer shrieks with newfound as her pussy connects with the ring post. Britney pushes Jennifer forward and again drags her pussy back into the post. "Stop.... Please...... Stop!" screams Jennifer as Britney posts her pussy yet again.

Julie stoops down and asks, "Had enough Jennifer?"

The brunette looks up with sad puppy dog eyes and nods her head yes saying "Yes, please stop her", as Britney drives her pussy into the post one more time. Julie calls for the bell and jumps out of the ring. Britney posts Jennifer's pussy one more good time before to teach the latina who was in command, Julie can walk over to her and raise her hand in victory.

The fans wildly cheer the champion. Jennifer has been beaten many times before, but the tough contender had NEVER been dominated like this. With her job completed, Julie heads back to the dressing rooms while the young champion re-enters the ring to share a moment of glory. Dominating Jennifer is quite an accomplishment. Britney flexes her muscles, and plays to the crowd as one of her hits played in the background. She climbs to the middle ropes and edges the cheers of the fans on.

Suddenly blonde woman leaps from the front row of the audience and enters the ring. Britney has her back turned and does not realized latin sensation Shakira has entered the ring and is poised to strike. Shakira gets a running start and dropkicks Britney in the small of her back. Britney almost flips over the top rope and out of the ring, but catches herself at the last instant. The blonde is doubled over the top rope with her thong covered butt high in the air. Shakira grabs the thong and pulls Britney back into the ring, and whips her into the ropes across the ring. on the rebound Britney is floored by a flying clothesline. Shakira crawls on top of Britney, hooks her leg and rolls her up in a tight pin. The fans count as Shakira strikes the mat with her hand. 1.. 2.. 3.. 4.. 5.. 6.. 7.. 8.. before the startled Britney is able to kick out. Shakira leaps off Britney and throws her arms in the air, after displaying to Britney and everyone else she could pin the champion.

Feeling her point has been proven Shakira starts to walk out of the ring. Britney rises to her feet with fury in her eyes. She charges after her attacker from behind. Feeling her approaching, Shakira side steps the rampaging blonde at the last moment. Shakira grabs Britney as she passes and wrenches her arm behind her in a hammerlock. Shakira wraps the uses her other arm to reach around Britney and grab her chin and wrench it the opposite direction of her arm. Shakira falls back on the mat pulling Britney down on top of her and wraps her legs around Bitney's waist, completing the execution of an old wrestling submission hold, The cross face chicken wing. Britney shrieks in a pain she has never felt before. She franticly taps the mat with her free hand indicating she has had enough pleads to be free. Shakira keeps the hold lock tight with absolutely no intentions of freeing Britney.

Finally Britney's cronies in Generation Next, Mya, Nelly Furtado and Melissa Joan Hart charge the ring. Shakira releases her tormented captive and rolls out of the ring as Generation Next enters it. Shakira helps Jennifer to her feet, who was lying on the ringside floor. Shakira and Jennifer leave up the ramp arm and arm. The latinas look back and shouts a few choice curse phrases back to the girls in the ring. Britney stands at the ropes surrounded by her friends rubbing the back of her neck, looking at Shakira with complete distain for embarrassing her and ruining her moment of glory.

Britney was the winner, although she didn't feel like it. She's looking for Shakira again though!

Shakira gives Jennifer reason to smile; even in defeat

* Earthshaking ABA Origin Fight