Britney Spears vs Rihanna vs Jessica Simpson

War Queen Title Match

PRESS CONFERENCE - New Orleans Superdome Media Day 4 weeks prior to BATTLELINES 2
"Rihanna is it true that you went to the booking committee and asked for this match?" a reporter askd.

While sitting behind a podium with her championship belt displayed in front of her and wearing a smile, Rihanna answers. "Yes I definitely did. I heard the rumors. People accused me of not being a true champion because I defeated Beyonce among clouded circumstances. I'll admit Beyonce may have been distracted by the Resistance's ridiculous stipulations in the match, but I still beat her and won the match. Beyonce did not let me win. I exploited her weakness and put her down, then pinned her fairly. I deserve this belt." Rihanna explains. "To end all speculation that I'm not a deserving champion, I asked the booking committee for a triangle match against two championship contenders. After this match, I'll end all debate about if I'm the best in the league."

"Did you ask specifically for Britney Spears and Jessica Simpson in this match?" another reporter interjects.

"No" Rihanna responds, "Christina Applegate chose then, but she did an awesome job. Britney is arguably the greatest catfighter that this league has ever seen. I feel a little bad because we got mad cool doing the S & M Remix single. I hope she doesn't think I'm going to take it easy on her because we're friends, because I will do whatever necessary to beat her and keep my belt. I hope she understands. Jessica just loss the Songbird title and is one of the most respected fighters in the league. I look forward to proving that I am the best."

Across the complex in another area Britney Spears in behind a podium, fielding other questions from another set of reporters. "I'm really excited to be in this match. This should be one of the biggest matches of all time, but leave it to Jessica to screw it up." Britney explains with a chuckle. "Originally this match was supposed to be billed as a Clash of Champions match; Rihanna, the War Queen defends against the Bootylicious champion, me and the Songbird champion Jessica. Leave it to Jessica to lose her championship last month and mess up a good thing." Britney jokes. "Too bad she is such good friends with Applegate. We could have replaced Jessica with Christina Aguilera and had three legends in the ring at the same time."

In yet another section of the vast Superdome floor, Jessica Simpson is behind her podium answering questions. One reporter has just informed her what Britney has said about her 'messing up the match'.

"Britney said that?" Jessica responds in disbelief. "Wow of all people talking about screwing up, Britney has no room to talk. She's screwed up more than anybody I know. Don't worry, I'll take care of Britney. I've got a few old grudges against her from our days in Gen Next. I definitely haven't forgotten what happened in our match years ago either. I only wish her Bootylicious title was on the line, so I can walk out with two belts. I'm really pissed about losing my title to Christina and really anxious to get back in the ring. If Britney doesn't include me as a legend, it is alright, because the ass kicking I put on her and Rihanna's asses will be legendary." Jessica promises.

If only the smack talk stopped there, but it did not. Jessica and Britney barbed against each other almost daily in the press. In fact this revived rivalry between the blondes started overshadowing the reigning champion is competing with the belt on the line. The anticipation for this match peaked as fight night approached. By that night 'Rihanna, Jessica or Britney?' was the hottest question on the planet.


Soon fight night arrives. The Superdome has a different appearance tonight. The podiums and press milling around on the stadium floor are gone. Now there is a wrestling ring in the center of the field. There is a barricade surrounding the ring separating the sellout crowd from the action. There are elaborate decorations on a ramp leading from the dressing room to the ring. Flashing lights, spotlights and cameras are there to catch the action. Also in the rafters, large banners with pictures of the combatants in the main event, Rihanna with her championship belt, Britney Spears and Jessica Simpson.

Moments later, the facility that held Muhammad Ali vs Leon Spinks II where the Greatest reclaimed his Heavyweight Title for the third time, for his final professional boxing victory, erupts. Britney Spears arrives to the ring with the appropriate pyros and fanfare. Britney, the three time former War queen strides to the ring wearing her Bootilious title belt in a gold bra-like top, black booty shorts and fishnet pantyhose. Many predict that Britney could rekindle the spirit of Ali and recapture the title.

Moments later, still riding off the buzz Britney's entrance initiated, Jessica Simpson enters the arena. Another pyro show bursts as Jessica strides to the ring. The leggy blonde struts to the ring wearing jean shorts and a tight blue tank top that appears to be restraining a couple of extra pounds around the middle, but pushes up an overstuffed bra for tremendous cleavage. She wears the same look of revenge and vindication that the legendary Sugar Ray Leonard wore in the same arena over twenty years earlier. That was the night of Leonard vs Duran 2, the infamous No Mas fight. Leonard battered his hated rival until he submitted, saying "No mas!" Jessica is looking for her moment of vindication.

Lastly Rihanna enters the ring. She carries no echoes of the past with her. Rihanna embodies the mantra of the present. Rihana confidently ambles to the ring majestically with her head high. Rihanna enters through the ropes and raises her arm to a thunderous applause from the crowd. Rihanna bounces in the ring wearing a black leather S&M type outfit. She wears a black leather bra, with matching black leather shorts. She completes the outfit with thigh high black leather boots and sheer panty hose on her shapely legs. The Barbadian completes the outfit with the ultimate accessory, the War Queen championship belt. Rihanna receives the treatment of the 'it girl', the princess of this next decade, and leader of her generation.

Each girl does her final stretching and loosening in their corner. Then seconds before the bell rings, Britney walks to Rihanna's corner. Britney grabs Rihanna by the back of the neck, and pulls her forward into a steamy sexy tounguey kiss. The two sensually kiss for a few seconds. When they are done, Britney softly asks. "Do me a favor Ri-ri. Give me and Jessica some time alone to settle things. After I get rid of her, then we can have a real match."

"Alright" Rihanna answers with a nod of her head.

Britney turns to face Jessica, and the bell rings. Britney advances across the ring to meet Jessica while Rihanna remains idly in her corner. The blondes meet in the middle of the ring and stare at each other for a moment. They know the moment is here. Suddenly the both start clobbering each other over the head with one haymaker after another. Both of their heads bob backwards as the first receive a blow then load up and land a belt of their own. Out of the brawling, Jessica starts backing Britney up with harder blows. Jessica pounds Britney back against the ropes. Jessica grabs Britney by the arm and whips her across the ring. When Britney rebounds off the ropes on the opposite side and comes running back, Jessica decks Britney with a punch to her face.

The fans erupt. Most fans did not expect Jessica coming out on top of their exchange. After all Britney totally dominated the league for about 10 years after her debut. Britney was the most dominant and greatest competitor this league has ever seen. Everyone knows that Britney is not at that extreme level currently, but still nobody expected the erratic Jessica to put her down. Really only the league's elite, competing at their very best have been the only ones to compete with Britney Spears.

Britney seemed more surprised than anyone. She pops back up to her feet quickly. Jessica wallops Britney over the head again, baiting another exchange. Britney instantly goes low and kicks Jessica in the knee cap. Jessica hobbles backwards. As she does, she catches a beautiful right hook across the jaw from Britney. Jessica's head snaps to the side and her knees buckle.

Britney takes advantage of Jessica's stunned state, and snatches her rival by the arm and whips her across the ring for a hard crash in the turnbuckle. Britney comes charging in immediately afterwards and leaps in the air, crashing into Jessica for a chest to chest standing body splash. Jessica has nowhere to go, and gets pancaked between Britney's ample chest and the turnbuckle. When Britney steps away Jessica tumbles out of the corner and falls to the canvas. Britney swiftly jumps on the middle ropes, and uses them as a spring board to leap off and come crashing down on top of Jessica again.

"Just like old time Jess", Britney quips as she springs to her feet. Then she disrespectfully steps on Jessica's chest as she goes back into the corner. Britney rises onto the middle turnbuckle and take seat on the top turnbuckle, waiting for Jessica to stand. Only Jessica does not rise, she bolts up to her feet. Jessica springs up so fast Britney did not have time to react. Jessica is up and has her hands on Britney in an instant. The next instant, Jessica flings Britney off her perch and sends her flying over Jessica's head through the air to crash land on the mat.

Britney lands with a thunderous boom. She instantly grabs her back, wearing an awful grimace. Jessica seizes Britney's blonde hair and hauls Britney to her feet. Jessica unleashes another fistical assault. Briteny gets an arm up, and blocks Jessica's punch. It disrupts Jessica's rhythm and puts her off balance. The great Britney Spears takes advantage, unleashing her fist to Jessica's face.

When Jessica is wobbled, Britney grabs Jessica's arm, and whips her into the ropes. Britney flings herself back into the ropes on the opposite side of the ring to gain momentum to launch her body in the air and into Jessica as she rebounds from the other side of the ring. Only Jessica catches Britney in mid air as they meet for Britney's body press attempt. Jessica holds Britney chest high while Britney thrashes around helplessly in Jessica's arms. Jessica pauses for a moment, allowing Britney to experience her powerlessness, and selfishly display her dominance to the crowd. Next Jessica takes a couple purposeful steps and power slams Britney to the canvas. it is a Blonde on blonde sandwich as Jessica lands on top of Britney.

Jessica stands and hauls Britney up to her feet along with her. Jessica scoops Britney up in her arms. Then Jessica body slams Britney to the mat as hard as possible. Britney's hard body bounces on the mat. Jessica hauls Britney right back up by the hair. Britney complies easily, as Jessica's slams have extinguished some of Britney's fire. Jessica escort Britney to the corner and starts slamming Britney's face into the turnbuckle.

As Jessica draws Britney's head back during the series of face slams, Britney gets her foot up and braces it on the middle turnbuckle to anchor her body and stop the assault. Next Britney flexes her elbow back into Jessica’s face, then grabs Jessica's blonde hair to fully reverse position and start slamming Jessica's face into the turnbuckle.

Britney is able to slam Jessica's face twice before Jessica plants her arms on the ropes to brace herself upright and ends the assault. Britney tries to overpower Jessica into another face slam, like she used to do in the past, but is unable to budge Jessica. Britney tries again, but is unable to move Jessica an inch. Quickly Britney realizes that Jessica is too strong for her; maybe much too strong for her. Jessica proves her power by grabbing Britney's hair and resumes slamming Britney's face into the turnbuckle. After thirteen face slams, Britney and the fans learn Jessica is much stronger than the great Britney.

When Jessica stops, Britney slumps forward with her face resting on the top turnbuckle, trying to stay upright and regain feeling and control of her body. Jessica disrespectfully kicks Britney in her ass. It is not to hurt Britney, simple an insult. Britney regains enough awareness to understand that she is being insulted and shown up by Jessica Simpson of all people. She turns to put an end to Jessica, but when she turns, Jessica is already in motion. Jessica is spinning toward Britney in a motion like she is throwing an Olympic discus. Only Jessica does not throw a discus, Jessica throws a punch to Britney's jaw. Britney's head snaps violently then her body lifelessly falls to the canvas.

The fans explode. In a matter of minutes, the great Britney Spears is out. The same Britney Spears whose greatest performances always came when challenging for the War Queen title has just been knocked out in scarcely no time by a woman she used to rule and dominate, Jessica Simpson. Jessica kneels planting a knee across Britney's chest and the referee starts to count.

Rihanna stood in her corner in disbelief that Britney just got knocked out that easily. However when Jessica went for the pinfall, realization that she is about to lose her title belt snapped her back to reality. Rihanna races out of her corner and gives Jessica a hard shove. Jessica falls off Britney, breaking the count. This is a single fall match. Whoever gets a pinfall wins the championship. Rihanna does not have to get pinned to lose the title.

Jessica stands and turns her attention to the champion. She knows that Britney is out cold, and will be snoozing for a while. There will be no interference from her.

Jessica can see that Rihanna already has a lot more respect for her after putting down Britney. The two lock up collar and elbow. After a brief stalemate, Jessica utilizes her power to bowl Rihanna over and shove her over backwards to the mat. Rihanna looks up totally shock that she ended flat on her back. Jessica was not shocked and was already in the air coming down with an elbow to Rihanna's chest. However a blessing of being twenty-four years old is quick reflexes that allow Rihanna to roll out of the way before Jessica crushes her.

Jessica lands awkwardly with a yelp. Rihanna is already on her feet by the time Jessica is ungracefully making her way up. When Jessica is upright, Rihanna has already snatched her arm that was stinging from the ill fated elbow drop attempt and twisting it. Jessica's knees buckles and she crouches over naturally to alleviate the pressure from her arm being twisted.

Suddenly Rihanna's shapely leg start flashing up and kicks Jessica in the gut in rapid succession. After receiving four kicks to the midsection in less than a couple of seconds, Jessica grimaces in pain. Suddenly Jessica is whipped across the ring. Before she knows anything she is rebounding back toward Rihanna who is already launched herself in the air with her elbow leading the way toward Jessica. Jessica eyes grow and she tries to stop, but it is too late. Rihanna's elbow plows into her face knocking Jessica to the mat. In the next instant, the crowd's cheers are deafening. Jessica is dazed and confused, but is bumbling to her feet. Rihanna is already standing and wearing her enchanting smile. The reverberating noise stirs the sleeping Britney.

Jessica makes a very clumsy step towards Rihanna. The champion readies herself, but Jessica wobbles and starts falling at Rihanna's feet. However Jessica expeditiously and purposely grabs Rihanna's legs and jerks them out from under Rihanna. The champion keenly realizes she has been duped by a former titlist. Jessica is briskly on her feet and spreads Rihanna's legs. Next Jessica starts stomping on Rihanna's cunt like she is doing a square dance. The Texas blonde is square dancing and doing the do si do on Rihanna's pussy while the Barbados champion shouts, squirms and screams some more.

Out of the corner of her eye, Jessica spies Britney stirring and moving. Britney is fresh out of lala land and very bewildered. She starts using the ropes to pull herself to her feet. However Britney is moving at a turtle pace in her current discombobulated state.

That gives Jessica plenty of time to start dropping knees down on Rihanna's twat. Jessica, the newest Weight Watchers spokeswoman, has plenty of curves combined with gravity to pulverize Rihanna's kitty-cat. Rihanna appears in total distress, howling and whimpering at each knee colliding onto her snatch. "Weak lil' pussy" Jessica insults her victim. Jessica is sure that she about to break the younger Rihanna's constitution. However, legally speaking Rihanna's constitution is sound. Beyonce made the same mistake when Rihanna robbed Beyonce of her championship gold.

Britney has finally made it to her feet and steps away from the ropes. Britney looks around to find that Jessica has deserted Rihanna and is charging at her at full speed. Jessica obliterates Britney with the mother of all clotheslines, a Russian Sickle, a Clothesline from hell! Britney is knocked off her feet like a rag doll. She does a flip in the air and lands on the back of her head. Britney's lifeless body continues and flips over from the momentum. Britney ends up face down flat on her face on the mat, knocked out cold - again.

Jessica stands, grandstanding, immensely proud of her self. The spectator's frenzy rockets even higher, when everyone thought the energy was already peaking. Rihanna is scrambling to her feet wearing a mean snarl, and pulling off her leather bra at the same time. In Jessica's moment of glory, the bare breasted Rihanna rush up behind Jessica and loops her leather bra around Jessica's neck from the rear. Rihanna wrenches back on the bra, strenuously choking Jessica. "You want to play dirty, titsey?" Rihanna growls, remembering the Jessica's foul crotch stomp. "You have no idea how dirty I can be!" Rihanna warns.

The booking committee told the referee only to intervene in extremely necessary occasions, to let the fighters determine the outcome. The referee steps up forcefully barking "Break the hold Rihanna! 1... 2... 3... 4.... fff...." Then Rihanna releases her strangle hold.

Jessica staggers forward, while ripping the bra from her throat and wisely throwing it out of the ring so it can't be reused. The referee gets in front of Rihanna and gives her a long reprimand about so fragrantly breaking the rules. He was purposely trying to give Jessica a chance to catch her breath.

Rihanna knows what he is trying to do and pushes past him at the first opportunity. Rihanna approaches Jessica and walks right into a back handed to her naked tits that would have made Ric Flair and Wahoo McDaniel extremely proud. The resound smack of flesh striking flesh resounds throughout the arena. The fans respond with a resounding, "Whoooooo!" paying homage to the legendary Nature Boy. Rihanna cringes and backs off.

Jessica lays into Rihanna with another chop, followed by a punch to Rihanna's jaw, then a walloping Rihanna's huge forehead. Jessica marches Rihanna back into the ropes as she did Britney earlier. With Rihanna trapped against the ropes, Jessica unleashes a flurry of fist to Rihanna's flat belly. Rihanna is ghasping for air, and doubling over with bulging eyes in no time. Jessica easily whips the weaken champion across the ring. When Rihanna rebounds back, Jessica bends over and launches Rihanna in the air, and sends her flipping head over heels with a back drop.

Rihanna exclaims, "Yeeoowww!" and clutches her back. Jessica stands and accepts the cheers from her fans. The tremendous impact of Rihanna hitting the mat causes Britney's body to bounce, awakening the fallen blonde. Britney's head bouncing on the mat returns her to consciousness.

Rihanna pushes herself up to her hands and knees. Jessica seizes Rihanna around the waist and hoists her up into her arms. Jessica maintains the momentum and lifts, twist, then powerfully slams Rihanna back down to the mat in a modified suplex. Rihanna splatters on the canvas on her back shouting "Unngghhhh!" followed by a glazed look in her eyes. Jessica leaps in the air and comes down ruthlessly with her rock hard tits leading the way. Rihanna woofs again from Jessica's splash. Jessica hooks Rihanna's legs and curls the champion up for the pinfall.

After a one and two, Rihanna kicks out to many fan's surprise. Jessica is disappointed, but not phased. She saw how much punishment Rihanna absorbed against Beyonce. This young champion will not go down easily. Jessica grabs a handful of hair, lifts Rihanna's head and fires another fist to Rihanna's massive forehead. Jessica maintains her handful of hair and hauls Rihanna to her feet. Jessica scoops up the champion and body slams her back to the canvas.

Fiendishly Jessica drops to her knees and digs both claws into Rihanna's tits. Jessica sneers as she squishes Rihanna's perky breast getting a howl out of the pop princess. Out of nowhere, Rihanna's long leg rocket up and kicks Jessica in the side of her face. Jessica's head snaps to the side, her eyes roll in her head and Jessica drops over and lies on her side on the mat. Rihanna sits up with her face contorted in anger. "Get up heifer." Rihanna mutters as she grabs a fistful of Jessica's tight top and hauls Jessica to her feet.

First, Rihanna delivers a big bitch slap to Jessica's face. It stung and definitely insulted her opponent. That was exactly what Rihanna wanted. Rihanna whips Jessica into the ropes. While heading to the ropes, Jessica sees that Britney has made it to her feet, and is leaning against the ropes, trying to regain her wits. The scattered brain, and easily distracted Jessica alters her trajectory towards Britney. Jessica collides into Britney leading with another clothes line. Britney is propelled, flipping over the top rope and disappears as she splatters on the unforgiving ringside floor.

Jessica is laughing heartily and proud of herself for delivering another knock against Britney. When Jessica turns around to face Rihanna, the champion is ready and waiting. Rihanna leaps in the air and blasts Jessica with a drop kick to the blonde's face. Jessica is knocked off her feet. She quickly scrambles back up only to be greeted by another drop kick in her mouth that knocks her back down. Jessica's lips sting from kissing the soles of Rihanna's feet.

Rihanna reaches down and hauls Jessica right back up. "You're worried about Britney, but I'm the fucking champ bitch!" Rihanna informs Jessica as she holds her by the shirt. "I'm going to show you and everybody else that I'm the true War Queen!" Woman handling Jessica easily, Rihanna scoops Jessica up and body slams her to the canvas much harder than Jessica slammed Rihanna a few minutes earlier. Relentlessly Rihanna hauls Jessica right back up to her feet. Rihanna grabs two handfuls of golden hair and hurls the hefty songbird through the air by her hair, and watches as she crashes several few away to the mat.

Jessica knows that Rihanna is on a roll and she has to find a way to stop her. Jessica gets to her feet looking for an opening. However Rihanna is already on her. Rihanna jumps at Jessica, then pumps her left leg up and uses it to gain more momentum and power as she brings her right leg up and up higher to kick Jessica's head off her shoulders. Jessica collapses to the canvas. Rihanna wonders if she should go for the pin, but decides against it. She may be able to get the pin now, but Rihanna wanted to be sure she could get the pin.

Rihanna immediately hauls Jessica back upright with two handfuls of the blonde's top. Rihanna would love to finish Jessica off with her customary 'Battering Ram' where she traps her foe in the corner and batters their stomach with her butt. Especially with Jessica's soft gut, she really wanted to. However, there is the concern that Britney could return, and spoil everything. So, Rihanna opts for a new move. After pulling Jessica to her feet and facing her, Rihanna draws her head backwards and head butting Jeessica. The two stars collide like a couple of coconuts. Then a second head butt. Rihanna opens her fingers, and Jessica slides through them and melts to the mat. All that is left for Rihanna to pin Jessica and claim her victory.

Rihanna falls on top of Jessica and does not even bother to hook a leg. Rihanna knows Jessica is practically out from her big forehead. The referee completes the formality of the three counts, and awards the match to Rihanna. Rihanna bounds to her feet with both arms raised victoriously above her head. The referee hands Rihanna her championship belt. Rihanna takes the championship belt and parades around the ring with it, and accepts the accolades of the audience. Rihanna had accomplished her goal. She walked into the ring and defended her title against the league's elite. Now Britney Spears lies dazed at ringside and Jessica Simpson is flat on her back in the ring. No one can dispute Rihanna's claim to the championship now. After a brief celebration, Rihanna accepts her victory and disappears backstage. Given the strange events that have already transpired tonight, she thought it was wise to leave before something bad happened.

Soon after Rihanna departed, Jessica sits up. The reality that she just let a rare opportunity at the War Queen title slip through her hands sets in. "Rihanna beat me!" rings in Jessica's head. "How can it be? Rihanna beat me!" Jessica says in disbelief, although most fans watching would not understand her disbelief. Most thought Rihanna clearly out fought Jessica and earned the victory. "This ain't right" thinks the Texas beauty. "It must be that witch Britney's fault why I loss." Jessica concludes as she gets of the mat for some revenge and some redemption. Christina Applegate placed Jessica in this match to win the title for the Resistance. Now Jessica has failed, and it could not possibly be her fault. At least she wants to save face in front of the rest of the Resistance.

Jessica crawls out the ring, and walks around the ring post to find Britney kneeling on one knee, holding her back and dealing with her own pains and issues. "It's all your fault!" Jessica huffs. "You distracted me and cost me a shot at the title!" Jessica complains as she grabs Britney's golden hair and jerks Britney to her feet. Jessica pushes Britney backwards against the ring apron. She shoves on Britney's chin making her back bend backwards and her tits pointing up. Jessica slams her forearm down smashing Britney's knockers several times. Next, Jessica grabs Britney by the arm and slings her into the nearby ring steps. Britney crashes into the aluminum steps making a horrible racket. Britney just curls in fetal position on the ground next to the dislodged steps.

Britney is finished, but Jessica is nowhere finished with her rival. Jessica hauls Britney up and rolls her back into the ring, under the bottom rope. Jessica then rolls into the ring behind Britney. Jessica grips both of her hands around Britney's throat and chokes her rival. "You cost me the War Queen title." Jessica growls. "You're always making fun of me too. You're gonna pay. You're gonna pay for making fun a me."

Britney grabs at Jessica's wrist and tries to pull the choking hands away. Britney kicks her feet and gags, but there is nothing that she can do. Jessica lets Britney's face turn maroon before she lets go. Once Jessica releases her choke she starts pulling off Britney's bra top while Britney coughs and sucks air, not worried about being stripped.

Britney is done for. She has been kayoed twice, and now choked half to death. There is no fight left in her. Jessica recognizes this, and seeks to settle a grudge that started when they were pre teenagers. After removing Britney's top, Jessica pulls Britney back to her feet. She pushes Britney against the ropes and props Britney's arms over the top rope to keep her adversary upright. Jessica steps through the ropes onto the ring apron behind Britney. Next she takes the bra and binds Britney's wrist together and to the middle rope. Now Britney is tied in place, she can't fall down, and her arms are tied behind her back, so she could not fight back if she wanted to, or capable.

Jessica climbs back into the ring and sassily addresses her captive. "Look at this. Big Bad Britney Spears, all tied up and helpless." Jessica assaults Britney, slapping her face and slapping Britney's titties. "Who's the legend now?" Jessica taunts during her assault. "You've always thought you were so much better than me, but you're not!" Jessica slaps Britney around hard enough to punish her rival, but not to do serious harm. She knows Britney is finished. This is more a show of dominance to Britney, the girls in the back, the fans and her Resistance mates.

When Jessica stops, Britney is drooping, but still unable to fall and whimpering. "What's the matter hot shit? You look like a pile of hot shit Britney" Jessica insults. "Some champion." Jessica adds to Britney's humiliation by pulling off Britney's black booty shorts, leaving Britney half naked, save for her fishnet stockings and thong. Jessica steps back giggling admiring her work. Britney's face and body is red with humiliation and redder handprints all over her face, body, and especially her tits. "Let me get your belt Champ" Jessica sarcastically says.

As Britney was getting assaulted, her friends in Britney's new fledgling group, Femme Fatale, watched the horrific turn of events for Britney on Britney's dressing room monitor. "Fuck dat" Nicki Minaj says rising to her feet. "We can't let her get away with doing that to our girl" Nicki says while pacing as the assault continues. "Let's roll on that bitch yo. Let's kick her ass! " Nicki says heading for the door.

"Wait Nicki!" Brandy warns "We've got to be smart about this"

"Yeah we don't want what happened to the Fab Four to happen to us!" Melissa Joan Hart advises, but it is too late. Nicki has charged out the door, and is running through the backstage area to the ring. "Fuck! Now we all have to go out there." Melissa complains.

"Yeah and Britney is going to be pissed." Brandy says. "Now instead of just her getting humiliated, the whole groups, is going to get humiliated and ass raped like the Fab Four already got. We're just getting started and we'll look like the biggest group of pussies in the league. Britney would much rather letting Jessica do her worst, then we come back strong and get revenge later." Brandy explains. "The odds aren't in our favor tonight. The rest of the Resistance are going to kick our asses and fuck the shit out of us."

"I know" Melissa answers. "But we've all got to go out there now. It'd look too weak if we hid in the back while the Resistance have their way with Nicki." Brandy sighs. She knew that when Nicki ran out the door. She looks Melissa in the eye and both get up and head to the ring.

In the ring, Jessica had gotten Britney's Bootylicous championship belt and strapped it around Britney's waist, mocking the champion. "There you go Champ. You look like a real fucking legend now." Jessica mocks looking at the sniveling wreckage of a bruised, battered and red welt covered Britney drooping on the ropes. The fans suddenly erupt, and Jessica turns to see the little dynamo, Nicki Minaj charging toward the ring. Jessica smile, not believing her luck. She is getting another toy to play with.

Jessica patiently waits in the ring. As soon as Nicki slides under the bottom rope to enter the ring, Jessica starts kicking and stomping the rash rookie. Nicki made a novice mistake, and Jessica was not going to let her recover. Jessica viciously kicks and stomps all over her sexy body, not allowing Nicki to get to her feet. Nicki was already hurting by the time she found a way to struggle to her feet. Still Jessica was all over her, belting Nicki with heavy handed blows. Jessica grabs Nicki's arm and jerks the rapper toward her and levels Nicki with a clothesline at the same time for a short-armed clothesline. Nicki is down.

The old Jessica would not be able to accomplish this, but the new beefier Jessica is able to hoist Nicki off the mat. Next Jessica presses the 5'2" ass heavy rapper in a military press over her head like a barbell. Jessica holds Nikki there to impress her audience, before hurling Nicki to the canvas. Nicki lands with a boom, with tits and ass jiggling all over the place.

By this time Brandy and Melissa are approaching ringside. Jessica hauls Nicki back up, then scoops the barbi skirt wearing sensation up in her arms. Then Jessica walks to the ropes and heaves Nicki over the top rope at Brandy and Melissa. Brandy and Melissa stop in their tracks seeing their teammate hurdling through the air towards them. An instant later Nicki comes crashing down on them knocking both Brandy and Melissa to the ground.

Jessica laughs thoroughly amused. She then exits the ring and walks past the pile up of Femme Fatale celebrities, heading for the dressing room, still chuckling.

Brandy, Melissa and Nicki extract themselves and get to their feet shortly. Jessica is almost to the curtains. With a vengeful sneer Brandy starts after Jessica, followed by an angry Melissa. Then they stop short and all the anger is replaced by fear, as Jessica's little sister, Ashlee Simpson, accompanied by Christina Milian and Gwen Stefani walk through the curtain. "Don't worry sis. We'll take care of this." Ashlee tells Jessica.

After their total destruction and humiliation of the entire Fab Four and Fab Corp, the girls that joined the Resistance seeking respect finally get it. Until tonight most if the league would laugh to see Ashlee, Christina and Gwen walking toward them. Now Brandy, Melissa and Nicki stop in their tracks in fear, then run the other way. The realization that they could suffer the same fate as the Fab Girls looms over them.

They run to the other side of the ring where Britney is bound. Brandy feverishly works to untie the bra binding her hands together. The Resistance girls purposely take a slow stroll to the ring. There is no real need to engage Femme Fatale. Their point is already made. Brandy finally gets through the knot holding Britney. Melissa grabs Britney's ankles and snatches her out of the ring. Next the hoist Britney on their shoulders and make a mad escape over the ringside barricade, and through the audience.



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