Jeri Ryan (77%) defeats Tyra Banks (23%) Jeri has just entered the ring and awaits Tyra's entrance. The fans booed Jeri. Despite a friendly demeanor outside the ring, she has developed a vicious & bitchy attitude inside the squared circle. When Tyra appears at the top of the ramp, the crowd burst into cheers, showing who is their favorite. Jeri leaps out of the ring and stars charging up the ramp towards Tyra. The pyros were exploding and sparklers were raining down from the ceiling, for a glamourous entrance worthy of a star of Tyra's magnitude. The pyro's and sparklers had stopped, and the smoke was about to start clearing, as Tyra stood on the stage accepting her cheers. She was still seeing spots before her eyes from the bright lights and explosions when Jeri pounced on top of her from nowhere, knocking the startled beauty down on the hard steel stage a top the ramp.

The blonde took advantage of the situation. Tyra's ears were ringing from the explosions, and between the smoke, and spots before her eyes from the bright pyro's, she never saw her coming either. Before Tyra knew what was happening, Jeri was on top of her, and pummeling her with fist to her head. Tyra shrugged her strong body and flicked the slimmer blonde off of her. Tyra sits up, hoping to clear her head from this wicked sneak attack. But Jeri is already up, and snatches Tyra to her feet by her hair. She whips the supermodel face first into the steel decoration on the stage. Tyra's face make a 'bong' as she collides with the metal object.

Tyra turns around, definitely a little woozy now, and sees Jeri charging toward her and driving her shoulder into Tyra's chest. Tyra feels the impact of Jeri and is driven back into the metal prop again. Tyra toddles forward allowing Jeri to scoop her up in her arms. Jeri then body slams Tyra down on the hard stage. Tyra groans and arches her back after her painful landing. Jeri carefully stalks her prey as the hurting supermodel slowly starts to regain her feet. Jeri attacks from behind and captures Tyra in a full nelson. She wrenches Tyra to her feet while tightening her painful hold. Jeri forcefully escorts Tyra back to the giant TV screen for the audience, and bangs her head into the iron frame of the screen while maintaining her full nelson hold. Seven times Tyra's skull is smashed against the iron framework, before Jeri releases her, and allows the dazed beauty to sink to the floor.

Tyra is moaning mindlessly on the ground when Jeri hoist her across her shoulders and carries the woozy supermodel to the ring. The blonde dumps Tyra over the top rope and into the ring. Tyra is still hurt and dazed, as Jeri climbs into the ring after her. Tyra stands on unsteady legs and looks around for her attacker. Tyra turns to her right and finds Jeri waiting on her, with a spin kick already heading for Tyra's head. Jeri's foot collides with Tyra's face, and drops the bronze beauty in her tracks. Tyra is back on the canvas in a daze again.

Jeri reaches down and unties Tyra's string bikini top. The blonde slips off the top and starts looping the string top around Tyra's neck. With Tyra coughing and gagging, Jeri pulls her foe to her feet. Jeri uses the top to flip Tyra over with a snap mare. Again and again the blonde repeats the maneuver, flipping Tyra like a rag doll. On the last flip Tyra comes to a sliding halt in the corner. Tyra unwraps the bikini from around her neck to allow herself to breath freely.

Jeri does not give Tyra a chance to recover. She rushes to the fallen beauty and hoists her in the air. Jeri sits Tyra on top of the turnbuckle then climbs up after her. Once she is on the second turnbuckle, Jeri rocks Tyra across the mouth with two short, but very powerful right hooks, to insure she was in a helpless position. Jeri climbs on top of the third turnbuckle and puts Tyra into position for a suflex. She pulls up on Tyra so that both are standing high on the top rope. Although she is helpless to prevent her fall, Tyra is conscious of what is happening to her. "No!" Tyra says, just as Jeri starts to fall back and suflex Tyra from the top rope. Tyra lets out a loud long scream as she plummets to the canvas. The two land with a thunderous boom, with Tyra taking the majority of the impact.

If Tyra was not hurt before, she definitely is now. Jeri hauls Tyra up and tosses her out of the ring. Tyra's body makes a smack as she falls to the cold hard arena floor. Jeri too leaves the ring, but goes over to the announcer's table. Jeri starts moving TV monitors and wires before walking back over to Tyra. Jeri hauls Tyra up again and lays her across the announcer's table. Tyra lifts her head up to move off the table, but Jeri grabs the microphone and bangs her fore head three times with the device. The "bop" of the microphone hitting Tyra's head rang out across the arena along with the squeal of feedback. Tyra falls back, stretched out across the table, again moaning mindlessly. Jeri leaves Tyra and scales to the top turnbuckle that was nearest the announcer's table. The blonde steadies herself on top then leaps off on her prone quarry. Tyra sees Jeri coming at the last moment, but can only open her mouth for a silent scream as Jeri comes crashing down on her chest with an elbow.

The two lovelies crash through the table and hit the floor in the midst of the shattered table. Even Jeri is shaken up by this daredevil manuever. Both lie on the ground. Tyra is on her back on what's left of the table, and Jeri lies beside her. After over a minute, Jeri rises to her feet. Tyra has not moved a muscle since crashing through the table. Jeri walks to the ring and pulls a gym bag she had stashed there before the match. Jeri goes into the bag and pulls out a pair of handcuffs. She walks to Tyra and slaps one end of the cuffs around Tyra's wrist. She then uses the arm to drag Tyra off the wreckage and over to the ring. She stands the deflated supermodel against the ring apron and attaches the other end of the cuffs to the top rope. The semi-conscious Tyra dangles there by one arm. Jeri goes back into the bag and pulls out a second set of handcuffs. The blonde cuffs Tyra's other arm to the top rope. Now with the supermodel dangling by both arms Jeri goes into her bag and pulls out a ball gag. Jeri straps the gag around Tyra's head. Jeri then goes back into her bag of tricks and retrieves a black leather sex slave mask. Jeri starts putting the mask over Tyra's head.

"Damn girl, you've got a big forehead!' comments Jeri, "Are you sure you're not half Klingon?"

The only response Jeri got from Tyra was another moan of torment. Jeri places the mask on Tyra, and zips shut the opening for her mouth. Jeri goes back into the bag and comes back with a huge vise. The blonde places the vise around Tyra's tits and starts cranking it closed. Tyra starts yelling and screaming animalistic howl and screams of torture that are muffled behind the ball gag and the closed mouth mask. Jeri cranks the torture device around Tyra's tits, squeezing them between the two sides of the vice. Tyra's tits balloon out between the contracting sides of the vice, like they are about to burst. Tyra screams out wails of torture and agony until Jeri stops closing the vice.

Pleased at the inhumanly torture she is inflicting on Tyra, Jeri retrieves one final object from her bag. She has a 15-inch dildo. Jeri pulls down Tyra's bikini bottoms, and inserts the sex tool into her twat. Tyra trembles and bucks as the phallus violate her. Jeri is amazed at how deep the dildo goes into Tyra. After Tyra has magically made 10 inches disappear in her sex organ.

"DAMN.. you got a bottomless pit down there?" ask Jeri in amazement.

Finally the dildo stops, and Jeri uses her knee to push two more inches in Tyra's pussy, despite the models muffled screams of protest. As Jeri finishes her torture session, the four members of the ABA, Jenny McCarthy, Alyssa Milano, Christina Applegate, and Nikki Cox approach.

"So Ms. Ryan, you want to be a member of the ABA. Let's go over your resume, shall we?" says Jenny.

"Well I began my career by beatining 3 top contenders in the first Fatal Fourway match. I beat up Kim Page, Maraih Carey, and especially Jennifer Lopez!" Jeri says with a smile as she reminisce.

"Then I crushed Tia Carrere to win the Hardcore Title" Jeri continues. * "I made buffalo butt submit on the bridge of Voyager.

"Then I finished the job on Jennifer Lopez, and gave the gold digging slut the beating she deserved!" ** Jeri says with pride.

"And I'm sure Stone Rage won't be happy at all at the way I just tortured his chocolate covered cow, here. You know how much he loves some Tyra Banks!" Jeri says pointing to the tormented super model.

"Quite impressive!" Christina says while Nikki and Jenny nod their agreement.

"I don't know." blurts out Alyssa, "She did get her ass kicked by Halle Berry for the Hardcore Title."^

"Big Deal!" retorts Christina abruptly. "Halle kicked your ass too Alyssa # "I'm the only member in this group to beat Halle" % Christina says with pride. "Now we vote, all in favor of Jeri entering the ABA raise your hand." Jenny, Christina and Nikki raise their hands.

"Opposed?" says Christina, and Alyssa raises her hand.

"The "ayes" have it!" Says Christina, "Welcome to The American Bad Asses Jeri!"


The latest addition to the ABA!

Tyra is down, but definitely NOT out!

* Jeri vs Tia Carrere
** Jeri destroys J.Lo
^ Halle wins the Hardcore Belt
# Halle beats Alyssa
% Christina & Halle's Dumpster match