Halle Berry (52%) beats Tia Carrere (48%) Tia Carrere had been complaining to anyone who would listen about the underhanded way she felt Jeri Ryan had won the Hardcore Title from her. Jeri deceived Tia into thinking she was doing a guest spot on Star Trek Voyager but instead turns it into an impromptu Hardcore title match. Jeri easily defeated her unprepared opponent, and walked away with the Hardcore belt. Tia demanded another shot at Jeri, but the blonde dodged her attempts, claiming Tia need to beat someone to prove she deserved another shot. "She needs to beat someone tough, like Halle Berry or somebody before she gets another shot at me." Jeri told press and match bookers. Eventually the match was made: Tia Carrere versus Halle Berry. Neither had any animosity towards each other, but the two professionals agreed to fight nonetheless.

The day of the match the bell rung and both ladies circled each other cautiously. Both had the utmost of respect for each other's talent and ability, and knew a mistake would be costly. Suddenly a figure leaped out of the crowd and slipped into the ring. Halle's eyes widened, and her mouth dropped as she realized this intruder was Jeri Ryan. Tia had her back to Jeri, and did not know she had entered the ring. Seeing Jeri was about to attack Tia, Halle yelled, "Tia.. Watch Out!" right before Jeri was about to strike.

Jeri RyanTia ducked at the last instant and Jeri who was trying to hit Tia with a clothesline from behind, flew harmlessly over the ducked downed brunette's head. Cursing that she missed, Tia because of Halle's warning, Jeri spun around quickly to try to maintain her element of surprise, she charged back at Tia but was met by a punch to her nose. Jeri reeled backwards, but not before Tia clobber her over the head with two more lightning quick shots. Jeri backs right into Halle, who spins her around and nails her with her best shot. Jeri wobbles and is about to fall down, but Halle gabs her by her blonde hair and holds her up. Tia grabs a handful hair too, and together they toss Jeri over the top rope to the arena floor.

Jeri lands with a loud smack. Halle and Tia look at each other and start to laugh and congratulate each other on how easily they disposed of their intruder. Jeri moans and starts to make it to her knees. She is angry the first part of her plan failed, but the resourceful Hard core Queen kept a back up plan. She reaches under the ring and finds a fire extinguisher she had stashed away. Jeri stands up, but keeps the fire extinguisher out of site below the ring apron. "Hey you whores, I'm not through with you yet!!" Jeri yells at her giggling rivals. Confidently, Tia and Halle walks over to the ropes where Jeri stood. Both were filled with delightful thoughts of teaching this blonde bitch one more lesson. As they approach Jeri pulls out the fire extinguisher and spays its contents into the ring. Tia and Halle stop in their tracks, and starts coughing and gagging from the toxic smoke. The gas gets into their eyes, and blinds them, as well as the referee standing behind them.

Jeri smiles, seeing her back up plan is successful. Halle and Tia are still tottering around the ring blinded and coughing, when Jeri enters with a metal folding chair. Jeri takes her time and carefully measures Halle as she stumbles blinded in the ring, and at the perfect moment slams the chair over her lovely head. Halle rockets to the mat, and lies there on her back, not about to get up. Jeri then measures Tia, and clobbers her with the chair sending her to the canvas. "I'll teach you to run your mouth about me" mutters Jeri as she pulls the dazed brunette to her feet.

Jeri whips Tia into the ropes and meets her with the metal chair to her face as she rebounds off of them. The still blinded brunette screams and drops to the mat. Jeri stands over her fallen prey, and jabs the edge of the chair into Tia's stomach. Instinctively Tia howls and sits up holding her stomach. When she does, Jeri is waiting and slams her over the head with the chair knocking her back to the mat. Jeri was so amused by the maneuver, she tries to repeat it and jams the chair into Tia's stomach again, but Tia was too battered to even respond. The blonde shrugs her shoulders and places the chair under Tia's head. She exits the ring and returns with a second chair. The audience knew what Jeri was about to do. They start to yell, boo and beg Jeri not to execute the deed she was thinking about but to no avail. Jeri draws back the second chair, and slams it down on Tia's head, and squashes Tia's head in between the two chairs. The crowd boos and gasps; sicken by Jeri's display of brutality.

Jeri stands back and smiles while she admires her handiwork. Tia lies unconcious on the mat, completely devastated by Jeri's "Conchairto" Halle finally starts to rise to her feet. Halle stands on very shaky legs as Jeri again picks up a chair, and swings it at Halle as if she was swatting a fly. The moviestar goes reeling backwards and bumps into the ropes. She bounces off the ropes and stumbles forward, when Jeri clobbers her over the back with the chair. Halle is sent rocketing face first to the ground, stumbling forward till she happens to trip and fall over Tia's motionless body and lies across her.

Jeri smiles as she sees her two helpless rivals lying unconscious in a pile in the center of the ring. She drops a now badly dented chair in the ring and exits up the ramp amidst resounding boo's and jeers from the fans. Halfway up, she hears the referee slap the mat three times, and peaks back to see that the official had finally cleared his vision, and saw Halle's body lying across Tia and counts her out. The last thing Jeri hears as she exits the arena is, "Your winner, and new number one contender to the Hard Core Title, HALLLEEEE BERRRRRYYYYYYYY".

Both unconscious beauties had to be carried out of the ring and taken to the dressing room to receive medical attention. Halle had a cut on her brow attended to, and Tia had suffered a mild concussion. The two actresses began talking to each other and a fast friendship began to develop. "Good luck in your Hardcore title match!" wished Tia to her new friend Halle, "And give that bitch a good ass kicking for me!"

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