Halle Berry (52%) beats Jeri Ryan(48%) Halle Berry was practically bouncing of the walls by match time. She was eager to get at Jeri Ryan after her interference in her match against Tia Carrere. She was equally as eager to get her hands on championship gold again too. Halle burst through the door of her dressing room inot the hallway and starts her way to the ring. She bounces with excitement as she struts down the hall with a cameraman in front of her capturing ever moment as she heads toward combat. In the corner of the camera angle, observers notice a door of a broom closet opening behind Halle. Jeri exits out of the closet yielding a broom and quickly coming up on Halle from behind. Halle never knew what hits her as Jeri cracks her over the back of the head with the broom handle.

Halle drops to her hands and knees seeing stars. Jeri screams with effort and aggression as she again slams the broom handle down on the base of Halle's neck, knocking her face first to the ground. "Don't worry Halle, I won't break your broom, I know you need it to ride home!" Jeri says as she takes a comfortable seat on the fallen warrior's back. Jeri slides the broom under Halle's chin, pressing and presses the handle against her Adam's apple. Jeri pulls back and chokes the ebony princess.

Jeri grunts with exertion as pulls back harder on the handle. Halle's eyes almost bug out of her skull and her moth opens in a silent scream as she squirms and struggles to free herself. Halle struggles fiercely, but cannot dislodge the larger woman planted on her back. Soon Halle's struggles become weaker to nonexistent as the lack of oxygen takes its toll on gorgeous warrior. Jeri releases a sinister smile as she feel the last of Halle's resistance dissipate.

With an early victory in hand, Jeri drops the broom and rolls Halle over onto her back. Jeri covers the beauty and a referee drops to the floor to administer the three count. At the count of two miraculously Jeri feels someone grab her leg and pull her off of Halle. Jeri angrily spins her head around to see Tia standing with her hands on her hips. "TIA!" exclaims the surprised blonde.

Tia Carrere"I knew you'd try something underhanded like this!" yells Tia, "You cost me two matches and the Hardcore Title already, and I'm not going to let you do Halle the same way, bitch!"

Jeri growls and charges at Tia. But the beautiful blonde runs into a spinning kick to her chest for her trouble. Jeri staggers backwards, but Tia presses the advantage by blasting her with a straight right punch that goes whizzing across the blonde's chin. Jeri is wobbly and Tia slings her into the wall. The brunette raises Jeri to her tiptoes with a punch to her gut, which knocks all the air from the beauty. Jeri is slumping to the ground when Tia open fire on her big tits. Punch after punch pulverizes the blonde's tits to dust. Jeri exclaims "OHHHH" as Tia drives her knee into her crotch. Tia then drives the point of her knee deep into Jeri's stomach. The brunette steps back and watch the moaning blonde keel over to the ground. Jeri curls up in a ball holding her stomach moaning in pain.

"That'll even things up" Tia says as she walks over to a still downed Halle. She helps her dazed friend to her feet, shaking her to bring her back to her senses. "T t t tia... where did you come from?" asks a shaken Halle.

"Don't worry about that, you've got a Hardcore title to win." Says Tia as she points at Jeri who is now rising to her feet with fire in her eyes.

"Come on' bitch let's finish this one on one, no sneak attacks, just woman against woman." Says Halle through gritted teeth as she starts to approach Jeri.

"I'm going to put you in a hospital bed for at least a week!" threatens Jeri as she meets Halle in the middle of the hallway. The two warriors collide and start trading punch after punch. Each girl lands one bomb after another. Sometimes they wobble each other, but each returns what she has just received. Halle's determination and anger helps her stand up to her larger foe. Slowly but surely, Halle's punches weaken the blonde until she staggers back against the wall. Halle unleashes a couple more punches until Jeri starts to slide down the wall. Halle grabs a handful of blonde hair and slings her face first into the wall on the opposite side of the hall. Halle grabs her again and slings Jeri back the opposite direction and the blonde crashes through a dressing room door.

Halle quickly rushes into the dressing room behind her quarry. Halle finds Jeri stretched out on the floor and breathing hard. Halle hair hauls the blonde to her feet and puts her into position for a suflex. Halle gathers herself before lifting the buxom blonde upside down and falling back, sending her crashing through a folding table. Jeri lies in the rubble holding the small of her back and howling in pain. Halle again yanks the Hardcore champion to her feet and leads her to the other side of the dressing room, and into a large shower room. Halle forces Jeri's head down between her thighs and again lifts her upside down. Halle falls back on her plump butt, executing a piledriver on the extremely hard tile shower room floor.

The hard floor knocks Jeri out, and leaves her lying on the floor. "Time to clean your dirty backstabbing ass up!" proclaims Halle she turns on the shower, allowing the water to pour down on top of Jeri. The cold water starts to bring Jeri around slightly. She at least starts moaning and moving her head from side to side. Halle peels down the tight body suit Jeri always wears in fights down to her waist, leaving the blonde bombshell topless. Halle finds a bar of soap and stuffs it into the mindless, blonde's mouth before dropping down across her body for the pinfall. The referee easily counts Jeri out giving Halle the victory.

Halle immediately leaps to her feet jumping up and down in elation. She looks more like the winner of a Wet T Shirt contest, than a fight as her dark breast bounce up & down, underneath the thin white wet T Shirt Halle wore. Tia comes in the shower room with the Hardcore Championship belt and presents it to Halle saying, "Here you go Champ!"

"Oh no, I can't except this!" Halle exclaims. "I couldn't have won without you, It's your belt! You keep it!"

"Anything goes in a Hardcore match, you won fair and square." Tia explains. "I don't want the championship, I just wanted that cheating blonde bitch got what she deserved. Keep the belt and give us all a champion we can be proud of. Tia says and places the gold prize across Halle's shoulder.

Halle takes the coveted championship with a small giggle, and says, "Okay I'll do what I can to make everybody proud.!"


The Hardcore Champ!