Jeri Ryan (55%) dethrones Tia Carrere (45%) This was a dream moment for Tia Carrere. She surveyed herself in the mirror dressed in the war armor of a Klingon Warrior. She had been a Star Trek fan all her life, and now she was doing a guest spot on Star Trek Voyager as a Klingon pirate who encounters the starship Voyager and attempts to take it over.

In the first scene, she beams aboard voyager and over powers the crew.

"Action" the director yells to start Tia's Star Trek career.

As scripted Tia fires the phaser and downs the entire crew on the bridge. She turns to the elevator doors as Jeri Ryan enters through them. They were supposed to exchange a couple of scripted punches before Tia knocks her out.

"Intruder, surrender and cease your attack!" demands Jeri in her Seven of Nine, Borg monotone. Tia responds by snarling and growling and throwing a sweeping punch, which Jeri ducks under. Tia growls loudly again. She steps back to throw the next scripted punch when Jeri steps forward and comes up from underneath with a stiff uppercut to Tia's chin. Tia staggers back and groans from this unexpected punch. Jeri continues and doubles Tia over with a spinning kick that buries itself into Tia's belly. Tia howls again with both arms wrapped around her stomach, with the breath knocked out of her. Jeri does not give her any chance for recovery, as she grabs two handfuls of Tia's shiny black mane, and drives her knee into Tia's nose repeatedly.

Tia falls to the ground on her ass, looking up at Jeri with her mind clouded by pain. Her mind tried to grasp what just happened to her. Somehow Jeri was turning this simple scene to a real live catfight. "What the FUCK are you doing??!??" yells Tia with one hand holding her nose, and the other still across her hurting stomach.

Jeri offers no explanation, but responds with a stomp on Tia's tender tummy. Tia was thinly protected from the full brunt of the blows by the thin fake armor she wore for her Klingon character, but Jeri would not allow this protection for long. The blonde drops to her knees beside the hurting brunette and rips off pieces of the armor one piece at a time. Jeri added plenty punches into Tia while stripping her of her armor. This attack had taken Tia completely by surprise and she could only desperately try to claw away from Jeri's clutches but there was no way the blonde was not going to allow her to escape.

Jeri continued to dig in punches to Tia's body as she pulled the last pieces of the armor off. Once she was finished removing the armor she took the breast plate and conked Tia over the head with it. The thin tin made a loud bong as it contacted with Tia's skull. Jeri scored again & again with the breastplate over Tia's head. Through all her thrashing around, Tia was finally able to scramble away from Jeri's clutches. Now that she has separated herself from her attacker she tries to develop some sort of plan for this very unexpected confrontation.

Tia pants loudly as she tries to catch her breath, and watches the formidable blonde approach. Her body looks strong, and sleek, thinly covered by a silver body hugging catsuit her Seven of Nine character has made famous. Tia has been reduced to the black string bikini top, and matching black thong that she wore under her Klingon costume. She was on her haunches as her attacker neared, In a move made more out of desperation, then a highly planned attack, Tia launches herself at Jeri's legs. She catches the blonde low, and is able to tackle her to the ground.

Now with Jeri down Tia tries to pin her to the carpet of the bridge of The Voyager. Tia uses those large protruding, breast on Jeri's chest to hold her down to the carpet. Jeri grunts as Tia digs her claws into her tits, and crush them to her chest. Jeri retaliates by reaching up and clutching both of Tia's tits. The blonde's chest is protected by her catsuit, but Jeri's nails were able to tear at Tia's skin, since she was only wearing a bikini top.

Realizing she could not win a tit grabbing contest unless she could relieve Jeri of her suit, Tia switches tactics. She reaches back and grabs Jeri's ankle. Tia stretches out Jeri's leg and pulls it up till Jeri's foot was beside her head. Tia finally gets a cry of anguish from Jeri. Tia was happy to have turned the fight around and start puting some hurt on Jeri.

Jeri fought back though. First she landed a punch to Tia's exposed chin. Then she resumed her attack on Tia's tits with a fury. She crushed the two tan orbs with a vengeance, getting a scream out of the brunette. Finally with Tia struggling to maintain her position on top, she lost grip on Jeri's ankle allowing the blonde's heel to smash into her chin, and knock her off her perch.

Jeri & Tia are lying beside each other. Jeri rolls over on the tiring brunette. In pure desperation Tia grabs Jeri's arm and bites it. Jeri shrieks in shock and pain, and instinctively slaps Tia's face so hard, she knocked her arm free. Realizing Tia is ever dangerous, Jeri looks for a way to put her down once and for all. Jeri reaches out and wraps her hands around Tia's throat. Tia's mouth hangs open, trying desperately to suck in some air. Jeri rolls the brunette on to her back and sits a top her chest, still strangling her foe.

Jeri takes one hand off Tia's throat and slips it behind her and starts groping between the brunette's legs, and into her cock. She slips inside the thin black thong bikini bottom, and claws the tender flesh behind it. Pubic hair, her clit and vaginal walls are all assaulted by the blonde's strong fingers. Tia helplessly flopped underneath Jeri, unable to escape. Tia fought courageously just to maintain her consciousness while Jeri's choke denied her oxygen. Just when Tia thought she was going to black out, Jeri let her go, and stood over her prey.

Jeri reaches down and pulls a groggy Tia to her feet, by her long raven locks. The weakened warrior complied with Jeri's wishes. Once on her feet, Jeri scooped Tia up off her feet and into her arms. Jeri carries Tia over to the computer console of the starship, and slams the thrashing beauty down hard on top of it. Jeri clasps both hands together and raises them above her head. With the force of a sledgehammer, Jeri brings her hands down on Tia's stomach again & again. Tia quivers and tries to cover up, allowing Jeri to fire a few shots to her unprotected face. Mercifully, Jeri steps back allowing Tia to roll off the console and onto the floor.

Tia is obviously greatly suffering, but Jeri intends on inflicting even more pain. The beautiful blonde sits down on the small of Tia's back while hooking the brunette's ankles under her arms, and leans back applying a Boston Crab. Tia yells like a banshee and slams her fist on the ground from the agony. Once the yells of the tortured actress died down a bit, Jeri coldly replied with her classic line. "Resistance is futile, you must submit."

Tia is a proud warrior, but even she had to admit when she was licked. Fighting back tears of pain, she spits, "Yyeesss… yes I give… I submit!" "Damnit let me go!"

Jeri maintained her hold on Tia. She allowed a moment to pass before responding in the cold voice of her Borg character, "Surrender your Hard Core championship, and I will comply."

Finally Tia realized the reason for this attack. She had been set up. There was never a Star Trek roll. The blonde had put this ruse together to bait her into a fight, and take her Hard Core title, while the camera's filmed the incident. She slammed the ground in anguish again, but there was no denying this defeat. "You win Bitch, You're the champ." Tia says with regret dripping from every word.

Jeri releases Tia and drops her feet and legs to the floor. She rises and looks down at her conquest lying between her legs. Lying face down and moaning loudly, Tia has one hand massaging the small of her back, while her long black silky hair is mercifully covering her face denying the winner a view of the tears forming in her eyes. Tia's sexy body scantily clad in the black bikini and thong bottom rose and fell with each moan. The blonde wondered if she had suffered enough. Jeri considered inflicting more pain and humiliation on Tia like she did to her victims in her Fatal Fourway match. This thought was broken up when cast members Kate Mulgrew and Roxanne Dawson came to congratulate the new Hard Core Champion.

Jeri Ryan is the new Queen Of Hard Core
Resistance is Futile

Tia will undoubtably rage back into the title picture!