Christina Applegate (72%) trounces Halle Berry (28%) "Halle, I'm gonna kick your ass in a match you can ask your girl, Jennifer Lopez about..... A dumpster match, cause she hasn't dared jump in my face since I kicked her ass and threw her in the garbage where she belongs!"* screams Christina Applegate in pre match interviews for her upcoming match with Halle Berry. "She's garbage just like, you, Stone Rage, the rest of the Fab 4!" Christina challenges.

Halle was too welcome to take Christina up on her challenge to a dumpster match, and was looking forward to scoring a major victory for the Fab 4 and gain a measure of revenge for Jennifer in the process. Unfortunately fate stepped in to interfere with her plans. While filming her new James Bond movie, she was injured when a special effects explosion sent debris her into her eye. (True Story!) Although she was not hurt seriously, it happened days before this important match with Christina. Halle was far too much of a competitor to consider pulling out of this match, so she makes her way down the aisle against doctor's orders. The Glamour Queen enters the ring wearing another glittering gold bikini, unfamiliarly accented with a pair of gold goggles to protect her eyes.

Christina smiles as she meets Halle in the center of the ring, knowing that Halle's eye injury will surely be her Achilles' Heel tonight. Again guess referees were assigned to govern this important match. Although the rules were pretty clear: No time limit, no dq, no pin or submission, the only way you could win was to toss your opponent into a metal dumpster. All members of the combatants respective groups are barred from ringside. The mammoth chested blonde, Lisa Lipps represents the interest of Christina and the ABA, while super busty vixen, Linsey Dawn McKenzie will maintain the peace for Halle and the Fab 4.

Lisa LippsLinsey Dawn McKenzie At the opening bell, the two competitors slowly circle each other. Christina stops circling and raises her right arm, challenging Halle to a test of strength. Halle looks and considers the challenge. Christina is thick and fit, but Halle is a couple of inches taller, and is a work out buff herself. She eagerly takes the challenge and locks knuckles with Christina. Slowly the blonde raises her other hand and Halle grabs it to complete the classic Greco-Roman struggle.

The two beauties struggle against one another to gain an advantage. Biceps & triceps flex to out muscle their rival. Back muscles ripple calling for more strength to conquer their foe. Slowly, Halle starts to prove she is the stronger woman. Christina reluctantly starts to sink to one knee, wilting under the force of Halle's might. The fans roar their approval to Halle's success. Confidently Halle looks around at the adoring fans and smiles, soaking up her success while Christina is forced to her knees.

Halle's smile suddenly disappears, and she lets out an "Ommpt" as Christina head butts her in the groin from her knees. Halle's steel grip slackens because of the low blow by the dastardly blonde. Christina pulls her hands away from Halle and springs to her feet. Moving in quick, fluid motions, Christina wraps her left arm around Halle's waist and pulls her tight against her chest. Now face-to-face and chest-to-chest, Christina quickly uses her free hand snatch off Halle's goggles. Before Halle could even react, Christina drives the heel of her hand into Halle's injured eye. Halle screams at the top of her lungs, and her body stiffens as if a bolt of electricity was coursing through her. Frozen in a moment of pure agony, Halle then instinctively moves her hand up to cover her eye, but not before Christina jams the heel of her hand once again. Christina still held Halle in place with her left hand, she could feel Halle's knees buckle. Finally she lets Halle go. The brunette staggers and wobbles back against the ropes with both hands over her injured eye, still screaming.

Halle leans against the ropes and looks at the gloating blonde. Even though her face was partially covered by the 2 hands covering her injured eye, she could not mask the shock on her face, that the villainous blonde would strike such a cowardly blow. Linsey screams and admonishes the blonde, but knows the vile maneuver is within the rules of the bout. Christina could also see that Halle would rather be in a million other places than in that ring right now.

Christina advances toward Halle. The blonde's foot flashes up, striking Halle in her stomach, doubling her over. Christina grabs Halle by the hair and rockets her knee up into the actress' face getting another yelp of pain. Then Christina tucks Halle's head under her arm and falls back executing a DDT. The crown of Halle's head strikes the mat. She rolls over onto her side, and curls up into a moaning and groaning ball. Occasionally Halle breaks her groaning for a loud grunt as Christina kicks and stomps her at will.

Christina reaches down and starts to pull Halle to her feet by her hair. The brunette starts swinging causing the blonde to back off. Seeing Halle still has some fight left, Christina decides to take a different path. Christina walks around to her downed opponent's feet, and captures her by the ankles. Christina spreads Halle's legs apart and leaps into the air, and lands driving her knee into Halle's pussy. Christina's latest low move elicits another loud scream from Halle, but the scream in quickly drowned out by the fans boos of disapproval.

Halle lies on the mat with one hand over her eye, and the other between her legs. She moans loudly while Christina giggles, delighting at her dilemma. Christina fires a punch down into Halle's stomach, getting another groan of pain & torment. Christina then grabs Halle in a headlock and pulls her to her feet. Halle is helpless to resist. Christina reaches and plops one of Halle's breast out of its bikini cup. Christina continues to torment the brown beauty by groping and twisting the brown melon in her hand.

Realizing that Halle is completely defenseless at this point, Christina slings her foe to the canvas. The blonde sits down on Halle's stomach and shreds the remains of Halle's gold top off, and tosses it to the side. Christina then goes to town with both hands, mauling and twisting Halle's tender tits. Halle wiggles and squirms under her conquers weight trying desperately to alleviate the pain. Once Christina tires of mauling Halle's tits, she pounds them into her chest with a series of punches. Countless piston like punches smack into Halle's chest while the actress helplessly squirms on the mat and cries out in utter agony. Luckily Christina soon tires of this and rises off her tormented foe. Halle moans even louder than before as one arm covers her throbbing chest, and the other goes back to her injured eye.

Christina steps back trying to determine if she has inflicted enough pain on her victim. For the hell of it, Christina reaches down and peels off Halle's shiny bikini briefs. Halle just lies there moaning in pain, doing nothing to resist Christina as she removes the garment and tosses it into the audience. It was obvious Halle was already defeated, but Christina wanted to apply enough punishment to make Halle reconsider ever stepping into the ring with her ever again.

Christina plops her white bikini covered ass on Halle's face. Christina knew first hand, how demoralizing it is for another woman to sit on your face, and enjoyed subjecting Halle to this humiliation. Christina reaches forward and plunges her hand into Halle's pussy, and starts clawing the insides. Halle's screams are muffled as she desperately bucks underneath Christina to no avail as the blonde administers another torturous move. After riding out Halle's failed attempts of resistance, continues to torment the motionless woman she is seated on by continuing to punish her pussy. When Christina does rise off Halle, the proud defender of fair play lies on the mat aching from her eye, to her tits, down to her pussy.

The fans continue to boo. Christina drops to the mat and clutches Halle's neck with one hand saying, "Had enough bitch???.... Huh? Want some more!!!" Halle just lies there gagging, holding her damaged eye and fighting back tears. Christina pulls Halle off the mat and slings her into the corner. Halle would have collapsed back to the mat but the blonde hangs her arms over the top rope to prop her up. Christina decides to continue Halle's destruction and starts to pound the slender beauty's body. Lefts & rights continuously batter Halle's stomach and tits, until the gorgeous Halle falls off the ropes and lands flat on her face.

Christina still decides not to throw her opponent's limp body into the dumpster but instead sit down behind Halle's armpit. The blonde uses her legs to grapevine Halle's arm and then clasps her hands around Halle's face and pulls back in a move called the 'Crippler Cross face'. Halle screams with renewed agony. Halle holds out as long as she can, but the pain from the submission hold is excruciating. Halle starts tapping the mat with her free hand to indicate her submission. Unfortunately for Halle this is a "no submission bout". Her tapping will not force her release.

Christina cruelly keeps Halle locked in the hold. The poor brunette continues to scream and cry while franticly tapping the mat for her release. Finally Linsey steps in and demands for Halle's release. "Ring the bell, this match in over... She's had enough!" Linsey says.

"You can't do that!" screams Christina as she releases Halle and springs to her feet. "This match isn't over till I throw her worthless ass in the dumpster, and I'm not through hurting her yet!" protests Christina.

Before Christina can continue her protest, Lisa steps in saying, "You know the rules, this match continues until one woman's thrown into the dumpster... no submissions... keep fighting!"

"No, you heard me! I said Halle's had enough, this match is over!" screams back Linsey. "My ruling stands unless you want another piece of me blondie!" Says Linsey as she stares defiantly at Lisa. The only answer she got from Lisa was a big right hand upside her head. Linsey's head rocks back and two more fist hit her before she could fire back. Linsey tries to fight back but Lisa is determined to pay back Linsey for the beating she gave her during the last match the two officiated together when Christina battled Beyonce Knowles ** Lisa's fist march Linsey backwards until she has her backed against the ropes absorbing punch after punch. A wicked uppercut catches Linsey on the chin and drops her to her knees. Lisa pulls Linsey's head between her legs, and grabs her waist to lift the big Brit upside down for a pile driver. Linsey kicks and fights furiously to avoid being lifted upside down. She fights to get her feet back on the mat, then starts to hoist Lisa upon her back and is about to power the busty blonde over for a back flip. Christina sees Lisa's feet starting to leave the mat and grabs her friends heels and pushes them back down to the mat. Once Lisa's feet are back on the ground, she uses the momentum to lift Linsey up in the air upside down, and drops to the mat to execute a devastating pile driver on the English adult star.

Linsey flops over onto her back, obviously hurt by the maneuver. Lisa leaps to her feet and hair hauls Linsey to hers. Lisa then heaves the big brunette over the top rope and into the dumpster. Lisa smiles and turns back to Christina and politely says, "Excuse me, I have a little personal business to attend to." Lisa then leaps into the dumpster after Linsey. Only the fans in the cheap seats could see what was happening in the dumpster, but ringside fans could hear the smacking of skin against skin and Linsey crying out in pain quite often.

While Lisa gains her revenge on Linsey, Christina turns her attention back to Halle. The poor brunette has been lying face down on the mat the whole time the referees have been fighting. "I've always wanted to try this." Christina says with a snicker as she pulls Halle to her feet and pushes her against the ropes. Christina leans Halle against the ropes and goes out side the ring to the apron. She flips upside down and hooks her legs around Halle's arms then locks her feet with her arms executing WWF star Tajiri's tarantula hold. Halle again screams like at the top of her lungs as her already injured spine is contorted around the ring ropes. Her cries fall on deaf ears, because there is no one there to save her.

Lisa finally emerges from the dumpster and climbs back in the ring. In one hand she has Linsey's black & white striped referee bikini, which she throws to the mat with distain. In the other hand is a large patch of Linsey's brown hair, which she raises above her head and lets out a victory yell. Seeing Lisa return, Christina releases Halle from her torture hold, allowing her to flop to the mat where she starts softly sobbing.

"Time to finish you off bitch" mutters Christina as she hoist the beaten woman across her shoulders into the Human Torture Rack. Halle lets out her loudest moan of the match as her spine which has already been abused by the Crossface and the Tarantula is again stretched to its limits. Christina then moves her hand from Halle's thigh and digs into Halle's pussy. Halle screams like a banshee. She loses control over her emotions and start crying uncontrollable pleading, "Let go.... You win.... damn it let go!"

With Halle pushed far beyond her threshold for pain, Christina walks towards the dumpster. "Had enough?? Ready for the trash bitch?" Christina taunts. If Halle was not yelling so hard that she could not utter an recognizable word, she would have told Christina she would gladly climb into the dumpster on her own free will, if it would end this torure.

Finally Christina mercifully heaves Halle over the top rope and into the dumpster to end the match. Stone Rage quickly sends a forklift to hoist the dumpster and take his defeated warriors to safety. He shakes his head and asks himself how could have Halle Berry ever been dominated like this.

One HUGE victory for Christina and the ABA!

Halle's Bond experience leads to her downfall!

* The first classic Dumpster Match
** Linsey vs Lisa Lipps


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