Christina Applegate (53%) rocks Beyonce Knowles (47%)
Beyonce Knowles is in the ring, joined by her other members of Destiny Child, Michelle & Kelly. A video tribute plays on the large screens in the arena. The song Survivor blares out, while a highlight reel of Beyonce's past matches and singing performances plays to the audience's delight. At the end of the clip, is an exert from Beyonce's pre fight interview. Beyonce says, "I'll beat Christina Applegate easily! I'm a lot younger, a lot stronger, and a hell of a lot prettier than she is!" As the clip fades to black, Christina Applegate, who has entered the ring unannounced, approaches Beyonce flanked by her ABA partners, Alyssa Milano & Nikki Cox.

"Ooohhh, might full of ourselves, aren't we little girl?" Christina quips in a sarcastic tone. "Let's settle this like women, one-on-one with no help." challenges Christina. "You send your girls to the back, and I'll send mine, and may the Top Bitch win!"

"You're on!" replies Beyonce, 100% positive she will beat her blonde rival. Christina motions for Alyssa & Nikki to leave while Michelle and Kelly leave the warriors to settle things. The two special guess referees enter the ring as the combatants' friends exit. Because of the exploding war erupting the ABA & Stone Rage's favorites, each side chose a referee to insure, the match was called unbiasly. Mamonth chested blonde, Lisa Lipps represented the ABA while, Beyonce chose the busty English adult star, Linsey Dawn McKenzie to protect her intrest.

Lisa LippsLinsey Dawn McKenzieWith the principals for the match in place, the timekeeper rang the bell to officialy start the match. The two combatants charge out of their corners at the bell for a center of the ring collision. At the last second, Beyonce stoops over and sends Christina tumbling head over heels with a backflip. Christina lands with a grunt and while her head is still spinning from her flip, Beyonce pushes her flat to the mat and leaps in the air and comes crashing down on the blonde with all her body weight. Beyonce quickly regains her feet so she can leap up again and come crashing down on Christina. Beyonce rises to her knees and clasp her hands together and lands three hammering blows to the blonde's stomach before Christina is able to sneak her foot up and kick Beyonce away.

Christina scrambles to her feet and is on Beyonce in an instant. The blonde captures Beyonce by the hair and starts slamming her head against the mat. Beyonce squeals as her brains get scrambled by Christina's dribbling of her head. Christina maintains her grip on Beyonce's hair and uses it to pull the dazed singer to her feet. Christina plants a foot in Beyonce's stomach and falls backwards, sending Beyonce flying head over heals in a monkey flip. Beyonce lands flat on her back and quickly sits up wincing in pain. Christina runs over to her prey and pushes her back flat to the mat so she leap in the air and land with her full weight on Beyonce, for a little payback. Christina straddles her opponent and again uses Beyonce's hair to slam her head into the canvas. Linsey pushes Christina off her opponent and warns her about illegal hair pulling.

Christina is quick back to her feet and approaching Beyonce who is sitting on the mat. As Christina gets close, Beyonce lounges forward and drives her shoulder into the blonde's stomach, knocking her to the ground. Beyonce leaps to her feet and captures both of Christina's ankles. Beyonce folds the blonde in two, by bringing her ankles up on either side of her head. Christina screams as her leg muscles get a good stretching, but is able to power out by kicking her attacker in the chest with both feet, sending her flying across the ring.

Both combatants rise to their feet and meet in the center of the ring. Each woman locks onto the other's hair and struggle for an advantage. With the skill of a wily veteran, Christina breaks the standoff by utilizing skill over strength and snap mares Beyonce to the canvas. Beyonce lands on her plump butt, but is not hurt at all. She reaches back and grabs Christina's legs and trips her to the mat. Beyonce climbs on top of Christina and uses her blonde hair to bounce her skull against the canvas. Lisa quickly jumps in and roughly slings Beyonce off the blonde. Linsey steps to Lisa's face and protest the rough treatment of the young diva. The thick tension between the referees explode, and the two large breasted women start exchanging blows in the middle of the ring.

Seeing Linsey and Lisa's battle seems to energize Beyonce. Both women are fatigued at this point, but Beyonce finds the energy and strength to lift Christina up across her shoulders. With her foe helplessly kicking trying to escape, the leader of Destiny Child starts spinning in circles before dumping the dizzy blonde to the mat from her airplane spin. Not giving her opponent a moment to recover, Beyonce again leaps in the air and comes crashing down on Christina with all her weight. Beyonce resumes where she left off before Lisa intervened, and sits on Christina's chest and bounces her head off the canvas. Beyonce again hair hauls the tired blonde to her feet and plants a foot in Christina's stomach, and falls back to send her tumbling head over heels in her own equally effective monkey flip. Beyonce is eager to show her veteran opponent she is equal to her in every task. The tired platinum haired actress slowly rises to her feet, but Beyonces knocks her back face first to the ground with a heavy, double handed hammering blow to the back. Now in total control of the match, Beyonce drops to the canvas and wraps her thick and powerful thighs around Christina's waist. Christina lets out a loud groan of agony as the sculpted and well muscled thighs that have carried Beyonce to stardom, now take all the wind and resistance out of the blonde.

Across the ring, Linsey's fist have her blonde rival reeling. Lisa stumbles backwards and falls between the ropes and to the arena floor. Seeing she is about to receive a major ass whipping, the big blonde starts to retreat through the crowd. Seeing that Beyonce has Christina helplessly trapped in her leg scissors, Linsey follows after Lisa. She catches the staggering woman half way up the aisle and knocks her to the ground. Linsey turns her back to the ring as she starts to pound her big-breasted rival into the concrete. The fans gather round the two referee's to get an up close view of their battle, further blocking Linsey's view of the ring.

What at first looks like two fans leap over the barrier and approach ringside, but they are quickly recognized as Latoya & Latavia, the two former members of Destiny Child that Beyonce ousted. The two black girls reach in under the rope and captures Beyonce by her light colored hair. Four strong hands are able to pull Beyonce off Christina and out of the ring. As soon as Beyonce's feet hit the arena floor. Latoya & Latavia strike. Latoya grabs Beyonce under her fat hips and lifts her in the air. Latavia leaps up and grabs Beyonce around her neck and falls forward, sending Beyonce crashing face first to the hard arena floor. Ringside fans start yelling "3-D... 3-D!!" recognizing the WWF's superstars, the Dudley Boys finishing maneuver. Beyonce is nearly knocked out by the devastating move.

Latoya & Latavia return their former friend, turned hated enemy into the ring. Beyonce is dazed and very confused, but she can feel herself being hoisted into he air. When her mind stops reeling, and she becomes aware of current events, Beyonce finds herself seated on top of Latavia's shoulders like she is in a chicken fight. Latavia is standing facing the corner where Latoya is perched on the top turnbuckle. Beyonce's mouth drops open as Latoya leaps of the top rope and launches herself toward Beyonce. Latoya catches Beyonce with a clothesine and knocks her off of Latavia's shoulder. Beyonce goes tumbling head over heels to the mat. She lands on the back of her head. Her body folds up like an accordion, then recoils out, leaving her lying spread eagle and unconscious on her back.

Latoya & Latavia high five each other and celebrate as the exit the ring. They look over their shoulders to see Christina with a huge smile, giving them a wink and a thumbs up sign. The blonde mouths "thank you" as Latoya & Latavia leap back over the barricade and again take their ringside seats. Christina falls across Beyonce's lifeless body, and patiently waits for a referee to re-enter the ring.

Linsey has beat Lisa into a large quivering ball outside the ring. She rises off her foe, who is crying uncontrollably, begging for mercy. Please at her destruction of Lisa, Linsey fights through the crowd to return to the ring. But when she gets to ringside, her mouth drops in horror when she sees Christina lying across Beyonce's unconscious body. She climbs through the ropes and walks around with an expression of absolute puzzlement as to what has transpired in the ring. "What??!??" she mutters as she walks aroumd.

"Count you fat whore, Count!" demands Christina. Linsey looks to the fans for guidance or answers, but finds none. She slowly drops to the canvas and slaps the mat once.

"Come on Beyonce, get up" Linsey pleads to the unconscious girl. She slaps the mat a second time. "Get up Beyonce, you can do it!" Linsey again pleas. She watches for any movement from Beyonce, but when she sees none, she dejectedly slams the mat the third time and gives Christina the victory.

One more victory for Christina and the ABA!

Latavia, Latoya, Beyonce and Kelly in a happier time, before the break up!
The war of Destiny Child continues in the courts and in the ring