Halle Berry (51%) outlasts Alyssa Milano (49%) The crowd was excited this time as Alyssa came striding down the aisle to the ring. The dark haired gal had healed up after her recent brutal beatings,* and after settling a certain score with her one time friends in private, she was looking for a new scrap, wanting to show she had what it took to be championship material. A bit to her dismay she was pitted against Halle Berry, who she considered to be all but skilled in fighting, but if that's what she was offered, she'd take it and use it as a stepping stone to move up. For this fight she had chosen and had made for her a black and white tiger striped bikini that definitely showed off her form and left not too much to the imagination as to what was under there.

She climbed in to the ring to wait for Halle, and didn't have to wait too long as the crowd erupted at her appearance. The actress had chosen well for the fight with a full cut golden bikini that was a bit on the sheer side. It gave the audience a tantalizing look when she stepped under the bright lights of the ring. All could see her breasts underneath and her nipples had risen to sharp points under the almost filmy cloth. She stepped in to a corner and arched back displaying her body for all to see and the crowd ate it up and went wild.

Smiling at scoring as a crowd favorite, Halle crooked a finger at her foe to come and get it on as she half sauntered out of the corner to meet her. Her confidence however faltered a bit as Alyssa did just that with a slow menacing stalk. Her hands were balled in a fists and ready to strike, but they didn't lead off. As she closed to striking range, she instead sent a hard booted foot right in to the open stomach got a 'whuff' from Berry as the air was knocked out and she partially doubled over. It was the opening Alyssa needed so she leapt forward and slammed both fists down on the back of Halle's head, driving her foe to her knees and shaking her head. Alyssa gave her no chance to recover and grabbed a double handful of hair to partially dragged her up enough to jerk the head between her legs for a standing head scissors and clamped down tightly.

A groan escaped from Halle's clenched lips as she gritted her teeth and flexed her legs a bit in an attempt to lift her captor up and over tossing her off. It didn't work however as she felt and saw the flex and knew what was coming. Instead she dropped hard to her knees driving Halle head and face first in to the hard canvas making her whole body jerk with the impact. Grabbing the near arm, Alyssa kept up the pressure as she pulled her head in tight between her thighs and rolled on her side for a standard head scissors. Using both hands and arms she started to bent the wrist back at a very bad angle getting a muffled scream from Halle.

Moments later though Alyssa let go a scream of her own as Halle throws all rules out the window and bit deep in to the flesh of the thigh. That got the scream and also an involuntary release long enough for her to roll free of the holds and to her feet, breathing hard from the poundings she had taken. Alyssa was just seconds behind her but it was a crucial couple seconds as Halle gauged her move and delivered a dropkick straight to her breasts. The impact knocked the raven beauty on her butt and her breasts out of her bikini. Halle was on top of her in a flash trying to pin her down and straddle her while also raining a fury of blows to the head of the former champ.

She got in a couple good shots but then her eyes settled on the exposed breasts and her hands went for them sinking clawlike in to them as the crowd went wild. A scream came from Alyssa's throat as she found the sharp nails digging in and breaking skin, but she also focused in as well. Her legs whipped up and around the startled black girl and jerked her back and off her, ending the attack before she could really give the breasts a raking. Tightening her legs around the body scissors like Alyssa poured on the juice while with her hands and arms she blocked attempts by Halle to counter with her own legs groping for the head to seek her own scissors. The punishment was slowly wearing Halle down and Alyssa could sense it. To add to the pain, she waited for one of her legs to flail a bit too wide and directed a hard fist right in to her box, that got a squeal of sharp pain. It also got Halle thinking again, and this time she forgot the scissors and went for the direct lashing out with hard kicks for the head. This time Alyssa had a hard time blocking as a first and second connected weakening her as she was briefly stunned and then a third one got her good and the scissors came off completely.

Dragging herself free of the grip, Halle worked her way up to her knees, then upright and advanced on her foe her own fists ready to do a number on the box of Alyssa. She scored a fast one two punch that convulsed the brunette, who in desperation she swung her legs around the waist going for another scissors. It was weak as the kicks to the head still had her more or less stunned. Halle retaliated by joining her hands for a double fist and slammed it down once, twice and a third time in to the stomach, then leaned forward to sink her claws down in to the breasts once more of her foe.

Alyssa moaned and screamed as the nails sank slowly down and did their damage all the while Halle demanding that she submit and end it.

"Fuck you and the whore who bore you" screamed Alyssa, as she endured and started to tighten down on the scissors. A grimace crossed Halles face as she took it and felt her own air slowly being pumped out to some degree and her breath become short and sharp gasps. She knew she had found Alyssa's soft spot from the contorted look on her face as she tried to rally, and pry the arms and hands free.

Alyssa knew she was close to losing, her pain levels were getting close to their limits. She saw an opening and went for it, knowing if it failed, she was apt to lose. Grabbing her own hands underneath Halle's, she jerked up hard as she could slam into the arms of her foe. Fortunately she knocked the claws out of her breasts and almost collapsed her foe on top of her, like writhing snakes. Alyssa started to lever herself back up and grabbed at Halle's hair and tried to draw her face down in to her all too near breasts going for a smother, and managed to lock her in it. Halle knew she was in big trouble. Her hands clawed at the breasts pushing down hard as she tried to drag her face up and out by sheer force.

It didn't work, Alyssa had her in and she was not about to surrender it now. She was too close to losing and this reversal suited her just fine. Halle tried for just a few seconds but kept her cool as she did. When this didn't work, she shifted her attack by grabbing around the legs that wrapped her body and with an extreme effort she slowly rose to her feet dragging Alyssa upward as well, herself bent over as she tried to manage her weight dragging down on her body. Half praying it would work, Halle dipped her upper body down and it worked as Alysssa's head was slammed in to the canvas and rattled her enough to let her jerk her face free of the breath stealing hold.

It also gave her the opening to once more to turn the tables on the former champ as she still had the legs and quickly went for a stepover Boston Crab and sat down deep and hard getting a scream of pain and rage that was heard to the rafters. Setting herself Alyssa pushed up to relieve the strain and focused her strength in to the legs and with a grunt and heave threw the still weakened Halle forward and off her.

Both scrambled again to their feet and despite both being a bit woozy closed once more. Alyssa showed she had surprising strength in her arms as she caught her foe in a bearhug and cinching it low jerked her off her feet as she tortured the lower back and tried to squeeze a submission from her.

Halle's head snapped back as Alyssa found her foes weak spot. A scream came from Halle's lips as Alyssa grinned as she realized she had the upper hand and focused in on the hold. She should have paid more attention to the X-Gal because she quickly undid her top and allowed it to fall off just scant inches from Alyssa's face she returned the favor and clamped her own breast smother on.

Alyssa made no attempt to break, but turned and drove her towards the corner post and slammed her hard in to it. That was enough to do the job, thought it also broke her bearhug as well. Stepping back to mount another attack, Alyssa never got her chance as Halle all but collapsed right there half turning and landing hard on her back. She seemed to be all but out, but the raven beauty was taking no chances and stepped back and grabbed her foe by both arms and dragged her out in to the middle of the ring.

Leaping up, Alyssa came down butt first on the stomach driving most of the wind from her and rose to do it again. Halle, hurting was not done yet as a knee rose to block Alyssa as she came down on the knee where it would hurt the most. With a groan, Alyssa rolled off and on to her back right next to Halle. The bronze beauty saw her close and rose to her hands and moved around behind the raven beauty's head and dropped down on top going after the breasts smother once more before she could recover.

The hold was solid. Alyssa's face disappeared under her and she started to kick wildly. Moments later, Halle screamed as sharp teeth bit hard in an attempt to escape the suffocating hold. Alyssa's groping hands found Halle's hair and with a hard jerk, Halle found herself suddenly buried in a pair of flesh mounds as well. Alyssa twisted hard forcing them to roll over so she was on top with her body helping to press her flesh in tight.

Slowly the two started to roll across the ring, both locked in the other's breasts with a death grip. The crowd realized, just as the two combatants did, that this was end fight. Neither was going to let go until the other passed out for lack of air. Both struggled to somehow make sure the grip stayed firm even as they both quivered, bucked and spasmed across the ring. No one was sure who really was going to win. It looked like Halle was getting the edge as she seemed to stay on top almost twice as long, but neither could jerk their heads free by strength alone and neither was willing to give up the smother in an attempt to pry themselves free.

In the end however, they reached the end of the ring and rolled under the ropes and dropped to the concrete floor below. Halle took the impact and her head hit the floor with a loud crack. The fall broke both their holds causing Alyssa to roll off face up. The crowd was on their feet to see what would happen next. Neither moved. Both their faces were pale, and both their eyes were glazed and open. The referee came over and raised both their arms and let them fall. Once, Twice, but on the third try, Halle's remained up while Alyssa's fell. The ref waved for the bell. Halle has outlasted Alyssa with a little more desire for victory!

Halle pulls off a win and on to a Championship fight!

Alyssa is put down in defeat
*Alyssa loses to Britney Spears