Title Turmoil
Britney Spears (51%) Dethrones Alyssa Milano (49%) After stable, long title reigns By Salma Hayek & Catherine Zeta Jones, the title picture has turned to a ever changing mess. Britney Spears was able to upset Catherine Zeta Jones, but unexpectedly dropped the belt to Carmen Electra. Carmen, who was never considered championship material before, quickly loss the belt to Alyssa Milano. But even more disturbing, the title matches of Spears/Electra & Milano had interference from everybody like Alyssa’s Charmed cast mates Shannon Doherty & Holly Maire Combs, to Britney’s self titled team of “Generation Next” comprised of Christina Aguilera & Ananda Lewis, to revenge minded, Catherine Zeta Jones, Salma Hayek, Jennifer Lopez & Downtown Julie Brown. To once again bring order to the title, this match was to be held in a Steel Cage. Also, Alyssa’s crew and Britney’s team were banned from ringside. This hightly anticipated fight between two young and exciting stars, will be decided by the principals involved, and not by outside interference.

Britney enters the ring fist, and anxiously awaits the champion. Alyssa does not disappoint her when she arrives soon with a backless, black one piece brilliantly accessorize by the golden championship belt. Britney, who was trying to do a little damage control to her popularity, was conservatively dressed in a pink sports bra & a matching pair of skin-tight spandex shorts. Britney had received a lot of flack during her brief championship reign for becoming a "win at any cost" type person. Her union with fellow former Mousketeer Aguilera & MTV's Ananda, and their interference and street gang tatics did not help any. In fact Britney had crossed the three most dominant females in the league in Catherine Zeta Jones, Jennifer Lopez & Salma Hayek. This caused a very unlikely alliance between these three that cost her the title to Carmen Electra. She was actually relieved the match was in a cage, to protect her from those enemies.

Alyssa looked around at the huge cage surrounding the ring. It was made of iron bars like a prison, or a sharks cage. She shrugged off the novelty of the cage, and went to meet Britney in the center of the ring. The bell rings and each appear to go for a classic collar & elbow lockup. At the last instant, Britney comes across with a short punch to the Alyssa's jaw. Alyssa is slightly stunned, as Britney fires her knee into Alyssa's crotch, and follows her assault by grabbing the brunette's head and bringing her to the mat with a spinning neck breaker. Britney leaped to her feet to be able to stomp Alyssa a time or two, before hauling her up by her hair, and running her face first into the steel cage. Alyssa is knocked adole by the hard iron bars. She gets up, but is still a little dazed and is immediately plowed down by a running clothesline by Britney. Alyssa rises again only to be knocked back down by a second clothesline. Alyssa gets up again but has the sense this time to look around for her opponent. Britney waits and pushes the groggy champion into the corner. She trapped the blonde in the corner, and mounts the second turnbuckle so she can fire punches down on Alyssa’s head. With the crowd going wild, Britney climbs higher to the top buckle and while holding on to the cage bars to keep her balance, starts to stomp down on Alyssa’s head.

Feeling good about her advantage, Britney climbed off the turnbuckle, and went to press her offense. Alyssa had enough presence to rake Britney across the eyes as she approached. Britney instinctively covered her eyes, allowing Alyssa to spin & trap her in the corner and deliver a couple of chops across Britney’s chest. Britney yelped and staggered out of the corner, trying to catch her breath. Alyssa followed and nailed her opponent with a kidney punch. Britney’s knees buckled. Alyssa grabbed a handful of blonde hair, and tried to repay Britney by guiding her face first to the bars. Britney put her hands out and braced herself against the iron, and stopped her face from hitting. She then fired an elbow back into Alyssa’s tit that startled her, before again sending Alyssa’s face into the bars. Alyssa hits hard against the cage and goes staggering & sprawling backwards to the other side of the ring. The dazed champion, uses the ropes to pull herself back to her feet, only to have Britney waiting on her, and capture her hair again ,and getting a running start, sends Alyssa into the cage yet again. Alyssa falls to the mat loudly groaning in pain. Britney takes a comfortable seat on the champ’s chest, and uses her left fist grasp a handfull of hair, and uses her right fist to pound her opponent’s face. Britney keeps punching till her hand blazes in pain.

While she stands and tries to shake the pain out of her hand. Alyssa sits up and fires a punch into Britney’s cunt. Alyssa scampers to her feet, and kicks Britney in the knee. Britney falls to the mat, holding the aching joint. Alyssa drapes the limb over the bottom rope and leaped in the air, and came down with her full weight on Britney’s leg. Britney shrieks in pain and rolls away, but not before Alyssa adds a few more painful stomps on the injured knee. Alyssa caught up with the escaping contender, and pulled the blond to her knees and into a headlock. She then rained punches down on Britney’s face. Alyssa pulls Britney to her feet, and shouts a couple of insults to her face before drawing back to throw a heymaker. Britney, however blocks the punch, and fires back with her own heymaker. The two superstars traded punch for punch for a couple of minutes till Alyssa fell to the mat. Britney seemed possessed as she released a primal scream of rage and approached the champion. Alyssa saw the fury in the blonde’s eyes, and instinctively retreated back into a corner. Realizing her foe was beyond sanity, Alyssa thought the best course of action at the moment was to climb out of the cage. She got to the top of the cage, but Britney was in hot pursuit, and caught her at the top, before Alyssa could climb over to the other side.

Britney uses a handful of hair to bang Alyssa’s head into the top of the cage. she then places Alyssa’s neck across the top of the cage and pushes down on the back of her head with all her might, in effect choking the champ on the top of the cage. Britney kept up the pressure on Alyssa till the gagging woman’s flailing stopped. Britney let off her choke and the groggy brunette fell off the cage, unfortunately for her, she fell crotch first on the top rope. Screaming in pain, and feeling the hold on her championship slipping Alyssa fell to the mat. She rolls over on her face and hopes for a few moments to catch her breath. Instead of finishing her opponent, Britney took a different avenue. She untied the strings that held Alyssa’s swimsuit, and peeled the garment down to Alyssa’s waist. She then pulled Alyssa to her knees, gripped her breast, and squeezed & twist with all her might. Alyssa tried desperately to rake Britney’s eyes, and punch her pussy but nothing had any affect. Britney sneered and continued to torment Alyssa’s tits. Britney pulled her foe to her feet by her tits, and sneered into Alyssa’s face. She scooped the brunette up in body slam position, and with a running start, she tossed Alyssa into the side of the cage like a dart. Alyssa struck the bars head first, and clotheslined herself across the throat as she fell to the mat. Alyssa was gagging on the mat as Britney ripped the swimsuit off her body. Britney aimed a fist drop square into the brunette’s pussy, and watched as she howled across the mat. Britney was not finished though. She wrapped her hands around Alyssa’s throat and lifted her off the mat, and held her by her neck above her head. Alyssa was helpless, as she hung there at her tormentor’s mercy. Britney executed a sit out powerbomb, when she dropped to a sitting position on the mat in the process driving Alyssa down hard on her back.

Alyssa was all but knocked unconscious, as her head bounced on the mat. Britney gripped the brunette’s arm, and pulled her to her knees, and slapped her opponent across the face. “I want a submission” Britney demanded, but all she received from Alyssa was a blank, vacant stare. Though it was obvious Alyssa had been knocked senseless, Britney continue to slap her and demand a submission. After it was obvious Alyssa was too beaten to respond to the blonde, Britney hauled Alyssa up across her shoulders and started to climb to the top of the cage. Britney reached the top off the cage with the dazed sweat soaked nude champion in tow. Then in a shocking display of brutality, Britney tossed Alyssa over the top of the cage and she landed crashing through the announcer’s table. The audience was shocked to silence, fearing the worst for the gallant champion. They were relieved to see Alyssa moving in the rubble, indicating there was no serious injury. Britney continued to climb over the top of the cage and down to the arena floor. She picked up the championship belt and the microphone. “Shannon & Holly, I know you’re back there, I just beat your pussy pal, why don’t you come get some of the new champion!” The backstage camera’s showed Shannon Dorethy & Holly Marie Combs looking at the match in horror back in Alyssa’s dressing room. The two girls looked at each other, picked up their bags and walked out the back door of the arena, abandoning their castmate.

Britney walks away a Beautiful Winner & Champion

Alyssa is left lying