NOTE - This match follows events of STONE RAGE NEW YEAR'S EVE BASH!

"I need your help." Demi Moore says to Jenny McCarthy and Lucy Liu. It has been a little over a week since Alyssa Milano made her grand appearance at ABA facilities. Things have changed. Whether her bid to take Denise Richard's chair as a boss is successful or not, status quo has been irrevocably changed. Demi called Jenny McCarthy and Lucy Liu for an urgent meeting.

"I have to admit Alyssa was right about some things." Demi speaks. "The ABA is not as strong or as feared as before. Once upon a time, only the Fabs would dare challenge us, now other players stand against us. It is time we make bitches piss their panties when they think about us again. I've called you to help me wreak havoc once again. I've already told Denise about what I'm planning. Then I told her to concentrate on Alyssa rather than joining us today. Denise is a deceiving bitch, but who knows what Alyssa is capable of. However that is a problem for a different day. Right now, I need your help to put an ABA stamp on RAGE! II"

After the STONE RAGE NEW YEAR'S EVE BASH! my syndicate is a little undermanned. I'm training new recruits but for now, I need a favor. As an organization, we need to do a Milano on those back stabbing whores, Stacey Dash and Alicia Silverstone. As an organization, we can't allow them to get away with abandoning the ABA and kicking our ass in front of everybody without repercussion. I admit that was my fault, but I had no resources. Now I'm begging for your help in correcting it."

"Demi is right." Jenny admits. "An attack on any of our syndicates weakens and damages us all. That is the flaw in this syndicate concept, I share some fault in that. We've all suffered too many defeats. We need to work together better. As a group, we will get our revenge on Silverstone and Dash and the Resistance."

"I agree" Lucy adds. "Let's get to work."

A few days later, a video was broadcast on the next episode of Stone Rage Catfights. It opens with all of the bosses of the ABA, Jenny McCarthy, Denise Richards, Lucy Liu and Demi Moore standing, showing solidarity. "Hi we're the ABA." Jenny begins speaking on the video. "Apparently some of you have forgotten who we are. More specifically, two dumb bitches named Alicia Silverstone and Stacey Dash forgot who we are!” Jenny says angrily. "Did you stupid ass hookers really think you were going to get away with betraying us, getting us ambushed and running to the Resistance? Everyone knows there is only one way out of the ABA, that is a Milano, a straight up ass whipping until we've decided you've had enough. Lucky for you, we've been busy with much more significant matters than you to give you a proper Milano yet, but that is changing. In the interest of time and effort, I'm going to give you an offer that even you idiots can't refuse."

"Either, we can work our original plan of hunting you down, setting and springing a trap like normal” Jenny explains, "Or either one or you, Stacey or Alicia fights our girl, Lindsay Lohan in a fair fight. If you win, you will avoid getting your Milano. However if you lose, both of you will get your Milano's after the match. This is the only way you chicken shit little girls can avoid your Milano. Refuse and I will make sure you get the worst and most brutal Milano in history."

"This has been a long time coming Alicia." Jenny explains. "I always knew it was a big mistake to let you in the ABA. I vetoed you getting in the ABA for years because I always knew that you are a chicken shit, just looking to use the ABA to advance your career. You wanted to change your image from clueless to cool. Look at you now. Your career is shot. We finally let you in the ABA and you betray us, still looking to kick start your career..." Jenny pauses and looks deliberately in the camera. "Take the match bitch, and we'll give you one hell of a kick start."

Alicia and Stacey could not call each other fast enough after hearing that challenge. Both of them have been looking over their shoulder for months now, waiting for the ABA's revenge. Shortly after Booking Committee chairman, and Resistance adviser, Christina Applegate contacts both of them to prepare their response. All agreed that they should accept the challenge. Christina, as a former founding member of the ABA, knows Jenny very well. "The ABA under Jenny, Demi and Lucy are about deceit and arrogance." Christina advises. "This is either some kind of trick, or they are foolish and arrogant enough to think Lindsay can beat either of you. We've got to be prepared."

As the Chairman of the Booking Committee of the league as well as being the guiding force of the Resistance, Christina booked the match. It was decided that Alicia Silverstone will accept the challenge against Lindsay Lohan. Stacey Dash will be at ringside, and Lindsay can have a second at ringside too. However any outside interference results in disqualification of the guilty party. Considering Christina handpicked the referee, the ABA would be wise to not tempt their luck with the official. Lastly Christina booked the match on the biggest card of the year, RAGE! II, to make sure her girls will be financially taken care of, regardless of the outcome.

The curiosity for this match intrigued everyone. Every organization in the league cast an eye to see how this situation would turn out. Most predicted some kind of Demi Moore complex scheme is a foot. The only other scenario is that the ABA is big bad and bold enough to call out two established veterans and members of one of the league's established powers, and beat the shit out of them like they used to do in the old days. Nobody in the league wants to see the ABA return to the old ways. Everyone trembles at that thought. They terrorized the league. They dominated the league.

Soon enough everyone starts getting answers. It starts when Alicia Silverstone, accompanied by Stacey Dash, walks down the aisle to the ring. They were confident and cocky as they glided to the ring. Between their brief time in the ABA, and many years that Alicia spent following the group and trying to join, they were sure that they could handle whatever tricks the ABA threw at them. They primed and pranced once they got in the ring. They wanted everyone to know that they had little fear or regret of double crossing the once dreaded ABA. In fact, after being part of Demi's syndicate, Stimulus Package, they thought the ABA was a joke. Alicia and Stacey think whatever the ABA thought they were doing with this challenge is going to be another epic fail on a growing list of them.

Suddenly there's a scream of an electric guitar followed by the shout, "I AM AMERICAN BAD ASS!!" as Kid Rock's modern classic rings out over the speakers. It's the ABA's theme song, and somewhere deep in the locker room Pamela Anderson growls when she hears it as she prepares for her match later with Janet Jackson. Her ex-husband, Kid Rock gave exclusive rights for the ABA to use the song to spite Pam.

Once the song begins, Alicia and Stacey turn their full attention to the ramp, waiting for their opponents. Their bodies naturally tense and hands ball to fist getting ready for combat. ABA member, Pink steps onto the stage and howls. Fans roar in response, seeing Lindsay's tag partner making an appearance, and obviously accompanying Lindsay tonight. Alicia and Stacey sneer at Pink, never noticing two blondes emerging from the ringside audience behind them. Lindsay Lohan and Jenna Jameson hastily leap over the ringside barrier and slide into the ring.

Fans scream and shout trying to warn Alicia and Stacey, but it proves futile. Lindsay and Jenna are on Alicia and Stacey in an instant. They walloped their opponets over the back of the head, then kicked them in the back of the knees, sending them tumbling to the mat. There the dastardly blondes start kicking the resistance out of the new Resistance members. The shocked victims try to rise or escape, but the fever pitched blondes are all over them like a bad rash, stomping a mud hole in them with a fury.

The referee is shocked and confused. One thing he knows is that Christina Applegate will have his balls if he does not do something fast. Christina warned him to make sure he is on top of all ABA tricks, even if he has to give Alicia the benefit of the doubt. "Stop!" he demands and starts a count for disqualification.

"You can't disqualify me. The match hasn't started yet." Lindsay wisely quips back. The referee quickly calls for the opening bell. Meanwhile Lindsay has Alicia lying on the canvas shaking and quivering as Jenna does the same to Stacey. Lindsay thinks, "Wow! Demi was right. These steel toe boots are working like a charm. Even better, the referee will never know because he couldn't check us because of our pre match ambush." She smiles and lays as many kicks in this precious time as her furious legs could deliver.

After his early momentary lapse, the referee is forcefully taking control of the situation now. He orders Jenna out of the ring, and starts an expressive count for disqualification. Jenna peels Stacey off the mat by her hair. In an instant Jenna hurls Stacey over the top rope to the arena floor. Jenna slips through the ropes after Stacey. She adds a couple more debilitating kicks then walks away triumphantly to Lindsay's corner.

The referee now gets between Lindsay and Alicia, ordering Lindsay to back up. He admonishes Lindsay sternly while giving Alicia a chance to recover. He promises Lindsay that she is on thin ice, and he will disqualify her with no hesitation if she gets out of line again. Lindsay smacks her lips in disgust. She easily realizes that Applegate has gotten to the official, but she also knows ultimately that Stone Rage is still in charge of everything. Although, he has no love for the ABA, heads will roll if the feels the officials are showing overt favoritism. Neither, Applegate or this referee will be immune. Lindsay adheres to the official only so she can get back to beating up Alicia as fast as possible. Lindsay backs away while the referee helps Alicia to her feet and asks if she can continue.

Fans have their hands on their heads seeing what is going on. What they know is that they are watching a fight between Lindsay and Alicia, with Stacey in Alicia's corner while Lindsay has Jenna backing her in her corner. They also know the ABA just pulled off a masterful ambush, worthy of the group’s original incarnation.

"Get her Lindsay! Fuck that ref! Get her ass!" Jenna shouts at ringside. Lindsay growls then charges across the ring. Alicia is still with the referee, then at the last moment Alicia pushes the ref aside and surprises Lindsay by throwing haymakers at her when she reaches them. It ignites a slugfest between Alicia and Lindsay. Stacey now climbs to the ring apron shouting at the ref that the ABA has something in their boots. Total chaos is erupting.

The referee is distracted, arguing with Stacey, and ordering her off the apron. The feisty political commentator ignores his orders and keeps on debating and filibustering. Meanwhile Lindsay and Alicia are trading punches in a pure slugfest. Quickly people start to realize that Alicia is a better fighter than Lindsay. In her prime, Alicia made a tearful Salma Hayek submit, and ass smothered Alyssa Milano, Tia Carrere and Halle Berry out. She even boldly shaved Tia's pussy after the match. Explosively Alicia’s hot combination deposits Lindsay to the mat. Alicia drops to her knees and wraps both hands around Lindsay's neck to choke her.

Stacey sees the change of fortune, but still keeps the referee detained. She even tries to enter the ring making the referee stop her, to give Alicia plenty of time to choke Lindsay. Meanwhile Jenna is having a fit. She jumps on the apron to help Lindsay but Stacey alerts the referee. Immediately he charges across the ring to stop Jenna from entering. Alicia jerks Lindsay to her feet by the choke hold then slings her across the ring to where Stacey is standing. As Lindsay is about to bound into the ropes, Stacey grabs Lindsay by the hair then drops off the ring apron and guillotine Lindsay's neck across the top rope. Lindsay's throat harshly crosses the rope, then her entire body bounds up and she falls to the mat. By now the referee has Jenna outside the ring, and gives Stacey a stern order as well. She throws up her hands and agrees to comply for the time being as well.

Alicia confidently walks toward Lindsay who lies gagging on the mat. Alicia reaches down and pulls Lindsay off the mat by her hair. She feels that she has gotten things under control now. After pulling Lindsay to her knees, Lindsay rips off a punch directly into Alicia's pubic mound. Alicia howls like wolf while Lindsay stands and goes straight for Alicia's eyes with a two handed gouge. The referee jumps on Lindsay's case while Alicia staggers away with blurry vision.

Lindsay knows that she cannot out wrestle Alicia, but she can out fight her by any means necessary. Lindsay follows and starts pounding Alicia over the back with her forearms. Then Lindsay gets a quick physics lesson when the larger Alicia turns around and decks Lindsay with a haymaker. Lindsay goes down hard looking dazed. Alicia quickly reaches down and pulls Lindsay back to her feet, learning about her opponent's resilience from before. Alicia whips Lindsay across the ring and clothesline the hell out of her after she rebounds back. Lindsay goes down hard. Every one there can tell that she cannot take many more of those.

As Lindsay sits on the mat, looking around to see if any of her teeth are scattered across the mat. She feels Alicia's strong hand clutch the knot on the back of her bikini. Lindsay thinks, 'Damned this bitch is strong as a bear' as Alicia rips the knot away with one mighty tug. Alicia then snatches Lindsay up to her feet and attacks with a chop across Lindsay's bare chest. The Ric Flair Wooo's sound off from the crowd as Lindsay staggers backward against the ropes. Alicia pushes the palm of her hand under Lindsay's chin and bends her back over the top rope. Next Alicia stars slamming her forearm down on Lindsay's exposed freckled chest a bunch of times.

With Lindsay breathless and coughing, Alicia whips Lindsay to the other side of the ring again. When Lindsay rebounds back, Alicia attacks lifting her up and driving her into the mat with a power slam. Alicia sits up to her knees with a smile. She has not had an in ring performance like this since her Bootylicious title run. Then she soundly beat the league's elite. Lindsay is far from the elite. "It's over Lo Ho" Alicia announces with much glee. "There will no Milano today, just the beating I lay on you." Alicia takes a seat on Lindsay's chest. She raises her fist and punches Lindsay in the face. "The ABA is nothing but losers now. I'm glad we're out!" Alicia starts repeatedly pounding Lindsay's face in.

It looks dire for Lindsay. She is receiving a terrible beating. Jenna is on the outside of the ring beating the mat rhythmically to encourage Lindsay. Then Jenna climbs onto the ring apron while shedding her tee shirt at the same time. Jenna tosses the shirt aside and bounces up and down with her world famous breasts jumping up and down. "Oh mister referee!!!!!!!" Jenna sings out like a teen dream cheerleader. The poor referee looks up and responds like any normal man that has just been flashed by the amazing Jenna Jameson. He freezes in his tracks for a few seconds gawking at her luscious body, and hoping his jaw does not hit the mat or start drooling.

Finally he stutters, "Uhhh... uh... get down", the referee says as he approaches the flirting woman. Alicia is sitting firmly on top of Lindsay's chest as the referee goes to attend to Jenna. Even Alicia had paused is total surprise and confusion as she sees Jenna flash the referee. Then out of nowhere a burst of white power explodes in Alicia's face. Alicia screams as the chemical powder burns her eyes and rolls off of Lindsay.

If people did not know it before they now know it was another huge ruse pulled off by the ABA's McCarthy Mob. When Jenna was beating on the mat, it was not to incite Lindsay, it was actually a code. She was informing Lindsay it was time for her to slip her fingers in her spandex tights to find the hidden bag of power. Flashing the referee was just one helluva distraction. Now that the ruse is completed, Jenna drops off the apron, and the referee is back on the action. The powder is gone in the wind, and a blinded Alicia is trying to her to her feet and escape.

With her face still numb with pain, Lindsay pops to her feet thinking, 'Now or never'. Lindsay fires a clobbering right at Alicia's head that rocks her foe. It is followed by a looping left that wobbles Alicia too. Next a good old gut kick lands in Alicia's bread basket. Alicia is hunched over as a powerful drop kick lands squarely to her face, knocking her to the mat. This is not usually a devastating combo, but Alicia is still blinded and offered no defense or saw or expect any of the blows. All those hits were home runs. Stacey tried to yell warnings, but it did not work.

Immediately Alicia rises all wild eyed and confused, and gets kicked in the teeth by a karate style side kick that drops Alicia like a sack of potatoes. The only thing Alicia knows is, if she stays down, Lindsay will destroy her. She is hurt, confused and disoriented, but scrambles to her feet just in time to be knocked down again by another two foot dropkick to her lips. More disorientation more confusion, Alicia finds herself near the ropes, she uses them to find her feet again. Alicia's head turns and finds herself kissing a second dropkick dead on the mouth. Alicia's head snaps back and she goes down one more time. More dazed, more hurt, but Alicia has got to get up and separate from Lindsay for just a little bit. Alicia crawls a couple feet then puts a hand on the ropes and pulls herself up only to find yet another dropkick bushwhacks her face. She goes down again, only this time she bounces around in the corner like she is in a pinball machine before going down one more time.

One side effect of getting kicked in the face several times is that it make the eyes water, and clears Alicia's vision to seeing blurs. One negative side effect is that it makes critical thinking incredibly difficult when you are getting beat over the f'n head. Alicia's punch drunk brain only maintained one thought, that is to get up, use her size and strength and stay away of from Lindsay's good mat wrestling and dirty tricks. Alicia gets up again with the help of the ropes.

Lindsay knows that she has Alicia hurt and needs to find a way to put her away. Lindsay's timing for another dropkick was disrupted by Alicia's slow rising. This time she stalks her prey and comes swooping in under Alicia for a massive uppercut. Alicia's head snaps back, her body goes limp and she motionlessly crumbles to the canvas. The jolt of falling brings Alicia back to life. Her body flops like a startled shit face drunk that fell down then wonders what the hell is going on.

Alicia immediately starts scrambling to her feet, or at least just tries to scramble. In her addle state she has little control over her limbs to accomplish the goal. "Stacey!" Alicia shouts in total distress. "Stacey help!" she repeats as she finally gets her feet. Lindsay grabs Alicia by the arm, and pushes her back against the ropes. Lindsay rocks Alicia with a series of head bobbing short forearm blows to her jaw. Then when Alicia is dumbfoundedly leaning against the ropes, Lindsay unloads a right hook and drops Alicia to the canvas yet again.

Alicia is crawling on the mat trying to get away. "Stacey! Stacey! Stacey! Stacey!" she shamefully calls to her bestie for help. Alicia get to her feet, and as soon as she does two feet from Lindsay's standing drop kick knocks Alicia back down again.

Alicia looks around dazed and confused as she lies on her belly on the mat. Just then a beam on hope appears. Stacey has slid half way in the ring and offers her hand to pull Alicia safety. Alicia swiftly and happily takes Stacey's hand. Stacey starts pulling Alicia out of the ring, until Lindsay grabs Alicia's ankles and pulls in the opposite direction. A tug of war starts between Lindsay and Stacey with Alicia as the rope. At first Stacey has all the momentum and the advantage. Lindsay stalls up and gives one big jerk. The physical advantage of being in the ring takes control. Stacey's feet were jerked off the ringside floor. Lindsay's sharp jerk pulled them off the floor. With her feet off the ground, Stacey has no base to generate any power. Now Lindsay is dragging both squealing clueless girls into the ring.

Then Jenna comes swooping into action, not knowing what the totally confused referee is going to do. Jenna grabs Stacey ankles and rips Stacey loose. The vulnerable actress is jerked backwards and belly flops face first to the arena floor. Stacey only gets to lie there with her pained expression for only a moment, before Jenna yanks her to her feet. Next Stacey is launched face first into the ringside barrier. Stacey hits with a big boom. Fans cringe envisioning the pain Stacey just experienced. Jenna rushes over and grabs Stacey by the hair and jerks her back up. Jenna slings Stacey like a rag doll into the barrier again. Stacey goes flying through the air and hits the barrier with another loud thud. Poor Stacey is lying in a crumpled heap against the wall as Jenna pulls her up again. Jenna takes Stacey by the arm and whips her into the steps to the ring. Stacey wheels out of control into the steps, dislodging them and knocking the top half off the bottom. Finally Jenna quickly pulls Stacey up one last time. She scoops Stacey up in her arms then body slams Stacey on top of the bottom half of the metal steps. Stacey lies there like a big wad of chocolate silly putty. The drop dead gorgeous actress lays spread eagle on top of the steps barely moving.

Meanwhile in the ring, Lindsay has Alicia tied up like a pretzel. Lindsay has her legs tied up with Alicia's legs bending them awkwardly as Alicia lies on her front. Lindsay is draped across Alicia's back with Alicia's arm pushed to the side and pinned painfully by Lindsay's body while Lindsay reaches across and has both of her hands clasp around Alicia's face and pulling backward. It is a version of old WWE Superstar Lord William Regal's Regal Stretch finishing maneuver. Alicia held out hope that Stacey could somehow save her. However she heard a lot of banging around at ringside, accompanied by Stacey shrieking in pain. Now she hears nothing just quiet.

“I quit... I give up!" Alicia shouts secure that all is loss. The referee calls for the bell. Just to torment Alicia, Lindsay maintained the hold for long after the bell. She keeps it on without letting up until the referee finally forces her to break.

After breaking the hold, Lindsay joyously bounds out of the ring into Jenna's celebrating arms. The two bare breasted blondes hug and jump up and down, with breasts flopping and bouncing everywhere. Meanwhile their two fully clothed victims lie defeated, and wallowing in pain. Then strangely, Lindsay and Jenna skip up the ramp and exits to the back.

After they leave, Stacey crawls in the ring and joins Alicia. Both are confused why the ABA left instead of executing their Milano. Then they heard a voice booming over the speakers. "Alicia Silverstone... Stacey Dash... The Lui-Tang Clan claims the honor of executing your Milano!" Lucy Liu announces very grandiosely on the stage. She is looking smoking hot and very menacing, wearing a tight black leather outfit, decorated with spikes and chains.

"Chiaki Kuriyama!" Lucy trumpets as the slender long haired young lady strides pass her. Chiaki's facial expression is somewhere between a smile and a scowl. She is about to whip some ass, and enjoy doing it. Chiaki wears a black micro skirt and a black top that cuts off at the mid drift.

“Minka!" Lucy barks. The ridiculously top heavy woman with the disproportionately slender hips and legs comes pass Lucy. Minka wears a black tee shirt. Minka opted to wear a tight black pair of pants instead. Minka has a scowl. Her eyes tell that she has nothing but ill will intended.

Lucy announces, "Bai Ling" loudly. The ageless slender diminutive woman prances and dances on the stage. She is smiling, but it is not exactly a happy smile. It is more like the lights are on, but not sure what the hell is going on upstairs type smile. It is more like a Harley Quinn from DC Comics type smile. Bai wears a black leather tube top with a black pair of bikini panties as she circles around Lucy before following the others to the ring.

"Now introducing the Lui-Tang Clan's newest prized jewel, our newest member, Asa Akira!" Fans gasp in surprise as the diminutive porn star walks on the stage and heads to the ring. It appears that the ABA is full of surprises. Asa is flat out gorgeous. She wears a small smile hearing the audience's reaction and surprise at her appearance. Asa is outfitted in a black tank top that is soo deep plunging, her wonderful breasts may dance out. She accompanies it with barely there tight black shorts.

By now Alicia and Stacey are on their knees, hugging and huddled together in the middle of the ring while a circus of destruction is walking to the ring. Chiaki and Minka pair together and peel Alicia away from her buddy, leaving Stacey to Bai and Asa's devices. First it is a clobbering session. That means four fist and four feet pounding on one body, according to the legendary Dusty Rhodes. Kicking, punching and stomping, the Asian assault teams furiously and zestfully begin to physically subdue their targets. As Stacey and Alicia start to cower and cover into a ball, often one Clan member will hold their quarry to allow the other Clan member to land clean shots.

Second, they continue to beat and batter their victims, until they are docile enough to start stripping them while they are kicking the shit out of them. Stacey and Alicia are more worried about protecting their bodies at this point than displaying their bodies. Jenna and Lindsay have already taken their toll during the match. Alicia and Stacey simply cannot and more importantly, do not want to deal with much more pain. Since Alicia and Stacey are more concerned about avoiding pain, stripping is them is a fairly quick and easy task.

At this point in the process, the Lui-Tang Clan have reduced Stacey and Alicia to two stark naked, (save their wrestling boots) hard breathing, haggard, beaten, battered, worn and sweaty lumps slumping on the mat. Lucy comes to the ring very proud of her Clan. She tosses four leather straps into the ring, then leaves ringside to return to the stage. Chiaki retrieves the straps and distributes them to her team. Chiaki and Minka corners Alicia while Bai and Asa trap Stacey between them. They soak in the fear in Alicia and Stacey's eyes as they can see that both of them deeply regret forsaking the ABA. With a battle cry Chiaki starts laying in the leather strap on Alicia's body. As if on cue, the others join in strapping the ABA deserters.

The smack of leather abusing precious delicate skin resounds. Alicia and Stacey try to escape, but the Lui-Tang Clan blocks every avenue. They coral them like herding sheep or cattle. It is a concert of cries as Alicia and Stacey pays the price for abandoning the ABA. They are whimpering and screaming near the point of tears as the vicious Asians continue their blistering assault. Some fans can barely watch as Stacey and Alicia's luscious, desirable bodies soon covered with red welts. Tears flow soon after, as they shamelessly beg for mercy and forgiveness. Their begging amused the Lui-Tang Clan, they laughed and laughed. The whipping continues until both victims started repeating, "I'm sorry, I'm sorry forgive me."

Lucy calls off the assault with a nod of her head. On que, Minka picks a blubbering Alicia off the mat, as Asa picks up Stacey. Chiaka pulls out a marker and writes the Chinese symbol for Strength & Power on Alicia's forehead as Bai writes the same symbol on Stacey's head. Meanwhile all the bosses of the ABA have joined Lucy on stage, and congratulate her on an excellent Milano. After writing their mark on their game, the jubilant Lui-Tang Clan drop their victims, leaving them there like rubbish and exits the ring.

Alicia and Stacey curl up into fetal position. They made quite the picture of damsels in distress as their whipped and welt cover bodies glisten with sweat under the lights. Their wrestling boot still on somehow makes them seem more helpless, more ravished, sexier than ever. Both definitely regret ever joining the ABA, much less betraying them. They joined with dreams of high dollar matches that lead to bigger dollar movie roles. Alicia finally got into the ABA's Stimulus Package through Stacey's then friendship with Vivica Fox. For years both wanted out of being typecast as 'The Clueless Girls" for better roles. Being part of the 'bad girls' group would do that. Before it happened, Stacey and Vivica's friendship imploded. Joining The Resistance seemed like a good idea at the time. The Resistance is definitely a better fit for the 'good girlss turned bad' than the ABA. Deep down both vindictive women thirst mightily for revenge against the ABA. However both are now terribly fearful to pursue payback. Only the future will see how these soft spoken hellcats will proceed.

On the flip side, the cult following of the ABA soared. Just like with pro wrestling's greatest factions, The Four Horsemen, The NWO, DX, the Shield, and Evolution, the more brutal and dominant they are, the more popular they become. The internet blazes with tales of the ABA's dominance. The McCarthy Mob's clever defeat of more decorated opponents adds to the mystery of the ABA of yore. The Lui-Tang Clan's brutal Milano frightened everyone in the league. Any future ABA recruit will think twice about joining and suffering their fate. Jenny McCarthy's dream of weeding out the weak took a great leap forward. The gloating Demi Moore laughing on stage at the ones who betrayed her, demise took a leap forward. Even the embattled Denise Richard seemed stronger standing beside the other mighty bosses.

The next day Asa Akira has her ceremony making her officially a 'made woman' in the ABA. Lucy knows the tough little sprite, who finds combat and pain orgasmic, will be a great addition to her aging Clan. Lucy sees cunning, zest, and above all toughness in Asa. She reminds Lucy a lot of herself. Asa went from the granddaughter of Japanese diplomat to working as a dominatrix by the age of nineteen. Lucy is certain that she made the right choice with Asa Akira.

At the initiation party for Asa and the other new members, Jenny addresses the ABA about the growth in the group. "These last days will be times long remembered in the history of the ABA. It has been a long time since everybody in this organization could work together effectively. Today we know that we are stronger working together than apart. An assault to one syndicate is a threat and insult to us all. No, we are not breaking up from the syndicate approach, but I do promise more unity among the bosses. Also there is a change. From now on all Milano's will be organized by The Enforcer, Lisa Lipps! This will insure swift retribution for any betrayal. We will get back on course. We will get back to the core values of this group. Fear! Intimidation, Take what we want! All together say it with me! Fear! Intimidation, Take what we want!"

"Every woman in the room joins in after Jenny, "Fear! Intimidation, Take what we want! Fear! Intimidation, Take what we want!" Then the chant gained steam, taking on more aggression and getting louder. "FEAR! IMTINIDATION! TAKE WHAT WE WANT! FEAR! IMTINIDATION! TAKE WHAT WE WANT! FEAR! IMTINIDATION! TAKE WHAT WE WANT! FEAR! IMTINIDATION! TAKE WHAT WE WANT! FEAR! IMTINIDATION! TAKE WHAT WE WANT!"