Tia slammed a fist down on StoneRage's desk in frustration. "Dammit! It's just not right! Alicia Silverstone is one of the most talented rookies to enter the federation in years. I can't understand why she wants to impress a bunch of misfits like the ABA!"

"Take it easy, Tia," StoneRage replied in a soothing tone. "At least she beat Alyssa Milano for the Bootylicious title. And she even beat Jeri Ryan right after arriving here."

"Sure, but only AFTER Alyssa had been kicked out of the group. Even the match with Jeri was just an attempt to get their attention. And the worst of it is that I think it may be working."

"What do you mean?"

"Well, as you know, she's undefeated. And as tough as Jeri is, Alicia still took her apart and left her lying in her debut match! Then she did the same to Alyssa and took her belt, which means she'd be bringing that title back to the ABA. Also, if she joins the ABA she'll be a lot less likely to challenge Christina for the championship. She's obviously going to be valuable to whichever side she's on, so while I hate to say it, they'd be smart to recruit her. With their dirty tricks behind her she'd be all but invincible."

"So what do you think we should do about it?" StoneRage asked. "It's not like we have any control over who the ABA accepts into their organization."

"We have to make a preemptive strike! If someone can convincingly beat Alicia, her value to the ABA will decrease accordingly. If she loses her title, she's that much less valuable again. They won't want her."

StoneRage was smiling now. "So I guess you have someone in mind to stop Alicia?"

"You know I'm the woman for the job! Without the ABA's cheating I can put her in her place. When I'm through with her, those ABA bitches won't give her a second look!"

"Tia, you're making a lot of sense. I'll see what I can do to set up the match."

Only a day later, StoneRage called Tia back to his office. He explained that to his surprise, Alicia had seemed eager to take on the challenge. However, it was obvious she understood what he and the Fab Four had in mind, so she asked for some stipulations. If she lost her title, she would publicly admit that she wasn't ready to join the ABA. If, on the other hand, she defeated Tia, the brunette would be stripped and shaved by Alicia right in the middle of the ring. She clearly relished the thought of humiliating one of StoneRage's favorites. To sweeten the pot, she would even allow the ref of Tia's choice.

Tia didn't even pause. "No problem. It's worth a little risk to keep her away from the ABA."

StoneRage opened his mouth, then closed it again and nodded. Tia was a big girl, and she surely understood what was on the line. And, that quickly, the match was on.

The night of the match arrived, and being the challenger Tia was first to come to the ring. She almost jogged down the aisle, hair pulled back into a ponytail and mind totally focused on the match to come. She looked toned and fantastic, wearing a white halter bikini top and matching white spandex pants with flaring cuffs. She was now even more confident after watching Pam Anderson's match, a fantastic return to form which had seen the hellcat become the first woman ever to beat Madonna in a cockfight.* The Fab Four were back on track.

By contrast, Alicia sauntered to the ring with her hair loose and a cocky smile on her face. She looked equally amazing, with a deep purple bikini top and matching purple and black biker shorts. She jokingly teased fans on the way to the ring, telling them that she was sorry to disappoint them, but they wouldn't get a chance to see any of her own sweet skin tonight.

Julie Strain had already been booked to handle the title match between Christina Applegate and Alyssa Milano later in the evening, so she had chosen the powerful Aussie model Elle McPherson to officiate this one. Elle had a reputation for calling every match down the middle, and would be tough enough to take matters into her own hands if a fighter didn't want to listen to her.

When Alicia finally made it down to ringside, she didn't immediately enter the ring. Instead she took a lap around it and taunted more fans, knowing Tia was staring at her every second. When she did turn to the ring, she looked Tia right in the eye and patted her sexy ass with both hands, indicating that the brunette would soon be trapped under it. This had the desired effect as Tia ran to the rope and grabbed at her, forcing Elle to order her back and allow Alicia to enter the ring. The blond grinned, aware that she had gained a small edge by turning Elle's attention on her foe.

The psychological battle continued as Elle gave the two fighters instructions prior to the bell. Alicia listened to the instructions, but followed each with a comment to Tia, a little too quietly to be heard by the crowd. Just as Elle turned to warn her about it, Tia again lunged at her, earning a second warning herself. Alicia smiled and winked at her foe, happy in the knowledge that she was goading her opponent into making mistakes.

The bell finally rang, and Tia charged her blond foe. She was met by a stinging slap that whipped her head to the side, but immediately returned a slap of her own. The two then moved into a collar and elbow, which Tia turned into a headlock. Alicia powered out with an elbow, which Tia grabbed and turned into an armbar, only to have it reversed in turn into a monkey flip. Throughout this exchange, Alcia continued to quietly taunt her challenger, further igniting the action star's fiery temper.

This time the strategy backfired as Tia pasted her with a right cross, then followed it up with a devastating clothesline which stunned the young champion. Tia immediately grabbed the fallen champ's leg, twisting it into a half-crab. She pulled on the shapely leg until she felt it weaken, then moved the hold into an STF, locking her arms around Alicia's head. When she felt she had worn down the young blond enough, she pulled her to her feet and forced her back into the ropes with chop after chop.

Amazingly, Alicia had continued to quietly taunt the dominant brunette. By now, Tia was infuriated. How dare this young bitch take her lightly? Well, in a minute it wouldn't matter, because she'd be lying flat on her back and Tia would have added a new belt to her resume. Even as Elle was stepping forward to order her to let Alicia off the ropes, Tia tossed the dazed champ toward the opposite side of the ring, setting her up for a superkick that would shut her mouth once and for all.

Alicia rebounded hard, but somehow managed to shove Elle into the path of the blow, adding her own momentum to Tia's brutal kick. The move was so abrupt that Elle never saw it coming, much less had a chance to react. Her head snapped back as though a bat had hit her and she dropped flat on her back. Only the rising and falling of her chest revealed that the big brunette was still among the living.

Tia's eyes widened as she realized what she'd done, and for the briefest of moments she froze. It was a moment she would regret, because Alicia took advantage of it to clothesline the sexy star over the top rope to the concrete floor below.

With the wind knocked out of her, it took Tia a few seconds to get back to her feet. By the time she looked up to find her foe, Alicia was hurtling from the top turnbuckle in a missile dropkick that nearly took Tia's head off. The challenger dropped as though she had been shot. Not wanting to give her tough foe a chance to recover, Alicia quickly grabbed a folding chair from ringside. She delivered a fierce shot to the head that again put Tia on her back, then began shoving the edge of the chair into the downed girl's exposed throat.

Back in the ring, Elle had begun to stir and was struggling to her hands and knees. Alicia grabbed Tia's now loose hair, then quickly threw her back in before the ref could realize the extent of her brutality. She followed, yanked the challenger's top off and immediately began to choke her with it. She knew Elle would make her break that grip soon enough, but since she had managed to avoid any previous warnings there was little chance she'd be disqualified.

It took another half minute before Elle had recovered sufficiently to return her attention to the match, and as expected she yanked the halter away and ordered Alicia to step away from Tia. Alicia immediately complied, knowing the damage had already been done. Elle tossed the halter out of the ring and out of the reach of either girl, and knelt to see if Tia was able to continue the match. Alicia used the time to strip off her tight biker shorts and toss them into the crowd, revealing a tiny purple thong that left little of her fine ass to the imagination. She baited the fans with a 'cut-throat' gesture, a la Chris Benoit, and was rewarded with a chorus of boos for her dirty tactics.

Tia had by then risen unsteadily to her feet and waved Elle away, indicating she wanted to continue. Elle stepped aside and gave the signal to wrestle, but even as the fans cheered Tia's courage, Alicia charged her and buried a vicious knee into her midsection. Tia doubled over, allowing the champion to grab her and lift her into an over-the-shoulder backbreaker.

Despite her aches, Tia immediately recognized the danger and began kicking and struggling, desperately trying to escape the debilitating hold. As her sweat-slick body twisted in Alicia's grip, the champion realized she wasn't going to be able to maintain her grasp on the feisty brunette. Instead, just as Tia began to slide forward off her shoulder, Alicia dove forward and cruelly jammed the challenger's head into the mat.

Tia made a wounded grunting sound and folded like an accordion, taking the brunt of the blow on her already damaged neck. She rolled to her side and struggled to rise, but she was obviously hurt.

Alicia rolled easily to her feet and again patted her shapely ass, indicating that she was ready to finish the Relic Hunter star off. She blew the booing crowd a kiss before returning her attention to her injured opponent.

Tia had made it to her knees and was trying to clear her ringing head. Alicia measured her for a moment and then charged forward like a place kicker, landing a powerful foot to the head that returned the brunette to her back in the middle of the ring. Tia hardly moved as the champ strolled casually over to stand at the head of her fallen foe. Alicia grabbed the challenger's wrists, lifting her upper body off the mat for a moment, then dropped down onto Tia's bare breasts. As she did so, she was careful to slide her own calves under the brunette's shoulders, keeping them off the mat so Elle wouldn't count a pin.

Finally, Alicia's taunts became loud enough to be heard. "Hey babe, you ready to give up? Admit that I'm the better woman? If you beg, you might get to avoid the taste of my ass as your last memory of this match."

Tia seemed to be gathering her strength. "Go to hell. I'm not done for yet!"

The pretty blond smiled, genuinely pleased. "That's sweet, hon. It really is. But now I'm going to show you how wrong you are." She slid her nearly bare buttocks back, putting her weight into it as her ass engulfed Tia's face. "Say goodnight, Gracie."

The brunette instantly erupted into motion, kicking her feet and bucking her torso in an effort to unseat the blond atop her. Her powerful hands yanked hard, trying to pull her foe's thighs apart and unbalance her.

Alicia's eyes sparkled, clearly ecstatic at the show of resistance. She actually laughed with delight, looking like she was riding a mechanical bull as she rocked back and forth from Tia's struggles. Her stiff nipples were clearly visible through her thin bikini, making it obvious how turned on she was by her position.

Despite the brunette's magnificent effort, it was quickly apparent that she simply didn't have the strength to unseat her blond foe. Still, there was a sort of terrible fascination in watching to see how long she would be able to hold out before her destined conquest.

Inevitably, her frenzied struggles began to slow. Her kicks grew weaker and less frequent and her strength faded against the steely thighs. A sudden twist of her nipples by the champion resulted in a brief revival of her resistance, but it didn't last long. Even Tia's iron will wasn't enough to force her exhausted muscles to keep responding, and at last the sleek, sexy body stopped thrashing. Her hands slowly stopped tugging, coming gently to rest on Alicia's bare thighs. Her legs made a last few feeble movements and then lay still. It was one of the the few times in her career the proud warrior was left in a totally submissive, helpless position in the ring.

When as it was evident that Tia had been completely overcome, Elle stepped in. She gave the brave action star a cursory check, and when the girl didn't respond she awarded the match to Alicia amid a chorus of boos.

Surprisingly, the champion immediately rose from her conquered foe. She tugged the tight pants off, then Tia's thong, leaving the Hawaiian beauty totally naked. After tossing the clothing into the crowd, she grabbed an electric razor from ringside and returned to her prey. The fallen challenger hardly moved as Alicia shaved her pussy. Then she spread her adversary's legs, making sure that everyone got a good look as cameras snapped. Finally, she posed with her title in hand, standing proud over the limp victim at her feet.

Tia slowly began to stir as Alicia at last left the ring. As awareness returned, she realized her plan had backfired badly. The nude brunette curled up in shame as she heard the champion's final comment coming over the P.A. system: "Hey StoneRage, this one was for you, babe. And I hope the ABA was watching!"

"Jebediah Morningside"

Booty of The Bootylicous Champ!!

Tia's pissed and looking for revenge!
*Pam conquers Madonna

2017 Mom's I'd like to Fight ( MILF) mini tournament

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