"I guess we can see who has stroke with the league's booking committee. The Resistance and the ABA got their members an instant title shots for this newly created XXX Championship." Kerry Washington talks privately with the others at her table.

"Maybe. I understand that the Fab Girls still got pull with Stone Rage and can get things that they need. They were not interested in this opportunity because they don't have a porn star on their roster." Naya Rivera answers Kerry.

"I’ll be damned" Kerry quickly responds back. "I saw Monster's Ball. There is a porn queen on their roster." Kerry answers as the gorgeous superstars break into laughter.

Kaley Cuoco chimes in, "It is almost time for the Board of Directors to perform evaluation of the booking committee. If they don't recieve a favarable evaluation, then that member could be replaced. The existing members are making deals to keep their position. I think the Resistance will keep their influence though."

"I'm not sure." The fourth woman, Mila Kunis, at the table interjects. "The board of directors reserves the right to deny matches that are booked, in the best interest of the league. I'm not sure even Christina Applegate will keep her job as chairman of the booking committee. Profits are up so Christina should maintain her job, but you never know."

This unusual collection of extreme beauty are seated at a VIP table at the annual STONE RAGE NEW YEAR'S EVE BASH! It is the league's annual all-star way of bringing in the New Year with black out drunkenness and one helluva catfight. Prim and proper divas are going to hike up their elegant dresses, kick off their heels and get down on the dance floor. Fun and debauchery will abound, compliments of the open bar, and party mixes by Stone Rage's favorite DJ, DJ Lady Tribe. It ain't nothing but the party of the year y'all!!!

Jessica Alba and Eva Mendes invited Kerry, Mila, Naya and Kaley to this VIP complimentary table to try to recruit all four smoking hot stars to join the Resistance. All four have been highly recruited by the other groups in the league. Realistically the future and the balance of power of the league teeters with these women and the conversation at this table.

"So what do you girls really think about joining the Resistance?" Kaley asks the others. "Jessica Alba has promised me a lot with Christina Applegate as the booking committee chairman. They are promising me title opportunities and a chance to go down in history as the one to put Pam Anderson or Jenny McCarthy's tired old ass down once and for all."

"Hmp... you'll be the greatest Blonde Geek Goddess of all time." Naya adds jokingly.

Ignoring Naya's jest Kaley continues. "I'm really liking what the Resistance has to offer. I like what they stand for too. It's time for some of these old bitches taking all the top roles and main events to get booted right into the retirement home."

"I must admit that the Resistance looks strong to me also." Kerry adds. "But Vivica Fox and Gabrielle Union are recruiting me hard to join the Stimulus Package too. Frankly, you've got to love the fame and money that comes from being in the league, but I'm not trying to get stripped and fucked in the ring publicly on a regular basis either. So I'm joining the group that gives me the best chance of avoiding getting humiliated and sexually dominated."

Several ladies nodded their agreement. "Well obviously me joining the ABA with Demi Moore around is out of the question." Mila says since she is engaged to Demi's ex husband Ashton Kutcher. "I was thinking about hooking up with Gen Prime with Natalie Portman and Kelly Clarkson. They seem to always have a title in their stable. But Jessica Alba has been making strong arguments for the Resistance. They have very nearly changed my mind. I don't know right now."

"I don't know which way I'll go." Naya confesses. "To be honest, I've had some conversations with the Fab Four. I don't know if they'll take me. Pam says they prefer more experienced in ring members. I'm still considering the Resistance, but I doubt I'll join. They would have to show me something big to change my mind."

"Kerry, since you've got the inside on the ABA and the Stimulus Package, what do you think about tonight's 6 man tag matches between the Resistance and the Stimulus Package. It should be awesome. Neither team has even kniws who will represent the other team tonight. What's going on?" Kayley asks.

"It’s going to be Scandalous, and it begins with national politics." Kerry dramatically answers. "There has been big tension in the Stimulus Package between Vivica Fox and Stacey Dash, since the 2012 presidential election. You know Vivica supported Obama, and Stacey can out unexpectedly with these weird photos of her supporting Mitt Romney wearing a sexy swimsuit. Vivica publically and privately spoke out against her. Stacey didn't let it go. She kept making blog posts spouting right wing opinion and made people think she's gone off her rocker in her old age."

"It gets a little deeper than that." Kerry continues. "Meagan Goode was already pissed about Vivica and Lisa Raye not being able to settle their difference and that leading to Vivica whipping Lisa's ass and throwing her out the group. Now the same thing is happening with Stacey. Meagan has looked up to Vivica, Stacey and Lisa like big sisters since early in her career. Poor Demi has not been the same since Ashton Kucher dumped and divorced her. Vivica told me she is trying to get me in so she can kick Stacey and Alicia Silverstone to the curb. I don't know who is fighting for the Stimulus Package, but I guarantee a scandal brewing."

Kerry turns to Kayley and asks, "I know you've got the inside on the Resistance, what should we expect from them?”

"I don't know." Kayley answers. "I do know that Jessica Alba has big plans for us at this table, if we choose to join. She says we will be the Resistance’s centerpiece and the superstars of the league. I know she has us seated at ringside in these prime seats to impress us tonight."

"Looks like we won't have to wait any longer to find out what's going on." Naya says. "They’re getting ready to start the match."

All eyes turn to the ring where the hostess for the night, Heidi Klum in the ring, leading the ceremonies. After setting the stage Heidi says, "Now coming to the ring representing the Stimulus Package, Vivica A. Fox, Alicia Silverstone and Stacey Dash!" As Vivica leads her team into the ring, Kerry can't help but think this is Stacey and Alicia's final chance. If things do not go right tonight, Stacey and Alicia will receive the customary beat down out of the ABA called, The Milano before the ball drops to bring in 2014.

Heidi makes a few witty comments as the Stimulus Package take the ring, greet fans, and prepare for competition. Then Heidi announces, "Now coming to the ring, the team representing the Resistance!"

All eyes turn eagerly to see who is representing the Resistance. Everyone is further surprised and confused to see only Eva Mendes, and nobody accompanies her as she comes to the ring. Eva struts with her head high, and a confident smirk on her face as she walks to the ring, like nothing is unusual. Eva climbs into the ring and awaits the opening bell for the match.

Vivica is arrogantly laughing with a smug glee as she stands in the ring, ready to start the match for her team. Through her chuckles, Vivica calls out, "What's the matter Eva? Did the rest of your team chicken out, or could you not get any of those punk bitches to fight us?"

“I don’t understand." Eva answers. "My team is here. I was wondering where your team was."

Vivica looks at Eva and frowns like she is insane. Then Vivica gets clobbered over the back of the head. Then again, again and again she is clobbered until Vivica falls to her hands and knees on the mat. That is when the kicks to her body instantly commence. Vivica curls into the fetal position to protect herself and finally looks up at her assailants. She sees Stacey Dash and Alicia Silverstone viciously stomping a mudhole in her. Soon Eva Mendes joins into the fun, and they all start stomping the piss out of a defenseless Vivica A. Fox.

The audience burst in an uproar. Most did not expect this. The other members of the ABA and especially the Stimulus Package get to their feet and some start to the ring. Fearing anarchy, security is under orders from Stone Rage himself scramble to the ABA's tables to prevent them from turning the Bash into chaos.

Never one to be a victim and always an opportunist, Vivica spies a slight opening. Vivica rolls to the side and springs to her feet. Now standing, Vivica starts throwing punches furiously. She nails Alicia first, then Eva, then Stacey. "Oh, it's like that? Come get some bitches!" Vivica grumbles as she feverously fights off all three assailants. Vivica's stinging whirlwind of punches have Eva, Stacey and Alicia backing away. The audience gets to their feet supporting Vivica's miraculous comeback.

Finally with her attackers forced to back off, Vivica has some breathing room, allowing Vivica strike to like a viper. Vivica lunges at Stacey first, and blasts her in the jaw with a wicked elbow. Stacey drops to the mat. Alicia charges at Vivica and catches an elbow in her forehead for her trouble. Vivica quickly turns in time to catch Eva with a punch in the face to drop her to the canvas.

Vivica finds the time to take two deep breaths as her enemies lay on the mat, then Alicia jumps on her back from behind. As Vivica struggles with Alicia, Eva is back on her feet and running toward Vivica. Vivica raises her foot and kicks Eva as she comes in. Alicia has her arm around Vivica's neck and her legs wrapped around Vivica's waist. Vivica seizes Alicia's wrist to look for a way to throw Alicia off. Then suddenly Stacey comes charging in and spears Vivica in the gut with a shoulder. Vivica is driven to the mat, clutching her stomach, with her fiery spark decisively put to an end.

Vivica is holding her gut with her face wrenched with horrible pain. Instantly Stacey and Alicia start raining fist all over her body and head, only to be joined by Eva a couple of moments later. Vivica is getting mugged and beaten into the mat. Her assailants are over her devouring the classic beauty like a pack of animals finding their first prey of a hunt. They only relent once Vivica is curled into a quivering ball.

They only break to stand. Then Stacey starts directing traffic. She instructs the others to haul Vivica to her feet. Stacey grabs Vivica by the back of the head and forces Vivica's head between her thighs. Stacey hoists Vivica upside down in position for a pile driver. Eva and Alicia each grab Vivica's legs and provide an extra strength as Stacey falls backwards and drive Vivica's head to the mat. Vivica receives a powerful impact. Her body goes limp and falls to the canvas. Vivica lies motionless as Eva, Alicia and Stacey momentarily celebrate Vivica's demise.

Their celebration is brief and soon they return to Vivica and start violently stripping her of her clothes. Seeing they were not relenting, Stone Rage radios to his security chief to allow Demi Moore, Gabrielle Union and Meagan Good, the others in the Stimulus Package, to go to the ring to save poor Vivica.

Wearing party dresses and heels, Demi, Gabrielle and Meagan make a mad dash to the ring. In moments they are at ringside. Eva, Stacey and Alicia pause their attack of Vivica and turn their attention to the approaching threat.

The Stimulus Package gets to the ring, and look up at Eva, Stacey and Alicia for a moment. Obie Wan Kenobie said it best, "It's over Anakin. I have the high ground." Anakin Skywalker did not heed those words, and neither do the Stimulus Package.

Demi, Gabrielle and Meagan try to enter the ring, while their rivals are only trying to defend it. Gabrielle tries to slide in under the bottom rope, but is greeted by Alicia's feet, kicking her in the head, and driving her back out of the ring. Meagan climbs on the ring apron, and encounters Eva. A slugfest breaks out between the two. Demi tries to crawl between the ropes into the ring. Stacey catches her with a knee lift as Demi ducks her head through the ropes. The impact to Demi's jaw buckles her knees and makes her swoon. Stacey quickly grabs Demi by the hair and snatches her upright. Stacey turns Demi so her back is against the ropes, then Stacey bends Demi backwards over the top rope, till the vintage beauty is looking up at the ceiling. Now Stacey brings forearm after battering forearm down on Demi's chest.

Gabrielle is catching a literal headache from trying to enter the ring. Alicia stomps viciously every time Gabrielle tries to slide into the ring. Gabrielle then tries to grab Alicia's ankle to drag her out of the ring, but gets kicked in the teeth for her trouble. Alicia darts several feet back to the middle of the ring and comes blazing back for a running start. Alicia does a baseball slide, with her foot sliding into Gabrielle's face like it is home plate. Gabrielle's head snaps back, her legs buckle, and she staggers backwards awkwardly before stumbling to the ground. Gabrielle stays down with her mind in a fog.

Eva and Meagan traded blows steadily. Neither were able to gain a significant advantage. Behind them, Vivica slowly lifts her head off the mat. She is still dazed, but realized that the calvary had arrived to save her, but they are going to need her help to tip the numbers in their favor. On sheer will power, Vivica forces her bruised body to stand. She feels her big titties swaying as she moves, and now realizes that her top is gone and her tits are exposed and swaying freely. Vivica ignores that and charges at Eva, who has her back to Vivica, and cannot possibly know that Vivica has gotten off the mat and is coming. But somehow Eva knew. She moves out of the way at the last moment, and allows Vivica to accidently collide into Meagan. Vivica freight trains into Meagan hard. Meagan is catapulted off the ring apron like a rocket. She finds herself landing almost ten feet away. Luckily she lands on her feet, then stumbles and tumbles until she smacks into a party table and crashes over the top of it, then she flips over the table, then disappears over the other side.

Vivica pauses in jaw jacking shock of her mistake. That is when Eva swoops under Vivica and scoops the iconic actress up on her shoulders. Eva dumps Vivica off her shoulders for yet another stunning crash landing. Eva quickly locks Vivica in a single leg Boston crab, now laughing, chuckling ridiculing Vivica's bumbling the whole situation all night. Finally Eva releases her Crab hold and jerks Vivica to her feet by her bottoms. Eva grabs Vivica around her neck and hoists her up and slams her down with a Rock Bottom type maneuver.

Meagan stands with her cleavage proudly protruding from her dress and but it is covered with food from the table that she flipped over. She looks at the situation and is disgusted even more. She reaches an emotional tilt. Meagan was already distraught and disgruntled with good reason. Vivica Fox, Stacey Dash especially and Lisa Raye have been her mentors and friends since she was a teen in the business. They are the only reason she is in Stimulus Package, much less the league. Now watching their friendship disintegrate before her eyes is too much for Meagan. "Fuck this!" Meagan spits. Then and turns and walks away from the ring and all the way out of the ballroom. Meagan leaves the bash and is never seen again that night.

As all of this is taking place, Stacey had gotten bored of pounding Demi's chest. She jerked on Demi's hair, bending her back over the top rope a little further, then reaches out and grabs Demi's throat and starts strangling the Stimulus Package's boss. Off balance, Demi struggles to get free, but has next to no sucess. "Demi, I'm afraid I've got some bad news for you. I don't think the Stimulus Package is a good fit for me and Alicia. I'm afraid we are leaving the group." Demi gags and struggles more. Stacey mocks concern. "Ahhh don't feel bad. I'm leaving you with Vivica, another delusional liberal bitch, just like you. I'm going to have a little talk with my old friend Vivica now. If you're smart, you'll give us a little privacy. If you don't I'll definitely talk to you too." Stacey advises. Then Stacey moves her hand and kicks Demi in the small of her back. Demi is launched off the ring apron, and lands flat on her face on the ringside floor.

With the ring cleared, Stacey, Alicia and Eva converge on Vivica. Alicia and Eva each grab one of Vivica's arms and haul her to her feet. Stacey smiles as her once friend is now helpless before her. Stacey reaches down and removes Vivica's bottoms and panties with one trip, moving them down Vivica's shapely legs. This leaves Vivica totally nude and trapped before Stacey. "Well, look at you now Vivica" Stacey sarcastically chirps. "Look where all your shit talking has got you. You're standing here buck naked, with your big ol' floppy tits sagging, and you were talking about my tits being out."

Stacey caresses Vivica's tits. "I understand, you're just jealous of my tits because mine are firm and don't sag like yours." Stacey stops caressing and starts socking Vivica's boobs. Stacey treats Vivica's like punching bags and starts a speed bag boxing training drill in a gym, but using Vivica's boobs as the bags. Vivica cringes tries to dodge but Alicia and Eva holds Vivica in place so she cannot avoid one single rap.

Vivica yelps and barks as Stacey's fist make meaty smacks against Vivica's tits. She growls, "You cat eyed bitch! When I get my hands on you, I'm going to fucking kill you. I'm going to put my foot so far up your ass that I'm going to play kickball with your tonsils" Stacey chuckles at Vivica's threat and keeps pounding Vivica's breasts.

Demi gets to her feet, and sees what is happening in the ring. Gabrielle Union has gotten to her feet too and is looking to enter the ring. Demi calls to Gabrielle to come over. Especially seeing that Meagan had abandoned them, and the numbers were no longer on their side or even. "This is Vivica's mess." She tells Gabrielle. "She started this drama with Stacey so let her get herself out of it. There's no need for all of us to get our asses beat because she wants to talk about Stacey's politics." With that Demi and Gabrielle leave ringside and go back to their table.

In the ring Vivica yells and screams as Stacey continues to beat a rhythm on her titties. Vivica is wracked with pain. Her knees have gone weak, and Eva and Alicia are physically holding her up. Only thing is Vivica is one historically stubborn bitch. She refuses to give Stacey the satisfaction of hearing her beg for mercy or shed tears. So she keeps issuing threats and slurs at Stacey although she truly wants to cry like a baby and beg Stacey to stop punishing her prized hooters.

By Vivica's pitiful expression, Stacey knows that Vivica is at the end of her rope. She knows her job is done. Vivica was once a good friend so Stacey shows some mercy, although she doubts if Vivica would grant her the same mercy if the situations were reversed. Stacey stops and smiles as Vivica moans and mewls pitifully. "Poor Vivica. Maybe you can sign up for Obamacare for assistance." Stacey picks followed by a hearty laugh.

"Fuck you!" Vivica spits back.

"Oh Vivica, stop being such a cunt!" Stacey says and drives her knee up into Vivica's snatch. Vivica lets out a lion sized roar then whimpers like a little kitten. Eva and Alicia lets go of her arms allowing Vivica to sink to the mat and curl into a ball. She cradles her aching knockers and one hand comforts her moistening pussy.

Eva grabs the mic and addresses the audience with a smiling Alicia and Stacey by her side. "Happy New Year everyone!" Eva proudly announces. "I would like to officially welcome the Resistance's two new members Alicia Silverstone and Stacey Dash. When the Resistance first was announced, Cameron Diaz declared war on both the ABA and the Fab Four. Today the ABA got a taste of what we have to offer. Fab Four, you're going to get yours soon enough. 2014 will be the year of the Resistance. Get used to seeing us standing tall and our enemies at our feet!"

Once The Resistance leaves the ring, then security is allowed to clear the mess in the ring, aka one Vivica A. Fox. Demi had ordered that Vivica be taken to Demi's table where she receives a sever tongue lashing while the naked woman ices her swollen melons. Demi is telling Vivica to "Get your shit together", and get the Stimulus Package back on track. Vivica listen on almost ignoring her leader. She knows that Demi's threats are empty. Demi's position in the league would have collapsed long ago without Vivica. She has been spaced out and dizzy since her relationship with Ashton Kutcher collapsed. Besides Vivica was planning on replacing Alicia and Stacey anyway, and had several recruits in mind.

At the VIP table at the at ringside where the Resistance's prized recruits sit, Kerry comments, "That was impressive. I didn't think anybody would dare attack the ABA like that. I have to readjust my thinking about the Resistance. Either they are incredibly strong or incredibly stupid."

"I must admit you're right" Mila says, "it definitely gives you something to think about. They've got balls. They might be able to accomplish what they say."

"I for one am still not sold." Naya contributes. ""They put down the Fab Four in the Massacre, but haven't done anything to address the beat down Tia Carrere, Zoe Saldana put on them at ThE RoCk tHe BoAt CrUiSe! 2 tour."

"Well ladies I guess we have an interesting 2014 ahead of us." Kayley assures. She raises her champagne glass for a toast with her other compatriots at the table "Happy New Year everybody!"


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