Alicia Silverstone (56%) Slams Salma Hayek(44%)
"Your win against Jeri was just a fluke. You were lucky you're first time around little girl. Now you will see what it's like to face an experienced fighter like myself." shouted Salma menacingly from across the ring. Salma was wearing a pair of boxer shorts and a matching sports bra.

"My win was no fluke you old skank. I had to fight hard for my win and you'll soon see how much of a better wrestler I am because of it. You'll be eating you're words by the end of the match, I promise you that." responded Alicia confidently. Alicia was wearing biker shorts and bra. Both had their hair back in ponytails for better vision.

The bell rang and both wrestlers approached each other. The more experienced Salma surprised Alicia with a number of forearm attacks to the face pushing her back to the ropes. Salma then propelled Alicia toward the opposite ropes, then executing a body-slam on her return. Before Alicia could recover, Salma quickly brought her to her feet and whipped her from one turnbuckle to another in quick succession.

After whipping Alicia to the fourth corner, Salma took a short moment to play and pose for the crowd. She soon turned her attention back to Alicia as she began to approach her. Alicia charged at Salma and knocked her over with a clothesline, then another clothesline and then a third. The fourth time Salma got to her feet, Alicia kicked her in the crotch forcing her to double over holding her crotch. Alicia then followed up with a DDT. As she got up, Alicia also pulled Salma up by the hair, yanked her head between her legs and proceeded with a power bomb. The DDT and power bomb left Salma pained and dazed on the mat.

Alicia went to the outside of the ring and climbed to the third rope for a high risk maneuver. Alicia waved to the crowd momentarily before moving on with her move. Alicia jumped towards Salma for a belly splash, but at the last second, Salma rolled out of the way causing Alicia's gut to hit full force with the mat. Alicia rolled on the mat holding her stomach being slightly winded after her miss.

Both Alicia and Salma got up on their feet at the same time. The more experienced Salma moved in with a number of karate chops to Alicia's chest, followed by a flurry of fierce punches to her stomach and chest. Salma then picks her up and tosses Alicia in the corner where she continued with even more punches to her chest and stomach and with a few to her head causing some blood to trickle down from her mouth and nose. Salma then changed her plan of attack and kicked her several times in the crotch causing Alicia to yelp in pain and hold her crotch. Salma then reverted back to karate chops to the chest. Then, with a surge of energy and without regard to pain, Alicia grabbed Salma by the neck, picked her up and threw her into the same set of turnbuckles that she was up against. Alicia then began furiously punching away at Salma's chest, stomach and face. Alicia adds in a few knees to Salma's gut.

To add to what she already did, Alicia began whipping Salma from one turnbuckle to the other. Alicia followed right behind Salma and rammed her shoulder or knee after Salma met up with the turnbuckle. After a couple rounds of this, Salma was showing her fatigue, pain and rustiness after being out of action for so long. She was wobbly on her feet even in the corner. Alicia got up on the second turnbuckle, grabbed Salma's hair, pulled her head back and began punching away causing bruises and cuts to her face and blood to come from her mouth and nose. After about forty punches, Alicia then quickly wrapped her legs around Salma's head, spun her around and tossed her to the middle of the mat. Alicia quickly got back to her feet, sensing victory, raised her arms and went around the ring playing to the fans. After a moment of this, she returned her attention to Salma who was still on the mat but was stirring and trying to get up. Alicia, went to the third rope and waited for Salma to get to her feet. It took Salma a moment to struggle to her feet where she staggered around a bit before she actually turned and saw Alicia on the third turnbuckle. However, by that point it was too late for her because Alicia had already launched her body at her and connected with a missile toe drop kick to Salma's chest sending her flying across the mat with her arms and legs flailing.

Alicia quickly made her way to Salma, pulled her away from the ropes, flipped her onto her stomach, bent her legs at the knee and leaned on them. Alicia then reached with her hands to Salma's head and pulled back on it causing her to shriek in pain from her modified version of a Bow & Arrow Hold. The more Alicia applied the hold, the more Salma was in pain. After a couple minutes of applying the hold, Salma could no longer take the pain as she tapped out to show that she submitted.

"II give, I give. Please no more." cried out Salma.

"Who's the better wrestler Salma? Who's a fluke?" asked Alicia demandingly.

"You're the better wrestler. You're no fluke Alicia. I'm sorry for calling you a fluke. Please release me." sobbed Salma.

Jeri RyanAt that point Alicia released the hold and let the sobbing Salma flop to the mat. All of a sudden, out of nowhere, Jeri came down the ramp with a chair and slid into the ring. "Hey Alicia." yelled Jeri as the stunned Alicia turned around to see a chair coming at her head and connect with a loud thud, dropping her to he mat in a daze, nearly out. Jeri pulled a wobbly and dazed Alicia to her feet and once again hit Alicia with a chair to the head drawing blood and once again putting her on the mat..

"Let this be a lesson to you Alicia. You don't humiliate Jeri Ryan and get away with it. I challenge you to another match and the next time, I won't be so easy on you. Until then, I will be tailing your every move and match. I will be your shadow. And about you're wanting to be a part of the famed ABA, you will have to go through me." yelled Jeri as she stood over Alicia. She then departed the ring and went back to her locker room. Alicia didn't know what to make of Jeri's threat and whether or not to believe her.

Alicia is for real!

Salma goes down hard!