Halle paced her dressing room nervously. She had already stretched, limbering herself for her forthcoming match, and now there was nothing to do but wait. More than her own opponent, however, she was concerned about the match that preceded her own.

Her friend and Fab Four comrade Jennifer Lopez had elected to try to break a losing streak by accepting a match against one of the toughest ladies in the league, Jenny McCarthy. J'Lo insisted that she'd only be able to return to her own potential by surviving a real challenge, but deep in her heart Halle wondered if her friend had made the right decision. Jenny was a dangerous woman.*

Halle had elected not to watch the match so she could concentrate on her own, but she was still finding it hard to focus. Not knowing was just as bad, it seemed. She was just reaching for the monitor to turn it on when her own theme music started playing on the speakers, cueing her to head to the ring. Whatever had happened, Jennifer's match was over.

Halle mentally shook herself, bringing her attention back to her own contest. Alicia Silverstone had made no secret of her desire to join the ABA, and unless her undefeated streak ended soon it seemed certain that they'd take her up on the offer. Tia Carrere had been Alicia's most recent victim, giving her a good match but eventually going down to a decisive defeat at the hands of the haughty blond.^ Halle knew that StoneRage and the Fab Four might not get another chance to derail the cocky young champion.

The sexy star stepped out into the corridor that led toward the ring then stopped short. J'Lo was just outside the door, about to enter. Halle's heart sank. J'Lo's posture told her all she needed to know about how her friend's match had gone.

Jennifer raised her head and met Halle's eyes, even managing a strange half smile. "Sounds like it's time for your match. Go knock 'em dead."

"Jennifer, I..." Halle began, but J'Lo cut her off.

"You have your own opponent to worry about, girl. Go show them what the Fab Four can do." Jennifer started through the door, letting her gaze, and her smile, waver. "And hey, at least now I know for sure."

"What?" Halle responded. "What are you talking... about...." But she was speaking to a closed door. Cursing under her breath, she turned to go to the ring. She couldn't afford to lose by default.

Halle walked down to the ring with little of her usual appreciation for the fans. She would normally have been signing autographs or posing with those at ringside, but tonight the brunette strode directly to the ring, almost staring a hole in it. Still, she looked fantastic, every toned muscle moving like quicksilver under her burnt orange bikini. Once in the ring, she briefly raised a hand to acknowledge the cheers as her name was announced, but kept her attention on the ramp where her foe would emerge.

She didn't have long to wait. As soon as Halle had received her introduction, the music switched to Alicia's now familiar theme, with the crowd accordingly shouting their disapproval. Too many of their favorites had fallen before this arrogant young woman.

The boos and catcalls grew twice as loud as Alicia actually appeared on the ramp. She looked sweet and sexy in an outfit of lime green biker shorts with a matching bikini top and boots, but those present were well aware of the brutality she was capable of.

Sensing Halle's impatience, Alicia took her sweet time getting to the ring. She spotted a lone fan waving a sign with her picture, and made a big show of giving him a lingering hug, then a French kiss. She turned to a man in the next row that was showering both of them with verbal abuse, and just as deliberately smiled and raised a middle finger toward him.

She continued to taunt the crowd before actually climbing into the ring, finding a fan who was wearning a Halle shirt to antagonize. She pointed to his favorite, then gave him a mock frown and a sad shake of her head as she patted her own asscheeks, indicating that the brunette would inevitably wind up smothered in the ring.

Angelina JolieGiven the crowd's fury at the result of the last match, referee Angelina Jolie was worried that further abuse might incite them to riot. Despite her reputation for allowing wrestlers a lot of slack with the rules, she could be pragmatic when she needed to, and began a count for Alicia to enter the ring.

Alicia blew the furious fan a kiss, but entered the ring without further ado. Noting Halle's intense and serious expression, she gestured for a microphone. The timekeeper glanced to Angelina for confirmation and the referee slowly nodded. The blond gave the official an appraising glance for a moment, then turned her attention back to her foe. "What's the matter, babe? Worried about what's going to happen to you tonight? Oh, wait, you don't look smart enough, never mind."

Halle's lips pressed together in anger, and she held out her hand for the microphone. Alicia reached forward as if to give it to her, then tossed it out of the ring instead. "Oopsie."

Angelina quickly stepped between the two. "You both know the rules," she began, "and you know I'm in charge here. Remember that and we'll be just fine. Now wrestle!" She gestured for the bell, and the match was underway.

To the crowd's surprise, the two combatants circled one another warily, like panthers. Despite her blase demeanor, Alicia was well aware that she was in the ring with a top fighter who had beaten a number of strong opponents. For her part, Halle wanted to be careful not to let her emotions get in the way of her ability. She was giving up size and probably strength to the blond, and such a mistake could prove to be her undoing.

The two cautiously locked up, collar and elbow, and tested each other's strength. As the brunette had feared, Alicia proved stronger and forced her back into the ropes.

Angelina ordered her to break, and to everyone's surprise Alicia did so immediately. However, she planted a quick slap on the cheek of her foe just as she stepped back, then arrogantly fluffed her own hair. Angelina raised an eyebrow, but didn't warn the blond.

Halle's eyes blazed, but she kept herself under control. She again moved forward to lock up, but at the last instant she instead dropped and took the powerful blond to the mat with a drop toehold.

In a great display of chain wrestling, the Bond beauty rolled smoothly through into a leglock, then caught Alicia's hands before the beauty could react. With her opponent still disoriented, Halle slipped around and then rolled over, capturing the blond in a textbook Mexican surfboard. Alicia shouted with little discomfort but a great deal of frustration, though without leverage she didn't have enough strength to force her way out of the hold.

Though Halle had trapped her opponent, she knew it was much too early to hope for a submission from the tough blond. Instead, she simply used it to wear the girl down, then abruptly released it before she had used up a significant amount of her own strength on it.

Though free, it took a moment for Alicia to unkink her limbs. Halle again displayed her grappling skills, using that instant to move onto the girl's back and cinch down a rear chinlock. With her knees giving her leverage, the brunette warrior pulled hard on the blonde's head, putting tremendous pressure on her neck muscles. Alicia screamed again, this time in real pain. Angelina asked the blond if she wanted the match stopped, but she managed to slip a firm "NO" between her grunts and moans.

Halle wasn't about to release this hold. If the bitch wouldn't tap out, let her get injured. Few in the locker room would lose sleep over it.

Despite the pain she was in, Alicia wasn't close to giving up her title just yet. She slowly began to drag herself toward the ropes, despite Halle's best effort to prevent it. When she realized that she wouldn't be able to stop her, the brunette instead opted to just do as much damage as possible. She yanked with all her might, wearing down the neck and creating a weak point she might be able to exploit later.

Alicia finally managed to make it to the ropes, and Angelina promptly ordered Halle to break. Halle obeyed right away, but took the opportunity to plant a slap to the back of her weakened foe's head, repaying the earlier insult. Angelina couldn't entirely surpress an amused smile.

Alicia's eyes blazed at the insult, but Halle had rapidly danced back out of range. Adding insult to injury, the sexy brunette smiled and beckoned, then raised a questioning eyebrow.

The blond rose slowly, then abruptly sprang towards the brunette. Expecting it, Halle caught her with a high monkey flip, leaving the blond gasping for air when she crashed to the ground.

Halle charged forward for a stomp, but this time Alicia had been playing possum. She swung her legs up and around the dark skinned beauty's head, using the woman's own momentum to slam it hard into the turnbuckle. Halle dropped to her knees, hurt for the first time in the match.

Alicia immediately rolled through for a pin, folding Halle in half. The brunette seemed too dazed by the blow to kick out, but was close enough to grab the rope after a two count. The instant Alicia released the hold, Halle rolled out of the ring to avoid more damage. The blond seemed slightly annoyed, but was still satisfied that she had regained control of the match.

Alicia returned to her feet, but didn't follow her opponent out of the ring. Instead she smiled at the Bond babe, then patted her ass, beckoned to her and raised her own eyebrow; obviously raising the stakes on Halle's earlier gesture.

Halle started to enter the ring, but paused to wave Alicia back. Hands wide, Alicia stepped back to allow her back in. Halle cautiously climbed onto the apron, the stepped through the ropes. Her caution wasn't enough, because the despicable blond had just enough time to charge forward and land a knee lift to the spot that had recently been slammed into the turnbuckle. Groggy, the brunette was unable to prevent Alicia from throwing her into the far rope and nailing her with a clothesline that completely flipped her around in the air before she hit the mat.

Halle sat up, trying to regroup, but Alicia again flattened her with a hard backhand, then dropped a knee directly onto her forehead. The brunette barely moved when Alicia went for the pin, but managed to raise a shoulder a fraction of a second before Angelina could count her out. Alicia angrily turned to the official and slapped her hands together three times, but Angelina just shrugged and held up two fingers, then raised her own eyebrow.

Alicia and Angelina stared one another down for a moment, then the blond realized that Halle had made her way back to her hands and knees. She immediately charged forward and landed a kick to the weakened spot on her skull, leaving the wounded warrior face down and unmoving. The blond walked over for an easy pin, but just as she was about to roll her opponent to her back, she stopped, smiling and tapping her temple as if she'd just had an idea.

As the crowed screamed in hatred, the cocky grappler slowly peeled off her tight biker shorts, wiggling her ass as it was revealed. She tossed the shorts into the crowd and turned back to the debilitated brunette, who had managed to roll herself over but was still clearly out of the fight.

Standing over her conquest, Alicia gave her ass a final pat as she positioned herself to plant it on her foe's face. She dropped, but never connected, as Halle suddenly sprang to life and rolled her into a pin.

The shocked Alicia barely kicked out before the three count. This time Halle shot Angelina a questioning look, but the referee again shrugged.

Alicia pushed Halle away and rose to her feet, then waited as the brunette rose as well. The women were a little worse for wear, but still ready and able to continue. Each knew that having been fooled once, their foe wasn't likely to give up an advantage again.

The two again circled, but most of the animal grace that was present earlier was gone. The match had taken its toll on both women. Alicia feinted to the left, but Halle's scouting paid off and she anticipated the move, catching her opponent with a hard blow to the side of the head. Alicia staggered, giving Halle the chance to land a knee hard to her lower abdomen. The blond made a sort of retching noise as it landed, then her knees buckled. She tried to wrap her arms around her foe's legs to buy herself some time, but Halle was having none of it. To the deafening cheers of the crowd, she landed a knee to the chin that flattened the weakened girl.

Dropping her knees into Alicia's gut took much of the remaining fight out of the grappler. With a big smile, Halle gave the crowd the sign for a "Twist of Fate." She pulled her foe up with a handful of blond hair, setting her up for the move, then froze as her gaze happened upon the huge screen mounted above the entrance ramp. Stunned by what she was seeing, she allowed Alicia to drop from her grip to her hands and knees.

The display showed an unmoving Pam Anderson and Tia Carrere being attended by medical personnel. The handcuffs that had obviously restrained them were on the ground nearby. Jennifer Lopez stood in the doorway, tears rolling down her cheeks and one hand over her mouth. She seemed to be in shock. Several ABA members could be seen behind her in the hallway, with blatantly phony expressions of concern pasted ludicrously on their faces. As Halle watched, Jennifer slowly turned away from the scene and disappeared down the hall, still with the same vacant look in her eyes.

Halle flinched violently as Angelina gently tapped her on the shoulder to return her attention to the match. Before Halle could reply, a refreshed Alicia slammed a knee into the dark beauty's kidneys. The brunette snapped forward into the ropes from the blow then flopped onto her back.

Not allowing any recovery time, the heartless blond vixen stomped on her to take her breath away then dropped her ass onto Halle's face, completing the smother she'd been denied earlier.

Despite her pain and shock, Halle didn't panic. She had realized that she might be in this situation at some point in the fight, and had a counter prepared. She immediately swung her own legs up, locking Alicia into a tight head scissors. In addition to crushing the blonde's head, she yanked her forward in an attempt to unseat her.

While it wasn't entirely successful, it did allow the brunette to steal some brief breaths of air whenever she dislodged her foe for a moment. She knew if she could hold out, her scissors would weaken the bitch enough to allow her own escape.

For more than a minute the two women rocked back and forth, with Halle snatching quick gulps of air and Alicia struggling to break out of the grinding hold. The Bond beauty came close to pulling it off, but the blond had gravity on her side, and that made the difference. She was cutting off more air than the brunette was getting, gradually exhausting her foe's oxygen. Halle's breaths became less frequent, and as her legs began to weaken Alicia finally slipped out of the hold, red-faced but smiling.

The determined beauty continued to struggle, but the fight was really over from that moment on. Slowly but surely Halle's kicking legs began to droop, until she was just twitching beneath her opponent. Her hands made a last couple of ineffectual slaps before coming to rest, but finally her fantastic conditioning could carry her no longer and her body grew still, relaxing completely against the canvas.

When as it was apparent that the battle was done, Angelina stepped in. She lifted the brave action star's arm and watched it fall limply to the mat. She raised it a second time, and again it slackly fell. She repeated the move a third time, holding the arm an extra moment to give Halle every chance, but the brunette was completely finished and her hand again dropped lifelessly. Once she had counted the girl out, Angelina awarded the match to Alicia amid a chorus of boos.

As she had done in her match with Tia, Alicia rose immediately from her downed foe. She promptly pulled off Halle's bikini top, then the bottom, leaving the sleek brunette totally naked on the mat. She rolled out of the ring, rummaged for a moment at ringside, then started back toward the ring with a pair of clippers in her hand.

Before she could get there, Angelina stepped in her way. "I let you strip her, Alicia. That's enough. Your match is done. Go away."

The blonde's smile vanished as she sneered "It's done when I say it's done."

"I'm afraid you're wrong about that. Don't make me disqualify you to prove it."

The two locked eyes for a long moment, then Alicia glanced back into the ring, where Halle was starting to stir. "You're a lucky little bitch today," she said to the referee as she turned away. "But your day will come."

"We'll see," the sexy official replied. "We'll see."

"Jebediah Morningside"

* Jenny Mac vs Jenny from the Block
^ Tia vs Alicia

Another HUGE victory for Alicia!!

Don't worry..... Halle WILL be back!

Dee Williams vs Nikki Darling! Dee William sexually Destroys a fit ebony wrestler