NOTE - This match follows events of Demi Moore vs Catherine Bell vs Charlize Theron ThE RoCk tHe BoAt CrUiSe! 2

Backstage at RAGE! II the stage hands are busy making sure everything comes off flawless. Manny is the stage director. He makes sure that all the people get to the right place at the right time. "Hey Phil, it's time for the Debutant Ball, get Olivia Wilde and Katherine Heigl in position!" Manny says through his headset that connects him to the rest of his hard working crew. On his command, two stage hands go to different sides of the backstage area. One is going to Olivia's dressing room, while the other heads to Katherine Heigl's dressing room.

Meanwhile in the stands a nameless, faceless die hard fan sits in his seat. He is just thrilled beyond belief to sit there and witness this event. The native New Yorker saved up his money and paid thousands to sit in the arena and see these world famous stars tear each other apart and disgrace each other mentally and most importantly sexually. His name is Tony and he is sitting on the edge of his chair waiting for the next match. "Yo dawg, the Debutant Ball is next." He excitedly tells his best friend, Louis next to him. "This is back when tv was tv. Grey's Anatomy and House were classics. It's got Thirteen from House against Izzy from Grey's Anatomy. This is a dream match I can't wait."

"I know man." Louis answers. "I wish this match would have happened 7 or 8 years ago, but I'm still happy to see it now. Do we got usual bet? Twenty dollars?"

"Hell yeah. I got Olivia. Katherine is too old to take her." Tony explains.

"Alright cool Katherine isn't that much older than Olivia." Louis answers. "Besides I remember a lot of pictures of Katherine from back in the day, and she was in way better shape than Olivia ever was. Bet!" Tony ends as the two buddies shake on the bet.

"What do you think is going on backstage?" Louis asks his friend.

"They're probably hoping they don't run out of ice, because a lot of women got smashed tonight." Tony jokes back. "I know Mya especially and the rest of Generation Prime are in ice tubs. Their asses and pussies have got to be on fire after the way they got fucked tonight."

Both laugh at the memory to last a lifetime. "I bet Halle Berry's got ice bags on her tits too. She tried to play it off, but Jennifer Love Hewitt hurt her." Louis points out.

"Yeah I just want to know, who gets to rub ointment all over Stacey Dash and Alicia Silverstone. The Liu Tang Clan went in on their asses hard!" Tony says while imagining rubbing his hands all over Alicia and Stacey's bodies.

"Don't forget Kim Kardashian", Louis says through laughs. "Jessica Alba beat the shit and fucked the hell out of her big ass." Louis shakes his head. "Jessica Alba is like a cyborg Fab Terminator. She is going to go through the entire group. I wonder who she's going to destroy next. Halle Berry? Eva Longoria? Maybe she will go ahead and retire Tia Carrere."

At the same moment one thing that is actually happening backstage is stagehand, Phil, is carrying out Manny's order to get Olivia ready for her entrance to her match. Phil knocks on Olivia's door politely singing, "Ms. Wilde it’s time for your match. We make your entrance in five minutes." Next Phil gets on his walkie talkie and informs his cameraman "Bill, Ms. Wilde is about to make her entrance. Get your camera down here to get her from the dressing room to the ring. By the way, tell Thurman to go to Ms. Heigl's dressing room to get her too."

Bill gets the message to get over to Olivia's dressing room, and quickly gathers his things and heads there. Unknown to him, he was being watched. Two women casually gathered in the hall look up. One says, "That's our que." and both follow Bill to Olivia's dressing room. On the other side of the arena Thurman starts hustling to Katherine's dressing room. Little does he suspect that two beautiful young ladies follow him as well.

As Bill sets up in front of Olivia's door, he hears a familiar voice from working several Stone Rage events, "Bill, make sure that thing is on. I don't want you to miss any of the show."

Bill immediately opens a line to the production truck to tell the director. "Hey keep an eye on my screen. Vivica Fox is hanging outside Olivia's dressing room. Something is going down.

"Really?" the director says. "Gabrielle Union just told Thurman to be on his toes outside of Katherine's dressing room. Something is definitely going down."

Soon things played out before everyone's eyes. Olivia bounces out of her dressing room door. She has as intense expression as she bounces up and down to stay warm and limber. Olivia is wearing a doctor's lab coat, covering a white one-piece swimsuit. It is obvious that she is intense and ready for her debut in the league.

Vivica Fox steps out of the shadows, and intercepts Olivia. "Sorry Olivia, I've got some bad news. Your match has been cancelled." Olivia immediately frowns in confusion. "It's been pre-empted by the ABA." Vivica finishes as she pounces at Olivia. Vivica is firing lefts and rights at Olivia's head. Luckily Olivia is psyched and ready for a fight. She blocks a lot of the blows until she explodes and starts firing back. With Olivia being nearly as big, quicker and a whole lot younger, Olivia's fists put a thumping on Vivica. Olivia's hands speed up and fiercely out number Vivica's punches. Shortly these punches drops Vivica on her wide ass on the floor.

Vivica looks up and is actually shocked that she ended up seated on her rear end. Olivia's eyes raise from Vicvica to the wickedly curvy Amber Rose who accompanied Vivica. Sure enough the bigger scowling model is stepping the slim actresses' way. Split seconds later they are engaged in a two fisted brawl. Olivia recognizes Amber's form leaves something to be desired, but the younger woman is faster and more powerful than Vivica. Olivia's fast fists are having a tougher time dispatching her.

The debate of this slugfest between Olivia and Amber becomes mute. Vivica gets up and casually walks behind Olivia. With a wide sweeping arch of her arm, Vivica swings her arm behind the back of Olivia's knee and sweeps her leg out from under her. Olivia's feet go flying out from under her, and Olivia crashes hard flat on her back on the floor. From there it is a feeding frenzy. Vivica and Amber swarm, stomping down on Olivia.

"Alright, go split screen with Thurman," the director orders, "Heigl is coming out of her dressing room." Immediately fans watching at home and the live audience watching on the jumbo screen, See Vivica and Amber stomping and kicking Olivia on the left side as the view Katherine opening her door on the right side of the screen. Katherine wears a blue/grey doctor's lab jacket with a matching colored one piece underneath matching Olivia's attire.

Katherine walks out wearing a sneer in anticipation of a grueling fight. She is shocked as Gabrielle Union steps into her path. "Katherine, good luck on your debut... but it is not happening tonight." Katherine's expression turns to total bewilderment. "The match has been cancelled by order of Demi Moore and the ABA." Gabrielle says as she attacks with her fist blazing. Katherine does not know what the hell is going on, but she walked out of her dressing room ready for a fight. She expected to fight Olivia, but if Gabrielle wants a fight, so be it. Katherine engages Gabrielle with radiant fists.

The already pumped up Katherine wanted it more than Gabrielle. She forces Gabrielle back several steps to regroup. As Gabrielle falls back, her second, LeAnn Rimes, steps up to and takes Gabrielle's place throwing fists. Katherine is so in the moment, and so into the fight, she takes the challenge without missing a beat. Though LeAnn quickly earns Katherine's respect, Katherine is sure that LeAnn is too small, and she will knock the little blonde out in time. That time is never afforded to Katherine. Gabrielle drop kicks the TV doctor square in the back and knocks her face first on the floor.

Katherine swiftly scrambles back to her feet. LeAnn is back on top of her swinging with both fists. Katherine again fights back with looping punches to the smaller woman, but her confidence is gone. She quickly is over powering the game little singer, until Gabrielle grabs her by the shoulder and spins her around. Katherine whips around to face Gabrielle and gets a wide swooping backhand swipe. Katherine goes reeling against a row of road cases for the electrical equipment. Gabrielle follows and is on her is an instant. She grabs Katherine's hair and rears her head back and slams her face into the top of the road case. Katherine reels backward again, right into LeAnn's clutches, who immediately starts clobbering her over the head.

Across the arena Vivica is picking Olivia up off the ground. Vivica wraps two arms around her upper body. With a mighty heave and falling backwards, Vivica tosses Olivia over her head with a release suplex. Olivia goes flying as if she is catapulted through the air. She goes up and comes down hard on the floor, then rolls several more feet.

So far Olivia is not enjoying her first taste of the league at all. She wants to get up so at least she does not get stomped to death again. Amber slowly saunters over with her big bubble hips switching and bouncing at each step. She watches her struggling, dazed prey trying to get up. Olivia reaches her feet as Amber arrives. Amber spins and delivers a high kick to the back of Olivia's head as she stands. A loud pow rings out as Amber's foot makes contact with the back of Olivia's head. The poor actress collapses lifelessly face down to the floor. Olivia clutches the back of her head muttering, "Stop! Please stop. No more, I've had enough. I'll do whatever you want, just leave me alone."

Meanwhile Katherine is pinballing between LeAnn and Gabrielle. They have her surrounded, knocking her back and forth. Katherine is trying her best to fight back, but if she gains and advantage the other steps in and turns things around. Swimming in desperation, Katherine grabs Gabrielle by her shoulders to steady her. Then she shoots her knee up into Gabrielle's flat, taunt stomach. Gabrielle barks loudly and backs away heaving to catch her breath. Katherine whips around purposely at LeAnn and fires a missile of a punch into the blonde's nose. LeAnn reels back somewhat dazed. Like a boxer going for a knock out, Katherine follows wildly throwing haymakers.

LeAnn looks to be in big trouble. She ducks and dodges, but the right punch that will lay her out. It might be just an amount of time before Katherine lands that strike. Katherine concentrates, times for that opening when out of the corner of her eye, she sees a flash. Katherine barely sees Gabrielle rocketing in like a shot. Gabrielle blasts through Katherine with a clothesline. Gabrielle's arm catches Katherine under the chin and takes her off her feet. Katherine's feet go flying almost being turned inside out. Katherine crashes to the ground on the back of her head. She curls into a ball loudly moaning.

LeAnn angrily jerks Katherine to her feet, tucks her head under her arm and falls back, vengefully driving Katherine's head into the floor with a DDT. LeAnn stands back up, as Katherine lies drooling, knocked out flat on her face. "Ooooo nice touch", Gabrielle comments with a smile. "Me and you are going to have a lot of fun hanging out together."

While the final touches were being done to the would be contestants in the DEBUTANT BALL, Demi Moore started walking to the ring. "Great job catching the action Thurman and Bill!" the director exclaim, "Now get me a tight shot on Demi standing in the ring."

"I'm so sorry about interrupting your DEBUTANT BALL, but I've got something that I've got to get off my chest." Demi begins as she paces in the ring. "Something happened to me at ThE RoCk tHe BoAt CrUiSe! 2 that still bothers the hell out of me. I won't bore you with the details, but Catherine Bell and her little Fab friends pulled one over on me during the BERMUDA TRIANGLE MATCH, and got the victory. I told you Catherine I would get you. Thanks to my Stimulus Package, and especially our two newest members, Amber Rose and LeAnn Rimes, we now have time tonight."

"I want to challenge you to a match Catherine, right here, right now, tonight!" Demi challenges. "One on one, woman to woman, I promise no interference from the Stimulus Package or the ABA." Demi explains while murmurs grow throughout the crowd. Demi pauses for a bit before adding, "To really make things interesting, let's make it a Loser Leave Town Match! If I can't beat you, I really don't want to be in this league anymore. If I lose, you can have my contract. Tear it up, do whatever you want with it, I don't care. I just want you in this ring for a fight. What do you say Catherine? Do you have the balls to face me like a real woman, or are you just Tia's little pussy?"

There is discussion all over the arena. The stage director, Manny orders Bill to run to the Fab's dressing room, for the first indication of Catherine's response. Behind the door inside the Fab's dressing room, everyone had stopped what they were doing to hear what was going on. Several moments after the challenge was issued nobody said anything. Suddenly, Catherine gets up and walks to the door. "Where do you think you're going?" Tia Carrere loudly asks.

"You heard Demi", Catherine calmly addressed her leader in the Fabs.

"We need to talk about this. It could be a trap." Tia says.

"There's no need to talk about anything." Catherine defiantly answers her captain. "There is no way that I'm not accepting this challenge. First she is calling me out. I'm not the type of woman, and neither are you, to run from a challenge. Second, I can be the woman that gets rid of Demi forever." Then Catherine definitively adds. "There is no discussion, I'm accepting this challenge." Catherine confidently says as she turns and walks out the door.


When she woke up this morning, Catherine never dreamed she would be competing tonight, much less with her career on the line. However she finds herself walking through the backstage area to fight Demi Moore on the biggest card of the year. Catherine glances to her left and sees medical personnel helping Katherine Heigl up and back to her dressing room. Catherine just keeps striding purposely by, heading to the ring. Luckily she wore a black one piece jump suit like she wears in her Hallmark Network TV show, Good Witch. It promotes the show and fully functional for a fight. The Fab's leaders always preach to wear something combat ready to league events. After all, you can never predict what will happen.

Catherine breaks through the curtain and the crowd goes crazy. Catherine's pride, honor and ego would never allow her to not take this challenge. If she had a doubt, it is answered by the crowd’s warm response. Catherine picks up her pace to the ring.

In the stands two fans, Tony and Louis stand, jumping up and down. "This is huge bro." Tony says. "If Catherine gets rid of Demi, a boss in the ABA, it will definitely change the whole power structure of the league?"

"Nooo, this is a mistake for Catherine." Louis declares. "Demi means business." Louis explains as he views the stone faced Demi in the ring.

"I got twenty on Cat?" Tony says while extending his hand for a friendly wager. Louis slaps Tony's hand to accept the bet.

As all eyes are on Catherine as she enters the ring. However, Demi Moore is a superstar of the highest order. Win lose or draw, she is always the main story. Demi clasps her blouse and rips it open sending buttons shooting everywhere, reminiscent of her memorable scene in her classic movie, Strip Tease. The fans ooooh and ahhhh marveling at the fifty plus goddess. As Catherine slides in the ring, Demi is ready to go wearing a black bra and form fitting black slacks.

Without uttering a word, the ladies circle each other then lock up collar and elbow as the bell rings. After a few seconds the super fit Demi wrangles Catherine into a headlock, then flips her to the mat. Demi lies across Catherine's chest wrenching her headlock while Catherine defensively uses leverage and pushes back on Demi's chin to prevent her from using all her strength. Suddenly Catherine's long legs shoot up and capture Demi's head. Catherine's wondrous gams wrenches Demi off top of her and drags her to the mat, firmly captured in Catherine's leg scissors. Before too long, Demi gathers enough strength to kick out of Catherine’s leg scissors and kips up to her feet at the same time. Both women are on their feet in an instant, staring at each other after the opening salvo of the fight.

Again they circle while their eyes display their pure contempt for each other. Suddenly they lock up again. Catherine's five inch height advantage is evident as muscles flex and strain against each other. Demi's technique wins out as she captures Catherine's left arm and twists it. Demi instantly tries to whip Catherine into the ropes, but Catherine reverses and sends Demi into the ropes instead. Demi bounces off the ropes and is back quickly. The athletic Catherine easily leap frogs over Demi. Running through, Demi bounds off the ropes on the other side of the ring and comes racing back. Catherine leaps again and tries to catch Demi with a flying head scissors. but Demi blocks it and knocks Catherine's legs away. Catherine falls after her failed attempt. Catherine scrambles back up, and gets to one knee before Demi strikes with a low aimed drop kick that blasts Catherine in the face. Catherine again gets up with her hand holding her now hurting jaw. Demi is already ready and waiting. She grabs Catherine around the waist from behind. She hoists Catherine up and falls back, sending Catherine crashing down on the back of her head with a German suplex. After her hard fall a dazed Catherine rolls out of the ring to the safety of the ringside floor.

Soon Catherine gathers her senses she screeches in frustration. She slams her hands on the mat, then slides back into the ring. Catherine immediately charges at Demi. Ducking under Catherine's grasp, Demi slips behind her. Demi tries to roll Catherine in a small package, but Catherine rolls through and escapes. Both pops up to their feet at the same time, where Catherine grabs Demi by the hair and flings her to the mat. Catherine pounces on Demi's back and wraps her arm under Demi's chin and bends her backward, in a modified chin lock/camel clutch combination.

Catherine pulls and strains back on Demi's spine. She is surprise at how resistant and strong Demi's body is. Catherine is a lot taller, but Demi is a thicker powerhouse. Catherine decides to pull Demi off the mat. Before Demi could counter or escape her chin lock. Catherine pulls Demi's head under her one arm and grips her slacks with the other hand. Next Catherine sends Demi flying over backwards with a Northernlights suplex. Catherine maintains hold on Demi and bridges up of the mat keeping Demi pinned to the canvas. The referee slides in for the count. After a two count Demi is able to get a shoulder up to halt the count.

Catherine pops to her feet. Demi arches her back and grabs her lower lumbar region. Catherine leaps in the air for a leg drop to come crashing down across Demi's throat. The veteran swiftly rolls out of the way, allowing Catherine to crash land on her ass. Demi is quickly up and grabs Catherine's long legs. Demi tries to lock Catherine in a Sharpshooter leg lock, but Catherine counters and kicks Demi in the teeth in the process, knocking Demi to the canvas.

Catherine reaches down and peels Demi off the mat. Once Demi gets to her knees, she rips off a furious punch to Catherine's pussy. The stabbing pain makes Catherine pause for a moment and stand like a statue. Demi fires several more daggers into Catherine's pussy before Catherine bends over to protect her lady parts.

Now Demi reaches up and grabs Catherine by her shoulder length hair to steady her head. Demi slams her forehead into Catherine's head like a crazy person. Again and again she keeps headbutting. "Damned Demi's gone bat shit crazy!" Tony, the fan tells Louis. Ten then fifteen times Demi slams her head into Catherine's. In a mindless daze, Catherine drops to her knees. Demi does not stop, only picks up steam. To remove any doubt that she was not crazed, Demi lets out a warrior's yell and she continues and her own pain mounts. After ten more head butts, Demi releases Catherine's hair and lets her fall to the mat.

Demi pauses for several deep breaths and closes her eyes while her vision clears. Putting her pain in the past, Demi climbs on top of Catherine's chest, while skillfully pinning her arms with her knees, so smooth the casual fan does not even notice. Demi clutches a handful of hair with one hand and starts battering Catherine's face with the other fist. Demi pounds her enemy's beautiful face with the same relentless pace of her headbutts. Once one hand begins to hurt, Demi continues with two fists. Lastly she grabs Catherine by the hair with both hands and starts ramming the back of her head into the canvas. Finally Demi is sure that she has done enough damage she stops and rises off of a pulverized Catherine Bell.

"What's she doing? Why don't she pin her now?" Tony exclaims in his seat.

Louis laughs heartily. "Demi is known for being one of the most intelligent fighters in the league, but she is not one of the wisest, if you understand what I'm trying to say." he comments. "I'm happy that she get so vindictive and crazy. Things are about to get real interesting I bet."

Sure enough in the ring Demi is thinking that a victory that she does not mentally conquer her foe is a victory not worth having. Catherine is still dazed and helpless on the mat. First Demi reaches down and unzips Catherine's boots and sends them flying into the audience in about thirty seconds. Then she quickly unzips the back of Catherine's jumpsuit. She spends her next thirty seconds or so, peeling the one piece off her toy. Catherine had gained a few bearings to crawl to the ropes after Demi was distracted by removing her jumpsuit. Demi originally stripped Catherine to embarrass her. After seeing a groggy Catherine leaning against the ropes in nothing but black bra and panties, she realized that she would not be embarrassing Catherine, but making her rich instead. The tall slender woman looked simply amazing. Let alone being 47 years old, her body is a work of art. She is tall lean, without an ounce of fat, with those two amazing, proud standing mounds of breasts. Demi made herself jealous, instead of embarrassing Catherine. She responded by charging at Catherine and clotheslining her, sending both Demi and Catherine tumbling over the top rope to the arena floor.

The fall over the ropes was harder than either warrior expected. Demi underestimated her envy of Catherine's unbelievable physique when she passionately propelled herself at her rival. Demi banged herself up some when she hit the floor. Catherine knows she needs a minute or so to clear the cobwebs in her head, and she will be back to kicking Demi's ass. Catherine is on her hands and knees, slowly getting some distance when Demi's boot comes crashing into the side of her face. The ringing in Catherine's ears returns. The lack of control and weakness in Catherine's limbs return as well. Catherine drops to her elbows and knees.

Demi is sweating like a pig, and needs a break, but knows that she cannot take one. From behind, she snatches Catherine up to her feet. Demi grapples Catherine's left arm behind her back and grabs a handful of hair to pull Catherine's head back. Her two grips gives control and leverage over Catherine to guide her to the announcers table. There she continues the assault on Catherine's brain by slamming Catherine's forehead into the table repeatedly. Catherine is helpless to stop Demi as her head booms on the table like a bass drum. Big bouncy tits bounce, threatening to leap right out of Catherine's black lace bra. They steal the show. Tony, Louis and almost all the fans zoom their focus on the bouncing mounds, and try to ignore the unmerciful beating that Demi is dishing out.

After Catherine's brains are thoroughly scrambled and she is noodle legged, Demi pulls Catherine back. Next she rolls Catherine under the ropes and back into the ring. Demi follows in after as Catherine slowly crawls away. Demi pounces on her back within a few seconds. While rolling off to Catherine's side Demi captures her arm at the same time. With her right arm entangled with Catherine's right arm, Demi brings her left leg up and wraps it around Catherine's face, and pulls her head and neck backwards while her body is held in place. Catherine flails in Demi's very modified version of the submission hold the Koji Clutch, a move used by WWE's Sammy Zayn, Kofi Kinston and many MMA fighters.

While Catherine screams and shouts, Demi loudly laughs like a movie villain. "I warned you not to fuck with me!" Demi taunts. "You're a fucking loser! Now tap out and get the fuck out of my league!"

"Man this is just cruel and mean!" Louis comments to Tony in the audience. "Demi's already beaten Catherine, now she's going to make her submit to end her career. That's just cruel."

Inside the ring, Catherine knows it is over too. She is a very strong and prideful woman, and unaccustomed to losing. Her spirit and pride demands that she holds out as long as possible, hoping against hope. Of course it is only so long before Catherine taps to end the match. It ends her catfighting career in Stone Rage's league, but holding on longer might threaten her acting career and physical wellbeing. Demi releases Catherine of her hold, and stands to accept the cheers of the fans. This victory was not loss on loyal fans like Louis and Tony. They understand this is another huge win on top of the ABA's whipping of Alicia Silverstone and Stacey Dash earlier. The ABA of old seems to be rising again. The Fabs are down one member now also.

"Cat Bell! Your career in this league is over! Now get the hell out of my ring!" Demi loudly decrees to everyone. Catherine is still hurting, and gingerly rolls out of the ring while clutching her neck. As she does, all attention turns to the Fab's Tia Carrere power walking to the ring.

Tia slides into the ring and walks right up close to Demi. Talking in a calm low voice that only Tia and Demi can hear she says, "Demi don't do this, don't end Catherine's career. This was all my idea, it's my fault. I put her in that match to get back at you for abandoning us at The Massacre. I'm begging you, please. Let's sit down and work out a deal, so Catherine stays in the league."

Demi's face cannot hide all the wicked ideas running through her mind at the thought of making a deal. This opens a whole wealth of options that she had not thought about before. She feels like a kid in the candy store. First Demi laughs heartily and says, "So you're here to beg for your girl's fate?" into the microphone, for the audiences' benefit. "If you want me to even reconsider Catherine's career, first drop to your knees and kiss and worship my feet." Demi says as she looks directly into Tia's eyes. Tia looks back, offended at the request, but she saw Demi's eyes. She sees that Demi is not playing. Tia could not allow her pride to prevent a chance for Catherine career. Tia immediately drops to her knees, bows her head and bathes Demi's boots with kisses.

Demi stares at the huge jumbo screen watching her enemy, face down and ass up kissing her boots. The thrill Demi feels now is indescribable. "Pull your hair back, so we can see your face." Tia obeys and uses her hand to brush her hair to one side of her head, so the camera can zoom in on her face as she puckers up and kisses Demi's boots. Demi chuckles in satisfaction. "Lick, I need you to lick." Tia uses her long tongue up and down Demi's boot. She performs her services admirable, with no promises that Demi will reinstate Catherine. Tia thinks of so many evil things to do to Demi if she refuses to allow Catherine back. Demi raises her foot, presenting Tia with the sole of her shoe. Tia winces in disgust, then does the unimaginable and licks the soles of Demi's boots, first licking the right, then the left. Finally Demi thrust her toe forward commanding, "Suck." Tia opens her mouth and obeys Demi's commands. "Just keep working down there. I'll get back to you later." Demi tells Tia.

As Tia continues disgracing herself Demi turns her attention to Catherine who had been standing at ringside while Tia belittles herself on her behalf. "Here's the deal. If you want your career back, the first condition is that you're out of the Fabs." Demi explains. "Any association with the Fabs will result in automatically revoking your contract. Second, since you totally owe your career to me, I will get a 30% managerial fee for the rest of your contract. Simply said I get 30% of every dime you make in this league. As your manager, you'll need my approval on all moves in the league, and you will perform any job that I book for you in the league as well. Do you understand and accept?"

Catherine looks down. She knows she only has about a year or more left on her current contract. It seemed like an agreeable price to pay to continue her career. She nods her head yes and accepts Demi's offer.

Demi smiles in satisfaction. She taps Tia's shoulders and motions for her to stand. Now standing beast to breast, Demi grabs Tia by the back of her head and slaps a long steamy passionate kiss on her lips. "What the fuck?" Tony exclaims in the stands, seeing the two long arch enemies kissing.

After the extra-long kiss, Demi whispers in Tia's ear that only Tia can her. "You're mine fucking slut. I'll text you a day and a time for a getaway just between me and you. Only bring lingerie, you won't need any clothes. I'm going to fuck your little brain out. I'm going to make you my personal slut. Don't come and the deal with Catherine is off." Tia's shoulders slump. She knows Demi is mentally conditioning her, taming her. Demi is a cerebral assassin, and a breaker of wills. Tia wants nothing to do with Demi's mind games, but has no choice and gives a subtle nod of agreement. Ultimately she realizes that she was the one actually defeated, not Catherine. It was her plan at ThE RoCk tHe BoAt CrUiSe! 2 Demi outsmarted her, now she and Catherine are paying the price.

Demi walks out of the ring, leaving Tia standing there in her shame. "Catherine, my first job is for you to be my personal assistant." Then she goes to Catherine and whispers into Catherine's ear, "Make sure Tia does not walk out of that ring or the deal is off."

Demi starts walking back to the backstage, as Catherine slides back into the ring. "Thank you for getting my career back. I just want to say I'm sorry about everything." Catherine says and turns to leave the ring. As soon as Catherine turns her back, she wheels back around with a high spinning kick. Tia never expects or sees it coming. She gets kicked in the head, and dropped like a bad habit.

Demi stops halfway up the ramp as Catherine executes her command. She smiles seeing the tie between Catherine and Tia and the Fabs severed. Catherine pulls a stunned Tia up and put Tia's head between Catherine's thighs. Catherine grabs both of Tia's arms and drops down to her knees, driving Tia's face into the canvas in a Pedigree that would make Triple H proud. "I'm really sorry about this." Catherine says as she pulls Tia up for another Pedigree. She actually gets a scream from Tia as her head collides with the mat. "Demi's making me do this." Catherine discloses and immediately pulls Tia up for a third Pedigree. "I feel really bad about this." Catherine says as she drives Tia's face into the mat for the third straight time. That one worked. Tia had little resistance left, allowing Catherine to really drive her almost through the mat. Catherine could sense the excoriating pain she just inflicted on Tia. Catherine felt surprisingly thrilled and invigorating hurting Tia. Catherine stands and looks down at a motionless Tia sprawled face down on the mat. Catherine is satisfied that Tia will not be getting up for a long time. She turns and leaves the ring, joining Demi on the ramp.

"Excellent job" Demi compliments as the two of them walk back to the ABA locker room. Inside it is a full blown celebration. RAGE! II has been an unquestionable success for the ABA. First they avenged Stacey Dash and Alicia Silverstone's betrayal. They more than avenged, they flat out whipped the shit out of them. Second, they have robbed the Fabs of a valuable member and humiliated and disgraced Tia Carrere in the process. Not only that, they have strengthened their own numbers adding three new members, Asa Akira, LeAnn Rimes and Amber Rose. Most importantly they wreaked havoc in the league once again.

Catherine is uncomfortable in the ABA locker room. She is clearly a second class citizen. For the rest of the night she is no more than an indentured servant. She is filmed at the ABA after party serving Demi Moore and her friends. She gets drinks, open doors and other menial tasks. She begins to question the wisdom of accepting Demi's offer to continue her career. This is Catherine's fate for the next year. Only Demi's subtle hints through the night about there being a place in the Stimulus Package if she earns it, can abate her suffering.

A few days after RAGE! II the ABA have their initiation for Amber Rose, LeAnn Rimes and Asa Akira into the ABA as made women. Later that night there is another party for the new members, Jenny gave a speech that night that may serve as a turning point in the ABA. "RAGE! II is a crux in the ABA. We walked into that arena and decimated our enemies like we haven't done in years. When we stay motivated and focused our enemies are helpless to stop us, they can only bow down to us as we destroy them. The great warrior Tia Carrere grovels at our feet! Catherine Bell, Olivia Wilde, Katherine Heigl, Alicia Silverstone and Stacey Dash, all destroyed!" Jenny reaches a crescendo. "These last days will be times long remembered in the history of the ABA. It has been a long time since everybody in this organization could work together effectively. Today we know that we are stronger working together than apart. An assault to one syndicate is a threat and insult to us all. No, we are not breaking up from the syndicate approach, but I do promise more unity among the bosses. Also there is a change. From now on all Milano's will be organized by The Enforcer, Lisa Lipps! This will insure swift retribution for any betrayal. We will get back on course. We will get back to the core values of this group. Fear! Intimidation, Take what we want! All together say it with me! Fear! Intimidation, Take what we want!"

"Every woman in the room joins in after Jenny, "Fear! Intimidation, Take what we want! Fear! Intimidation, Take what we want!" Then the chant gained steam, taking on more aggression and getting louder. "FEAR! IMTINIDATION! TAKE WHAT WE WANT! FEAR! IMTINIDATION! TAKE WHAT WE WANT! FEAR! IMTINIDATION! TAKE WHAT WE WANT! FEAR! IMTINIDATION! TAKE WHAT WE WANT! FEAR! IMTINIDATION! TAKE WHAT WE WANT!"