NOTE - This match follows events of Zoe Saldana vs Jessica Alba

"What the fuck Christina? I've been waiting forever for this match. Can you get it done or what?!?!?" Jessica Alba shouts at Christina Applegate and Ebony Ayes in Christina's league office. The chairman of the booking committee and her close associate have had this conversation with Jessica plenty of times before.

"I've told you a hundred times before, Zoe Saldana is not available." Christina answers the frustrated woman. "The bitch has had twins, she got married, and just filmed a movie. She is still on pregnancy hiatus. I can't force her into a match."

Jessica hears the same answer again, looking down and stewing and steaming. She has been waiting to get her vengeance on Zoe for attacking her in her luxury cruise liner cabin on the ThE RoCk tHe BoAt CrUiSe! 2. In Jessica's opinion it was a cowardly Pearl Harbor job planned by Tia Carrere, and the rest of the Fab Four because they know they cannot beat her fairly. Others view it as fair and just and deserved retaliation for cruelly, mentally and physically torturing Tia and Jessica Biel. Fans and analyst are left to argue their opinions of which view of the situation is reality. Jessica feels the Fab Girls are false heroes. For the sake of everything right and just, she vows to eradicate the group by beating and breaking one fake bitch at a time. With that thought, Jessica knows the solution. "Then get me one of the Fab's in the ring. It doesn't matter which one it is. Jennifer Lopez, Eva Longoria, Megan fucking Fox, anybody. One of them is going to pay, and take the whipping that Zoe has got coming to her." Jessica says intensely through gritted teeth. "I want my revenge to be on the biggest card, so the whole world to see how to really fuck up a Fab cunt." Jessica turns and walks out of the office.

Christina considers Jessica to be the superstar of the Resistance, so she makes booking this match a high priority for her and Ebony. She thinks it will be hard to find a Fab girl to face Jessica's wrath. Jessica really beat, humiliated and tortured Tia and Jessica Biel in two matches apiece. Jessica took their pride, dignity and womanhood. Christina nicknamed Jessica the Fab Slayer. Christina believes that Jessica is the 'chosen one' that can finally conquer the Fab Four once and for all.

Fortunately a few days later Ebony calls Christina gleaming, "Guess what egomaniac called me, begging to be on the biggest card of the year at all cost?" After a dramatic pause, Ebony continues, "Kim Kardashian!"

Christina laughs sadistically like a stereotypical movie villain. "Do you think you can get it booked?" she asks.

"Hell yeah!" Ebony answers. "That bitch is so eager to get in front of cameras and a spotlight that she'll do anything. That includes getting slain by Jessica Alba in front of millions. She is perfect! Kim is hated by so many that Jessica can be as cruel and sadistic as she wants, and the fans will cheer her and clamor for more, like the old Romans used to."

"Awesome" Christina answers. "Don't fuck this up! Promise to give Kim anything that she asks for. A title shot if she wins, endorsement deals, whatever it takes. Just find a way to feed my Fab Slayer another Fab meal."

Later at Fab Four facilities, Kim walks into the gym where Jennifer Lopez is hard at work training her already near perfect body. "So J.Lo, Ebony just called me back and says the only match for me on RAGE! II is against Jessica Alba."

Jennifer does not break her work out, but cuts an eye at Kim then responds, "You know what you're getting into by taking that match. How do you feel? Do you honestly feel like you can beat Alba?"

Kim takes a moment to consider facing a pissed off Alba before answering. "Honestly I think I can. I saw what Zoe did to her and I think I can beat her too." with her voice growing more confidence as she spoke.

"Good", Jennifer answers with a slight smile. "I'm glad to hear that. You've been working hard and getting a lot better in the ring. You are ready. It's time for you to make a championship run. Beating Alba will put you in title position. Make sure you take Alba down hard!" Jennifer says with her voice reflecting her bitter feelings toward Alba. "She hasn't paid nearly enough for what she did to Tia. She still owes for what she did to Jessica (Biel). I know we swore never to mention it again in this place, but Alba is responsible for The Massacre. If you need any motivation, remember what happened to us that night." Jennifer pauses her work out for a moment. "Just to stick it to Alba from the beginning, I'll email Ebony your acceptance right now. We're putting a couple of contractual surprises in for Alba. I'm really going to make this match worth your while." Jennifer finishes with a wink and a sly smile.

"What!!!" Jessica Alba exclaims in Ebony's office days later after examining the contract for the match with Kim. "Is Kim out of her mind?! She is demanding a 65% split of the match purse? That is percentage that a champion gets when she is fighting a preliminary bum! She is fucking crazy!" Jessica is furious and insulted by the offer, but she relents her rant to compose herself a moment. Jessica quickly realizes that the Fabs understand how badly she wants revenge from Zoe. Jessica really has no choice. "Her big ass is going to pay for this! I'll accept the money split, but I get Kim alone, in the ring after the match to do whatever I want to her after the match." Jessica demands with fury in her voice.

"Itís already in there." Ebony calmly answers. "Kim demanded that the winner gets a humiliation session after the match, to do what she pleases to the loser." Jessica's face frowns in surprise and confusion from Kim's request. Jessica questions herself. All this time she thought she was tricking Kim into a match to publicly execute Kim, but for the first time, Jessica thinks that she is the one walking into a trap.

Days click off the calendar like minutes. In no time, Kim is bouncing in her corner waiting for Jessica Alba to enter the ring. Kim feels better prepared for this match than any before. Tia Carrere oversees her training. Jessica Biel had a big influence also, although she was also busy preparing Halle Berry for her match with Jennifer Love Hewitt that night. Zoe Saldana flew in to help whenever possible. Coco served as her fitness trainer. The blonde spent hours in the gym pushing and pushing Kim in lifting weights and with cardio. Kim and the rest of her team met in the board room and developed strategies. Kim is very ready for this one. She knows that Jessica Alba is starving for revenge after what Zoe did to her, but a second straight victory over Alba will change her from the legendary Fab Slayer, to just another chick that got lucky against the Fabs for a while, before they crushed her. Kim felt great and looked even more spectacular. She is tone and trim in a low cut black spandex top containing her bouncing tits with matching black shorts stretched to the max by Kim's phenominal ass.

Jessica comes to the ring with a serious glare on her face. Her slender form already shimmers with a light sheen of sweat from warming up in her dressing room. Jessica is clad in a navy blue bikini. She makes it clear that she is here to take Kim down and to take her down hard. Fans cheer the immensely popular superstar as she approaches the ring. Although no parts of her face show it, Jessica is actually thrilled and excited about this match. She savors another opportunity to slay another Fab girl. The thought of destroying another high and mighty Fab bitch and reducing her to a pitiful crying loser makes Jessica tingle all over. Carrere, Biel, and even her old friend, Rosario Dawson, have already tasted her wrath. After Zoe's humiliation of her, Jessica's more determined than ever to eradicate the league of the Fab Four.

Jessica climbs on the ring apron, then crawls through the ropes. Immediately Jessica darts toward Kim and starts clobbering her over the head with hammering lefts and rights sprinkled in with a few kicks. The pro-Alba crowd erupts loudly. Although this is normally a dastardly action, fans forgive the vengeance thirsty heroine. Especially since she is attacking the polarizing Kardashian, many fans felt Jessica is justified in her scandalous assault.

Jessica takes Kim totally by surprise. She is cowering in her corner covering her head with her arms as best she can. Jessica finds all the holes in Kim's defense. She strikes with punches to the ribs, exposed areas of Kim's skull and knees to the body. Kim is flat out getting mugged. All the time Kim's team spent strategizing a well thought out plan is out of the window already. Looking for some relief, Kim shoves Jessica back a couple of steps. Relentlessly Jessica jumps back at Kim and continues her assault. Kim shoves her slender attacker back harder again. Immediately Kim launches herself forward and levels Jessica with a clothesline. A meaty smack rings out as Jessica is put on her back.

Kim drops to her knees and starts beating the shit out of Jessica. Kim violently hammers down on Jessica's body with both hands working like pistons. She grabs Jessica's hair and bangs the back of Jessica's head into the mat. All the fans scoot to the edges of their seats. When they saw the Fab Girls versus the Resistance, they knew it would be a fierce battle, but nothing like this, especially this early. Really these ladies have no personal beef other than being in rival factions. Apparently that is more than enough. Fans cheer this uncharacteristically physical and vicious battle. Kim feels the intensity and picks up her pace. She reigns down on Jessica with a hurricane of blows.

Jessica reaches up and grabs Kim's long flowing straight black hair, and pulls Kim in close. With Kim's assault neutralized, Jessica jerks and yanks at Kim's hair, trying to snatch as much of it as possible out of her head, along with chunks of scalp if possible. Kim grabs two healthy handfuls of Jessica's brown hair, and follows suit. Each woman growls and roars like two true hellcats in battle. They jerk each other's head about as they inflict a lot of pain on each other. Both lose clumps of hair as they struggle to their feet, while still locked together by their handfuls of hair. Jessica breaks the hair pulling contest by letting go of one handful and grabbing Kim by the wrist. A quick move and shift of the hips, and Jessica flips Kim to the mat with a judo toss. Kim flips in the air then lands on her big butt, halfway across the ring.

Jessica wears a mocking smile. "Come on heifer! This is just starting I'm ending your ass tonight!" Jessica threatens. Kim angrily sneers and growls, then charges at Jessica. The Resistance Slayer reacts by charging at Kim also. She catches Kim off guard and plows her down with a shoulder block. Jessica turns around looking at her flattened foe and demands "Get up!" Angry, embarrassed and frustrated, Kim pops back up and charges at Jessica again. Winning the mental battle, Jessica is ready for Kim. She takes Kim down hard to the mat, slinging her body down with an arm drag. Jessica keeps a hold of Kim's arm and traps it in an arm bar. Jessica keeps Kim pinned awkwardly on the mat by kneeling with one knee on Kim's face, while she twists, yanks and tugs at Kim's arm.

Jessica hoped for a few moments to rest, and to wear down her opponent as well, but Kim resists. Kim bucks and kicks until she fights her way out from under Jessica's knee and reaches her feet. Jessica keeps a hold of Kim's arm trying to maintain control. Kim takes that control by first, nailing Jessica in the face with a forearm, quickly followed by knee fired into Jessica's taunt tummy. With Jessica momentarily stunned, Kim grabs Jessica by the hair and runs her to the corner and slams her face into the turnbuckle. Jessica's knees buckle. She hangs on to the ropes for support. Jessica turns while holding her hurting nose. Jessica finds that Kim has backed off and is charging into the corner for another assault. Jessica instinctively steps forward and hits Kim in the face with an elbow as they meet. Kim's head snaps back and she reels backwards. Jessica hops onto the middle rope and bounds off to kick Kim in the head with an enziguri. Unfortunately for Jessica, Kim perceived the attack and ducks down. Jessica is caught missing her target and out of control in mid air. She misses her ariel spinning kick and crashes to the mat awkward, hard and heavy.

Jessica's body language tells the story that the awkward fall definitely hurt or maybe injured. Kim is on her again quickly, as she drops to her knees and starts raining down more hammer fists on Jessica. The slender actress covers up into a ball, trying to protect herself. Kim rises to her feet and delivers two hard kicks to Jessica's body, that sends the skinny girl under the bottom rope and out of the ring to Kim's amusement.

Kim leans through the ropes and taunts, "Ahhh what's the matter? Is the big bad Dark Angel hurting?" Kim hops out of the ring to her beleaguered enemy lying on the ringside floor. Kim seizes Jessica's hair and her bikini bottoms and lifts Jessica off the ground. Next Kim violently hurdles Jessica into the ringside barrier. Fans near and far gasp, wince and turns away as Jessica's body sounds like someone hitting a bass drum and she thumps into the barrier. Some Kardashian haters react and get on Kim's case. "You guys like that?" Kim shouts to the fans as she hair hauls a listless Jessica off the ground. Kim throws the pliant girl back in the ring as she shout. "You watch closely! I'm about to make a statement about crossing the Fab Girls!"

Kim re-enters the ring. Jessica is still down and just trying to get up. Kim runs and bounds off the ropes and comes back at Jessica and lands a low drop kick to Jessica's mush as she rises to her hands and knees. Jessica drops back to the mat with a distant look on her face. Kim looks at Jessica with jealousy boiling inside. Jessicaís lean perfect body glistens under the lights. She knows that Jessica swears she has to diet to maintain her figure, but Kim does not believe it. Kim knows she works hard to keep her figure. Kim enviously decides to take some of her feelings out on Jessica's perky tits. She knows those long iron hard nipples poking out behind Jessica's bikini top must be teasing all the dudes watching. Kim bears her claws and attacks the top and boobies behind it. The top tears away pretty easily, allowing Kim to do a quick little number on Jessica's tits.

Kim quickly abandons her tit mauling and pulls Jessica up to a seated position. Then from behind Kim locks a rear chin lock around Jessica's neck area. 'If the guys are going to beat their rocks off to little miss perfect here, then they'll be beating off to a heroine in distress fantasy' Kim thinks. Kim certainly painted them a pretty picture. Absolutely gorgeous Jessica Alba seated on the mat struggling with her voluptuous tormentor behind her. Jessica is red faced, covered in sweat with her breast exposes as her torn tattered top hangs uselessly dangles around her neck. She gasps, squirms, frowns and struggles to breath as Kim's arm is wrapped tightly around her neck.

Just when Kim thinks everything is under control, Jessica starts to rally. Jessica starts to power up to her feet. Kim bears down with all her weight and strength, but to her dismay it is not close to holding down the wiry taller athletic competitor. Jessica will not let it be enough to contain her. She is determined not to be defeated. Jessica reaches her feet as Kim obviously starts to panic. Kim climbs on Jessica's back and wrings back and forth, trying to whip away Jessica's comeback attempt. Jessica starts running backward as fast as she could under the conditions. Kim is helplessly off her feet being given a piggy back ride with an abrupt hard stop as Jessica rams Kim back into the corner turnbuckle. Jessica feels the air expel out of Kim, as she loses her hold. Jessica slams her butt back into Kim's stomach a few times for good measures.

Jessica needs some breathing room to recover. She moves across the ring towards the opposite turnbuckle. Kim takes a brief moment to catch her breath, then charges across the ring. Jessica sees her coming and charges at Kim. In the center of the ring Jessica ducks under Kim's grasp and runs past her. Kim whirls around and finds Jessica already turned and coming back at her. Jessica launches herself at Kim and blasts Kim with a clothesline. 'That felt good! I got all of that.' Jessica thinks. Kim is scrambling to her feet as fast as possible. She knows she must squelch this rally. Kim barks loudly before she knows it as Jessica rocks her with another clothesline. Jessica starts smiling from ear to ear as she follows through on the last clothesline. 'Ohhhh that had to really hurt. I got every bit of that one too.' Jessica thinks. Kim is immediately scrambling up, even though her mind is in a daze. When she stands Jessica nails her with a drop kick to her face. It is another home run. Kim's head snaps back her body goes momentarily limp and she falls to the canvas.

Fans are going nuts. Kim's head is reeling, but still aware, she scurries on her hands and knees to the corner, and uses the ropes to pull herself to her feet. Jessica raises one arm in the air, acknowledging her roaring fans then charges at Kim. Jessica leaps to splash and squash Kim in the corner. At the last moment, Kim slips out of the corner allowing Jessica crash into the hard turnbuckle. Kim chuckles loudly having outsmarted Jessica, and quieted the cheering fans. "Stupid Bi...." Kim mutters as she dives back into attack, but Jessica silences Kim with a retaliatory European upper cut to Kim's jaw, that cuts Kim off mid-statement. As Kim reels back a few steps, Jessica repeats a move that worked disastrously earlier. Jessica turns facing the corner, and leaps on the middle turnbuckle and bounds off, spins around and kicks Kim square in the face.

The reality star's head violently snaps to the side and spit sprays out of her lips. Kim goes down hard and just lies there. Jessica thinks that after all the terribly hard blows to the head Kim has suffered in the last couple of minutes, that Kim has got to be knocked silly. No such luck. Jessica reaches down to peel Kim off the mat for some more pain, when suddenly, Kim bursts to life and grabs Jessica's dangling hair and pulls Jessica down to the mat. Another hair pulling episode occurs. The girls roll back and forth across the mat, ripping locks of hair from each other's head.

"You fucking monster!" Kim tells Jessica as they roll around. "We're not done with you by a long shot. I'm kicking your ass for what you did to Tia, to Jessica Biel, to all of us!" Kim then rips out a clump of Jessica's hair.

Jessica shrieks in pain, then gets furious. "You little fucking slut!" Jessica spits back trough gritted teeth. "All you fake ass skanks got what you deserved. I won't be done till all of you are running out of the league with your asses tucked between your legs." Jessica threatens before ripping out a handful of Kim's hair.

Kim hollers back, then fills with red hot fury. "I'm sick of you!" Kim screams loudly "You're never fucking with me or my Fab sisters ever again!" Then Kim rips out two handfuls of Jessica's hair from both sides of Jessica's head at the same time. Jessica shrieks like she is being murdered. Jessica let's go of Kim's hair and clutches both sides of her own head, kicks Kim away, then draws into a sniveling ball.

Kim gets to her feet and looks down at her handy work. Shortly Jessica gets to her feet, but she is clearly shaken. Kim watches with a smug arrogant smile, then hauls off and delivers a wide arching, loud sounding, entirely disrespectful bitch smack across Jessica's face. Jessica gasps loudly and reels back several steps. Jessica looks back at Kim while wearing Kim's red hot hand print on her face. "That is for The Massacre" Kim says while smiling like the devil.

Jessica takes one look at Kim's smile and instantly the monster that has terrorized the Fab Girls returns. Suddenly the most evil, meanest looking bitch that Kim has ever seen in her life, halls off and socks her in her still smiling jaw. Kim has the shit knocked out of her. Her whole upper body twists and she falls like a sack of shit to the mat. "That's for Zoe!" Jessica screams at the top of her lungs as Kim falls.

Jessica takes a step closer, still in a berserker rage. She stands with her whole body tensed and her hands balled into fist. She is waiting, really aching for Kim to rise so she can clobber Kim again. Kim does not get up. She can't get up. After this long tough battle, Kim is finally taken down with a one punch knockout.

Fans have the house rocking with cheers. The loud uproar actually revives Kim a little, to Jessica's pleasure. As Kim starts moving a bit Jessica coldly says, "I'm glad you're up. I wanted you awake to feel this." Jessica grabs a handful of hair and jerks the pliant woman to her feet. With Kim teetering back and forth, Jessica dips down allowing Kim's back to fall on top her shoulders. Then Jessica stands and hoists Kim off her feet. Kim is stretched out with her back across Jessica's shoulders while looking listlessly up into the arena lights. With Kim helpless in a torture rack position, Jessica steadies herself. Now Jessica hops in the air and drops to her knees. Kim's body contorts around Jessica's shoulders with a jolt running through her spine. Finally Kim's body rolls off Jessica's shoulders and lies broken on the mat.

Jessica rises then turns and surveys the wreckage. The word wreckage is an accurate description of Kim at the moment. Kim lays spread eagle on the mat with her body racked in pain. She is helpless, and unable to defend herself. Fans know the match is over. Jessica can pin Kim with her pinky finger right now. However Jessica never thought about beating the Fabs. Her goal is to totally destroy the Fab Girls. With that in mind Jessica reaches down, and instead of pinning the helpless woman, she starts undressing her, by pulling Kim's sports bra off over her head, then tossing it into the fans. Second, Jessica walks down Kim's body to her feet. Jessica hoists Kim's foot off the mat and starts unlacing Kim's boot. She removes the boot and throws it deep into the ringside seats. Jessica takes her time doing the same to Kim's other boot. She throws it deep into the seats, to finally get to the last piece. Jessica peels off Kim's spandex shorts and whatever under thong she is wearing, leaving Kim naked as a jay bird.

Jessica rolls Kim over onto her stomach, then scissors one of Kim's arms between her legs and starts to apply her famous finishing hold, the Crippler Crossface. With a quick turn of the head, and an assistance from her free hand, Kim maneuvers Jessica's skinny arm in her mouth as it crosses her face. Kim chomps down as hard as she can, trying to bite through Jessica's bones if possible. Jessica screams like a scream queen from a B movie and desperately tries to free her arm from Jaw's mouth. Jessica has known Kim for years, and is surprised by the viciousness of the normally prim and proper princess. Jessica finally frees her arm from what feels like the jaws of a pit bull, Jessica retreats to the corner while shaking her hurting arm.

Jessica wiggles her fingers to get life back in them. She felt like they were paralized while Kim was biting her arm. As Jessica stands in the corner whimpering about her arm, she looks up and sees Kim streaking towards her. Jessica only has time to gasp before the rampaging brunette fires off a super kick to Jessica's mouth. Even fans in the upper levels hear this bomb detonate on Jessica's jaw. The actress' body goes limp and she crumbles to the mat.

Kim sees Jessica lying still. She thinks she can get the pinfall right now, but a quick victory would be meaningless for both combatants at this point. Both want meaningful decisive victories at this point in their intense battle. Kim stands over Jessica and does a quick pose for the fans. Then Kim does a back flip and lands body to body, chest to chest on top of Jessica with a standing moonsault. Jessicaís legs jackknife up as she returns to life. Kim rises off her opponent with a smile. Jessica reaches the ropes and pulls herself to her feet with their help. Kim allows it to happen, but as soon as Jessica stands Kim traps her in the corner. Next Kim opens a blurry fast, two fisted assault worthy of Mohammed Ali in his prime. She starts pounding Jessicaís head, knocking her senseless. Jessica starts sinking. The lower she gets Kim's fist become wider, more flamboyant lie she is hammering a spike into the ground.

Jessica sits on her butt in the corner, beaten into a stunned pitiful state. Kim turns with a huge smile and playing to the fans. Next she backs up her legendary ass into Jessica's face and start grinding her ass deep into her helpless victim's gorgeous mug, giving Jessica a very humiliating stink face. Jessica flails as Kim's huge sweaty naked ass is grinding and engulfing Jessica's magnificent face. The fans of course stand and cheer witnessing a moment that they will never forget.

Kim gets off Jessica's face, but stays on her. She pulls Jessica to her feet, then whips her across the ring into the opposite turnbuckle. Jessica closes her eyes as her back slams into the immovable corner. When she opens them, Kim is again streaking toward her. She barely has time to gasp again as Kim closes in, uses the middle rope to bound up and kicks Jessica in the back of the head with a step up enziguri. Kim's foot loudly smacks the back of Jessica's head knocking her forward a few awkward steps before she falls flat on her face. Jessica rolls over with her eyes spinning.

Kim is sure she has the match won. She struts to an open corner. Next two big steps, a cartwheel and a flip later, Kim comes crashing down on Jessica's prone body one more time. Now time for the coupe de gras. Kim gets off Jessica and races to the nearest corner and starts climbing to the top rope. Once on top, Kim's eyes quickly search to locate the target. She is terrorized to find the target standing beneath her. Kim shrieks "No!" as Jessica's right hand clutches Kim's hairless bare pussy, and the left grabs her around the neck, and Jessica hurdles Kim off the top turnbuckle to the canvas.

What Kim never realized is that as Jessica lies on the mat waiting for Kim to come flipping in and crash down on her, she had one thought. "No way in hell am I losing to two Fab bitches in a row." In truth Jessica knows that Kim has won the match. Kim has fought a masterful match that is capable of taking down 90% of the league, including the league's top elite competitors. Under normal circumstances, Jessica would not have found the strength to get off the canvas. Maybe if Zoe Saldana had not just embarrassed her, she would have lay there. She is positive if she was not fighting a Fab Girl and was fighting a member of the ABA, Gen Next or Gen Prime she would have been done. Jessica started this quest to go through the entire Fab Four long ago, and it cannot end here. She swore to destroy and humiliate every one of those entitled bitches and now that they have added the Fab Corp, that means more punishment and more fun. Using mind over reality Jessica ignores her pain, being breathless from her opponent splashing down on her, and waning strength. She got off the mat, ran over, and tossed Kim off the turnbuckle. Knowing she had very little left Jessica knew she had to act fast. The match was in the balance. Had Kim countered or saw Jessica coming, all would have been lost for the skinny chick.

Kim never expected to be thrown from her perch. She flies through the air and lands hard. She screams and arches her back in poignant pain. Before her scream could end, Jessica has her hair and pulls starts pulling Kim's head between her thighs. Before Kim knows it, she is upside down and being piledriven into the canvas. Kim's spine compresses on impact. Her body recoils Kim screams as she experience pain like she has never experienced before. Then before that scream can die, Jessica has Kim rolled onto her belly, scissored her arm with her legs and has her arms clasped under Kim's chin and pulling back with a perfectly executed Crippler Crossface.

Kim can't believe what just happened. She got caught in a perfect storm of agony. The pain in her back from being thrown off the turnbuckle, multiplied with the jolt to her spine and neck from the pile driver, are all still very much alive as the Crossface finisher takes advantage of that and increases it exponentially. Kim is finished, and she knows she is finished. In just 10 to 15 seconds of phenomenal chain wrestling, Jessica has gone from certain defeat to certain victory. Kim had to marvel and give her opponent respect, no matter how much of a bitch she thought she was.

Kim bravely fought to escape the crossface even though she knew there was a small chance of success. Kim tries to etch her way to the ropes, but at this point in the match, the taller, lean, athletic woman was stronger than her. She tries shifting her weight to either side, but Jessica is an expert of the hold. Once she locks it in correctly, nobody has ever escaped. Kim's mind tries to reconcile the fact that Jesssica just out wrestled her. No, the truth is that Jessica just kicked her big beautiful ass. Kim held out for as long as she could, screaming and crying out in agony the whole time. Inevitably the pain is too much and Kim frantically starts slapping the mat, indicating her surrender.

The referee calls for the bell and approaches the combatants to raise the victorís hand. Before he could do anything, Jessica forcefully demands, "Go! Get out of here!" The official looks confused for a moment. "The match is over. Your job is done, and now my humiliation session has started. So get the fuck out of the ring!" Jessica demands, while having never let go of her punishing Crossface on Kim or even letting up. The referee feels sorry for Kim, but Jessica is right. The proper action under the jurisdiction of his job is to exit. After all Kim signed the contract fully aware of the consequences. He turns and starts walking out of the ring.

Kim immediately shouts, "No! Don't leave! Make her break the hold!" When Kim realizes he is not stopping, she begs and pleads, "Please don't leave! Help me! She is breaking my neck, help me! Please!" Kim unashamefully begs like a victim in a horror movie, but the ref never turns back, and walks away. As in a typical episode of , Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Kim breaks into tears. Just bawling her eyes out.

Jessica never lets up she just keeps the hold applied and delights in Kim's tears and continuous tapping as she silently tortures her prey for another minute or two. Beside herself in agony Kim pulls herself together to stop crying and tries to rationalize with Jessica. "Please Jess, there is no need for this. You're the winner. You've already kicked my ass. You're the better fighter. I know it, everybody knows it. You win. I know my place, and its below you. You're the better fighter. Just let me kiss your feet, let me kiss your ass, and I'll crawl away. Please!"

Jessica hears and considers Kim's heartfelt admission of defeat. At first Jessica does nothing. She just mercilessly keeps the hold applied while Kim continues begging for mercy. Finally Jessica shouts "I'm only going to ask this one time. If you want to get out of this hold anytime soon, you better answer it right the first time. Who's hotter! Biel or Alba?"

There is silence for a moment. Fans remember how Alba broke Beil's spirit and made Biel admit her inferiority to Alba. Kim did not want to answer Alba because of her friendship with Biel. However Biel has been in this position before, and should understand. There is only one answer to this question and Kim gives it. "Alba! Alba is hotter." Kim shouts.

Jessica laughs at her small victory. Fans start the 'Alba's Hotter' chant that was born in the first Alba vs Biel match. It is often heard when Alba or Biel are in the ring. However Jessica is not going to let Kim off the hook that easy. "Tell me how much hotter than I am than Biel?" Jessica asks, while rewarding Kim by slightly letting up. "You better make it good."

Kim feels sick as Jessica makes Kim further betray her friend, but Kim has no choice. "Youíre so much hotter, you make Biel look like she has a horse face." Kim says while breaking into more tears.

Jessica laughs loudly in triumph. "That's awesome!" Jessica comments. "Now you sex tape slut, tell everybody that you're a fat ass whore, and we can move onto the next activity."

Suddenly Kim's entire body language change. "I'm not fat bitch!" Kim angrily roars. Everybody has something that is taboo. Everyone has something that sends them over the edge. Innoccently Jessica just found Kim's. In Kim's opinion, Jessica just gave her the ultimate insult; calling her fat. Kim will eagerly call herself a whoreto be released, but even the pain of the Crossface can make her say that she is fat. Kim now has total disdain to the woman with the audacity to ask her to say it.

Kim's resistance shocked Jessica She applies full pressure on the hold and repeats more forcefully "I said say you're a fat ass whore, bitch!"

"Fuck you, You string bean, Olive Oyl looking bitch, I'm not fat, and there's nothing that you can do to make me say it!" Kim answers with total conviction in her voice. "Fuck you, nobody says I'm fat and gets away with it! Fuck you! Don't be jealous because I got a body like Wonder Woman and you look like a stick figure, and call me fat!"

Jessicaís eyes widen. She realizes that she just stepped on a hallo ground that she fears to trudge on. Kim went from constant begging for mercy to suddenly yelling 'fuck you' every other word. Jessica can tell that she has reached Kim's limit. She might have to cripple Kim to make the word fat come out of her mouth. Kim continues to curse and rant, so Jessica wants to put a quick end to it. Jessica removes the tattered bikini top dangling around her neck. She wraps it around Kim's neck and uses it to pull back on in the Crossface instead of her arms. Kim cannot curse now, the string bikini chokes the words and the breath out of her. A minute later, Jessica has choked Kim into unconsciousness.

Jessica gets up, leaving Kim face down and out. Jessica leaves the ring and pulls out a bag that she had placed under the ring before the match. Jessica returns to the ring and pulls out a permanent red magic marker with a very broad tip. "When you wake up, I want you to know why I did this to you."Jessica tells the unconscious woman as she starts writing on her back. Even fans in the upper deck can read, 'ITS ZOE'S FAULT' being written across Kim's back.

Jessica starts dragging Kim's body across the ring to the corner. The journey starts to revive Kim some. Once in the corner, Jessica pulls a pair of handcuffs from the bag Jessica handcuffs Kim to the corner so she is standing, with her back facing the ring. Kim returns to awareness as Jessica pulls out a thick leather strap from her bag of goodies. "I got something special for your fat ass." Jessica says and gives Kim's giant ass a swat with the strap. The leather and flesh colliding results in a loud thunder clap sound ringing clearly up to the cheap seats. Then the hits keep coming. The whipping brings Kim all the way back. Kim is helpless, all she can do is endure her torrent whipping. Kim barks and shouts, but refuses to plead to the bean pole bitch behind her. Jessica relentlessly and viciously whips Kim time after time sending earthquake like tremors through the vast landscape of Kim's ass. After she has covered Kim's gargatuan ass with red stripes and welts, Jessica stops. "Let's see if your fat ass can break the internet again." Jessica drops the strap and gets her cell phone out of the bag. Next Jessica takes a few pictures of Kim's battered ass. She even get on her knees beside Kim's mountainous red striped ass and takes a selfie with Kim's ass. A few moments later, all of them are posted to Instagram and going viral with the hash tag #KimKFatAss.

Next Jessica repositions her victim, so Kim is facing inside the ring. Jessica makes a final trip to her bag and pulls out a strap on dildo and puts it on. Jessica grabs Kim by the ass and lifts her legs off the ground. "Any last words fat ass?" Jessica asks before plunging the dildo into Kim's cunt. Kim had no answer. She has little left physically at this point. Kim feels the pain of defeat both physically and mentally. She allows Jessica to have her way with her, and hopefully get this over with as quick as possible. Kim lets out a high pitched grunt at the penetration, then Jessica goes to work pumping the dildo in and out, going deeper and deeper.

"FUCK YOU!" Kim blurts out as she becomes more stimulated. Kim tries not to respond Jessica's fucking, but it is nearly impossible. She tries to contain her moans but once again, nearly impossible. She tries to contain her ecstasy with her growing distain for Jessica. "You bean pole bitch! Your scrawny ass is mine, the next time I see you." Seeing Kim riled up excites Jessica. She pumps Kim faster and harder making Kim make loud long strained moans. "I'm going to get you Twiggy!"

Jessica loves seeing the anguish in Kim's face. Sweat pours off her flush face and drips down to her soft, suculent tits. Kim's hands are cuffed behind her. Her legs are off the mat with Jesssica in between them, and Jessica is pumping her harder than even Kanye West ever had. Jessica takes one hand free for a moment, and slaps Kimís bouncy tit as hard as she could. Then she re-secures her grip on Kim's thigh, and keeps fucking the shit out of Kim. Whenever possible, Jessica adds more insults to injury by slapping Kim's breast and watching Kim quiver and withers with her body's stimulation. Kim quits fighting to hold the orgasm back. It only prolongs the torture. Kim gives into Jessica's will and closes her eyes and awaits the inevitable, even though Kim continues a profanity laced tirade that only Jessica can hear. "Fucking skinny bitch! I'll get you for this! Nobody calls me fat and gets away with it. I'll get you for this!... gasps.... Iíll get you for this... Oh! I'll get you for this... Ung!... I'll get you for this... Oh fuck!... I'm coming! I'm coming! Fuck yoooooooooouuuuuuuuuuuu!" Kim shouts as she rips out one of the heaviest orgasms she can remember. Jessica drop Kim's legs and withdraws the dildo. Kim drops to her knees with all her energy spent. Kim bows her head and lets her black hair cover her face and shame and defeat.

Jessica looks on knowing her job is done. One more Fab Girl has been destroyed and lies in total disgrace. She can add one more notch on her belt in her quest of total Fab Destruction. Jessica leaves the ring, and casually picks up the microphone before exiting. "I couldn't get Kim to say this, but maybe you guys will say if for me." Jessica starts a chant "Fat ass whore! Fat ass whore! Fat ass whore!!" The fans join into the fun and quickly join the chant. With tens of thousands of fans calling her a fat ass whore, Jessica sees Kim's body start trembling as she starts crying again. Jessica feels accomplished and satisfied. Kim was a ferocious competitor and fought a phenominal match, but now she is a tamed, beaten bitch wallowing in misery. Now Jessica is sure Kim's destruction is as complete as Beil's and Carrere's. Jessica puts down the mic and proudly walks back to her dressing room. When she gets there, she will find champagne and a big celebration. Jessica smiles and imagines the sadness and pain in the Fab locker room.

Once Jessica has safely returned to her dressing room, security allows Tia Carrere, Coco and Jessica Biel out of their locker room to retrieve Kim. They come with a member of security who has tools to unlock the cuffs. Kim looks up and profusely apologizes to Biel, She tells Kim to forget about it. Biel remembers being locked in the Crossface and knows what she said to get out. Kim is unable to walk back. She puts an arm over Coco and Beil's shoulders and gets carried her back to the safety of their locker room. They take Kim to the doctors. The medical staff patch her up and start icing her down, and inform her that she will be fine in a week or so.

Coco consoles Kim later in the dressing room as she is treated with ice. Roselyn Sanchez and Eva Longoria visit to try and give Kim some encouragement. Suddenly the door opens and Jennifer Lopez is coming through. "Kim I saw your match. You did an awesome job. I'm so proud of you." Kim's mentor pops as she walks through the door.

Kim lights up as she sees her leader and one of her idols walk into the room. "What are you doing here? First, I lost the match. Second, you should be preparing for your match, not looking at mine. Third, it is minutes before the biggest match of your career. You shouldn't be here."

Jennifer chuckles then answers. "Don't worry about me. It's not like they are going to start the Main Event without me. Besides you know that nobody can go from cool to rampaging bitch, quicker than I can. I just wanted to let you know how proud I am of you. Even though you loss, you fought at a championship level. This battle with The Resistance is a marathon, not a sprint. If you keep putting up efforts like that, we will win without a doubt. You'll be wearing a championship belt soon too. Next time you fight Olive Oyl you'll make her pay for tonight and a whole lot more. Now if you don't mind, I've got a championship to go win, then we've got a victory party to attend." Jennifer gives Kim a hug, and leaves for her match. Jennifer's visit did wonders for Kim's spirits and ego.

It is a busy night for the Fab Four. Through the course of the night, many people came into the room to check on Kim at various times. At one point it is just Tia Carrere, Kim Kardashian and Jessica Biel in the room. Looking off in a distance, Tia confesses, "I still think about her... Alba. It felt good coordinating Zoe taking her down, but I still want to beat her so bad. I honestly would trade her beating my ass five times, just for me to beat her once. I would do it in a heartbeat."

"She haunts me too..." Jessica admits. "I want to see her groveling at my feet for a change." Then after a long pause Jessica asks, "Are you thinking what I'm thinking?"

"Hell yeah. Let's get her." Kim agrees.

"Are you two crazy?" Tia interupts. "Jessica didn't do all those nasty things to us because we let her. She did them because she beat our asses, and we couldn't stop her. What's going to make it any different this time?" Tia looked around at her girls for an answer or at least some reason. Neither Biel or Kim had an answer but Tia could tell that was not going to stop them. "Fuck! This is dumb. I'm in."


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