NOTE - This match follows events of Madonna vs Carmen Electra

Sometimes Christina Applegate almost hates seeing her name plate saying, Chairman of Booking Committee, on her desk. Yes it is the best seat to impose her will on the league, but there are many other duties that accompany that title. Today, she is having a difficult time signing a match between Cock Fight Queen, Pam Anderson and Janet Jackson for the supercard, RAGE! II. She thought it would be easy. She knows that Pam Anderson simply loves to fuck Janet for some reason. She knows that Janet and Gen Prime want the semi-main event match and exposure that accompanies it. Although she had to admit both had valid arguments.

Janet Jackson is being interviewed about her upcoming match with Pamela Anderson for the Cockfight Title, but again all she wants to talk about is the assault on her team during the match between Carmen Electra and Madonna. “The league should be held responsible for the assault on my girls,” commands Janet.

Heidi Klum returns, “You can’t be holding Stone Rage responsible for this attack.”

Janet – “We’re not convinced Stone Rage didn’t sanction these attacks.”.

Heidi – “You can’t be serious.”

Janet – “As a heart attack… Rage never liked us. From conception, Generation Prime has been the red headed stepchild of the league. Well we’re not fighting for daddy’s approval like his pets the Fab Whores. Prime is in the business of breaking bitches and business is good as you will see when I beat and fuck Pammy out of her title.”

Janet went on to challenge Carmen’s attackers to a fair fight and warns that all members of Prime will be present at her match with Pam to keep the peace. She doesn’t stand on ceremony, exiting as soon as she’s said her piece.

Moments after Janet leaves, Pam is in her seat. When Heidi mentions how Janet mostly wanted to talk about the assault on Prime and asked Pam how she felt about the event. At first Pam seemed unconcerned then Heidi mention, “Janet thought Rage could be involved.”

“Ha, Rage has always fought to keep the peace and the matches honest and fair,” returned Pam.

“Well, how about the rumors that the Fab are responsible? You can’t deny Madonna, Electra and the rest of Prime have history with the Fab and Madonna sat right where you are now and challenged you for your title. A week later and she’s in the hospital. In fact, she’s still in the hospital.”

Pam answers, “Heidi if it had been us… I’m just saying if we had that much beef we wouldn’t go through the drama of costumes. Besides we are the Fabulous for a reason. We don’t sink to such tactics. You need to look at the ABA or the Resistance. They are the only ones I know cowardly enough to sink so low.”

Heidi turned the interview towards Pam and Janet’s match and just as Janet said Pam mentioned she would not be alone either.

The next day, Christina Applegate calls Pam and Janet to her office for some added stipulations for their match. Three rules… The cockfight would be multiple falls. The first to 5 penetrations (oral, vaginal or anal), best 5 out of 9, wins. Second the loser and her team must submit themselves Ultimate Surrender style to the winner and her team. That means the losers get fucked anyway the winners choose for as long as they choose. Finally, any interference, disqualifications, or forfeiture results in a loss by the guilty party and said team is subject to the loser terms in two.

A heated debate, Applegate felt, was sure to follow. However, neither wanted to seem unconfident of the outcome of the match.

Fight Night
Pam was in the ring waiting. She was in the buff wearing nothing but a twelve inch strap- on, her tee, shorts and high heels long discarded. In her corner was her Fab girls, Eva Longoria and Kimora Lee Simmons. Both were dressed as Pam was when she first entered the ring, their shorts obviously bulging from hidden strap-ons. Standing in an adjacent corner was special guest ref Sofia Vergara. She had a huge smile on her face, more than pleased at getting the ref gig. She requested it when she found out what type of match it was going to be. Wearing a sexy referee outfit including a bikini top, short shorts, fishnets and high heels, Sofia was dressed to tease. She nearly bounced with excitement as Janet Jackson was announced. Jackson soon entered the arena and strutted down towards the ring with her girls, Christina Aguilera, Mya Harrison, and Carmen Electra, in tow. Each dressed as dominatrix Lady Marmalade video outfits with Carmen dressed as Lil' Kim and Janet dressed as Pink In addition to the outfits each had matching colored strap-ons. It was Aguilera’s idea. They came dressed to dominate.

As soon as Janet started to lift her leg to enter the ring Pam took off full steam towards the singer. Janet had got her left leg over the middle rope and into the ring when Pam plowed into her with an elbow block knocking Janet’s upper body away from the ropes. Janet out of shock screamed as the hit flipped her out of the ropes and on to the surrounding concrete back first. Janet was a little slow to rise with one hand nursing her back. Facing the crowd at first as she made it to her feet, Janet turned to face the ring for her second shock of the evening.

Pam was standing over her on the ring apron ready to pounce, Pammy was airborne. She tackled Janet to the ground with her weight and momentum from the fall adding to Janet’s pain as her back made severe impact with the concrete again. Skillfully Janet managed to keep her head from contact with the concrete, but that didn’t comfort her much as Pam mounted her.

Sofia was a little shocked herself. The match hadn’t officially started. The Prime girls booed and demanded action. They threatened to intervene but the threat of losing through disqualification which still meant a ‘fucking’ end kept them as bystanders. As Sofia watched Pam, with cock resting amongst Janet’s cleavage, wail away at Janet’s skull with wild haymaker style punches it came to her that she could go ahead and start the match, skipping the formalities. She did and with a ‘ding ding’ it was official. Sofia made it to the ropes and stated counting Pam and Janet out. Pam noticed the count and rose off Janet. Stepping back Pam basked in the groggy look on Janet’s face. Her smile turned upside down as Janet’s look went from groggy to fierce and her right foot rose quickly and stomped Pam in the cunt mangling her strap on into her clitty.

Janet made it her feet and slid into the ring on the seven count. Pam on wobbly legs was on the ring apron at nine and rolled under the bottom rope just before ten. It was all she could do. Janet helped her up and by handfuls of blonde hair. A quick knee to the cock pounded Pam’s pubic mound. Janet then scooped Pam up and planted her upside down in the corner in a tree of woe. It was time for a little revenge from one of their earlier matches. Janet brushed aside Pam’s strap on and planted her head into Pam’s crotch. Suddenly Pam was screaming, “Ahh!!! She’s biting my cat!! Ahh shit!! Stop!! Stop!! Stop!!” Sofia started her count. “Get this bitch off me,” Pam screamed. Janet pulled free before the DQ.

Sofia ordered Janet away and struggled to assist Pam in getting free. As Pam came to rest in the corner comforting her clit she felt another hand slip into her crotch. “Can you continue, honey,” Sofia said as she gently stroked Pam’s cooch with a look of more sexual arousal than concern, her heavy accent turning every word into foreplay. Pam answered her affirmative slowly enjoying Sofia’s attention. Sofia stepped away licking her fingers enjoying a little taste of Pam’s muffin.

With Pam cleared to continue, Janet moved in, grabbed an arm and pulled Anderson out of the corner. Then she swung Pam into the ropes. As Pam rebound back, Janet went for a roundhouse kick to the chops. However Pam ducked it and continued on to the opposite ropes. Pam rebound and planned to clothesline Janet, but Janet met her with a big boot to the skull that put Pammy on her back. Seeing Pam dazed and confused Janet took a moment to play to the crowd. She stroked her cock foreshadowing its violation of Pam’s sex holes.

Seeing Pam rising Janet decided to help her up with another handful of hair. Janet paused as she felt the gentle caress of her lacey bra covered breasts. Her nipples became rock hard pebbles to Pam’s touch. They poked out proudly through Janet’s bra. Pam brushed a cup aside and engulfed one in her mouth and sucked like it was her only source of sustenance. Janet’s defenses crumbled. Her hold of Pam’s hair weakened.

As Pam’s left hand reached into Janet’s panties and found her back door, Janet instinctively poked her ass out to allow access. Pam toying with Janet’s anus inserting one finger for teasing had Janet about to gush. She dropped to her knees just about begging Pam to take her. This didn’t thrill the Generation any as they feared for the loss of their own self-respect should Janet lose and they have to give themselves to the Fab girls.

Pam now totally dominated now standing tugging hard on Janet’s hair forcing their eyes to meet. “Bitch,” Pam started. “Say you’re my fucking bitch.” Before Janet could protest, Pam placed her right foot between Janet’s thighs. Janet’s attempt to protest turned into moans as Pam’s toes penetrated her pussy. Janet remembered seeing Pam’s perfectly pedicured toes and delighted at the thought of them playing with her kitty.

Janet was soon moaning so hard, she didn’t even protest when Pam shoved her cock passed Janet’s gums. At first Pam gently stroked as Janet willingly slobbed all over it, but then Pam started driving it in harder and harder until Janet was forced to retreat. Pam prevented Janet from backing away by holding on to her mane and continued to face fuck her deep and hard trying to get all twelve inches down the singer’s gifted throat. That’s one penetration for Pam.

Satiesfied she had dominated Janet enough and eager to get her second penetration, Pam threw Janet to the mat and stepped back in a clean break according to the rules. Janet rolls out of the ring at the break. She was coughing trying to clear her throat of her own excess saliva. She wiped her mouth several times, but it was too much to wipe clean. She tried to circle the ring and make it to the security of her girls, but Pam was quickly closing. Pam grabbed hold of Janet’s hair and whipped her into the barrier separating the audience from the ring area. Janet tumbled over the barrier into the crowd. Some scattered abandoning their seats. Others stayed in place fighting the urge to grab hold of the sexy star. Pam jumped the barrier. “Janet,” she said sweetly. “Janet hon, we’re not done yet.” Janet uses one of the metal chairs to attack Pam. She doesn’t bother to waste time folding it up and throws it at Anderson. Anderson blocks it and grimaces due to the pain contact causes to her arms. She soon has to block another chair and then another. Each hurt like hell forcing her back to the barrier. Janet then found a chair already folded, grabbed it and popped Pam hard enough to knock Anderson on top of the barrier.

With Pam laying on the barrier momentarily, Janet gets in her crotch and takes another bite at her pussy lips. Pam howls and desperately starts kick till Janet is forced to back away. Pam falls off the barrier on the ring side caressing her cunt. Janet jumps over, mounts Pam and starts wailing punches down on her. Pam tries to cover but it is to no avail. Janet has plenty of room to fire wrist deep blows into Pammy’s huge tits. There was almost no way to miss them. The first tears of the night came to Pam’s eyes as it was all she could do not to scream her head off.

Desperate to escape Pam kicks and bucks till she dismounts Jackson. Janet still on the assault is prey to the trap and finds Pam’s thighs wrapped around her head. She is forced to the ground unable to stop Pam from mounting her. As Janet squirms, Pam is able to snake her cock back into Janet’s gaping mouth. Thinking of nothing but payback for the pounding of her breasts Pam delivers another energetic face fucking that has Janet’s skull pounding into the concrete. It is the second satisfying penetration for Pam.

As Pam breaks according to the rules, Janet jumps to her feet and charges. Tackling Pam to the ground Janet secures a hold of Pam’s hair. As Pam mouth gapes open, Janet demonstrated that she’d save the massive amounts of saliva she’d spewed while orally stuffed by Pam’s member by allowing it to drool into Pam’s mouth. The only thing that could have made it more demoralizing is if it had been a mouthful of giz. When Pam tries to spit out the juicy gift, Janet mount her to deliver another beat down. Pam is rocked hard this time around each blow forcing Janet’s cocktail from her lips. She is soon punch drunk and her own saliva and blood started to mix with Janet’s gift and spill out of her mouth.

Janet rolls Pam over to her stomach and mounts Pam’s thighs. There she spreads Pam’s ass cheeks just enough to expose Pam’s anus and sneak her dry cock deep inside. Pinning Pam’s arms about the wrists Janet takes a pushup like stance and with the powerful hip thrusts of a trained dancer pounds Pam’s tiny asshole. Janet’s muscles are more than impressive, built from constant workout in preparation for a coming tour. It’s one very decisive penetration for Janet, bringing the score to 2-1.

Janet broke the hold and reentered the ring. In all this time, Sofia hadn’t been counting. She was at eight when Janet had her face buried in Pam’s cooch, but loss her train of thought as she became more aroused from the display, becoming more of a bystander than a ref. Pam was slow just getting off the floor. She walked to the ring like Janet’s monster twelve inch was still in her. She felt sure Janet had got it all in. The thought of it actually turned her on a bit, but as she saw Kimora and Eva cheering her on she refocused on the task at hand. Pam entered the ring focused. Janet became impatient and moved to help Pam into the ring though, by the hair if need be. Just before she got hold of Pam, the Baywatch Icon dropped off the ring apron and reached in under the bottom rope catching Janet’s ankles. Pulling Janet’s ankles forced a painful keister bounce. Next Pam pulled Janet’s ass to the ropes. Then rolling Janet over to her stomach by quickly crossing her legs Pam was free to spread Janet’s cheeks. Sliding to the side Janet’s panties Pam spotting the object of her desire and bathe Janet’s anus with her tongue. Janet cooed in pleasure at the treatment.

Believing the cock to follow, Janet quickly scooted out of the ring and turned to face Pam. They engage in a shoving match until Pam takes hold of Janet’s arm and tries to whip her back into the barrier. At the last moment Janet reversed the move and whipped Pam into the barrier. Pam ends up ass up again over the barrier with the barrier sawing into her tummy. Janet held her against the barrier as she gave the blonde and quick yet brutal spanking. She reached back as far as possible delivering wicked stinging slaps to Pam’s naked ass forcing the cockfight queen to wince with every blow.

With Pam under control, Janet got her second penetration as she drove her twelve inches deep into the pink. Janet rocks Pam’s world till she creams herself. Pam collapses as Janet releases her and returns to the ring snickering all the way enjoying tying up the score. Pam struggles off the barrier. She knows Janet got in all in this time, at least that’s what she thought. It was that thought as much as Janet’s aggressive penetration that made Pam lose it and cum all over Janet’s cock.

Soon Pam is back in the ring facing Janet. Janet was eager to bring the match back into the ring so at the break she returned to her corner and waited. She had to wait a moment for Pam to compose herself enough to return to the ring, but as soon as Pam cleared the ropes, Janet approached with a smile. She wanted Pam unnerved. What she got was a kick to the tummy and a follow up neckbreaker, the Stone Cold Stunner. Still in shock, she offered no resistance to Pam picking her head up off the mat and again stuffing her mouth again with cock. With fistfuls of hair and Janet’s body in an awkward position on the mat, Janet is kept in place to have her throat jackhammered. She can’t hold in the excess saliva this time and covers the mat.

Its 3 -2 Pam and it seems Pam is planning to win this whole match by violating and dominating Janet orally. By now Pam’s cock is constantly dripping Janet’s saliva, coating Pam’s thighs. Pam picks Janet up and Pedigree’s her back into the mat.

Pam then circles Janet and gets in position to apply a ceiling hold on Janet forcing Jackson into the air and exposing her snatch to the audience. Pam keeps Janet in the air till Janet’s moans satisfy her. Janet is then released and dragged by her hair into the corner. Pam positions Janet for a bronco busting ride and mounts Jackson’s head. She snakes her cock back into Janet’s mouth and delivers a balls deep bronco busting that implants all twelve inches deep past Janet’s gums.

It is 4-2 Pam and Janet is a mess in the corner. Her throat is on fire, her resolve weakened and her fight all but gone. Freed as Pam breaks the hold she doesn’t budge at first, just sitting in the corner coughing and gagging. It is the cheers of her girls that make her grab the ropes. As she stands Pam runs in and smashes her elbow into Janet’s neck. As Pam backs away, Janet crumbles back into the corner.

Pam pulls Janet out of the corner by her ankles and then sits on Janet’s tummy pinning the singers arms beneath her thighs. Her soaked cock rests between Janet’s tits and against Janet’s chin. One hand sneaks into panties, two cream colored fingers spread chocolate lips, and deeply digging penetration into Janet’s kitty works the singer into a dripping finish.

Pam then stuffs her cum soaked fingers into Janet’s mouth making her taste her own ooze. Pam then tipped the head of her cock back between Janet’s lips for the 5-2 win. Janet was demoralized as Pam defeated her making her suck cock throughout the whole match. Pam, “I think it’s only fair to call you the queen of cock suckers from now on Janet.” Pam giggles as she stands to allow Sofia to hold her hand up in victory.

The match was called with Pam scoring first 5 out of 9 penetrations, 5 to 2. Winner, Pam.

Let’s Get It On (Ultimate Surrender sex round intro phrase)

• Eva embraces Christina with a kiss, “You’re gonna love this,” she murmurs as her lips press up against Christina’s. She then forces Christina onto her knees and makes her swallow cock. Holding the back of Aguilera’s head, Eva forces the blonde to follow her as Longoria backs away. Meanwhile Pam is forcing Mya to remove all of her outfit. “You’re no dominatrix. More like a sex slave. And my sex slave’s aren’t permitted clothes. Take em off,” Ordered Pam. Kimora forced Carmen and Janet onto their knees and tied their hands behind their backs with their own lingerie. She then forced them to watch Mya and Christiana’s ordeal by taking handfuls of their hair.

Pam then forced Mya over to Eva and Christina and forced her to join into Christina’s slobbering cock sucking. As Eva stroked twelve inches deep past Christina’s and then Mya’s lips, Pam went twelve inches deep into Mya’s ass dry, causing instant discomfort. Mya howled as the pain grew and Eva made use of her open mouth by gagging Mya with the strap- on. “Stop it,” begged Christina. “She can’t breathe.”

“Shut the fuck up,” ordered Eva. “Don’t worry about her,” said Eva as she pulled out of Mya and threw Aguilera to the mat by a tug of her hair. “Worry about what I’m gonna do to you.” Eva then stomped on Christina’s right tit. As Christina howled, Eva implanted the toes of her left foot into Aguilera’s mouth. “Suck em bitch. Suck em or I’ll get that titty again.” Christina did as she was told. Pam maneuvered Mya so that Eva could get the cock back between Mya’s lips while humbling Aguilera. Pam still punishing Mya’s hot tight box, caught Mya in a chinlock forcing her to arch her back amplifying the anal pounding and allowing Eva’s cock deeper to the hilt.

Kimora was getting too hot just watching. She looked down at her captives and thought to herself if it would be chocolate or vanilla. Chocolate it would be as she turned her hips to Janet and forced her to suck cock.

• Pam and Eva pulled the prey apart. Eva forced Christina onto her knees and made her rest her head on the mat. This forced Christina’s ass up into the air in perfect position for anal intrusion. Luckily for Christina she and Mya’s slobbering over the love pipe made it good and lubricated so she didn’t suffer much. The pain of the penetration turned to pleasure fairly quickly.

“Eat my pussy,” ordered Pam as she lay on her back and pulled Mya by the hair into her crotch. Mya was thankful for the chance to let her burning asshole heal. She eagerly tongued Pam’s clit and soon penetrated Pam pussy lips with two fingers. She hoped that if she pleasured Pam enough, Pam would go easy on her. Her prayers for leniency seemed a little too hopeful when she heard the vicious popping sound of Eva slapping Christina’s ass. Pounding Aguilera’s anus made that ass meat jiggle uncontrollably. Eva amplified the effect by spanking the shit out Christina’s ass as she bore deep into Aguilera’s anus.

It was Carmen’s time at the cock. Carmen tastes Janet’s contribution but not for long as her mind is soon focused on not losing her lunch as Kimora goes deepthroat on her.

Pam brought Mya back over to Eva who immediately pulled out of Christina’s ass to ass-to- mouth Mya with Christina’s stink. Christina sunk to the mat rolling to her back. Eva placed a foot onto Christina’s face to keep her from thinking she was free. As Eva’s cock filled Mya’s cheeks, Pam spread Harrison’s ass cheeks again dashing Mya’s dreams for leniency. Pam’s still dripping cock threatened to open Mya’s devastated ass cavity permanently.

Kimora forces Janet and Carmen face to face lips to luscious lips less than an inch apart and completes her slut hotdog by sticking her cock between both sets of lips. She fucks the makeshift buns frantically as her sexy prey drool all over cock.

Thankfully Eva couldn’t wait to get back into Christina’s ass and pulled out of Mya’s mouth. Eva positions Christina so that her ass was back up in the air, this time with Aguilera on her back with her legs brought over her body so that her ankles rest near her ears. And then it was ass time again as Eva enters again with no compassion for the pain of the first frantic insertions. She just plows in fast and deep. When Christina screams, Eva slaps her in the clit and orders her, “Shut the fuck up.”

Mya is thankful yet again as Pam pulls out of her ass. The following humiliating move is actually welcomed by Mya, Pam ass-to-mouthing her. Mya sucked the plastic fallus with vigor slobbering like a puppy with a bone. She could taste her own stink on Pam’s hard one. She spit globs of saliva on it getting it dripping profusely onto the mat. This would turn out to be one of the wisest moves she makes considering what was coming up.

• Kimora is now going back and forth deepthroating Janet, Carmen, Janet, and so forth.

Pam was back in Mya’s ass, but to Mya’s relief the overly coated saliva dripping cock didn’t burn so much. Eva pulls Christina over to Kimora and asks if Christina can join. Janet, Carmen and Christina are soon forced into a cocksucking contest.

Before Kimora can pick a winner, Pam escorts Mya over and gets Eva to trade. Now it is Mya, Janet and Carmen in competition. Eva pulls Christina away and forces her to spread her legs and bend down and touch the mat. Eva then spreads Christina’s pussy lips with her strap-on.

• Kimora picks Mya as the winner, and Mya’s prize… Kimora's cock. Kimora takes Pam’s place. Pam’s parting words, “She loves it up the ass.” Kimora drives her moist cock into Mya’s ass and to Mya’s dismay she realizes Kimora’s cock is larger than Pam’s. She grits her teeth at the initial intrusion, but is soon howling. Unable to take the punishment she is forced to brace herself by grabbing the shoulders of Janet and Carmen. For them it foreshadows what is in store for them. They can’t even attempt to comfort Mya.

Pam joins Eva and Christina by face fucking Christina as she continues getting railed by Eva. Kimora pulls Mya away from her team and pushes her onto her back and then kneels down between Mya’s open thighs. Kimora plants her cock back deep into Mya’s ass and too Mya’s further torment. “My ass,” she screams in pain.

“Yeah,” says Pam pulling out of Christina and moving to Mya and Kimora. She says to Kimora, “She loves it in the ass.”


Mya’s pleas are cut short as Pam stuffs her cheeks with cock. Pam pinches and twists Mya’s nipples. Eva has laid down on her back forcing Christina to ride her cock. “I’m getting tired of banging you slut. Ride it bitch,” orders Eva. Christina’s inner whore eagerly takes charge and she is soon riding for her own pleasure.

Kimora and Pam command Mya onto her hands and knees. Again Kimora is back in Mya’s ass and Pam is gagging her. Eva is enjoying slapping Christina’s tits from beneath her. She even adds a couple of smacks to the face that seems to make Christina ride it harder. Eva dismounts Christina pushing her off and despite Aguilera’s vigorous ride, Eva claims the blonde is a horribly lay. She then forces Christina onto her back with her legs up in the air, knees to her breast. Eva then penetrates Christina’s puss. “This is how you fuck,” she announces.

Pam lays down and pulls Mya over her. She implants her cock into Mya’s pussy. Mya wrongfully felt relief. At least it wasn’t in her ass. but then Kimora mounted her from behind. “No! Noooo!!!! Noooo,” screamed Mya as she suffered a double penetration. Pam’s fucktastic skills threaten to dismount Mya, But Kimora’s pounding from behind keeps her in the vice. Her screams resonate in Janet and Carmen’s ears. It even cuts through Christina’s enjoyment of her current predicament. All three fear their teammate’s destruction.

Eva wraps her hands around Christina’s neck and start choking her as she continues to pound her kitty, taking Aguilera’s attention from her tortured ally. Christina’s eyes bug out in a mixture of fear and passion. In the midst of her double agony Mya barely recognizes that Pam is tormenting her nipples again.

“Time to finish these bitches,” came from across the ring in a deep accent. It was Sofia Vergara carrying a vibrating massager. She asked Kimora and Pam to bring Mya over to Christina and spread Mya over Christina’s face. Sophia then went to work with the massager on Mya’s clit. Mya soon gushed onto her teammate who was forced to swallow, nearly choking on Mya’s girly jizz, as Eva waited to just that moment to break her chokehold of Christina. Eva then begged for the massager and asked Kimora and Pam to position Christina’s cunt over Mya’s face. Next Eva forced Christina to gush with the massager all over Mya’s face.

• After such a fearful fuck session, Janet and Carmen were shitting bricks. A hopeful thought was, maybe the Fab tired themselves out on Mya and Christina. The thought withered as the four; Pam, Eva, Kimora and ref Sofia; turned to them and eyed them as hungry wolves spying fresh prey. They abandoned Mya and Christina. The actual Fab girls swarming Jackson. Sofia stalked Carmen on her own accord. Sofia’s eagerness surprised Carmen. They had no real beef. Sofia’s interest was all sexual.

"These two whores have a lot of mileage on them. They might need a little more lubrication." Sophia teases. Pam shrugs her shoulders then slams the cock into Janet's mouth, making her suck it. Eva takes her turn with Carmen and makes her suck her dildo. Pam quickly gets bored watching Janet again gobble down the cock. After all, that is how she won the match anyway. Pam shoves Janet down to her hands and knees then sits on the singer's back and rides Janet around the ring. Eva was not in the mood to give Carmen a lot of mercy either. She takes the cock out of Carmen's mouth and starts doggy style fucking Carmen. After making Janet make a degrading lap around the ring, Pam plants Janet on her back and fucks her missionary with legs up. Eva follows suit with Carmen.

Burning with desire, Sophia enters and face fucks Janet with Pam still in her. Still the authority in the ring, and responsible for making sure the fans get a great show, Sophia orders Pam doggy style and makes Janet go down doggy behind Pam to eat her out, while Sophia fucks Janet's ass doggy style. Sophia grabs Janet by the hair forcing her further up into Pam’s ass and puss. Sophia forces Janet to suck her ass off the cock while Pam goes over to Carmen. Pam face fucks Carmen while Eva continues drilling in her puss.

After Janet has cleaned the cock, Sophia starts playing with Janet's clit. The sloppy wet pussy opens up and four fingers plummet inside. Fans know Janet is enjoying it as Sophia is four finger fucking Janet to gush. Janet pops her cork and sprays all over the mat. Sophia roughly pulls Janet by the hair and makes her clean her spunk off the floor. Sophia scrubs Janet's hair and face across the canvas, mopping up her jizz. Pam and Eva pull Carmen over so she can help. The victors literally mop the floor with their victims.

Carmen is forced back onto her back so Pam can mount her face. As Carmen is forced to lick Pam’s ass, Eva drives back into her puss. Eva digs her nails into Carmen’s pubic mound and uses the claw to keep her from sliding about in Janet’s goo. Sophia has placed her boot onto the back of Janet’s head and continues to order her to clean the mat. Sophia then straddles Janet facing her ass. “I love your ass. Chocolaty chunky, still not as fantastic as mine though,” Sophia said as she started double spanking Janet’s ass cheeks. Once Janet’s brown cheeks turned red, Sophia rolled her back over to her back and forced her legs up and over pressing them down by Janet’s ears. Pam came over and assisted forcing Janet’s pussy up towards the lights. Sophia went deep into Janet’s puss as Pam forced Janet to lick the soles of her feet.

Eva moved to face fuck Carmen. Her fingers tugged and Carmen’s tiny pubic hairs as she deep throated her will into submission. Sophia backed up off Janet’s ass and moved to Carmen and Eva. Pam stood and kept Janet in her predicament, but pulling her ass in enough for Janet's knees to hit the mat. Holding on to Janet’s ass for balance, Pam drills Janet’s puss. Sophia helped Eva place Carmen in the same position and soon Eva and Carmen mirrored Pam and Janet. As Eva and Pam did work Sophia stood enjoying the scene starting to play with her own clitty.

Kimora, who held the devastated Aguilera and Mya forcing them to watch, was started to get a little to turned on herself. She forces Mya’s face into her crotch and orders Mya to eat her out. Mya didn’t even think about refusing, her resistance has been completely fucked out of her. Sophia left the ring giving the feeling that it may soon be all over. That was true, however when Sophia returned with a bottle of lube, it became obvious that the best was inexplicably yet to come.

Sophia lubed up her right hand as she asks Eva to release Carmen. Before Carmen could feel relief, Sophia had two fingers in her pussy. Then three goes in. Carmen gushed immediately. She could take no more. Eva mounted Carmen’s head to face fuck her so more. Sophia now had all four fingers in. Pam pulled out of Janet but kept her ass up by sitting on her head and arms. She signaled Sophia to pass the lube. Pam soaked her right hand as well and in almost unison she and Sophia both shoved their entire fist into their victims. Neither could scream as the wished with Carmen’s mouth full of cock and Janet so badly rolled up it was all she could do to breath. Janet soon gushed and her ooze flowed down her body into her mouth.

Eva felt left out so the pulled out of Carmen’s mouth, who immediately started screaming and grabbed the lube bottle that had been discarded by Pam. Before she could return to Carmen she found Sophia had forced her onto her hands and knees fist still embedded and was making her crawl around the ring. Eva decided to assist Pam. As Pam stretched Janet’s pussy to its limits, Eva started penetrating Jackson’s anus with her well-oiled fingers. One, two, then three and four, and finally her whole fist went in. Janet bucked both bother girls were able to keep her in place.

Carmen was forced over to Kimora’s feet. Kimora instantly stands on her hair. Sophia then forced another gush from Carmen’s pussy. Janet was also forced to gush herself again by the double penetrating fisting.

At long last, Pam felt there was little worst that they could do to Gen Prime than they already have done. The reason she requested Ultimate Surrender rules is to hopefully beat and embarrass Janet and Gen Prime so they never wanted to get into the ring with her ever again. By the look of the whimpering, sniveling sad sacks, rubbing their cunts, the mission is accomplished. She is particularly proud of herself because she did this within the framework of the rules, unlike the ABA or Resistance. With a wave of her hand, Pam calls her team off of her victims. As they exit the ring, Pam smiles saying, "Sophia! You are coming to the Fab victory party tonight, aren't you?" Sophia maintained her cool but raised her eyebrows showing it is a strong consideration.

The After Party
The Fab After party turned out to be one of the celebrations of the year. The Fabs had tremendous success on the card of the year, and let loose accordingly. Pam sits at her table with her team, a Kimora and Eva Longoria. They have Sofia Vergara visiting, and the alcohol is flowing like the night before Prohibition. Pam gulps her favorite drink, Moninger's Madness at a record pace. "Sophia how did you like your first taste of the league?" Pam asks as Kimora's phone goes off for the hundredth time. Kimora wears a perturbed expression and goes off to answer the call.

"It was fantastic, I love it!" Sofia excitedly answered. "Christina gave me that job as a chance to prove myself people for a contract to the league. I hope I get one."

"That's no problem, I'll take care of that" Pam dismissively answers. "I'll text Ragie Poo and he'll have a contract delivered to you by Tuesday. Maybe earlier, but I'm sure he’s too drunk to read a text tonight to get his people on it." she adds with a chuckle.

"You got it like that?" Sofia surprisingly asks.

"Sure but that not important." Pam dismissively answers again. "What's important is that you have great chemistry with me and the girls. I want to ask if you want to join my team with the Fabs. Regardless of your decision I will make sure you still get your contract."

"Are you kidding? I would love to be a Fab." the heavily accented Columbia bounds.

Pam texts Tia Carrere, Jennifer Lopez and Halle Berry to inform them that she wants Sofia to be the newest Fab. All agreed and quickly rushed over from various other parts of the party to welcome their newest sister. Pam warns Sofia to not take this decision lightly. Things do not always go as well as they did tonight. Tonight they were lucky and were the ones doing the fisting, but there will be several times when they are on their back with the fist up their cunt. Sofia explained that she understood and was still thrilled to be a Fab and thrilled to join the 'fun'.

Pam announces to the world of their addition with a group selfie posted on Twitter. "She is on top of the world with Sofia joining the group. She tweeted, 'A Canadian, a Mexican, a Korean and a Columbian are joining together. Look out World!"

Everyone could tell that something was bothering Kimora though the night. The tight friends probed and prodded Kimora to confess what was wrong. "I didn't want to spoil the night, but my husband has major problems seeing me fucking Gen Prime. I'm probably going to have to quit the group to keep my marriage." Kimora sadly confesses.

"Don't worry, take care of your home life girl." Pam understandingly answers. "We've been married before. I’ve been more than any of you. This is a crazy business to try and maintain a relationship through. We will always be there for you, and there will always be a place for you in the group." Pam finishes and reaches over to give Kimora a hug. Kimora hugs Pam with a tear rolling down her cheek. "But tonight we are here and were are going to party like never before. We're going to turn this bitch out till the sun rises!" Pam announces and raises her glass. She is quickly joined by a group yell and clink of glasses.




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