NOTE - This match follows events of Salma Hayek vs Jenny McCarthy vs Jennifer Love Hewitt

The day after losing the three way match for the Drama Queen Title between herself, Jenny McCarthy and Salma Hayek; Jennifer Love Hewitt issued her challenge for a rematch with Hayek. Angela Bassett was the only one of the Booking Committee available and, unfortunately for Love, Angela wasn’t impressed with her. Like many Bassett considered Hewitt’s win over Aniston a fluke and Longoria too weak to be considered a fair challenge for the Title. Yeah Jenn beat Salma down, twice now, and Halle Berry but catching either when they clearly had no plans to fight didn’t impress Angela. Biased against Hewitt, Angela easily explained to herself that Salma’s second beat down was nothing more than a fluke as well, caused more by the exhaustion of fighting two ladies at once than by any skill of Hewitt’s. Thinking back to her own involvement in the old Hill/Houston feud, she remembers being on the receiving end of what she considered other flukes. First real match, with Hayek, and Jennifer was left quivering on the mat. That’s the way Angela saw it. If McCarthy hadn’t been involved, Angela felt sure Love would have suffered the same fate. Quite frankly and with little too no real interest in Hewitt’s desires, Angela told her there’d be no chance in Hell she’d get the next championship match. Besides, the committee was looking at another candidate for the next matchup. And it just so happens, that lady walks into the room.

Angela responded differently to Halle Berry. Halle she saw as an equal, an equal she’d love to plant into the mat via a DDT, but an equal none the less. Her tone of respect as she greeted Halle from behind her desk incensed Hewitt. Jennifer blocked Angela’s view as she got all up in Halle’s face, arguing over Halle’s barging in. While they traded insults, Angela moved in from around her desk. “I’ll tell you what ladies. You two face each other. Winner faces Salma for the title. I don’t think anyone will have a problem with that,” Angela said referring to the other members of the committee and Chairman Applegate. In Angela’s mind she had just arranged for Halle to face Salma as planned, again having no faith in Hewitt. Halle accepted quickly but warned Angela that she had no interest in the title. She just wanted Hewitt in the ring.

“Don’t worry about the title, bitch. You didn’t have a chance of going through me anyway,” Hewitt interrupted.

Halle kept her focus on Angela as she talked of Hewitt, “I’m going to enjoy breaking this bitch.”

“I warned you bitch. After I broke your ass last night, I warned you.” Hewitt turned focus to Angela, “Set up the match whenever. I drop this bitch. I get Salma.”

“If you win,” added Angela.

Hewitt didn’t pay it any attentions as she stormed pass Halle.

Fight Day

Come match time, Halle and Jennifer find themselves in a stare down from their respective corners. Outside the ring, in Halle’s corner, her fab squad of the corps Megan Fox, Rosario Dawson, and Jessica Biel cheered her on. Halle is dressed in a black wife beater with “hottie” written on the chest and a black pair of glittered up short shorts that allow little peaks of her ass as she makes her way to the center of the ring for the ref’s instructions. Hewitt too just slightly bared her creamy buns beneath her blue jean short shorts on her way to the ref. As her huge tits danced about in her blue jean shirt, tied at the waist just revealing her belly button, it was obvious she was braless unlike Halle. Both wore panties whose bands peaked out of the top of their short shorts and a pair of fashionable wrestling boots.

They stared fiercely at each other the whole time the ref instructed them on the rules of the match, rules neither planned to adhere to. When he told them to return to their corners, they didn’t budge. The ref stood back and signaled for the bell to start the match. Ding ding.

Halle puts her hands on Jen’s shoulders and gives her a shove. “Come on bitch,” she orders with fierceness a little uncharacteristic for Berry. Her eyes narrow as Jennifer shoves her back. With that Halle explodes in anger. Her rage fueled by the humiliation she suffered at the hands of Hewitt not too long ago, Halle hit Jennifer with a hurricane of blows. Jennifer stood her ground answering each blow with a stinging one of her own. She was fueled by her hatred over the fact that Salma still held what Jennifer considered as her title, mostly due to the bitch currently in her face. When she gets her hands on Hayek again, she’d make an example of her. It would have to be worthy of the exploits of Catherine “Cat the Crippler” Zeta Jones from earlier in the league. But first, she had one hellcat of an obstacle. Each brown skinned knuckle barrage to her tits and tummy made her determination falter slightly, but she stood her ground waiting for a turn of the tide.

But the tide didn’t appear to be turning any time soon as Halle pummels Hewitt relentlessly into a corner. The dark skinned beauty then tries to trap her prey by tying the blonde up in the ropes, but Hewitt fights this so violently that Halle has to settle for a knee to the belly. The power and shock of the blow forced Jennifer to bellow in agony. As she reflexively leaned forward, Halle caught her in a front headlock. The lock was solid. Caught off balance Jen had offered no defense allowing Halle to get her forearm tight against her throat. As Halle tightened her grip, applying the choke, she pulled the overwhelmed blonde out of the corner. Jennifer’s awkward position caused her ass to sneak out of her short shorts jiggling to the delight of the audience, her large unrestrained tits threatening to bounce clear of her loosely tied shirt. She struggled to free her head first successfully getting her fingers up underneath Halle’s choking forearm. But before she could make any more progress, she felt the weight of Halle’s body pulling her dangerously fast to the mat.

The DDT knocked the senses out of Jennifer. Her lower body straightened upon impact and she shot up and over Halle slamming her back into the mat as well. Jennifer barely sensed Halle go for the pin but fought to free herself forcing her right shoulder off the mat just before the ref could pound out the third count. Halle though slightly disappointed seemed to get over it soon enough as she realized the opportunity to dish out some more punishment. Berry swiftly snuck in behind Hewitt as she sat up. Sinking both claws into blonde mane, Halle held Hewitt in place to properly deliver a knee to her back. The sharp pain between Jen’s shoulder blades dazed her to Halle’s next actions and she soon found herself in a reverse headlock. Now in utter agony with her neck stretched under Halle’s armpit and Halle’s knee now embedded in her lower back, Jennifer began to cry out in torment.

Halle’s free hand reaches for the knot tied in Hewitt’s top, but finds it too hard to untie one handed with Jen fidgeting about. Feeling that Jen was about to wiggle free anyway, Halle released the headlock to secure two handfuls of hair. With Jennifer screeching from the pain in her scalp, Halle stands and jerks the blonde to her feet. But to Halle’s dismay, Jen fights through the excruciating pain from being jerked up by her roots and bends forward so to get more torque when she drives her elbow back into Halle’s soft unsuspecting tummy. Halle bends over with a jaw dropping grunt and loosens her grip slightly, not enough for Jen to escape though. But it was enough for Jen to stay on the offensive. Jen balls her fist as she raises it up in front of her. Then with all her might she swings her arm down and back between Halle’s sexy thighs causing them to quiver as Berry’s sex is jackhammered. Halle’s flimsy short shorts and lacey panties do little to protect her dark chocolate lips. Hewitt pays Halle back for the earlier DDT by wrapping her arm around Halle’s neck as Berry comforts her bruised crotch and dropping to the mat bull dogging Berry’s face into the unforgiving canvas.

Halle rolls over to her right side with one hand in her crotch and the other covering her face. Jen uses the time to dispose of Halle’s top forcing her to raise her arms as Hewitt jerks the wife beater up over Berry’s head. Jennifer is happy to see Halle’s overflowing lacey black bra is an underwire. As Halle makes it to her hands and knees, Hewitt helps her up with a tug on the black lace panties visible above Halle’s short shorts waste band. Halle shoots up with a wail as her intimates get a little too intimate. She swings a back fist in desperation that Jen barely manages to duck. The attack leaves Halle open to be scooped up into the air for the michinoku driver. Once Halle is up in the air upside down positioned for a body slam, Jen plants Halle back first into the mat following her helpless victim to the mat by sitting with her own legs spread wide. Halle lands in agony between her legs facing up towards the arena lights.

Halle is breathing heavy laying spread eagle flat on her back. Jen still seated by Halle’s head reaches over and pulls Halle’s bra cups spilling the chocolate titans to the delight of the crowd. But Jen didn’t pull the bra all the way off. She released it softly so that the underwire of the cups came to rest on Halle’s nipples. When she stood, she rolled Halle over to her stomach and straddled her back. Sitting down on Halle’s cushiony rump, Jennifer grabs the back of Halle’s bra and tugs upward on it so that the underwire wedges deep into Halle’s breast sawing into her nipples. Halle’s first screams bring delight to Jen’s face. Hewitt stands and forces Halle to her feet by yanking hard on Berry’s bra straps. Jenn tugs Halle towards the corner behind them stepping to one side just in time to sling Halle into the corner back first. The pain in Halle’s back distracts her from the fact that her boobs are free from torment.

Jennifer backs up and runs in planning to jump and plow both knees into Halle’s vulnerable tits. Unfortunately Halle springs out of the corner at the last moment. Hewitt flies tits first into the turnbuckle. Her legs straddle the corner slipping between the middle and top ropes. Rebounding off the buckle, she saves herself from a horrible fall by quickly grabbing the ropes.

Halle comes in from behind and reaches over Jenn’s shoulders. Her arms cross in front of Jenn’s face as each dark skinned set of claws reach into her cleavage and grab two handfuls of titflesh; the right claw mauling Jennifer’s left breast and the left claw mauling the right. Sinking her nails in and squeezing for all she’s worth, Halle violently mauls Love’s globes stretching them to their limits towards Jennifer’s chin and forcing them to cross and Halle’s arms uncrossed. Hewitt offered no defense as she focused on keeping herself from falling back to the mat. She could lean back on Halle, but what would Halle do to her? Surely Berry would pull her out of the ropes, by her aching tits, so she’d fall to the mat. Jennifer felt she had to get free on her own, but how with Halle mauling the life out of her.

Then she heard the count. The ref was counting Halle out for the illegal hold. Both had ignored the refs many warnings for the many rule infractions already, but the count was serious. Hewitt knew that unless Halle wanted to lose the match she would have to let go soon.

Halle pulls her hands out beating the ref’s count. Hewitt’s relief was short lived as Halle pumps a double fist into her skull shocking her into losing her grip on the ropes. Hewitt fell into the corner into a tree of woe, but Halle couldn’t make use of it as the ref got between the two to give Halle another warning. Hewitt was able to get her legs free of the ropes and pull herself up by the time Halle made it to her. Halle congratulated Jen for getting back to her feet by grabbing her by the hair and slamming her face into the turnbuckle multiple times, stopping only to beat the ref’s count.

Halle takes a moment to strip Jennifer. In a flash she pulls the blue jean short shorts down to Jen’s ankles. Punch drunk from the buckle battering Jen is easily spun around and bent over so Halle can grab the back of her blue jean shirt and pull it off up over her head baring Jen’s amazing rack. She then parades about slinging Hewitt’s shirt and shorts out to the crowd. Jennifer slumps to the mat shaking the cobwebs free. Halle tries to reposition her own tits in her bra but found the garment too tattered to be any good. Fearing it might be used against her as a garrote she removed it and threw it to her girls.

Halle returns to Hewitt and picks her up by the hair only to suffer a from the ground upper cut that knocked Halle back into the ropes. As she rebound back in a daze, Hewitt sprung a perfectly executed vertical suplex on the chocolate goddess that put her in lala land. Hewitt then easy wrapped her up from behind. They looked like a cross with Jennifer’s legs scissoring Halle’s left arm and her own arms securing Halle’s right arm against Jen’s chest. Berry’s arms pinned apart by Hewitt’s hold poked her exposed tits up towards the lights. Hewitt held on to Berry’s arm with one hand to free up the other. With Halle’s huge chocolate coated berries forced unguarded out towards the sky, Jennifer used her free hand to claw and maul to her pleasure. Torture filled screams echo through the arena as Hewitt raked her nails across Halle’s tits scoring a couple streams of blood. Halle bronco bucked so terribly in pain and fear that she managed to snake her left arm free of Hewitt’s legs. Rolling over towards Jen’s head she sought to free her right. Jen wisely released Halle’s arm and bucked out from under her rival. She knew that if Halle got free she’d be on top in a prime position for revenge. Jen opted to break clean and jump Halle again before she could fully recover.

Jennifer is up first and positions herself so that when Halle makes it to her hands and knees, Jen is ready to pull Halle’s head between her thighs. Hewitt then goes for a powerbomb sure to put Halle out of the match. Unfortunately Halle reversed the move pulling her head out from between Hewitt’s thighs and maneuvering around her. Jennifer was too surprised to escape Halle’s desperate sidewalk slam. Hewitt in more shock than pain lay there for a moment to long giving Halle time to reposition and leg drop onto her creamy massive mams. In agony, clutching her aching tits, Hewitt didn’t react right away as Halle pulled away and jumped to her feet seemingly reenergized. When Hewitt did make it to her feet, Halle was more than ready sinking both hands into Jen’s locks.

Halle yanked the almost defenseless Hewitt into ropes between the middle and top rope. Then switching her hold from under the ropes to over the ropes one hand at a time, Halle pulled Jen’s head back over the top rope. Hewitt’s lower body from the hips down was in the ring. Her torso out of the ring, and her head yanked back hard in the ring. Halle secured Jen’s flailing arms one at a time over and around the top rope. Caught in the ropes like a fly in a web, Jen offered no resistance to Halle’s tit mauling payback session. Halle squeezed huge creamy tit flesh between her mocha viselike fingers. Halle expertly used her own body to keep Jen from oozing out of the ropes. She pinned Jen’s legs, kept pressure on her shoulder, and used her own head to control Jen’s head and keep her from attempting a head-butt.

Leaving welts on Jen’s breasts, Halle pauses the torture long enough to beat the count. Though lightly bound, Jennifer was too agonized to fight free. Halle then pulls Jen’s head farther back into the ring, forcing Hewitt now on her toes to look back towards Halle. Halle then engulfs the poor blondes face with her massive mountains. Hewitt’s own body is now her enemy. Seeking to return to its normal posture it forces her face flush into Halle’s tits. She can’t even turn her head to either side because of pressure on her neck. Halle is now clear to return to Jen’s aching tits, but then there’s that damn count again.

After a clean break, Halle moves in for some more tits mauling reaching over the shoulders again. Again, that damn count... After another break Halle moves in for the smother and tit grabbing she applied before, but this time she popped both of Jen’s nipples into her mouth. This time the ref moves in to physically pull Halle off. It allowed Halle a few extra torture moments because while he was pulling her away, he wasn’t counting. Eventually though the ref pulls Halle free, it was a pyrrhic victory for Jen as Halle’s teeth raked her nipples till release brought tears to her eyes and blood from her nips turning them from pink to red.

As Halle was reprimanded, a sobbing Hewitt slowly managed to get her arms free so she can back out of the ropes. As the ref returns to Hewitt to ask her if she can continue, Halle swoops in and grabs her by the hair and slings her head first into the mat. Then Halle pulls her away from the ropes towards the center of the ring by the hair and drops down on top of her.

Halle locks the breast smother on Hewitt wrapping her arms around Jennifer’s head and arms. Hewitt is too weak to break free, but when she here’s the ref start a count and realizes that her shoulders are down again, she uses all the strength in her legs to torque her upper body to one side lifting her right shoulder off the mat.

Halle presses Jennifer back to the mat keeping the smother, “Uh uh baby. You’re not going anywhere. I got you… Argghhh!!” Halle screamed as Jen chomped down hard on the inside of her right titty. Pushing herself off the mat earlier had allowed Jennifer just enough space to turn her head and bare her teeth. Halle pulled back immediately, but Jennifer held on for dear life. She grabbed the other side of the boob by her left hand to push meat deeper into her mouth pausing meal time for a brief second, just long enough to get a bigger mouth full. Halle was devastated for a moment, her head jutting backward releasing screams and curses. “Fuck,” she said several times amidst the screams. When she pulls her head back forward her warrior spirit had taken control. With tears raining down her cheeks she still managed to focus on her targets. Balling her fist Halle pounding Hewitt’s ears left, right, left, right. Jennifer was forced to release her hold as she fell back to the mat dazed. Halle scampered away caressing her bloody mangled tit softly. “Bitch,” whispered from her lips as she caught sight of blood gushing from two sets of bite marks, the one from the first bite and then the repositioned one. “What the fuck,” she said to the ref wondering why he said nothing. Unfortunately he didn’t realize till right now what had happened.

They both stood and faced each other. Halle charges and flies into the air executing a drop kick that propels Jennifer into the corner. Halle jumps up and moves in on the still dazed Hewitt and cups her battered teats. “So you want to bite,” Halle questioned as she massaged Jenn’s nipples. She wanted them firm and fully engorged for her plans of revenge. “Okay,” Halle said not waiting for an answer. However, before Halle could get her teeth on Jennifer’s rock hard nipples, her crotch exploded in pain. A well timed boney knee to the sex had Halle reeling in retreat. Her shorts and panties again did little to soften the blow.

Halle drops to her knees. When Jen moves in for the kill, Halle fires an uppercut into her pussy lips. Jen slips into shock her hands falling to Halle’s shoulders her mouth agape. She is using Halle to stand, but offers no defense. Halle fires three swift jabs into Hewitt’s pubic mound that devastate her will finally driving her to her knees to meet Halle face to face. Again it is Halle who takes initiative and seizes Hewitt’s tits in breast claws. Jen instinctively grabs Halle’s wrists as she moans in agony. She struggles to save herself launching her own breast claw attack onto plump chocolate mams. Halle moans turns to wails as Jenn then focuses both sets of nails on Halle’s badly injured right tit.

Both are ordered to break the hold, but instead Jen digs her nails in more fiercely and starts jerking Halle’s titty ball back and forth from her chest. Halle howled in torment as she was jerked back and forth. She crumbled releasing Jen as Jennifer finally released the hold just in time to beat the ref counting them out. Halle waivered back and forth in a pain filled daze her arms covering her aching chest especially her ravaged bloodied right tit. Jennifer slowly rose to her feet and took a handful of dark mane. She towed Halle over to the corner Halle’s fab girls stood nearest cheering on their team captain. The cheers must have done their job because just before Jenn could set Halle up for some turnbuckle head-butting, Halle rushed Jennifer pressing her shoulder into Hewitt’s side. Awkwardly Jenn in pressed into the corner. Halle followed by wrapping her arms around Jenn and pulling her out of the corner for a backdrop suplex. Both girls rose swiftly, but Halle was fast and furious as she charged Love with a clothesline that dropped her to the mat so hard both legs shot up and over her body flipping her over till she was face down on the mat.

Jen was slower to get up, and all that happened when she did make it to wobbly legs was a Berry assisted bulldog back to the mat. Halle is slow to rise. Jennifer, a mess on the mat, only manages to roll over so that she’s facing up. Halle comes over and stands on her hair. As the black girl reaches to secure Jenn’s arms to stretch her and put more pressure on her scalp, Love shot a foot up into Halle’s skull that made her drop like a rock. Jennifer immediately went for the pin, but Halle beat the three just barely. Furious Jenn set up on her knees and raked her nails across Halle’s eyes. She hooks the leg as Halle comforts her eyes and goes for another pin. Halle beats the three again. Jennifer shoots back up to her feet and tugs Halle up by the hair with her. She lifts Halle into the air like she is about to perform a vertical suplex using the standard hold of the pubic mound to get Halle up. However instead of executing the suplex by falling backwards, she instead throws Halle forward tummy first onto the top rope. Halle is turned to mush as her body is effectively sawed in half. The ropes rebound her back into the air slightly so she could be cut in half a second time and a third until she finally comes to rest and rolls back into the ring.

Jennifer, sensing it was over, went for the pin again. Recklessly she hadn’t pulled Halle from the ropes and soon discovered her mistake when the ref ordered her to break the pin seeing as Halle had seized the bottom rope. Halle, still gasping from having the rope squeeze the breath out of her, didn’t make a move as Jennifer stood and grabbed her ankles. Hewitt pulled Halle away from the ropes. While Halle arms were still reaching for the ropes, Jennifer dropped her knee into Halle’s groin before releasing her ankles. Berry instinctively curled up with both hands between her thighs. Jennifer is in the near corner climbing the ropes. As soon as Halle stands and faces her Jennifer is airborne for a cross body, but the wobbly Halle has enough sense about her to catch Jenn in midair and spin executing a perfect body slam. Halle stays on top for the pin. One… Two… Jennifer gets her left shoulder up raising her hand high into the air. Halle grabs the arm and presses it down for another attempt. Jennifer’s right hand shoots up as she clears her right shoulder from the mat. Believing Jennifer needs a little more encouragement, Halle reaches for Jennifer’s panties and pulls them up into her crotch.

Howling, Jennifer's lower body bridged up in a futile attempt to relieve the pain in her pussy lips. Halle answered this by releasing the wedgie just long enough to drive an elbow into Jenn’s tummy knocking her back to the mat. Halle then reapplied the wedgie. Jennifer managed to get her free hand into Halle’s hair. Though Halle screamed as her mane was tormented she had no plans to release the wedgie. Amid their own pain filled screams both delighted in the screams of the other. Finally, Jenn’s quick flash of motion well timed with a mane tug allowed her to reverse position and roll Halle and herself over till she was now on top.

“Shit,” said Halle as she came to rest on the bottom. Jen tried to engulf Halle’s legs with her own but Halle managed to keep one leg free forcing Jenn to basically straddle the other. No matter, thought Jen. She raised her left leg that was between Halle’s thighs and forced Halle’s thighs open. Continuing on she started to grind her knee into Berry’s sex. Jenn squirmed a tiny bit up Halle’s body till their huge breasts were in conflict. She was going to prove to Berry the power of her breast by stealing the move Hayek had used on her to steal the Drama Queen Title.

She’d pound Halle’s breasts till the bitch surrendered. A fact she warned Halle of, “I’m gonna show you who’s got the best chest.” “First you, then Salma,” Hewitt said as she lifted and lowered her battered bloody tits onto Halle’s chocolaty battered bloody tits. Jenn’s smile and confidence grew with every whimper from her opponent. All didn’t go as Jenn planned as Halle used her free leg to power out from under and back on top of Jenn. Halle however did manage to submit both of Jenn’s legs. Now aching boobs to aching boobs again but on the receiving end Jennifer feared she’d given Halle the strategy to put her out of the match. Thankfully Halle seemed to have no plans to copy the breast slamming maneuver as she squirmed up Jenn’s body. It was worse. Halle’s huge sweaty blood stained tits came to rest on Jenn’s face in a flash. Jennifer fought with all she had to keep a shoulder off the mat and to escape but there was no escape. Halle’s meaty mams closed the coffin on Hewitt’s struggle and the blood and sweat of the bountiful brown mams put in the nails.

Jennifer lets out her final sighs into Halle’s blood stained teats as her right shoulder crumbles to the mat. “One! Two! Three,” says the ref as he pounds the mat before jumping to his feet to signal the bell. He readied himself to raise Halle’s hand in victory, but found the winner still atop her deflated foe. Jennifer barely conscious, her body going totally lifeless, offered no resistance. With the ref’s insistence, Halle finally released her rag doll and stood to receive her praise. As air rushed in, Jennifer’s breast heaved furiously, but she didn’t wake. Halle removed Love’s sweaty panties and wrapped the garment around her right hand.

Halle peels her own short shorts and panties down and dropped her bare ass on Jen’s face facing her legs. Lying down over Jen’s body, Halle kept her pussy flushed up against Jen’s gaping mouth and nose. The crotch smother caused Jennifer to flash back to life in horror of suffocating again. She wrestled her nose and mouth free to get some oxygen in, but then suffered as Halle tightened her thighs trapping Jenn’s faces inches from Halle’s cat and anus. Jennifer feebly grabbed Halle’s thighs in a useless attempt to break free. She was beaten and exhausted. She felt her left leg pinned and something else. Halle had a hold of Jen’s left thigh with her head to the side of it making sure Hewitt couldn’t kick her in the face even by luck. The free and panty clad right hand found its way deep into Love’s sex. Unable to escape the hold Jen was finger fucked till she came all over her panties. Sensing Hewitt’s orgasm, not hard as the blonde’s wide bronco busting shivers turned to withered pools of flesh and Halle’s fingers getting extra soaked, Halle pulled her gooey panty clad fingers out of Jen’s hot box. Removing Jen’s cum soaked panties, Halle forced the damp silk into Jen’s mouth. Then after calling for her discarded bra, Halle ties it around Jennifer’s head to secure the panties in place like a ball gag.

Hewitt’s was in shock. She fought to keep from swallowing her own filth as pressure on the panties squeezed the juices to the back of her mouth forcing a gag reflex. If she didn’t swallow now, she’d puke and have to swallow it all anyway. Halle picked Jennifer up by her sweaty mane and delivered her back to the mat by her RKO finisher. The force of the blow squeezed more cum and sweat from Jennifer’s panties. Mixed with saliva the gooey mess filled Hewitt’s mouth before forcing her to swallow it all hard. Several times Jennifer would weakly try to untie Halle’s bra from her head, but Halle just slapped her hands away. Halle forced Hewitt to her knees. Standing over her Raggedy Ann doll, Halle looked deep into Jennifer’s tear raining eyes. Holding Jenn up by a fist full of hair Halle questioned, “Got anything to say?” The question she accented with a slap to Jennifer’s face. “Huh? I can’t hear you. Nothing to say?” Repeated slaps put Jennifer closer and closer to lala land, and Halle soon realized the difficulty in keeping her vertical. Halle balled her fist and planted one final blow while releasing her to the mat. The rock to jaw shook Jennifer’s whole body and finally delivered her to sleepy time before her face hit the mat. Halle finally stepped away.

Biel was the first of her girls to congratulate her, “You did it! You’re going for the Drama Queen title!” Halle had won her chance to face Salma, but due to their underground pact she had no plans on making use of it. Dressing back in her shirt, panties and shorts Halle looked better off than she felt. She tried not to let on though as to how tough Hewitt was. Sure she left the blonde beaten, nude, and orgasmically humiliated but it was one hell of a fight. Rosario and Meagan joined in on the celebration in the center of the ring as the ref checked on Hewitt. She started to stir but didn’t truly come to her senses till she was back in her dressing room looking up at a medic.

Dressing Room

“Yeah, she’ll be fine,” the medic said as he moved away.

“Thank you,” said a voice from just out of Jennifer’s view. Jennifer turned to see Alyssa Milano smiling at her after dismissing the medic.

“What do you want,” questioned the slightly groggy blonde.

Alyssa smiled, “The question is what do you want”?

“I want you out of here.”

“Oh, really? I thought you’d want your Drama Queen title back,” taunted Alyssa.

“Little chance of that now… The Fab will have it soon.”

“Yeah, unless Salma wins… Either way, you won’t be up for it any time soon.”

Jennifer got mad and jumped to feet. She ordered Alyssa to leave under threat of violence despite the wobbliness of her knees.

“Calm down Love. I’m here to help. I’ve got a guaranteed way for you to get your title back,” Alyssa said as she leaned against the door folding her arms.

“Why would you help me? Don’t you want the title for yourself?”

“I don’t want the title so much as I just want to take it from her, or get you to take it from her,” Alyssa said with an evil grin as she spoke of Salma. “You take the title and I get her sweet thick ass. Deal,” Alyssa questioned as she raised her hand out towards Jennifer.

“You can have her ass only after I’m done with it,” replied Jennifer.

“Deal,” replied Alyssa.