Jennifer Lopez (56%) Rocks Mariah Carey (44%) Both women knew there was a lot at stake in this match. First, it was the finals for the Songbird title. Each wanted to prove she was the top singer in the league. Second, a side wager was sprung. To insure no interference, Jennifer agreed that her beau, Sean "Puff Daddy" Combs would be locked in a cage high above the ring. Mariah had her Diva teammates, Whitney Houston and Shania Twain in another cage beside Puffy's. The winner's friend would be released after the match. The loser's friends would receive a special unknown punishment from the league. Neither dared to let their friends down too.

Mariah made her way to the ring wearing skintight black pants. She completed her outfit with a black halter-top. Jennifer wore an identical outfit, only it was all white. The bell rang and the two rivals eagerly locked up. Mariah uses her superior size & strength to shove Jennifer backwards to the mat. As soon as Jennifer hits the canvas, she does a backflip to her feet and doubles Mariah over with a spinning kick to her stomach. Mariah is still hurting as Jennifer whips her into the ropes and flattens her to the mat with yet another kick to the stomach.

Mariah's 1st round opponent, Lauryn Hill exposed Mariah's soft mid-section, * and Jennifer aims to exploit her weakness. Mariah is struggling to her feet when Jennifer again captures her and whips her off the ropes. This time, Mariah dives at Jennifer's feet, and tackles her to the mat.

"Let's see how you like it bitch" Mariah mutters as she stomps Jennifer in her stomach. Only Jennifer's tight abdominal muscles absorb the blow much better than Mariah's. Mariah lifts the slimmer girl up and slams her hard to the mat. Shania & Whitney shouts down encouragement to their friend, while Puff Daddy urges Jennifer. Mariah lifts Jennifer again for a slam, but she squirms out of her arms. Once free, Jennifer delivers a two-foot dropkick to Mariah's soft belly. Mariah drops to her knees, holding her aching stomach.

Mariah scrambles to her feet, and returns a kick to Jennifer's tight stomach. Once again her sculpted stomach easily absorbs the blow. Jennifer responds by slamming her fore arm across the singer's chest, backing her into the ropes. She then whips Mariah across the ring. She greets Mariah with a foot to her soft stomach on the rebound. Mariah drops to the mat, clutching her stomach with both hands, and gasping for air. Jennifer reaches down for her hurting opponent. "Time to finish you off the old fashioned way", spits Jennifer through gritted teeth. Jennifer starts to pull her rival to her feet by her hair, but is surprised as Mariah starts to punch back. Mariah retaliates with a flurry of punches, trying to put Jennifer down quickly and painfully.

Mariah continues to throw fist, until Jennifer blocks one. Jennifer buries a pile driver of a fist deep into Mariah's belly. The pop star is doubling over, about to topple down, when Jennifer sends another punch cruising across her chin, and a straight left rocketing to her face that puts the Pop queen on her back, moaning, staring up at the small cage containing her friends. Mariah valiantly tries to rise when a knee to the nose puts her back down. Jennifer slinks in behind her foe and clamps on a sleeper hold.

Jennifer bears down with the hold, and Mariah is already too dazed to put together an escape. High above, Puffy is cheering wildly at his love's impending victory. While a few feet away, Shania & Whitney's hearts sink as Mariah's flailings subsides, and Jennifer dumps her unconscious rival to the mat. Jennifer is overjoyed as they lower Puffy's cage into the ring, so she can release him. This was an exceptionally satisfing win for the latina. First, she captured the Songbird title. Second, she beat arch-rival, Mariah, and former date of Puffy. Third, she saved her beau from any humiliation, unlike the disheartened Whitney & Shaina are about to face as they lower their cage into the ring.

Mariah is still face down and out on the mat. They lower the cage containing her friends into the ring. Whitney & Shania nervously look for their pentance for Mariah's loss. They don't wait long, as the losers from the 1st round, Lauryn Hill & Madonna tear into the ring. Lauryn is an old rival Whitney Houston, ** while Madonna looks eager to avenge an earlier loss to Shania. *** Madonna & Lauryn paw inside the cage at their trapped quarry. Whitney & Shania avoid their clutches for as long as possible, but trapped in closed quarters, inevitably, Lauryn & Madonna get their claws into them.

Jennifer Lopez, Madonna & Lauryn Hill Celebrate Tonight
Jennifer LopezMadonnaLauryn Hill

Lauryn lounges in and grabs the cleavage of Whitney's evening gown. Lauryn yanks Whitney forward, ramming her face first into the steel bar. Whitney swooned, and Lauryn repeated the manuever a couple of times before Whitney's dress ripped down the top. Whitney was sinking down when Lauryn pinched her nipples and held her up. Lauryn pulled Whitney against the side of the cage by her nipples and pulled even harder. One of the cage bars straddled Whitney's tits, and Lauryn had a firm grip on her nipples and tugging furiously. Whitney pressed against the side of the cage, screaming at the top of her lungs, as Lauryn tried to pull her tits off her chest by placing a foot against the side of the cage, and pulling Whitney's long, dark nipple with all her might.

Mariah, Whitney & Shania get whipped once again
Shania Twain

Madonna reached in and grabbed Shania by her dark hair. Madonna banged Shania's head into the cage a couple of times to disorient the country gal. Madonna pulled Shania close and wrapped her forearm across her throat from behind. Madonna thinks back a couple months ago when Shania choked her out in their fight, and delighted in the sweet revenge. *** Shania struggled furiously but to no avail, soon Madonna had completed her job and allowed the country diva to fall to the floor of the cage. Lauryn released a tortured Whitney, who sunk on her ass, sobbing. Madonna opened the door and they drug the defeated Diva's out of the cage. Just like last month when The Divas were destroyed by Generation Next, they piled Whitney, Mariah & Shania on top of each other in the center of the ring, and posed with the new Songbird Champion and her man.

* Mariah slams Lauryn Hill
** Lauryn annihilates Whitney Houston
*** Shania pops Madonna

The New Songbird Champ celebrates with her man, Puff Daddy

And makes Mariah regret she ever met him


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