Mariah Carey (52%) whips Lauryn Hill (48%) Lauryn Hill looked forward to this match with much anticipation. It was about a year ago that she and Jennifer Lopez were pitted against each other for the vacant Songbird title. Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston interrupted that match. Mariah & Whitney struck Jennifer & Lauryn without warning and subdued them quickly. They finished them off by face sitting them into unconsciousness. Lauryn had paid Whitney back for this incident with interest. Now she was going to teach Mariah not to stick her nose where it does not belong. Lauryn glared at Mariah as she waited in the ring while her opponent walked up the aisle. Lauryn wore a white tank top that pressed tightly against her small pert tits and cut off jean shorts.

Mariah made her way to the ring wearing skin tight black pants. She completed her outfit with a black halter-top. Despite being matched against a woman who was known to be one of the toughest in the league, Mariah wore a confident smirk on her face as she eyed her opponent. The bell rang and the two locked up. Mariah broke the collar & elbow lock up with a headlock. She yelled "Yeah!" to the crowd as she wringed Lauryn's head back & forth. Lauryn wrapped her long slender arms around Mariah's waist. Lauryn flexed the long sinewy muscles and lifts the larger singer off the mat. Lauryn fell backwards sending Mariah crashing down with a belly-to-back suflex. Mariah grunted as her back impacted the mat and released her opponent. Lauryn sat up and quickly drove her fist into Mariah's soft belly. Mariah let out a loud "Ooohhhhh!" and covered up.

Lauryn's suspicions were apparently right. While Anti-Mariah fans try to unjustly call the diva "fat", she is far from it. But Lauryn figured that Mariah had a tendency to relax her training during months when she was not touring or making public appearances, and gain a couple of extra pounds around the middle. She suspected her belly was soft today, and it was. Lauryn dug her fist into whatever unprotected flesh she could find around her midsection. Mariah squealed and tried to protect herself, but her abdominal muscles were quivering under the assault.

Mariah tries to scramble to her feet, but Lauryn is on her like a cat, slamming her forearm across the singer's back. She then whips Mariah into the ropes. She greets Mariah with a foot to her soft stomach on the rebound. Mariah drops to the mat, clutching her stomach with both hands, and gasping for air. Lauryn reaches down for her hurting opponent, but is surprised as Mariah reaches up and flips her to the mat. Mariah realized her opponent was an experienced assassin who knew how to put her down quickly and painfully. She could not waste this opportunity to put some hurting on Lauryn.

Mariah first goes for Lauryn's eyes, gouging and clawing to temporary blind her foe. With the referee is warning her for this illegal tactic, she switches and clutches Lauryn's long slender neck with both hands. The official again reprimands Mariah and calls for the break. Mariah maintains her choke hold as long as possible before breaking for a moment to avoid disqualification, and then choking Lauryn again. Once she had choked much of the fight out of Lauryn, Mariah pulls her coughing opponent off the mat. Mariah places Lauryn's head between her legs, and wraps her arms around her waist like she was positioning her for a pile driver or a power bomb. Instead, Mariah lifts the slender lady off the mat and holds her upside down in an inverted bearhug. Mariah's arms are coiled tightly around Lauryn's waist while she is suspended upside down with Mariah squeezing the remaining fight out of her.

The problem was that Lauryn had much more fight than Mariah ever suspected. Lauryn started kicking her long slender legs until she finally got Mariah a little off balance. Once the bigger girl was off balance, Lauryn shifted her weight and brought her feet back on solid ground. Of course she was now doubled over with Mariah's arms still securely around her waist. Lauryn pushed with her strong sinewy body, and lifted Mariah into a back suplex and sent her toppling head over heals to the mat.

Lauryn knew she had to strike quickly to take Mariah out for good, so she waited as Mariah scrambled to her feet. Lauryn launched herself for a dropkick, causing the pop star to instinctively cover her face. Only the kick was aimed much lower into Mariah's unprotected belly. Lauryn nailed her target with the impact of a mule's kick. Mariah doubled over with the air knocked out of her. Lauryn scramble back to her feet and charged Mariah, spearing her in her gut with her shoulder and driving her to the mat. Mariah was down gasping for what ever air she could draw into her large body. Lauryn pulled the brown haired girl to her feet and shoved her into the corner. Lauryn pulled down Mairiah's halter-top until it was stretched around her hips, and freed her rival's tits. Lauryn chopped Mariah breast with loud resounding blows that rang out around the arena. With Mariah withering in the corner grabbing her throbbing boobs, Lauryn kicked Mariah's already aching stomach again & again until the pop star slumped to her butt in near defeat. Lauryn grabs Mariah by her ankles and drags her out of the corner, and locks her into a sharp shooter leg hold. (Okay Scorpion deathlock if you're a WCW fan)

Mariah released long loud moans of agony as Lauryn sat back with her butt on Mariah's larger butt, and bent her legs back into a 90 degree angle to her body. Then the unpredictable happened. Lauryn's old rival Whitney Houston comes strolling to ringside wearing a stunning evening gown. While the referee is on his knees, checking to see if Mariah wants to submit, Whitney reaches under the bottom rope and pulls Lauryn's ankles knocking her off balance. Lauryn angrily releases a whimpering, tormented Mariah and exits the ring saying, "You old ass hag, I'm going to fuck you up worst than I did last year"

Lauryn leaps out the ring, unknowing that Whitney had a guitar hidden behind her back. Whitney whipped the instrument out, (Which strangely had 'Shaina' scrolled across it's back), and sent it crashing over Lauryn's head. The guitar exploded upon impact with Lauryn's skull, shattering into hundreds of pieces, and released a cloud of dust as it sent it's victim rocketing to the ground. Lauryn was spread eagle on the floor, instantly knocked unconscious. Whitney rolled the lifeless body under the ropes back into the ring. Mariah, aching and bear chested slowly crawled across the mat on her stomach. Finally she neared Lauryn and falls wearily across her chest so the referee can count the unconscious woman out.

Whitney enters the ring and pulls Mariah to her feet and demonstratively celebrates with the weary combatant. "The Divas are now together, you'd better look out" she yelled in-between whoops & hollers. Finally, Whitney focused her attention on the downed lady who humiliated her and Team Whitney of Angela Bassett & Brandy so much last year.* Whitney bent over and delivered the bad mouth to the unconscious girl, and slapped her face several times. Thirsting for revenge, Whitney pulled off Lauryn's cut off jeans, saying "You remember when you took my panties? huh?"** Whitney slipped off the youngster's white lace undergarment and held it to her nose. Whitney sniffed the panties, and frowned up as if overcome by the scent. "I can take these nasty things home to Bobby, I know what to do with them" Whitney says and stuffs the undies into Lauryn's mouth.

Whitney leaves the ring, leaving Lauryn a lovely, erotic sight spread eagle on her back, exposing her furry womanly treasure, with her white lace panties sticking out of her mouth. Revenge is sweet thinks Whitney as she leaves arm in arm with Mariah, forming a new Super Team, Divas Live.

Mariah & Whitney Back together Again

Lauryn looks good even in defeat!

* Lauryn's Humiliating Destruction of Brandy & Angela Bassett
** Lauryn crushes Whitney