Lauryn Hill (90%) annihilates Whitney Houston (10%)As the press (namely The Star tabloid) reported, there is a heated rivalry between these two divas. The match got vicious early, as animosity between the two quickly arose. Whitney was able to gain an early advantage, and appeared to be close to putting Lauryn away. Whitney executed one high impact maneuver after another, but could not keep Lauryn down for a three count. Finally, fatigue and frustration, grew in Whitney. Sweat had soaked the full spandex body suit, she wore for the match, allowing her nipples to show as if they were about to burst through the fabric. Her “funky” new hairdo had fallen, reduced to wet strands, as if she had just come out of the shower.

Feeling a little desperate because of her inability to put Lauryn away, Whitney motions to the back. On que, her best buds Brandy & Angela Bassett start to ringside. They were climbing onto the ring apron, when as Lauryn’s friend, Monica, superstar singer, and Brandy’s greatest rival leaps from a ringside seat, with the folding chair she was seated in. Monica whacks both Brandy and Angela across the back with the chair as they tried to enter the ring. Monica stands over the fallen duo threatening further pain if they dare to interfer again. She then drives the duo back to the dressing room with the chair.

In the ring, Whitney stopped to observe the ringside activity, allowing Lauryn to sneak in from behind and apply a sleeper on her. Lauryn jumps on Whitney’s back and bears down with the hold. Whitney flails furiously for freedom, but Lauryn has taken too many lumps to allow Whitney to escape her grasp. Slowly but surely, Whitney's movements grow slower and weaker, as her body grows weaker and eventually falls, into near unconsciousness. Lauryn releases Whitney, allowing her to topple face first to the mat.

Lauryn unzips the bodysuit, and pulls it down to Whitney’s waist. She rolls Whitney over, and drives her fist like pistons up & down into Whitney’s breast. The helpless diva squirms in pain. After what seemed like an eternity of pounding Whitney's tits flat, Lauryn pulls Whitney to her feet, and whips her into the corner. She removes the rest of the bodysuit, as her beaten foe slumps in the corner. Whitney is now reduced to wearing only black thong panties. Lauryn then uses Whitney as a heavy punching bag working her over from tits to belly to crotch. Lauryn finishes her assault with a series of knife edge chops to Whitney's bruised, tender, exposed tits. The dazed diva's body shudders as the smack of each chop rings out through the arena. Her sweat soaked body sprays the front row with prespairation with the force of each chop.

Showing complete dominance she throws Whitney face first to the canvas. She mounts Whitney’s back and starts to spank Whitney’s ass. Lauryn yells, “Surrender, and tell me who is the new queen of R&B”.

Whitney, inbetween screams, yelps & sobs yells, “FUCK YOU, I’m still the queen!”. After Whitney’s ass is red, and covered with welts and handprints, Lauryn picks up her limp body and seats Whitney on the top turnbuckle. Whiney sits there slumping, covered with sweat and in utter defeat. Her head is bowed, with her chin resting on her chest. Through groggy eyes, she sees the beads of sweat flowing down her sumptuous breast, coming to a head on her pert, erect nipples, before dropping off to the mat. She realized she has been completely defeated at this young lioness' merciless hands. Lauryn climbs the ropes herself and puts Whitney’s head under her arm and falls backward, executing a DDT off the top rope. Whitney is immediately knocked out cold and flips over onto her back. Lauryn stands over Whitney and repeatedly slaps her face, ordering her to get up and fight. Finally officials call for the bell to stop the slaughter. Lauryn removes Whitney’s thong and holds it high, while medics load Whitney’s nude body on a stretcher, and take her to the hospital.

Lauryn is all smiles at the post match interview. She promises to win the Warqueen title first, then to collect Brandy’s and Angela Bassett’s panties before finally driving Whitney out of the division. “She’s tough, and she’ll be back”, Lauryn said of Whitney, “Bobby Brown has given her worst beatings I’m sure, but I’ve got a lot more punishment for her, Brandy and Angela!” This war is only beginning!

Lauryn vows to destroy Team Whitney with Monica's help

Whitney Houston leadsTeam Whitney of Brandy & Angela Bassett
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