The whirlwinds grow within the arena as Lauryn Hill is shown on the monitors for the fans to see. The crowd is mostly cheers as Lauryn starts walking down the isle toward the ring wearing a stunning red dress. The ebony beauty enters the ring in a short but eventful way as she turns and waves to her fans in the audience.  Lauryn takes a page out of Britney's book during her VMA performance by slowly tearing her dress off of her long and sleek body.  Underneath she's wearing a soft white two piece lace outfit showing off the nice contrast between her chocolate skin and the soft pale fabric.  She turns slowly in circles taking a growing number of cheers.

After a short time Britney starts making her way to the ring.  She receives her mixture of boo's and cheers looking a little upset at Lauryn for working the crowd over with her entrance.  Nonetheless Britney's has a great following herself as she enters the ring wearing a black two piece bikini that barely covers her plump young breasts.  She takes a glance at Lauryn to make sure she isn't attacking before showing the audience a few dance moves of her own.  Her firm young body glistens under the lights for the bell.

Quickly the two fighters go for the lock, but Britney bypasses the test of strength with a vicious boot on Lauryn's foot.  Hill quickly buckles from the shot as Britney sends two quick blasts to the surprised woman's face.  Spears moves fast off the ropes jumping into the air and leveling Hill with a dropkick that sends her almost tumbling completely over from her back.  Lauryn the veteran herself quickly rolls to her feet and attacks as young Britney ducks under the attempted clothesline.  As both fighters spring off the ropes opposite each other Spears anticipates another clothesline and ducks once more.  Lauryn however, leaps in the air, rolling tightly over Britney's back quickly pulling her down in a sunset flip.  Britney finds herself suddenly on her back as Hill desperately tries to seize control of her legs for the pin.  The blonde is able to kick out as Lauryn is too late at getting her contained.

Lauryn quickly goes for an alternative move as she wraps her long gorgeous legs around Britney's neck in a figure 4 neck hold.  Britney's arms are not in a good position to lessen the hold as she kicks her legs against the mat trying to break free.  Lauryn loosens her grip after 5 seconds giving the pretty singer a breather but then locks those legs tight around her neck again.  Britney's fight is fading quickly into the mixed cheers of the crowd as Lauryn breaks the hold leaving her gasping for air.  Hill is quick to her feet and on the attack as she rips Britney up by the hair.  The blonde is still trying to get her breath, but not before Lauryn gets her straightened up.  Standing behind Britney's back she violently spins herself around so her back and Britney's are facing each other.  Hill throws her arm over her shoulder grabbing hold of Britney under the chin before falling to one knee driving the blondes neck into her shoulder for the neck breaker.  Britney springs forward just a bit but Hill maintains a hold long enough for her opponents feet to slip from under her.  Spears collapses to her back as Lauryn takes a few steps forward so not to get hit with her falling body.

Britney trying to get her head straight but Lauryn's quickness is just keeping her spinning in disarray.  Britney's eyes try to focus up in the lights as a shadowed image of Lauryn steps over her.  Hill lands her feet along side Britney's head forcefully pinning Britney's blonde hair beneath them.  Before Spears figured out what was happening the ebony woman reached down and grabbed a hold of her forearms and pulled them up.  Britney's body was raised to a bridge like position as her hair was being forced from her scalp.  Britney's breasts fought like hell to come out from her bra as gravity pulled them screaming down leaving the crowd cheering at her struggling cleavage.  Her legs could do nothing but hold herself up in the painful position her aggressor was applying to her, while her back felt like it was going to snap like a twig.  Lauryn looked down as she enjoyed the unusual position Britney's body was in before she dropped her flat on her back.  Spears rolled to her side a little until Lauryn came crashing down on her neck with a leg drop.  Once again Lauryn's long smooth legs doing the damage as her thigh forces it's way between young Britney's chin and collar bone.  The blondes legs simultaneously venture into the air from the impact before splattering down to the canvas.

Lauryn moves quickly trying to further her advantage that has her woman handling the former champ thus far.  Hill stands over Spears with her feet at either side of Britney's chest before buckling her legs and crashing her booty down on the blondes midsection.  Lauryn tries to creep up into a school girl pin but the impact of the collision allowed Britney's body enough motion to spin herself out from Hill's attack.  Britney sputters to her knees in an attempt to get to her feet but Lauryn is quickly on her.  Instantly the blonde finds her head locked between Lauryn's sexy thighs experiencing her crushing vice-like grip.  Britney pulls herself off her knees with the hopes of pushing Hill off her feet with some force but Lauryn shifts her weight into the air and disrupts this attempt.  Britney instantly falls back to her knees, but doesn't quite.  Once again she forces her way up onto her feet, her nice shapely butt looking very inviting to the audience, only until Lauryn shows herself superior once more by jumping into the air a half an inch or so further crushing Britney's head between her legs.

Lauryn lessens her hold as this time Britney falls flat on her stomach.  Her head slithering down Lauryn's thighs between her calves as she is side stepped by her dominating opponent.  She rolls herself up to her knees after a short time but only before Lauryn grabs her by the hair and throws her to the ropes.  The blonde springs forward as Hill does a 180 and nails her in the neck with a road house kick.  Lauryn's long gorgeous legs do more damage as the Britney's shapely body hits the canvas with a loud thud.  The beautiful blonde is nearly unconscious as Hill tramples her tasty breasts with two thundering stomps.  Somehow the fabric still contains Britney's chest but you can see the reddened  tint in her creamy skin that gives you an idea how hard Lauryn came down on her.  Britney's stares into space on the canvas wondering if she has had enough as Hill seizes her by the hair again.  The blonde much slower to rise this time as she is tossed backward against the turn buckle.  Lauryn doesn't let up as she spears her into the corner practically picking her up off the ground.  Britney falls forward onto Lauryn's shoulders as the ebony beauty pushes another spear into her midsection.  A couple loud yelps spill from her lips before a third collaborates from another punishing spear from Lauryn that all but flattens her into the corner.  Hill takes a few steps back as Britney's body just slides down the turn buckle and onto her rump.  Her head and shoulders fall to one side with their own look of defeat.

Lauryn enjoys what she has done to Britney thus far but is quickly interrupted by intruders.  Melissa Joan Hart and newest member Vanessa Carlton have already entered the ring and are going after Lauryn.  Hill however closelines MJH to the ground and connects with two quick punches to Vanessa's face.  Carlton temporarily stunned as Hill throws her face first into the turn buckle.  Lauryn scampers over to Melissa who is on her knees and blasts her midsection with a powerful kick and eventually doing the same to Vanessa.  Hill grabs a hold of Melissa and elbows her in the midsection then monkey flips her to the ground.

Lauryn turns around and ducks under the attacking brunettes clothesline while gracefully catching her in a sleeper hold.  Vanessa quickly falls to her knees as Lauryn pours on the pain.  After draining the fight out of yet another fighter Lauryn shakes Vanessa for good measure.  In the meantime, Melissa is on her feet and moving in, she goes to hit Lauryn with a right cross but Hill pulls Vanessa to her feet as a shield and Melissa ends up hitting her instead.  Carlton crashes to the ground from Lauryn's grasp.  Hill instinctly ducks under Melissa and back flips her to the ground in one steady motion.  While Vanessa lies on the canvas hurt, Hill takes this time to make sure Ms. Spears is still neutralized.  Britney not really a threat as still she tries to recover her equilibrium by getting to her feet.  Lauryn quickly takes care of her by booting her in the stomach sending her back on the ground against the corner, her legs spread eagle as she once again slumps against the second rope.

Somehow Lauryn has kept three opponents under wraps as she pulls Vanessa up by the hair and tosses her out of the ring. Carlton shoots through the ropes and rolls violently to the ground hitting the hard floor at ringside. Melissa moves in though trying to catch her off guard. Hill side steps Melissa and clothelines her with another stunning road house kick as the blonde springs off the ropes. Lauryn making it look easy as Melissa's voluptuous body just tapers down to a heap of flesh. Lauryn does what she did to Britney keeping on the pressure by pulling Melissa to her feet by the hair. Lauryn lifts Melissa up for a slam but is met with a willful dropkick off of Melissa's back by another intruding fighter. This time it's Brandy Norwood. Melissa comes down on Lauryn's body for a pin but Hill kicks out before even a two count. Melissa rolls under the bottom rope out of the ring and onto her partner Vanessa. The two of them are in shambles outside the ring.

Brandy NorwoodBrandy has no mercy for Lauryn as she boots her in the stomach two times.  She is trying to pay her back for the whipping she received years back at the hands of Hill.* Norwood needs to prove she's older and stronger now! Quickly Brandy plants her foot on Lauryn's neck and leans in on the choke.  Lauryn struggling for a breath as she lashes onto Brandy's smooth leg but is cut off by a violent blast to her neck again.  Brandy pulls her up by the hair, kicks her between her slender thighs into her womanhood.  Norwood locks Lauryn in a side headlock and falls back with a wicked DDT.  Lauryn is stunned on the mat, when Britney has recovered enough to go to work on her from the other side blasting her in the stomach with some quick boots.

Brandy however doesn't want any teamwork as she kicks Britney between the legs twice and then blasts her in the face with a sharp kick that has her sprawling back to the ground.  Brandy rolls Britney out of the ring and suddenly this fight is now just Norwood and Hill. Brandy has decided to exit the Generation Nexy crew, and this is her ticket out. Brandy then focuses her attention back to a still downed Lauryn as she grabs Lauryn by the ankles and proceeds to pummel her between the legs with a stomp.  Brandy spreads Lauryn's ankles a little further apart and repeats this punishment not once but three more times.  Lauryn in pure agony as she rolls her weight to her side wondering when the pain will cease.  Brandy reaches down and rips off Lauryn's bra and wraps it around her neck and pulls her up in a choke so her head is between her sexy thighs.  Brandy leaps in the air and plants a spine chilling pile driver delivering Hill's head to the canvas air mail.   Hill falls to her stomach motionless.

Brandy just completes her destruction of Lauryn when Britney comes up from behind her gets her in a choke hold and pulls her across the ring.  Lauryn's head still intertwined in Brandy's legs till finally she is pulled off of her by the now merciless blonde.  As Lauryn rolls flat on her back all but out, Britney continues to squeeze some fight out of the defenseless intruder.  Britney's sends some crisp knees into Brandy's back while she continues to lock on with the choke hold till finally she feels she has taken enough out of Brandy to go to work on her.  Norwood is pulled to her feet by her long locks and Britney connects with a kick to the groin, two knees to the midsection and then a left to the head that sends Brandy falling back into the ropes.  Britney continues to work the body, with punches to Brandy's plump breasts, backhands to her face and then finishes her off with a clothesline over the tope rope leaving her for her partners outside the ring, Vanessa and Melissa.

Britney finds a new life against a close to lifeless Lauryn as she forces her up by the hair.  Lauryn's bra finally falls to the ground as it was still partly wrapped around her neck.  Britney grabs her between the legs and on the shoulders and picks her up for the slam.  The blonde hap hazardly tosses her ebony opponent down to the ground.  Lauryn's breasts do a dance, and then Britney rewards them with a pounding elbow.  Spears finishes Lauryn off by hooking her by the thigh and pulls her back into a cradle position for the pin.  Britney gets to her feet after her victory enjoying the mixed signals from the crowd.  She walks over to the ropes and watches as Brandy's head is slammed up against the side of the ring twice.  Vanessa lets her fall back after the final shot leaving her to crumble to the ground outside the ring.  Britney meets Vanessa and Melissa outside the ring as they leave the arena with a very awkward and frustrating victory.

Brandy lies on the ground with a small cut on her forehead, while Lauryn is slowly regaining her perceptions inside the ring.  Lauryn is sure to want revenge on Brandy after this one.  Lauryn's attempt to earn more respect by beating a former champ falls short.  The question is who pays for this sudden turn of events..............

Story By Vypress

* Classic Lauryn vs Brandy

Britney Hooks & Crooks another win...

Lauryn remains an intimidating force...

But its Brandy who makes the biggest Impact of the evening