Another chapter of the Whitney Houston Feuds

Please Read Lauryn Hill Vs Whitney Houston AND Lauryn Hill Vs Brandy to get Caught up in this War.
Halle Berry (67%) tramples Janet Jackson (22%) & Whitney Houston (11%) This is the battle of Dorothy Dandridge. Janet said almost 10 years ago, her dream role was to play the late, great actress. This remained her dream until she ran a foul of Whitney Houston over her superstar husband, Bobby Brown. Janet had just dumped Bobby before he started dating Whitney. She bragged that Bobby was on the rebound, and she could have him any time she pleased, even though he was married to Whitney. This lead to a well documented feud in Hollywood circles. Whitney bought the film rights to Dandridge’s autobiography to spite Janet, thus killing her dream. Enter HBO. They wrote a script for a HBO movie on Dandridge. After many stars tried for the part, and much debate in the press, Halle Berry beat out Janet, Vanessa Williams, & Tyra Banks for the role. Halle received much publicity for the part but did she truely deserve the role? That debate is settled today, in our ring.

All three meet in the center of the ring. Whitney, in her maroon Team Whitney outfit, with “Whitney” written on the ass, and she is fuming. Whitney had been preparing for her match, and had just learned of her friends’ Brandy & Angela Bassett's humiliating defeat at Lauryn Hill’s hand. * Whitney however looks fantastic, she has been working our in preparation for her upcoming tour. Her tall, slender frame is exquisite. Halle wears a black lycra top, and matching pants like on the recent cover of Shape Magazine. Janet is in a white tank top, and jeans.

They circle each other at the opening bell. Whitney glances at Halle and nods. On que, Whitney & Halle charge and attack Janet. The two Atlanta residents have made a pact to destroy Janet first, then fight each other. Janet covers up and bends over trying to protect herself from their fist. Eventually she falls to her knees as her opponents hammers her back. They continue to attack, thinking they have Janet under control, but Janet fights back!

From her knees, Janet fires punches in Halle & Whitney’s stomach. Moments later, they are gasping for air. Janet stands and whips the gasping women into the ropes, and nails them in the face with a double elbow on the rebound. With both on the mat holding their jaws, Janet leaps in the air and comes down with a knee in Whitney’s stomach, then Halle’s. Janet reaches down and grips both women’s faces. Her fingers dig into their eye socket, nostrils and mouths, ripping them out of shape. She pulls her foes to their feet as they scream in agony. Janet delights at their flailing arm, and screams of utter agony from her opponents’ suffering. Finally Janet viciously throws them to the mat.

Halle lies in disbelief. She expected a tough match, but not to be permanently disfigured. Whitney too checks her face for blood, as her hatred for Janet grows. Janet was not about to let them recover. She quickly picks Halle up, and drops her throat first across the top rope. She kicks Halle’s gagging body out of the ring, to focus on the woman she hates the most in the world, Whitney. Whitney is on her hands & knees when Janet approaches and kicks her in the ribs, sending her sprawling across the mat. Janet pulls Whitney close to the ropes and chokes her across the bottom rope. Janet pulls the still breathless diva to her feet and whips her into the ropes. She bends over to deliver a backdrop, but Whitney leaps over her and puts her shoulders to the mat with a sunset flip. One... Janet kicks furiously to escape. Two... Whitney is certain to eliminate Janet as the ref’s arm is coming down for the three count, but Halle grabs Whitney’s hair from behind and rips her off Janet.

Whitney is furious at her former ally. She leaps to her feet and "What the Hell are you doing??!" as she kicks Halle in the stomach. Whitney fires combinations into Halle’s mid section that drives her back against the ropes. Janet is back on her feet and rushes Whitney from behind. Whitney instinctively moves out of the way, and Janet nails Halle with a clothesline. Janet & Whitney shocked everyone and worked together for a brief minute. They pound a reeling Halle against the ropes. Each grab a handful of hair, and simultaneously deliver head butts, that sends the actress to dream land. Now without Halle’s interference, they can destroy each other.

As the pair are about to start punching each other’s brains out, Whitney lounges and grabs Janet’s open jaw. She locks on a mandible claw, the same hold that came out of nowhere to defeat former rival Mariah Carey in our very first main event has struck again. Janet flails and punches with everything she had, but can’t escape the maneuver. With Halle still dazed on the mat, and Janet now down, Whitney feels the rush of victory. She runs against the ropes to deliver a finishing elbow to Janet, when she inexplicably trips & falls hitting her chin on the mat. Whitney had been so engrossed in the match, she hadn’t notice Lauryn Hill come to ringside. Lauryn grabbed Whitney’s ankle as she ran against the ropes and tripped the beauty. Maintaining a firm hold on the limb, she yanks Whitney out of the ring. Whitney didn’t even know who her attacker was, cause as soon as her feet reached the arena floor, Lauryn grabbed the back of her head and slammed her face into the ring apron 5 times. Lauryn places Whitney’s head between her legs, lifts her up and pile drives her into the hard arena floor. Whitney was nearly unconscious as Lauryn rolls her back into the ring. Halle quickly leaps on Whitney for the pin, but Janet. pulls her off and pile drives Halle. Janet wasn’t about to let anyone pin Whitney but her. She grabs Whitney by her hair and looks into her glassy eyes. She spits directly in Whitney’s face, slams the back of her head into the mat, hooks her leg, and rolls her into a tight pin. She easily got the three count, and rolls Whitney out of the ring.

Whitney lands at Lauryn’s feet. Janet smiles and leaves Whitney to Lauryn’s tender mercies. Of course Lauryn had none. She pulls a dazed Whitney to her knees and pummels her face bloody. Having already taken care of Brandy & Angela Bassett, Lauryn heaps the punishment on Whitney. Janet sports a broad smile as she returns her attention to Halle to finish the match. Halle although isn’t smiling at all. Her eyes are burning with desire no longer be a punching bag, and to show why HBO gave her the part. Halle sprung to her feet as Janet approached. She threw punch after punch at Janet’s face. Janet tries to retaliate, but couldn’t go blow for blow with the hellcat. Halle drove Janet back into the corner. While outside the ring, Lauryn is seated on Whitney’s chest, punching her face to a bloody pulp. Halle had Janet stunned & slumping in the corner when she reaches out and rips Janet’s tank top off her body. She wraps the tattered shirt around Janet’s throat, and chokes the life out of her foe. She tosses Janet halfway across the ring with the garment. Janet looks up in horror as she sees Halle approaching. While outside the ring, Mariah Carey has finally come out to chase Lauryn away and help her bloody former rival, now friend to the dressing room.

In the ring, Janet could use some help herself. Halle leaps on Janet’s chest and batters her senseless. With Janet hurt, Halle spies her exposed voluptuous tits. Halle crushes, twist and pulls the tender melons with her hands. “Who should play Dandridge...Huh...Who?” Halle spits in Janet’s face.

“You...you should” sobs, Janet. Halle continues mauling her tits till Janet starts to cry uncontrollably, yelling, “I GIVE... I GIVE....Please, somebody, get her off me!” The referee calls for the bell, but Halle continues to torture Janet. The confident warrior at the beginning of the night is now a sniveling crybaby begging for mercy. Halle finally releases Janet and raises her arms to a loving crowd, while the topless Janet clutches her devoured chest, crying uncontrollably at Halle’s feet.

Editors Note: When Whitney Houston was asked if Lauryn Hill had won & ended the feud between her and Team Whitney ,Whitney responded, “Fuck No! Angela, Brandy and I are going to KILL that BITCH!”

Halle Berry Wins her First Battle

Janet isn't Finished with Whitney or Halle

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