Jenny vs Mimi - A High School Fantasy
Jenny sits in the seats of her community theater laughing and joking with her friends like the average senior in High School. She is at the auditions for a local musical as she had done plenty of times before. She was waiting for the auditions to finish, but it was a foregone conclusion that Jenny would get the lead part, as she always did. The Puerto Rican, New Yorker is the prettiest, the best actress and dancer in the Bronx. She is the envy of all the girls, and fantasy for all the guys.

That is before she walks in. As auditions are closing, a tall slender pretty girl walks in from upstate New York. She calls herself Mimi and takes the microphone to audition. A moment later Jenny's world gets turned upside down. What follows is the most phenomenal voice anybody present had ever heard. Even Jenny had to admit that she was impressed. Minutes later it is announced that Mimi will get the lead role, Jenny's role. Jenny is relegated to the supporting role. The guys immediately turn all their attention to flirting with the new girl, Jenny's guys. Finally, all the girls who are usually buzzing around her, and kissing up to her, are now in Mimi's face. The jealousy starts eating away at the young girl.

The next few days at school and rehearsal things only get worst. All she hears all day is Mimi this and Mimi that... Mimi, Mimi, Mimi, she could not take it any more. Jenny is the princess of the Bronx, and is not about to share her throne. "This is gonna to change.... today!" Jenny thinks.

Jenny walks into rehearsal early. The things that normally happen in 1987 are going on. A few guys are popping and breaking to Run DMC and LL Cool J. Some girls are talking about how this new song, "Walk Like an Egyptian" and what happened on The Cosby Show Thursday night. Jenny spies Mimi laughing and talking with a few of Jenny's fiends. With intentions of starting a fight, Jenny walks over to Mimi.

Jenny engages in small talk with Mimi and the girls, then asks Mimi, "So you're not afraid to come down here to the Bronx? Somebody might kick that pretty little ass of yours."

Mimi could instantly see where this conversation is going. First, Jenny did not do a good job of hiding her jealousy. Second, she is used to this reaction, and lastly, she would not mind getting into it with Jenny anyway. Mimi did not like the competition, and Jenny is the strongest competition she has ever faced.

"Nah, not at all" Mimi replies. "I travel all over Manhattan, Long Island and the Bronx for these type of plays. Somebody's is always jealous of me when I win the leading role, or taking her boyfriend or something. It's okay, after I kick the girl's ass, she's usually pretty cool with me." Mimi responds looking Jenny straight in the eyes, almost daring her act. There's a moment of silence, until some of the girls break the tension by restarting the conversation.

Jenny's mind is racing. "She can't kick my ass" she thinks, "and she hasn't taken any of my men." Jenny's mind races.

"Yo Carlos come over here Papi." Jenny calls out to a cute guy she has dated off and on for sometime. Carlos comes over and Jenny says, "I'm hungry Papi, would you mind going to McDonalds and getting me something?"

"Sure Jenny, what do you want?" Carlos replies.

Mimi walks mischievously over. Jenny is the most talented and prettiest rival she has encountered, and Mimi gets an almost orgasmic pleasure in showing her up. "Hey Carlos is it?" Mimi sensuously asking "Would you mind getting me something too?" Mimi asks.

Carlos gets lost in his sudden popularity. He's been chasing Jenny for years, and now the hot new girl, Mimi, is looking at him with goo goo eyes too. "Sure Mimi what would you like?" he asks looking hypnotized in to Mimi's eyes.

"I don't want McDonalds though, there's a White Castle a little farther down the street." Mimi purrs.

"Cool, we can go to White Castle instead." Carlos says.

Jenny's eyes instantly turned red with fury. She does not tolerate any dissention with her men. "What the fuck do you mean we'll go to White Castle?" Jenny screams at Carlos. "I said I wanted McDonalds!" Jenny continues. "Who's been going to the movies with you?? Huh? Me and you're going to go to White Castle cause some new, scraggly, stray mutt that's wandered in off the streets says so?"

"What the hell did you call me you big butt ho?" Mariah yells, now irate with Jenny's insult.

"I called you a stray mutt with a bad hairdo!" screamed back Jenny. "Now shut da fuck up, I'm talking to Carlos, not you" Jenny says intending on punishing Carlos first for defying her authority, then she would put her tall invader, Mimi in her place, if she did not have the sense to back down.

Before she could turn to face Carlos, Mariah responded with a cracking slap across Jenny's face, and the words, "Big mouth bitch!" Instantly each girl sunk their hands in each other's '80's style "Big Hair" and started whipping each other around.

"I want a fuckin' quarter pounder with cheese, and that's what I'm going to get." says Jenny.

"White Castles!" screams back a struggling Mimi.

Of course neither really cared about the burgers, but each wanted to show the other who rules supreme. After a few seconds of hair pulling, Jenny notices a handful of her brown hair rolling across the stage. Not wanting to end up half bald from this encounter, Jenny releases Mimi's hair and starts wind milling punches. She has temporary success with this move until Mimi backs out of range and starts countering with punches of her own.

The two teens pound each other with both fists. Mimi gets an advantage due to her reach and height, and hits Jenny more frequently than Jenny is able to hit her. What really surprises Jenny is that half of her friends and classmates are cheering for Mimi. Jenny gets even more furious. Not only has this bitch took her part, and is kicking her ass severly, but also turning her friends and loyal subjects against her, after she has worked so hard to put them in line.

Jenny steps back with her cheeks rosy red from being struck. Jenny fires an angry kick to Mimi's side that gets an intense grimace from the singer. Jenny moves forward to follow up, and walks into a stiff jab from Mimi. Jenny's head snaps back, and her knees buckle. She realizes she must find a way to negate Mimi's reach and height advantage.

After reeling back several steps from the jab, Jenny dives at Mimi's feet and clutches both of her ankles. One quick jerk upends Mimi, taking her off her feet to a hard landing on the stage. Mimi lies flat on her back trying to figure out exactly what just happened, when Jenny springs to her feet Mimi's ankles still in hand. The Puerto Rican girl spreads Mimi's legs apart and stomps down on her crotch. Mimi elicits a high-pitched scream that could shatter glass. Her hands go to protect her hurting crotch, but do not get there fast enough to stop Jenny from stomping down again.

The tide of the fight instantly has turned against Jenny's invader. Mimi is in obvious pain squirming on the floor. With the inviting target of Mimi's crotch no longer available, Jenny steps up and drives her heel down on her victim's chest. Mimi's mouth flies open, but nothing comes out, as Jenny's stomps have taken her breath away. Realizing she is about to take a brutal beating, Mimi quickly makes it up to her hands and knees. Jenny catches her with a vicious kick to the ribs before she can make it any further. The force of the kick knocks Mimi back to the ground. Another couple of stomps get through before Mimi is able to curl into a ball to protect herself. Jenny then kicks her square in the face that seems to all but finish Mimi.

Realizing the brutality that she has just displayed, Jenny gets worried that someone would break them up before she could exact her revenge on this heifer. However Jenny is a veteran at breaking rivals, and the premier intimidating female in the neighborhood, she knew just what to do next to insure no one would interfere. Jenny reaches down and grabs Mimi's white oversized blouse, and yanks as hard as she can. Buttons shoot in every direction and the shirt opens up to reveal a white lace bra. The guys and girls alike scream in excitement. Jenny smiles to herself thinking "No chance of interference now!" Jenny knows, "They want to see more." Because Jenny's foot to the face had knocked Mimi addle, she only put up minor resistance as Jenny wrestles the shirt from her body.

As the realization and embarrassment of being publicly stripped settles in on Mimi, her anger level boils to a peak. "You fucking bitch" Mimi mutters as she struggles to get to her feet. Before she can stand the Puerto Rican bully strikes again. She shoves Mimi back to the floor and quickly mounts her. Jenny grabs a handful of brown hair and starts pounding Mimi's face with all the force her arms can muster. The tall girl screams and starts bucking, and thrashing underneath her conqueror. Mimi succeeds in knocking Jenny off her perch. Jenny scrambles away from her prey for a much needed breather.

Jenny stands and takes in deep breaths while looking at her opponent who is in a much worst condition. Mimi is slowly rising to her feet. Jenny assess that her foe is still dangerous although injured. She does not want to give her too much time to rest. Jenny charges in and tackles Mimi back to the floor. As soon as Jenny's hands touches Mimi, her body erupts in desperation. Mimi fights back and tries to roll Jenny off of her. She succeeds in getting Jenny down and is on top of her trying to maintain her position. Jenny looks like she might escape until Mimi fires down on her pretty face with hammering punches. Jenny grunts loudly as each fist pounds her face and makes a loud smack that resounds around the auditorium.

Jenny takes quite a beating before Mimi stops. Jenny is in a great deal of pain. She wonders how so skinny a girl could hit so hard. Mimi has only one thought as she looks down on her groggy foe, "STRIP THE BITCH!" Mimi grabs Jenny's T-shirt and starts pulling on it trying to rip it apart. Mimi rips the shoulder of Jenny's T-shirt that gets a roar of excitement from the other teens.

Some of the bandwagon hoppers who jumped from Mimi's wagon to Jenny's switch back, seeing the bully is about to be tamed. But this made Jenny more determined than ever. She places her hand under Mimi's chin and pushes up, arching Mimi's neck back. Now Mimi can no longer see her target, nor does she have the leverage to throw those hammering blows. Jenny then grabs a handful of hair with her other hand and uses it to pull Mimi off balance. Between these two vantage points, Jenny is able to push Mimi off from on top of her.

Jenny rolls on top of the struggling songbird, but maintains her clutches on her hair. Jenny uses that hair to bounce the back of Mimi's head on the stage. After several bounces, Mimi wore a grimace of intense pain, and all the resistance to fight back seemed to leave her body. Jenny sits up on Mimi's body and uses her strong legs to pin Mimi's arms under them. Jenny then opens a two fisted assault on Mimi's face that spells doom for her young rival.

After thirty seconds of punching, Jenny tires herself, but her assault was effective in taking Mimi's down. Jenny rolls the moaning beauty onto her stomach and plops back down on Mimi's back. Jenny unfastens Mimi's bra clasp, which gets a roar of approval from her classmates. Jenny stands above Mimi and tries to yank the bra off its owner. Mimi tries desperately to hold onto her bra, but is too weak and beaten hold out against the strong latina for long. Eventualy Jenny snatches the bra off of Mimi.

Mimi covers her bare breast with both arms and lies on the floor in shame now only wearing her designer Calvin Klein jeans. Jenny holds the bra high above her head to the delight of everyone. Jenny walks over to Carlos and playfully wraps the bra around his neck before planting a kiss on his cheek.

Mimi finds the strength to get up and run away. Jenny catches her before she makes her pitiful flight and again wrestles her to the ground. Jenny plops her large sweaty ass on Mimi's face and pins her helplessly underneath. Jenny is wearing a pair of spandex biker shorts. (With an ass like hers, wouldn't you?) and a T-shirt, which was a real popular outfit of the day. Jenny wiggles slightly, adjusting her position, making sure Mimi is totally immobilized under her. It was humiliating, and frightening. Mimi tried to get her off, but it was hopeless.

Jenny looks down at Mimi's chest and tries to pry her arms apart to expose her breast to everyone, but Mimi held on for all she was worth. Jenny fires a few fist into Mimi's unprotected belly, with one hand, while pulling Mimi's arms apart with the other, but Mimi still holds on. Jenny's punches get harder and harder, and start to sound like she is pounding on Congo drum. Jenny hears Mimi start crying underneath her ass, so she keeps pounding. Finally Mimi can take no more and allows Jenny to pry her arms apart exposing her boobs to everyone.

Everyone present explodes in cheers of excitement at seeing this gorgeous girl's tits. Jenny sits atop Mimi's face very tired, but thrilled to have conquered this invader of her territory. "That's more like it, cunt." Jenny says, patting Mimi's head as she looked down at her in contempt.

Jenny gets off the crying girls face, deciding to showboat a little. Jenny goes behind the humiliated girl and pulls her up to a seated position. Jenny pulls both of Mimi's arms behind her back and traps them there, allowing everyone to get an excellent view of her demoralized victim's breast. "THIS IS THE BRONX BITCH!" Jenny yells. "You don't come in here running shit!...... If I say yo ass is getting McDonalds, then yo ass is getting McDonalds!"

Everyone in the auditorium is now unanimously behind Jenny and roar their agreement. They break out into the Arsenio Hall bark, pumping their fist while barking, "Woof... woof... woof..... woof... woof... woof.... woof....."

Suddenly all the partying is silenced by one very loud voice that has just entered the auditorium. "JEEENNNYYYYYY!" that voice belonged to the director and play organizer, Orlando Santiago.

It got deathly quiet, and Jenny cringes at the sound of his voice. "Oh shit" Jenny softly mutters under her breath. This is far from her first fight during one of his productions and she knew he is furious to see her beating up his brand new star. "Mr Santiago" Jenny says nervously as she release Mimi allowing her to curl up into a large sobbing ball. "I... I... I know what you're thinking, b... but it's not my fault, she started it" pleads Jenny as she faces the director.

Under normal circumstances he would be forced to let Jenny slide because she is normally the star of the play. Although today he has the unaccustomed luxury of Mimi being his star, so his reaction is very different "Just like the last two times huh? OUT!" he shouts.

"But Mr Sant........" Jenny tries to explain.

"I said Ooooouuuut", he screams while pointing at the front door. Rather than jeopardize her future with Santiago's theater, Jenny drops her shoulders and leaves the auditorium.

The next day at school everyone was buzzing about how Jenny destroyed and humiliated Mimi. Jenny hated getting thrown out of the play, but she had re-established her dominance on the block, and after all, that was more important. No one dared to compare her and Mimi ever again. No one doubted who was the queen bitch between the two. All in all, Jenny was happy with how things turned out. She is once again reigning as the undisputed queen.

Mimi went on to star in the play and got rave reviews. She made many friends on the cast, despite their relationship with Jenny. She was especially delighted when Jenny's friends told her that her melodic voice made Jenny sound like a dog in heat. She told them everyday that she wanted a rematch with Jenny, but most thought it was just idle threats, although they were not. Mimi and Carlos became very good friends. She told him to keep her bra, and she would add to his collection by giving him a pair of Jenny's panties after she torn them off of her broken body. He agreed to help her get revenge and the two exchanged telephone numbers and stayed in close contact. All and all, Mimi was happy. By the way, Carlos bought her White Castle before every rehearsal. And they hatched a plan to get Jenny..... but that is another story.