November 2000



Alyssa Milano (51%) out duels Shania Twain(49%) Both competitors were looking for a change of fortune of sorts in this fight. Alyssa is coming off of a close loss to Halle Berry,* and the former champion was looking for redemption. She wanted back in the title picture, and was seeking to make Shania the first in a long line of victims.

Shania was coming off of a disappointing draw to Posh Spice,+ and a crushing defeat in a title match to Britney Spears and her Generation Next Team.# The youngsters humiliated Shania and her team of Divas, Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston, by leaving them in one big nude pile in the center of the ring. Shania was involved in Mariah's Songbird Title match with Jennifer Lopez,** and once again found herself left in a nude pile with Mariah & Whitney. Shania's demise came that night at the hands of Madonna who personally tossed her nude unconcious form into the pile of nude divas. The country gal knew she was tougher than she has appeared in her last outings and was certain to show everyone else her championship merit.

Alyssa enters the ring in a black body suit, reminiscent of her outfit in her Eva Savelot character in the ATT commercials. Alyssa peels off the black pants to reveal a black bikini bottom and removes the top to show a black tank top she would do battle in. Shania comes to the ring wearing a dark blue bikini top, and matching blue leather pants with tassels running down the pants leg. Conspicuous by their absence, neither Whitney nor Mariah is by Shania's side. Mariah is away filming a movie, while Whitney is away handling a few personal legal battles.

The competitors meet in the center of the ring. Both are wearing a "I'm not going to beat you, I'm going to hurt you" look on their faces. Both flew into action once the bell rung. Alyssa charged the country legend, only to be met with a dropkick to her chest. The force of the blow knocked Alyssa backward against the ropes. Shania quickly scrambled to her feet and snares Alyssa who was leaning against the ropes holding her stomach. Shania uses Alyssa's raven locks to snap her to the mat. She maintains her grip on Alyssa's hair and flings her over again. Shania keeps her hold on the black hair and pulls Alyssa to her feet so she can slug her in the mouth. Shania raps her again & again, before running her face into a nearby turnbuckle.

Shania turns Alyssa to face her, and buries her knee into her lower abdomen a couple of times, knocking the breath out of the actress. With Alyssa partially doubled over, Shania pulls the black tank top over her head. Shania delivers a few of uppercuts to Alyssa while she was bent over with her top pulled over her head, blocking her vision and tying up her arms. Alyssa is forced to wiggle out of her top so she can see and defend herself. Shania calculatingly waited for Alyssa to free herself, and as soon as her head came free of the shirt, Shania used the black top to wrap it around her victim's neck and choke Alyssa. Alyssa was fading fast, and the referee was threatening Shania disqualification for her illegal tactic. Shania broke the choke only to chop the younger warrior across her bare tits, turning them beet red.

Shania could not pass the opportunity to sink her claws into Alyssa's breast. Alyssa howled in pain before retaliating with a punch or two to Shania's face. Shania backs off with Alyssa confused at how the she has taken so much punishment so early in the match. Shania did not allow the confusion to subside, attacking immediately, and knocking Alyssa's head with a flurry of blows to the head of the former champ.

Still groggy, Alyssa tried to fight back with a volley of wild unaimed blows. A few landed, but they had little effect other than to back Shania off of her a little bit. Just as Alyssa thought she had won herself a moment's breath, Shania's foot rocketed into the pit of Alyssa's stomach, collapsing the young actress to her knees and gasping for air. Shania grabs two hands of hair of the downed grappler and drives her knee into her nose. Alyssa topples over on her side, and fights furiously yet unsuccessfully to hold back her sobs of pain.

Shania feels supremely confident and in total control of the match. Actually she was in total control of her tough competitor, but she had to fight back the natural Diva instinct to gloat. She felt gloating cost her the match and the title in her match with Britney. "Alyssa ain't going ta turn things around like Britney and dat Generation Next Brat Pack," thought Shania. Shania was focused this night on making Alyssa hurt and staying that way.

Shania pulls Alyssa to her feet and encircles her arms around the brunette's waist and crushes her in a bear hug. Shania's back muscles glisten under the bright lights as they strain to generate as much force as possible. Alyssa thrashed about with what was left in her pain-racked body, but knew she was in somewhat of a hopeless situation. Soon the thrashing subsided and her head fell back almost acknowledging defeat. With one last gasp of resistance, Alyssa raised her head and clawed at Shania's eyes. Shania tried to turn her head to prevent an eye poke. Although Shania was successful in thwarting the brunt of the attack, Alyssa was able to scratch enough to force Shania to release her bear hug.

Alyssa was still very weak and could only stagger a few feet away from Shaina as she cleared her vision. Shania cleared her eyesight pretty quickly and went back on the attack. She cornered her hurting prey and wrapped her up in a headlock.

Shania forcefully lead Alyssa around the ring by the headlock. She reveled at her complete dominance of the former champion, often smiling and winking at the audience as she walked. Shania finally pulls her tormented foe to one corner and gets a running start, leaps and drives Alyssa's face into the mat with a classic wrestling bulldog maneuver. Shania whoops out a "Yiiiihaaaa" as she smiles while Alyssa quivers on the mat beside her. Shania pulls Alyssa to her feet and into another headlock. She again gets her running start to bulldog Alyssa again to the opposite corner. At the last possible moment Alyssa puts on the breaks and shoves Shania in the small of her back.

Shania is catapulted forward and runs chest first into the turnbuckle. Shania grimaces and grunts loudly in pain as she hits the leather. Shania almost has the breath knocked out of her, but turns to face Alyssa, to quickly reverse this small temporary reprieve Alyssa has earned. As soon as she turns, Shania finds Alyssa is charging toward her and leaps on the middle turnbuckle. The actress has Shania pinned in the corner and is looming above her using the middle ropes as her perch.

Alyssa uncorks a series of jackhammer punches down on Shania's face. The first and second blows simply stun Shania. The third to the sixth punches daze the country singer. While the seventh through twentieth seal her doom. With her fist throbbing Alyssa climbs down from her perch and steps to the side. Shania takes a few uncoordinated steps out the corner before her jelly-like legs give away and she collapses face first to the mat.

Shania was completely oblivious to the referee's ten count for her to rise and continue the battle. She had only managed to reach her hands & knees as he reached ten and the bell rung to signal the end of the contest.

The echo of the bell seemed to revive Shania from her funk as she watched with a shocked expression as the referee raised Alyssa's arm in victory. She could not believe that after her dominant performance, she had been defeated.

After a brief celebration, Alyssa made her way back to the dressing room, leaving Shania still seated in the ring with a wicked look of jealousy. Seeing Alyssa on her way back to the dressing room, Shania rolls out of the ring, and looks under the ring to find her trusty guitar. She runs up behind Alyssa and spins her around. Alyssa turned to have the guitar smashed on top of her head. Shania storms from the scene muttering obscenities to herself, leaving the topless victor of the match lying unconscious in the aisle.

Don't worry Alyssa... You won! ... Even though Shania gave you a headache

Shania is a sore loser
* Alyssa loses to Halle Berry
+ Shania poppin' Posh
# Britney busts the Divas
** Divas get destroyed