Shania Twain(50%) draws Posh Spice (50%) Whilst her husband David was playing for England in their abortive European Championship campaign, Victoria Beckham took the opportunity to go to New York to finish her much awaited solo album. She needed to get away from the bitching of her fellow Spice Girls and the attention of the paparazzi. But Victoria was disappointed by the lack publicity she received from the American press and positively livid when the resources she was expecting at the recording studio where diverted to meet the needs of Shania Twain. Victoria had a snit and threw Brooklyn's teddies in the corner and went in search of Shania to give her a piece of her mind.

When Victoria found Shania reclining at leisure reading the Financial section of the New York Times, her rage was driven to new heights of apoplexy. Shania regarded the Spice Girl with her shoulder length black hair and red face as one would regard something unpleasant on the pavement. Certainly not something to trouble a singer with the record for biggest selling sole album in the world. Victoria regarded Shania as some banjo plucking country bumpkin who had only had three number ones by dressing like some third rate whore; and she told her so. Shania stood up and angrily told Mrs. Beckham that she was an escapee from a freak show who could go piss up a rope. Victoria responded by throwing a glass of water in the Country Singers face who responded with a slap. Only the presence of ever diligent and conscientious publicity staff prevented an Anglo Canadian fight starting right there and then. Instead Shania suggested that Victoria come up to the top floor conference room at 7pm when everyone had gone home. The record company readily agreed to this arrangement not wanting to offend either singer.

Both women slightly nervously whiled away the day. At just before 7pm Victoria walked up to the Conference Room only to find that Shania was waiting for her. The tables had all been pushed against the far wall with all the tables and other peripheral items removed. Through the large windows there shone the lights from the street several storeys below. As Mrs. Beckham entered the room Shania, who had been sat on the a table idling away the time, got up and walked towards her English opponent. The country singer was bare foot and clad in tight black leather trousers, red strapless bra top and her long brown hair worn natural. Posh Spice was also clad in black leather trousers with a black strapped bra top. As she closed the door she removed her heels that although expensive were a trifle impractical for the fight to come. Both women were confident; Shania had recently comprehensively kicked Madonna's* butt and Victoria was unbeaten to date, although she had been quite careful about who she had tangled with. The two singing stars slowly walked towards one another in the center of the room.

"This is your last chance to back down, you're new to town and on your own." said Shania reasonably, as if discussing the price of Pork Belly.

"I came here to take you down slut, not to say sorry!" sneered Victoria. For good measure she raised her right hand and slapped the Country Singer across the face. This completely stunned Shania who had expected to overwhelm the British woman with her reputation alone. Her head was knocked sideways by the stinging blow, but this wasn't new territory to Shania and she was able to recover in the blink of an eye by slapping Victoria across the cheek. Both women ignored the stinging pain and the large red marks that now adorned their faces.

They glared at one another for several seconds before leaping forward and taking two-handed grips on each others hair. Their bodies slapped together and they started to pull one another around the normally staid boardroom by the roots of their hair. Short sharp squeals and grunts of pain cut through the silence. Their bodies, much admired and lusted over rubbed up against one another before slowly being pried apart as the two singers pulled one another down by the roots of their hair so that they were both bent over. The pain in their scalps negated any chance of a peaceful reconciliation.

They tried to pull one another around the room and lashed out with their feet, but to little affect. Indeed Shania came off worse from the kicking as her foot made painful contact with Victoria's knee. But this was the first time that Victoria had fought with her new long hair style and had not realized how much more painful the hair pulling would be now that her opponent had more to work with. Shania managed to drag Mrs. Beckham down onto her knees, although she didn't release her hold on the country singers brown locks. Shania followed up by advancing towards her kneeling opponent. Posh Spice tried to scramble backwards but her position worked against any swift movement and she soon found that she could no longer maintain her hold on the brunette's hold. As her hands fell away Victoria let out a squeal of frustration. Shania pushed forward thrusting the crotch of her leather trousers into the English woman's face. As she kept moving forward the Canadian woman pushed Victoria onto her back and ended up sitting astride her chest just beneath her breasts. Victoria's shriek of frustration turned to anger and she rained blows onto Shania's leather clad legs either side of her body. When this had no visible affect the Spice Girl turned her attention to punching Shania in her bare midriff. Shania grunted with pain at these blows and twisted Mrs. Beckham's head she her right cheek was being pushed into the floor.

"Lie still you skanky British bitch and you won't suffer to much!"

"Fuck off you stupid Canadian whore and go back to your hog wrestling." sneered Victoria defiantly, despite her position. To remind her opponent that the fight was not yet over, she brought her knee up into Shania's back. The Canadian howled as the knee drove into her spine and broke her hold on the prone British woman. This enabled Victoria to turn her head so that she was again looking at her opponent, and seeing that Shania was still writhing in pain, she reached up and clamped her fingers over her red bra top. As Posh Spice started to pull at the taut material of the top away from Shania's breasts it not unnaturally concentrated the country singers mind. She reached for Victoria's hands in a defensive move, whilst simultaneously pressing her knees into the British singers body. Posh Spice squealed with discomfort whilst struggling to remove her opponents top. The two women battled on in this position for several moments, Victoria eventually losing and letting Miss Twain's red top to snap back into place. Shania then used her dominant position to push Mrs. Beckham's to the floor so that she could pin her. But her apparent dominance caused the Canadian to grow careless, so that Victoria was able to free her left hand, reach up and take hold of her long brown hair. Before Shania could react Posh was able to pull her head down so that their chests were pressed together.

Shania Twain squealed and having returned Vic's one handed hair pulling was forced to adjust her body position to ease her discomfort so that she was practically lying on top of the British superstar. As they struggled Victoria was able to roll them over so that she was now on top. Shania responded by using her other hand to attack Mrs. Beckham's new hairstyle. Victoria did likewise and the two singers rolled back and forth across the floor pulling hair and hurling insults. After a few minutes it became clear to both women that there was no decisive advantage to be achieved, however much satisfaction they derived from the grimaces on their opponents face. As if by some mutual agreement (highly unlikely given the new found hatred they felt towards one another now) they broke apart and rolled in separate directions.

Having broken apart the two women got to their feet, their pin up bodies covered in a light sheen of sweat. Victoria was actually in some mild discomfort, this being the first time she had fought in leather trousers. The two singers circled wearily before locking their hands together in a test of strength and resolve. Posh Spice wanted to draw Shania in close to her so that she could get to grips with her. But the Canadian woman had been around the block a few times (allegedly) and wasn't playing that game. As a consequence the two fighters stumbled around, trying to bend each others wrists back, to little affect. However the intensity of the struggle was causing Victoria's tight trousers to chaff painfully, and in order that she could adjust herself she broke off the fight momentarily. Shania, sensing an opportunity charged forward, pushing her Posh Spice backwards by the shoulders. As their momentum took her backwards, Victoria was able to recover sufficiently to flail some wild blows at the Canadian, which appeared to have no affect. It did distract Victoria from keeping her balance in the face of Miss Twain's momentum and, inevitably, she stumbled and fell onto her back. In the process she brought Shania down with her and the two women landed in a tangled heap on the floor, a sight that would have excited any red blooded male.

Disappointed as she had not gained a decisive advantage, Shania set about plunging her hands into Vic's hair, which the British woman returned in kind.

The two battlers resumed rolling back and forth across the expensive carpet, neither ever quite achieving a dominant position. Having resumed the upper slot, so to speak, Shania started to press her larger breasts against Posh's. Even through the skimpy material of their tops Posh could feel Shania's larger nipples seeking out her own, trying to dominate her. She secretly wished that husband David could be there watching.

This thought inspired Victoria and she repositioned her hair hold, so that she was able to pull the country singer's head back. Ignoring the squeal of pain, Posh Spice was able to free a hand and slap Shania painfully across the throat. As the Canadian gurgled with pain, Mrs. Beckham was able to roll her over so that she was now on top.

"Know your place bitch!" snarled Victoria, her finely honed accent starting to betray her Essex roots.

Shania Twain responded by taking a hand from Vic's sweat dampened hair and placing it under her English rivals chin and pushing upwards.

Victoria's response was to bite her lip rather than cry out in pain and move her hands urgently (almost seductively one might say) down Shania's body and sinking her fingers into her opponents red top. When this had no noticeable affect she started pulling at the thin material of the garment with a renewed sense of urgency. Unsurprisingly the top started to fall apart exposing the Country singers swelled breasts. But before Victoria could assault them though, Shania was able to transfer her hold to Posh's hair and used this to through her clear. In the process of this maneuver several strands of dark hair came away in Miss Twain's fingers.

The two women rolled clear of one another and as Posh Spice slowly got up, she rubbed her head were she had lost her hair (and no she didn't get splinters). This only served to fuel her determination to defeat her foreign opponent and she rose up on to her knees. Shania did likewise, and the forces of gravity caused what was left of her top to fall to the floor. As the two singers closed on one another pondering their next attack, they lashed out with their hands hoping to grab hold of the other woman. Shania feinted to slap Victoria across the face, and as the English rose moved to defend herself, she instead drove her fist into her stomach. Mrs. Beckham let out a groan of pain and slumped forward, one hand around her stomach. Shania smiled to herself as she reached down and grabbed two handfuls of black hair pulling Victoria upright. Still smarting from the blow to her stomach Victoria made some efforts to push the Canadian woman away from her, but without success. To protect her now exposed breasts Shania pressed her body against Posh's, holding her in place with a one handed hair hold whilst the free hand was used to pull at the straps of the black top.

"So lets see what you've go that satisfies that horny husband of yours!" whispered Shania maliciously.

"Fuck you!" was Victoria's slightly weak but defiant reply as she struggled to make Shania's efforts to disrobe her. To retake the offensive, Mrs. Beckham moved one hand into Shania's hair and slide the other down her opponents back and took hold of the waist of her leather trousers. Miss Twain was more engrossed in fumbling with the straps of Vic's tops (OK so its not rocket science, but you had to be there) than worrying about how she might be attacked. It was therefore a complete surprise when the Spice Girl pulled hard and the seam of her leather trousers bit into he crotch. The attack was made worse by Shania having changed into a pair of the most inconsequential panties that she could lay her hands on in anticipation of humiliating the British singer. Shania arched her back with pain and screamed an unmelodious way as the unforgiving material bit in to her. The Canadian superstar stopped trying to disrobe her opponent and instead moved her hands to try and push Victoria away from her. Wanting some relief herself, Mrs. Beckham broke off her attack and pushed Shania away from her so that she rolled onto her back, with the Spice Girl kneeling between her legs.

The two women paused for a few moments, Victoria catching her breath and Shania desperately adjusting herself to bring some relief. It was the British woman who pounced first and grabbed hold of Shania's trousers and pulled the Country singer towards her. Shania struggled but could do nothing to stop herself being dragged across the carpet. Having just survived one assault on her womanhood, Shania Twain was alarmed to see Victoria reaching for the zip on the front of her trousers. Her automatic reaction was to protect herself, but the British singer had the advantage in this struggle. Just as Victoria managed to pull the zip down, Shania reached up and grabbed hold of Victoria's hair with one hand and the strap of her black top with the other and pulled her down on top of her. As Posh Spice fell forward the strap gave way, causing a breast to pop into view, which pressed into Shania's as she landed on top of her. Both women grunted with pain and went straight for one anthers long, and now disheveled, hair. They rolled back and forth across the floor for a few moments, before Victoria, having resumed the upper position, managed to get her legs astride Shania's body straddling her. Ignoring the pain in her scalp, which was intense, Posh Spice, moved her hands and placed them over Shania's breasts and started to squeeze, the fingers sinking cruelly into the flesh. Shania screamed anew and tried to buck and arch her back, but Victoria kept her position. The Canadian broke her own hair pulling attack and instead reached up and grabbed Vic's exposed breast. As the British singer howled with pain Shania feinted to launch another breast attack with her free hand, but instead moved towards the crotch of Posh's leather trousers. The fly zip proved to be no obstacle to Shania's experienced fingers and she was able to quickly pull it down and plunge her hand into the hole and use her fingers to tug and scratch at Victoria's unseen pussy.

"You dirty slut!" screeched Victoria as her womanhood was ravaged by the Canadian's fingers.

Like a scalded cat the Spice Girl moved back, breaking off her breast attacks reluctantly to gain some respite. As she moved out of range Shania was also forced to break off her attacks, her hand emerging from Victoria's trousers, her fingers covered in short, damp, black curly hairs. Believing herself to be out of hand range Victoria stopped retreating and started to pay some attention to her minge and how damaged it was. In taking her eyes off of her opponent, she didn't see Shania kick out with her right foot, which caught her squarely in the stomach. Mrs. Beckham was totally unprepared for this assault and fell towards the table at the back of the room, close to tears at the punishment she had taken. Her only consolation was that Shania had not been wearing any footwear when she had kicked her.

But Shania Twain felt in no condition to finish her opponent off, as she was nursing her damaged breasts. Hearing sounds of Posh stirring for a new attack Shania started to crawl towards a corner, anxious for more respite. Victoria had, meanwhile, discarded what was left of her bra top (David would always buy a replacement) and started after Shania on all fours, her breasts swaying as she pursued.

Posh caught up with the Canadian with despairing dive and landing on her legs, causing the Country singer to fall flat on her face. As Miss Twain rose, Victoria snaked an arm between her legs, pulled open the half open fly zip and pushed her hand inside. As her fingers started to pluck at hair, scratch delicate skin and worse Shania let out a scream of pain. She tried to crawl away but the pain was to intense and Victoria's grip too strong. If it wasn't for the pain, the experience might have been vaguely pleasurable to both women. Shania bellowed every expletive and insult that she could think of at Victoria, who responded in kind with no effort to maintain her accent. In blind desperation, she didn't see. let alone get out of the way of the flying leg that hit her on the side of the head and knocked her to the floor.

The relief that washed over Shania was only momentary as a groggy Spice Girl got to hands and knees. The Canadian had painfully pulled herself up onto her knees when Victoria flung herself forward and pushed her onto her back. The two women laid there momentarily.

"Do you give?" asked Posh

"Screw you whore!" was Shania's response. Victoria adjusted her body slightly so that she was able to press her breasts down onto Shania's. Both women grunted with pain as battered and bruised flesh pressed together, and they forgot their public persona as tears started to roll down their cheeks. They rolled back and forth across the floor, mainly tugging at hair, but occasionally getting in surreptitious blows to the body. There movements got slower and slower until eventually their weariness overtook them. They were found an hour later by a security guard doing his rounds lying side by side. Both women were revived in separate rooms and left separately proclaiming their famous victory. Neither admitted to be the one who gave up, and there was no security camera coverage to prove who got off who. Some suggested that they had fought to a standstill. But such an unsatisfactory response was unappetizing to both women and each maintained that they had won. Victoria Beckham was certainly treated like a winner by her husband. But only two people knew for certain what the real outcome was.

Posh Spice and Shania Twain give it their all

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