Britney Spears (53%) trounces Shania Twain (47%) Shania stalks the ring dressed seductively in a black bra and tight black pants. She awaits her opponent, Britney Spears who is accompanied by her Generation Next members, Christina Aguilera and Ananda Lewis. Britney too is dressed in black pants, but choosing to wear a red crop top, to show her young attractive figure. Each girl waits in their corner for the bell. Shania shoots evil glares at her young foe, while Christina & Ananda massage Britney's shoulders while reassuring her she is the champ and no one can defeat her.

At the bell, Britney charges toward Shania. Britney draws back and throws a haymaker, but Shania blocks it and fires back with her own series of punches to Britney's lovely face. The volley of punches drives Britney backward into her own corner with Shania in hot pursuit. The country gal kicks Britney in her stomach to double her over and then blasts her with an uppercut, knocking Britney on her ass in the corner. Shania does not let up for an instant, instead she stomps the downed warrior on her chest, smashing Britney's young, attractive breast. Feeling very confident, Shania pulls Britney to her feet and puts her in a headlock. Shania lets out a holler and runs across the ring, preparing to bulldog Britney's face into the mat.

The youth however delivers a strong push in Shania's back just as she leaps and sends the brunette hurdling into the turnbuckle. Shania's chest takes the brunt of the blow, knocking the wind out of the Canadian beauty. Shania turns as Britney plants her feet on her upper thigh and holds her head and falls back to bring Shania out of the corner with a monkey flip. Shania land hard on her back. Britney beats her older rival to her feet and collapses her with a kick to the ribs. Britney pulls Shania to her feet and whips her into the ropes. Britney hip tosses Shania across the ring as she rebounds. Britney uses the ring ropes as a spring board and leaps on them to deliver a flip and body press to again crush Shania to the mat. Britney then scampers to the top turnbuckle and dives off to again flatten Shania. Britney hooks Shania's leg and goes for the pin. Shania kicks out at two.

Frustrated that Shania was able to kick out after some of her best moves, Britney waves her buddies, Christina Aguilera & Ananda Lewis into the ring. Ananda climbs in from one side of the ring, and Christina climbs in on the opposite side to surround Shania. Slowly they stalk Shania, closing in from each side. Suddenly the audience explodes as Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey burst through the backstage curtain and to the ring. Each was wearing a stunning sequined gown, truly earning the title of "Divas".

The arrival of The Divas surprised their young rivals. Mariah & Whitney attacked Christina & Ananda while Shania tore into Britney with renewed vigor. The older ladies took advantage of the surprise element and easily disposed of the teens. Once they were all dazed, The Divas dumped their foes over the top rope to the arena floor. Whitney went to the timekeeper's table and grabbed the championship belt. She returned to the ring and presented the title to Shania, the third member of the newest group in the league, the Divas.

Whitney & Mariah raised Shania's hand in victory and presented her to the crowd. While they were celebrating in the ring, none of them realized their young rivals recovering and climbing to the ring apron. All three wore an evil sneer on their face, while their eyes burned with the fury of hatred. The trio of Divas in the ring were so engrossed in hearing the crowd's cheers and feeding their massive egos, that they never realized the youngsters were there until Britney's voice rang out from behind, "Hey Bitch, that belt belongs to me!"

All three turned to see their young rivals already charging towards them. Each young girl speared a member of the Divas and took them down to the mat. Britney picked up the championship belt and whacked Shania over the head with it. Shania slunk to the mat in a daze. Britney tossed the belt to Christina, who whacked Whitney, then she tossed the weapon to Ananda to crack Mariah aside her skull.

The young ladies made quick work of their older rivals. Soon Mariah & Whitney were on dream street, and their beautiful sequin gown were in shreds on the mat. Christina took the shreds and tied Whitney to the ring ropes. On the opposite of the ring Ananda was tying a battered Mariah to the ropes as well. In the middle of the ring, Britney had stripped Shania nude and was locking her into one long painful hold after another.

Christina and Ananda left the ring leaving Mariah & Whitney tied to the top ropes like two jungle sacrifices from a B movie. Whitney had on a white lace bra & panty set with a garter belt and stockings. Mariah had on a similar black lace undergarments and garter and stockings as well. The two divas were helpless and could only watch with sad eyes as Britney was teaching the third member of their group a wrestling lesson. The older ladies realized the teens had left them tied in the ring to display their dominance tonight.

They were forced to watch their naked friend, who wore only a heavy layer of her own sweat being tossed around like a rag doll by her fully clothed opponent that was nearly half her age.

Britney dug a punch into Shania's ribs. Shania winced and placed her arm over her side. Britney blasted her with a hook to her exposed jaw that sent Shania staggering helplessly against the ropes. Britney followed and whipped the country gal across the ring. Britney scooped her in her arms as she returned leaped and power slammed Shania to the mat. Britney only rose back to her feet and used the soaking wet strands of Shania's hair to pull the suffering woman to her feet so she could lock her into an abdominal stretch. The helpless victim's titties jiggled from her feeble attempts to free herself as she moaned loudly. Still not satisfied Britney released the victim, allowing Shania to flop to the mat. Britney spread Shania's legs and dropped her knee into her exposed pussy. Shania howled as Britney quickly rolled her over on her stomach and pulled her left leg backward with a half Boston crab.

To add to her suffering, Britney used her free hand to claw Shania's unprotected pussy. "Ohhh I give, you win" Shaina pitifully moaned as Britney's nails scratched her inner walls to shreds. Britney ignored the pleas and instead glared at Whitney & Mariah. She saw the sad look in their eyes as they helplessly watched her friend's torment. Britney dug and clawed deeper into her foe's womanhood until she saw only pity, defeat and resignation in Mariah's & Whitney's eyes from Shania's screams and pleas. Realizing they had defeated their older rivals spiritually as well as physically, Britney released Shania. The country gal sobbed face down on the mat, drowning in a pool of her own sweat.

Christina & Ananda joined Britney in the ring and handed her a microphone. "Shania, it was nice of you to surprise us with Mariah & Whitney and your little old ass Divas group, but I've got a little surprise for you" Britney announced "Allow me to introduce the newest member of Generation Next, LeAnne Rimes" With that the beautiful blonde teen country singer comes to the ring.

Whitney exclaimed "WHAT!" as LeAnn made her way to the ring. LeAnn has named Whitney as one of her greatest influences, and appeared with Whitney on VH1's Divas Live special. In fact Whitney was recruiting her to join her team. LeAnn entered the ring and looked at Whitney and said, "Ah'm really sorry Mrs. Houston, but Britney made me an offer Ah couldn't refuse." "Ah'll make sure they go easy on you today" LeAnn continued as she turned towards Shania, "But I want this piece of crap tonight." LeAnn added, as she sat on Shania's chest. LeAnn dug one hand into Shania's aching cock and the other twisted her breast.

As if on que, Christina ripped off Whitney's bra, and began to pinch and tweak her proud standing tits. Christina and Whitney had run a foul of each other during Christina's debut bout with Whitney's protege Brandy.* Britney started belly punching her old rival Mariah.** The Generation Next forced the Divas sing a tune of pain & agony. LeAnn forced Shania's face into her bra covered bosom, and soon the heir apparent smothered the country queen into unconsciousness. Ananda untied Whitney's binds, and Christina ushered the songstess over and slung her body across Shania's. Ananda untied Mariah so Britney could toss her on top of the heap of Divas. Each member of Generation Next place one foot on the pile of Divas, and raised their arms in domination. Although this audience had never been real fond of the youngster's gang tatics had to marvel and appreciate their performance tonight.

"Hey great match Britney, but can I have your attention please!"

Britney whirled around to see who had said these words, and saw league commissioner Stone Rage at the entrance to back stage. Interestingly he had Tia Carrere snuggled under one arm, and Salma Hayek cuddled under the other. Jeri Ryan was behind him rubbing his neck. Rage said, "It has come to my attention of your constant use of interference in your wins Britney, and after a little convincing by your recent opponents here..." Tia purred and rubbed the commissioner's chest, "I need to do something about it." "So I've booked a match of interest next, month when you defend your title Britney......" the commissioner paused, "against Christina Aguilera." "Have a nice day ladies" he said as he left with his entourage.

The crowd and Generation Next were stunned. Finally Christina grabbed the mic and yelled back, "If you think that will separate us, You're crazy!" "It doesn't matter who has the belt, me or Britney!"

Britney yelled "WHAT!" with a look of shock. "This is my belt, I'm the leader" With that a heated discussion between all four Generation Next girls began as they left the ring. Leaving a pile of Diva wreckage behind.
Youth is Served
Young & Sexy Generation Next DOMINATED the older Divas

The Divas got their asses kicked Tonight


* Christina's shocking debut victory
** Britney's debut versus Mariah