Christina Aguilera (61%) Rocks Brandy (39%) Brandy made her way to the ring wearing a white baseball cap, white filled vest smiling brightly to her fans. Her accouterments did little to reveal her ring clothes which consisted of a white bikini top covered by a half t-shirt which exposed her toned abs and white amateur style wrestling shoes that interrupted her legs between her white briefs. Her braided hair bounced with the mostly white with some multi-colored beads clicking as she moved. She jumped into the ring and readied herself for her opponent.

Christina was making her debut as a solo wrestler. Her fellow "Generation Next" protégé, Britney Spears had her own hands full facing tough, Jeri Ryan*. And Ananda Lewis was banned from ringside as was the agreement not to have any ring seconds near ringside. Christina seemed confident and anxious to face down the more experienced and taller Brandy as she bounced to the ring in a rainbow colored vinyl two piece outfit and white high gloss vinyl wrestling boots. Her blonde hair worn loose bounced as Christina jumped unsuccessfully to the ring apron. As Brandy laughed along with the audience, the embarrassed Christina sprang to the apron and scanned the audience with a scowl.

The bell rang and the two combatants wasted no time as they approached each other. Brandy went for a collar elbow lock but the four inch shorter Christina sidestepped her and drove a fist into the gut of Brandy. As Brandy doubled over, Christina scooped her up for a brief airplane spin and dropped her back over her extended knee. Brandy had been smiling even up to the attempted lockup but now her face showed nothing but pain and disbelief. Holding her back she pivoted on her knees only to come face to face with Christina’s knee. Lying on her back she felt the impact of Christina’s leg across her chest and throat and then her other leg sneak behind her as Christina now had her trapped in a scissor jerking hard with her leg muscles as Brandy gasped for breath. She barely had time to try for a kick out or sink her teeth in Christina’s silken skin before she found that Christina had released the hold and was jerking her up by the hair. A kick square to the stomach followed by a fist to the jaw and then a backhand to the jaw followed by a combo to the chest had Brandy reeling back to her corner. Brandy couldn’t believe the beating she was experiencing from the rookie, Christina, as she slumped against the ropes.

Christina had already moved in with insulting slaps to the face. Brandy was only going on nerves and feelings as she pushed Christina back and whipped her long hair with the beads acting as a weapon. They snapped at Christina and caught her in the face and eyes. She rubbed her eyes as Brandy tried to get up the strength and bearings to launch any kind of attack. But again was surprised by Christina as she found herself being powered back into her corner with a thumb to the eye and a blatant two finger eye gouge. Her stomach and groin burned as Christina laid in with a combo of fists to her abs and a knee rammed hard into her crotch. Brandy blinded and eyes tearing felt some sharp karate thrusts to her chest and throat. She then could feel Christina’s hands wrap around her throat as she felt herself being lifted. She let go of her throat as Brandy felt herself sitting atop the ringpost. She felt hard slaps that caused her to spray little droplets of blood on her white costume from the minor cut on her lip and mouth. Then hard fists took what little sense Brandy had as she rested her hands on Christina’s silken legs as Christina braced against the ropes was beating Brandy hard. That silken leg flesh left her hands and wrapped around Brandy’s head as she felt Christina pull her off the ringpost in a Frankensteiner move or leg suplex. In a second or two she impacted hard on her back. Brandy could only cough and try to breathe in what she could as she looked at the lights overhead with blurred vision. She knew all the fight was out of her as she could hear her fans yell for her to get up.

Meanwhile, Christina surveying Brandy who could only lift her legs and flop her hands was preparing to end the fight with a coup de grace as she backed into her corner to climb the ropes. Suddenly a figure had appeared out of the audience and Christina felt her hair being pulled helping her to the top of the ring post and then a sharp blow the side of the head. She looked to see an infuriated Whitney Houston getting her revenge for this beating to her young protégé. A second blow came from a loaded fist rolled around a roll of quarters. Christina’s adrenaline was pumping like she’d never experienced and somehow she wasn’t intimidated at all of Whitney’s sneak attack but instead blocked the third blow. She butted her head and threw a vicious right upper cut to her chin which knocked Whitney off balance and down the post where her chin collided with the metal chain. Now glassy-eyed herself Whitney was nearly helpless as Christina still braced against the ring ropes lifted her by the hair back up to the top of the ring post. After a couple insulting slaps to her face and another headbutt, Christina wrapped her arm around Whitney’s head and her other hand grabbed underneath her mini-dress hooking on to her underpants as she lifted her off in a suplex to land right on top of Brandy. Brandy could only let out a yelp of pain as one of Whitney’s stiletto heels gouged her side. Christina quickly scaled the ring post once again and leaping off in a moonsault landed on both Whitney and Brandy. The two downed women could only convulse in pain briefly as they now lay still and Christina parades around the ring with her hands held high in victory.

*Britney & Generation Next vs Jeri Ryan

Christina looks good in her first victory!

Brandy & Whitney experiences a set back

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