Britney Spears (53%) creams Mariah Carey (47%) Mariah was entering the ring area with the crowd already in a frenzy and reigniting with cheers for her. When she jumped over the top rope she noticed what the commotion was about. Britney had already entered and was playing the crowd for all she was worth. Mainly the teen singer was entertaining them with her girl next door charm and outrageous outfit. "Oh puh-uke" was Mariah's response mirrored with a contemptuous look at Britney. Mariah was dressed in a denim vest which hid a black skimpy bra and denim square cut briefs finished off with simple black ankle high wrestling boots. Britney was wearing a pink blouse with white collar and buttons, white skirt, white with pink trimmed anklet socks over white ankle high wrestling shoes. To complete the innocent schoolgirl effect was a white bonnet and her hair tied back in a ponytail with a pink ribbon. Mariah undid her vest and hiked her bra which barely contained her breasts and tousled her long brunette hair. Britney undid the blouse and skirt to reveal a pink and white sports bra and high cut white briefs. She handed them down along with her bonnet to a ring hand. But not just any ring hand as the startled expression on Mariah indicated. It was Cameron Diaz dressed in yellow floral two piece summer outfit of top and micro dress with yellow high heels.

Everyone knew the animosity between Cameron and Mariah due to Cameron's insulting remarks about Mariah's music. Mostly that Hell must be being tied up and forced to listen to Mariah Carey music. Cam only blew a kiss and then patted her ass at Mariah who fumed as Britney snickered. She took Britney's clothes and walked away from ringside as the bell sounded. Britney bounded to the center as Mariah slowly made her way fuming. She was going to delight in destroying this upstart. Not only were they competitors in the music diva field but Britney had also upstaged with her bra showing off her famous breasts that hinted through the thin cotton. A rival in music, looks, and now wrestling. "Not for long sweetheart, I'm going to put your wrestling career to a halt along with maybe some of your looks", thought Mariah.

They went to lockup but Mariah slapped her side of the head startling and embarrassing Britney. Before she could react Mariah locked up with her and pulled her into a front facelock then delivered some knee lifts and axehandles. Mariah had an evil grin enjoying this but suddenly Britney grabbed her leg, tripping her backwards and flipping over Mariah, while still holding the leg and straining her hamstrings. Mariah grabbed her leg, which was one of her most effective weapons, as Britney leg dropped her across the breasts. Britney went to take in the audience and high-five Cam as Mariah writhed on the floor. Britney jumped on all corners then turned her attention back to Mariah who had gotten to her knees.

Britney, with a new found confidence for the novice fighter, went to attack the veteran Mariah again. As she reached down for a handful of hair, the veteran taught novice a lesson when Mariah shot a forearm to Britney's crotch. Britney dropped to her knees red-faced facing the still kneeling Mariah. Mariah humiliated the youngster with slaps then pulled down her bra taking, bites of her breasts while scratching them. She then rose and went to work on her forehead with solid fists. Britney's left eye was already swelling. Britney was going to fight back in kind sending her own forearm up to the crotch, but the cagey Mariah saw this coming and trapped her arm by squeezing it between her legs. She hoisted Brit up by the arm and twisted it letting fists crash down and legs swing up to put it out of commission.

As she forced Brit down she straddled her head with her legs and flipped her into a figure four headscissor, one of her favorite punishing moves and allowing herself to catch a breather. Brit's feet frantically stamped the floor as Mare put on the pressure, rolling her over occasionally. She also realized her bra was still pulled down and put it back in place. It was on one of these rollovers Brit escaped and on hands and knees went for the ropes. Mare had caught her by pulling the ribbon from her hair and strangled her with it. Cameron slapped the ring apron with encouragement. Mariah only punished Britney more as she sent her whipped to the ropes but stopped her dead in her tracks with a lariat and knocking her flat on her back. She now took Brit's leg, straining it back as she kneed the hamstrings then went for a figure four leglock. Brit somehow kicked out and now Mare whipped her to the ropes. Brit stumbled through the ropes and landed on the concrete floor. Mare was right out after her.

Mare stomped her as she sat on the floor. Cam was right there and clobbered her in the temple with a fist. Mare staggered back letting Cam pick Brit off the floor. Mare shook off the effects and realizing it was now a two-on-one battle but didn't hesitate for a breath as she approached the two. Cam undid the straps of her high heels and flung them off. Christina Applegate now joined the ringside melee. She had lost to Mariah but didn't feel much animosity toward her since Jennifer Lopez interfered causing her to lose. [Click Here for the Story] She knew all too well what a two on one situation could result in and decided to give Mariah a hand.

Cam sneered at Christina as Mare waved her back. Christina obeyed, seeing that for now Mare had the situation under control. Cam and Mariah were now in a slugfest which ended when Mariah rammed Cameron's head into the ringpost. A goose egg formed on her forehead as she fell back and Mare went to work on her only to feel a searing pain in her leg. Looking down she saw Brit taking a chomp out of her leg. She kicked her off and raised her up by the hair along with Cam and rammed the two heads together. Cam's welt had split open and blood sprayed on both Mariah and Britney on impact, as it streamed down Cameron's face.

Mariah massaged the wound on her leg left by Brit's teeth as she winked to acknowledge Christina and thank her for being there. Mariah lifted Brit in a front facelock ready to DDT her as Chris yelled a warning, but not in enough time before Cam nailed Mare with a chair. She fell to the floor with Brit's head still locked delivering a weak DDT. Cam went to ram the chair once more but Chritina went to dropkick it back to her. Cam saw Christina's actions and also saw she slipped on the blood and sweat on the floor. Christina caught herself and still tried to dropkicked her target but Cam had timed it perfectly, swing the chair catching the sides of Christina's legs. Christina landed writhing in pain right in Mare's lap resting on Mare's legs as Cam helped Brit roll away.

She helped her up and the actress an teen singing star launched an all out attack as they stomped and stomped on the two. On Cam's instructions, Britney butt splashed both of them while Cam stomped. They changed their attack and each grabbed one of the semiconscious battlers and rammed their heads together not once, twice but three times till now three out of four of the combatants heads were split open. Still holding on Cam to Chris and Brit to Mare they bulldogged them face first on the cement. Brit had her hands raised in victory as Cam motioned that they weren't quite through. Rolling over the two unconscious women they both jumped up to the ring apron and jumped off each landing on her foes stomach with both feet. Both Chris and Mare went into fetal positions in pain.

As Brit at Cam's urging stomped them, Cam came back with rope and with Brit's help they tied both Chris and Mare to the ringpost. Cam also had brought a boom box and a Britney Spears CD. She played the music at full volume and had Britney slap Mariah and Christina arousing them into semiconsciousness as the music blasted. Britney and Cameron exited the area with Cameron raising Britney's arms and hoisting her on her shoulders.

Britney & Cameron Triumph

Mariah & Christina Falls
Mariah & Christina Applegate wage a tag team war over this defeat