Fake by PooPorazziVS

Christina Applegate & Nikki Cox (71%) pounds Mariah Carey & Whitney Houston (29%) “Let me start by saying this is a huge thrill for me” begins our new interviewer, Downtown Julie Brown. “Mariah Carey & Whitney Houston have been good friends of mine for years” “Now to see them put aside past differences, and stand as friends & partners today is wonderful!” Mariah & Whitney stand at the top of the ramp leading to the ring, moments before our first ever tag team match against Christina Applegate & Nikki Cox.

“Yeah Christina had some wild dream about kicking Whitney & my ass in a tag match,” Mariah began “but its not going to happen!” “Christina is just like Kelly Bundy, a loser that caused me to lose to Britney Spears last month.”

“You know I’m rooting for ya, and I luv those outfits!”, says Julie commenting on Whitney & Mariah’s matching gear from Mariah’s Heartbreaker video., jeans and a pink knit bikini top.

“These two Pop Divas are taking down two Sit Com Sluts tonight!”, proclaims Whitney.

Their fans roar in support, but are suddenly silenced as Christina & Nikki step out of the shadows of the stage, and clobber their heroes over the back of the head. Things got worst for Mariah & Whitney from there as Christina & Nikki didn’t give them a chance to breath. Their fist were a blur, as they pounded the divas with everything they could muster. Nikki doubled Whitney over with a punch to the stomach. She reached down and grabbed the star around the knees and pulled her feet out from under her. Now with Whitney trapped on her back, Nikki spread her legs, and viciously stomped her cunt again, and again. With Whitney howling in pain Nikki leaped and drove her knee with all her weight behind it into Whitney’s poor pussy. The audience let out a collective moan for the agonized superstar.

Christina showed less mercy for Mariah, as she pounded the beauty to her knees, and captured her in a side headlock. From there she mercilessly pounded Mariah's face with punch after punch. Once she had positively dazed the songbird, Christina allowed her victim to fall to the floor. Poor Whitney had rolled into a ball trying to protect herself from Nikki’s assault. Christina & Nikki looked at each other and nodded. They each pulled their helpless prey’s heads between their legs, and delivered two piledrivers to the helpless beauties. Now with both ladies scensless on the floor, The Sit Com Wildcats smiled. Christina put Mariah in a camel clutch, and Nikki did the same to Whitney. “Give up bitches, give up” Christina muttered as she pulled back on the larger woman’s neck.

Mariah held out for as long as she could before finally admitting defeat. “I give” she regretfully stammered.

“Not good enough, say you’re sorry”, Christina spat.

“I’m sorry” pleaded Mariah, but still Christina pulled back even harder. Nikki too elicited a submission & apology from Whitney, but the blonde & red head still tortured their foes with the camel clutch. Finally the television princesses released the queen divas, and stood over their two sweat soaked, tall slender, bodies.

“Now this is what that bitch in your Heartbreaker video should have done to you!” screams Christina and pulls Mariah to her feet, and into another side headlock. Nikki captures Whitney in a headlock, and they lead the fallen divas backstage, down the hall and into a bathroom. They drag Whitney & Mariah into adjacent stalls and force them on their knees in front of the toilets. They force each’s face under the cold water in the toilet, while the drowning beauties thrash their arms and legs about to no avail. After they had drowned all the fight out of their enemies, Christina & Nikki pull their faces out of the water, and let them collapse to the cold tile floor. The winners grab a handful of hair, and drag their prey out of the stalls and leave them lying moaning & coughing at their feet. They roll them on their stomach, and remove their pink bikini tops and use them to tie their hands behind their backs.

Downtown Julie Brown again steps to the winners with her microphone. Her face is full of obvious disgust at the sneak attack and humiliating beating her friends have suffered. “A win is a win I guess, even if it is an underhanded one, huh Nikki & Christina?” Julie smirks.

“These arrogant bitches have just learned not to mess with us, just like Jennifer Lopez did last month!” says Christina. “But we’re not through yet”, Christina continues and whistles loudly. Whitney’s arch nemesis Janet Jackson walks in followed by Mariah’s enemy Cameron Diaz.

“They’re all yours” Nikki says with a smile, and Janet approaches Whitney and picks her up, and slings Whitney, doubled over at the waist, across her shoulders like a sack of potatoes.

“No you can’t do this!” yells Whitney. “Please!...... NO! .... Applegate, I’ll get you for this!!” she yells with horror etched on her face as Janet carries her out the door. Cameron collects Mariah, who has tears running down her face thinking of the horror she’s about to be subjected to, and leaves. Christina & Nikki smirk & giggle at their opponent’s distress.

“Are you two crazy, they will torture Whitney & Mariah to death!” asks Julie.

“You know, you’re getting on my nerves” Christina says before her knee flashes into Julie’s cunt. Julie doubles over and Nikki & Christina pound her into the ground. Nikki pulls Julie to her feet, and holds her arms behind her back so Christina can punch the Brit at will from her stomach, to her breast and finally to her face. The blonde snatches Julie's skimpy dress and yanks it off the interviewer’s body. Julie is left only wearing only her panties, but is too punch drunk to realize it. Christina places Julie’s head between her legs, and lifts her for a piledriver. Nikki grabs the busty woman’s ankles to deliver a little extra force to the devastating maneuver. Poor Julie is knocked unconscious by the impact and is lying spread eagle on the floor. Christina slips off Julie’s black lace panties and stuffs them in Julie’s mouth before “high fiving” her partner and leaving.

The cameraman shows the triumphant duo leaving out the door before panning back to Julie’s unconcious body. He slowly pans up and down the former Playboy covergirl’s body. Displaying her rising & falling breast at each breath. Stopping and zooming in on the neatly trimmed hairy snatch between her wide spread legs, before the cameraman pans slowly back up to Julie's slumbering face. Welcome to the job Julie!

Christina & Nikki lead a host of Mariah's & Whitney's Enemies

Mariah & Whitney Take a Beating!

Even Downtown Julie Brown feels the wrath