This is a set up from the moment go. Demi Moore negotiated a deal between the ABA and the Resistance. Basically the ABA traded Gabrielle Union to the Resistance, in return Spontaneous Xtasy sacrifices her XXX championship to the ABA. Now Xtasy "defends" the XXX title against three ABA members in a four corners match. Demi even negotiated for Lisa Lipps, the ABA Enforcer, to be the referee. The likely hood of Xtasy walking away with her title is extremely unlikely. The chances of Xtasy walking out of the ring period, are also unlikely. It is more likely that Xtasy will be carried away on a stretcher.

Now Xtasy stands in the ring against three hostile forces in the other three corners, united in taking her apart. Lisa announces, "Alright, let's get this slaughter over with!" The bell rings and starts the execution. All three ABA women, clad in black bikinis, slowly start out of their corners to surround the Champion. Xtasy's eyes dart from left to right at the closing predators. She is almost mesmerized by the impending danger. So much so, that Jenna is able to rush in and capture Xtasy in a bear hug around her waist and lift the unsuspecting champion off of her feet into her powerful embrace.

Xtasy is astounded by Jenna's power. She is grunting and huffing as she spits, "Release me demon!" to the blonde. First Xtasy tries to pry Jenna's arms apart but that does not work. So, she claps her hands together with Jenna's head in between, to clap the blonde's ears. Jenna drops Xtasy and backs off. Xtasy drops to her feet with her dukes up, ready for a fight.

"She's mine!" announces Jenna as she charges Xtasy again with both fists raised above her head. Xtasy catches Jenna's wrist as she tries to slam them down on her head. Xtasy has Jenna's arms trapped and there is a test of strength for Jenna to regain total control over her limbs. Xtasy thrusts her head forward to head butt Jenna. Then she kicks Jenna low in her inner thigh and follows with an uppercut that send Jenna wobbling back again.

"Come on Jenna! Give it your best shot." Xtasy challenges. "I'm a champion. You don't scare me bitch." Jenna attacks again. She throws a right punch that Xtasy blocks then retaliates with two quick counter shots to Jenna's body while the blonde is unprotected. Xtasy finishes with a thrust to Jenna's chest that sends her stumbling backwards again. Xtasy quickly takes the offensive this time. She rushes forward and launches a big kick that connects to Jenna's face. The blonde drops to her knees after her head recoils. Xtasy throws a right cross to the fallen blonde, that drops her to lying on the mat.

Now Asa and Aria come out of their corners to flank Xtasy. Jenna is down, but slowly getting back to her feet. Now all three assailants are closing on Xtasy. The champion takes the offensive and kicks Asa as she comes nears. Asa partially blocks the blow, and tries to counter with a double handed smash down on Xtasy. The champion block the blow then connects by driving her knee into Asa's mid section. Instantly she finds Aria's arms wrapped around Xtasy's waist. Aria has Xtasy in a reverse bear hug, and has hoisted the champ off her feet and pulling her away from Asa. Xtasy kicks and pries at Aria's hands and breaks them apart to free herself.

Jenna quickly applies pressure by attacking again with her fists. Xtasy puts up a hand to block the punch and ties up Jenna's arm. The blonde swings with her other hand for Xtasy to block and tie up too. The two are locked up and struggling against each other. Then Asa comes from behind Xtasy and slams three blows to the champion's side while she is preoccupied. Jenna quickly fires a knee into the champion's aching belly. Jenna wraps her arms around Xtasy's waist and lifts her off her feet for another powerful bear hug. Jenna captured Xtasy's arms in her embrace this time. Xtasy is being rag dolled a bit, but answers by throwing her head forward and head butting Jenna in the forehead two times until Jenna releases the champion. Before Xtasy can do much of anything, Asa grabs both of Xtasy's arms from behind almost as soon as her feet land on the mat.

Xtasy struggles to be free, but cannot. It allows Jenna time to recover, and approach with a gloating smile and lay three heavy blows to Xtasy's body. Then she turns to Aria and gives her a whip sending Aria shooting into Xtasy's belly with a shoulder block. Aria straightens up with a sadistic smile, then swoops her hand for a pussy grab and applies a pussy claw hold. Xtasy struggles and grunts until she can fire a knee into Aria's body to knock her off of her. Then she uses Asa holding her back to swing her foot up and kick Aria and send her reeling away. Jenna comes right back to replace Aria. Xtasy tries to kick again but Jenna plucks her leg under her arm. Jenna slams her elbow down on Xtasy's knee getting a really loud scream out of the champion.

"I hope you think that Gabby Union is worth what we're going to do to you." Jenna says. "Your group sacrificed you. How does that feel?"

"It makes me feel like punching you in the face!" Xtasy swings her leg and kicks Jenna in the gut. When she doubles over, Xtasy kicks her again in the head to sends the blonde reeling away. Xtasy powerfully bows and thrust her body to break free of Asa. Xtasy spins around and backhands Asa to send her twisting around. Xtasy disdainfully and disrespectfully kicks Asa in the ass to launch her away.

Xtasy turns to see Aria challenging her. The champion attacks with a right hook, but Aria is ready and swats the blow away. Xtasy fires a combination that to her surprise gets blocked too. Xtasy throws her best kick to have it thwarted too. The champion stumbles a step back, with her frustration evident. Aria lands a good smack to Xtasy's face to add to her frustration. Xtasy loads up and throws a big right hand. Aria catches Xtasy's wrist and stops the punch in mid air. A test of strength for control over Xtasy's arm begins. Xtasy is failing this test despite her best efforts. Suddenly Xtasy fires a knee into Aria's body pretty low around her beltline, that ends the contest. Next Xtasy grabs Aria and slings her into Asa who is observing close by and waiting for her opportunity.

The ABA's army regroups and stands united against Xtasy once more. Xtasy puts her fists up ready to fight again. Although everyone can see the champion breathing heavily. Jenna leads the attack again. Jenna throws one of her best combinations, but Xtasy deflects the two blows. However Xtasy misses the third punch that pops her jaw. Xtasy immediately counters with a straight right to Jenna's nose. The blonde is open for a two punch combination from Xtasy that stuns her. Xtasy finishes with a thrust to the chest that sends Jenna backwards.

Not giving Xtasy much of a breath, Asa charges in. She starts with a kung fu kick that Xtasy swats aside, but that leaves her susceptible to Asa's elbow to the champion's lips. Xtasy's head snaps back allowing Asa to follow with multiple punches to the champion's stomach. After four heavy body rocking shots, Asa slings Xtasy by the arm into Aria's waiting arms. Aria snatches the big busty champion off her feet and into yet another bear hug. Aria squeezes the original Gang Bang Queen like big pillow. Xtasy pines and moans while stuck in another energy sapping hold. There is a definite inability to easily break out of this bear hug.

Aria drops the breathless woman to her feet and socks her square in the face. The blow stuns Xtasy allowing Aria to load up and blast the busty bitch again. The mighty punch twists Xtasy around and sends her stumbling toward Asa who slugs the wobbly champion in the face too. Asa waits for the faltering lady's swaying for the right opportunity to load up and blast her again. Asa and Aria make eye contact the launches simultaneous kicks to Xtasy's huge breasts. The double kick sends Xtasy backwards into Jenna's waiting arms. This time the blonde wraps her arms around Xtasy's head with one for arms across her throat for a sleeper or rear chin lock type hold.

Jenna leans back and hoists the choking lamb off of her feet in her choking sleeper hold. Jenna held her a loft for a while then releases Xtasy to drop back to her feet, and leaves her to Asa and Aria's tender mercies. Aria steps up first and punches her into the stomach. Xtasy doubles over, so Asa grabs her curly hair and lifts Xtasy's head and punches her into the stomach too. Stooped over and breathless, Xtasy looks around to see her enemies surrounding her.

Xtasy is obviously worn out, but puts up her fists to fight. She fires a back elbow into Jenna's face. Then she lashes out with a kick that connects to Aria, and spins to find Asa waiting for her with a right cross across Xtasy's lips. Asa follows with a gut punch to the champion. Xtasy tries to swing a punch, but it is knocked away about as soon as she tries. Asa rewards Xtasy with a counter punch, followed with a backhanded swat to the lips and finishes with a driving fist to her belly. Jenna swoops in from behind and scoops Xtasy with another bear hug as her body quivers in pain.

Xtasy's huge tits bulge out as the blonde grasp her around her ribs. Suddenly in an extraordinary burst of strength from the beleaguered champion, Xtasy thrusts her arms out and bursts out of Jenna's bear hug. While everyone is in shock. Xtasy charges forward to tackle little Asa. Somehow the mighty mite stands her ground and does not go down. She starts slamming her doubled together fists down on Xtasy's back as Xtasy has her arms attached around Asa's waist. It takes three mighty if not frantic slams to hammer Xtasy to her hands and knees and extinguish her last hope. "It's too late, you're no match for us!" Asa tries to convince the champion. "Accept your fate." Asa finishes as Xtasy slowly rises to her knees.

Groggily Xtasy rises to both knees. "Give her what she wants." Lisa instructs. There Asa punches down with a right cross passing the helpless champion's face. Asa raps her with another short shot that knocks Xtasy to the mat. Asa immediately grabs her arm and jerks Xtasy back up to her knees to hit her again, and send the champion back down to the mat. Asa reaches down and grabs Xtasy again and pulls the champion back to her knees. Asa rocks her again with a short right hook. Xtasy collapses down to the mat again. She holds her jaw while breathing heavily.

"We're just getting started and this bitch is about to pass out." Lisa comments "Jenna stand the bitch up!" Jenna reaches down and grabs a handful of hair on the crown of Xtasy's head and roughly yanks her to her feet. In the process Xtasy's monster tits escape from her top. With her big boobs flopping, Xtasy tries an act of defiance. She fires her elbow back into Jenna's juicy knockers with everything she had. Jenna still has her in her clutches so Xtasy fires another with all her strength. This time Jenna falls back and let's go of the champion. With hope, Xtasy goes to Asa and hits her with a 1-2 combination. Xtasy was full of hope, but her strength was gone. Asa withstands the punches and retaliates with a palm thrust to Xtasy's throat area. Xtasy gurgles and stumbles backwards where Aria pulverizes her with a punch to her kidney's from behind.

Still trying to fight back, Xtasy takes a swipe at Jenna. It is too weak and too slow. Jenna captures Xtasy's fist in mid flight. She muscles Xtasy's arm to the side to open the way for three clubbing blows to the side of Xtasy's face. Xtasy's knees buckle but she struggles to remain standing, although stooped over. It is perfect for Aria is come from behind and boot Xtasy square in the pussy. Xtasy wants to go down but stubbornly remains upright but doubled over holding her pussy. "Did your cunt like that Gang bang Queen?" Jenna asks. Then the blonde hold Xtasy's head in place by the back of her head, and rockets her knee up into the champion's face. Then before she can fall, Jenna scoops her up into her arms like a wrestler for a body slam. Only Jenna drops to one knee and plunges Xtasy's body across her outstretched knee for a back breaker. Xtasy shrieks in agony. Jenna mercilessly slams her fist down on Xtasy's belly like a drum four hard times, before allowing Xtasty to fall off her knee onto the mat.

The three wolves surround Xtasty as she wallows on the mat and struggles to get up. Jenna impatiently grabs Xtasy's arms and hauls her to her feet. The blonde holds the champion up by pinning her arms behind her back. She holds Xtasy for Aria to step up and take a measured right and left fisted blows. Aria sends a straight shot below the belt to the champion. Finally Aria takes her time to measure and load up for and explosive upper cut to Xtasy's chin.

Xtasy is clearly woozy when Jenna turns her to face Asa for more punishment. Asa ruthlessly begins her assault. She follows Aria's lead with three stiff head shots to the hapless woman. Asa continues with two torpedo punches to the groin area, and finishes with a knee thrust there. Mercilessly Asa starts again and plants three more low blows until Xtasy sinks to the mat. Jenna releases her allowing the champion to hold her pussy on her knees. Asa kicks Xtasy in the head and knocks her flat to the mat with birdies circling her head while looking up at the lights.

"Look at her!" Aria proclaims. "Spontaneous Xtasy, the powerful XXX champion. The Avenger of The Resistance Faction, The mightiest Gang bang Queen that's ever lived is lying, tits up on the canvas." Aria continues "Get up Xtasy! Show us that championship spirit." Jenna does not wait for Xtasy to get up. She gives her three hard and definitive stomps down on her stomach. then she steps back. Asa immediately grabs Xtasy's ankle and opens the downed vixen's legs. Next Asa torpedoes one streaking shot down into Xtasy's pussy. The champion shrieks and grabs her cunt and curls up on her side.

The ABA destroyers admire their destruction for a good moment, till the devious Asa grabs Xtasy by her arms and pulls her back up to her feet with Asa holding Xtasy's arms behind her back. Aria steps forward and drops to on knee. Then she delivers a sure fire spear of a fist to Xtasy's cunt on more time. The busty gang bang queen wails and falls to the mat. Asa was trying to hold her up but the big bitch became dead weight.

Lisa walks up and instructs, "Give her more." She puts her hand on Jenna's shoulder saying, "She want's more, and remember, that she beat Jenna to win that championship. Show her how the ABA does paybacks."

Asa grabs Xtasy by the arms again and pulls the champion up to her knees with her arms pinned behind her back. Then she turned Xtasy to face Jenna. The old rivals make eye contact and stare into each other's eyes. Jenna whops Xtasy in the face. Xtasy spins and falls on her ass on the mat.

Asa pulls Xtasy back up to her knees and presents her to Jenna again. With defiance and disdain Xtasy yells, "Fuck you!" Jenna knocks the shit out of Xtasy immediately afterward.

Jenna eagerly awaits for Asa to hoist Xtasy back to her knees this time. Xtasy pretentiously spits, "You hit like a fucking pussy!" Jenna answers by slugging Xtasy again across the jaw as hard as she could.

Xtasy was knocked on her big ass again. Clearly taking these massive punches to her face were having a huge affect on her. To the ABA hit squad it only meant that the job is not done, and there is more fun to have. Asa resumes her job of hauling Xtasy back to her knees. The champion played her job in this drama. "That's how I kicked your ass to win the title in the first place, wussy." Xtasy continues her logic about Jenna's punching power, or lack there of. "You've got feather fists!" Jenna just tee's off and blasts off another punch to Xtasy's face.

Xtasty lies on the mat moaning after the last blow. The champion is beaten, but that is not enough for the ABA lynch mob. Xtasy is still moving. Asa grabs her again and pulls the mindless moaning mess back to her knees. Jenna takes her time, loads up and socks Xtasy again.

Jenna is getting angry and frustrated now. Xtasy does not have the good manners to get knocked the fuck out. Asa, Aria and many fans know the legendary tales of Xtasy's toughness. The mear fact that Xtasy is in the ring tonight after the events of the Jessica Biel vs Jessica Alba III match is impressive. Poor Xtasy suffered a beating and gang bang from the entire Fab team. Still the ending of this execution has already been decided. So, Asa picks Xtasy back up to her knees and smiles at Jenna, encouraging her to hit the bitch again. Aria adds an approving head nod and as Jenna loads up and nails Xtasy in the face again.

Xtasy's head spent like a top on her shoulders from the cruel punch. She quickly fell to the mat. The champion's eyes rolled around in her head, but the big busty bitch is still conscious. Xtasy moans and groans like a tormented ghost in an old black and white movie. Her curvaceous big body twist and flops in either pain or failed attempts too rise. The three ABA assailants did not care or flinch. They are committed. Asa reaches down and snatches Xtasy back up to her knees. Jenna cruelly smiles as she loads up for another bomb. If Xtasy wants her toughness rewarded with pain and punishment, then so be it. Jenna is going to enjoy the prolonged task of disposing of this old rival. As Asa held Xtasy this time, she looks like a pretty pathetic figure. Jenna takes her time and loads up with yet another punch that tries to knock Xtasy's head off. Jenna lands another haymaker on Xtasy's jaw. This time Xtasy seems to hang upright for a moment, then falls over backwards and lands splayed out on the canvas unconscious. Xtasy is more than unconscious. A more accurate description would be, "Daynnmm! She got knocked the fuck out!"

The ABA trio is all smiles and cheers, as they congratulate each other for disposing on the momentarily reigning XXX champion. Lisa allows the ladies to have their fun and moment in the spotlight. When the time was right, Lisa says , "Okay ladies, let's decide who is going to be the next XXX champion."

The four women form a circle in the middle of the ring. They ignore Xtasy lying like road kill near them. "Alright, the first person with four wins gets the championship." Lisa announces as a confused audience and commentators look on. "Okay, Rock.... Paper.... Scissors" Lisa barks as the three ABA girls begin a game of Ro-Sham-Bo (or rock, paper, scissors).

The audience responds in astonishment with everyone thinking, "Are you kidding me?" The commentator Cole Hunter certainly verbalized that sentiment. As always the maverick ABA contingent could not give a rat's ass about what anybody else thinks. They just play their children's game to determine the winner amongst themselves, oblivious of the fan's reactions.

After several rounds of Rock, paper, scissors Jenna and Asa are tied with three wins apiece. Aria is behind with two wins. The first girl to four wins has the right to become champion. Lisa calls, "Rock! Paper! Scissors!" Aria and Jenna both choose scissors and Asa chose Rock. "We have a winner! The next XXX champion is Asa Akira!" Lisa proudly announces.

"Yes!" Aria quickly blurts. Then Aria and Jenna hoot and holler and celebrate Asa's victory and congratulate the winner. They pat and hug Asa generously. Asa thanks them and hugs them in return.

Asa steps to the still down Xtasy. Then she turns and says, "Hey Jenna!" The blonde raises her eyebrows and quickly steps over to see what the future champion wanted. Asa grabs Jenna and slings her to the mat. Jenna lands on top of Xtasy. Asa then dives on top of Jenna, landing, breast to breast, on top of the bountiful porn legend. Seeing shock and confusion in Jenna's eyes, Asa says, "Shut up. You're a hall of famer. You deserve this." Asa explains before planting a deep, sexy kiss on Jenna's lips. Lisa drops to the mat and starts making the three count. Xtasy is unmoving with her tits up with her shoulders pinned, Jenna is lying on Xtasy with her back on the downed warrior, pinning her, and Asa lying on top of both of them, keeping everyone in place. It takes a brief moment for Lisa to complete the three count and call for the bell.

Asa and Jenna rise to their feet. Lisa grabs Jenna's wrist and raises it above her head. "Ladies and gentlemen, your new XXX Champion, Jenna Jameson!" Lisa announces. The audience roars. Fireworks explode, and confetti and balloons start to fall down from above the ring. Lisa hands Jenna the championship belt. "Congratulations champ!" the massive breasted ABA Enforcer adds.

Jenna turns to Asa. She opens her mouth to speak, but was a loss for words. Asa stops her. "Don't say anything. It's your time. Listen to these people. They want you to have that belt. You deserve it. I'll have my chance to be champion, but now it's your time." Jenna simply tightly hugs Asa, as the ring starts to fill up with all of the other members of the ABA, looking to pay their respects to the new XXX champion.

In a ring full of confetti, balloons and the entire roster of the ABA, it almost goes unnoticed. Jessica Alba, Gabrielle Union, Cameron Diaz and Lady Gaga creep to ringside. They reach under the ropes and pull their former champion out of the ring from under the ropes. This match and the deal for Gabrielle came with a high cost. Once again their Avenger, Spontaneous Xtasy paid that cost. She painfully sacrificed her XXX championship in the process. Gabrielle and others console Xtasy and assure her that they made the right decision.