With Gabrielle Union, Jessica Alba, Demi Moore & Cameron Diaz

"Girl, what the fuck was up with that 'I love youuuuu' bull shit to Jessica Biel?" Gabrielle Union asks her good friend, Jessica Alba. Her voice indicates that she is half joking and half serious. "For real, she was abusing your narrow ass!"

"Seriously, I don't know what came over me." Jessica answers with a half chuckle. "You know that kicking her big bubble ass and breaking her down from a high and mighty cunt into a pitiful submissive cow gives me extreme orgasmic pleasure." Jessica explains. "It turned out that her dominating me into near submission was almost as orgasmic. I lost it for a moment."

"The question is, how do you feel now?" Gabrielle genuinly asks. "Personally, I'm going to severely bust Rosario Dawson's high yellow ass for what she's done to me. That whore is going to tremble and run at the mention of my name when I'm through with her. What are you going to do about Jessica Biel. Are you going to fuck her, or fuck her up?"

"Are you fucking kidding me? Everyone in the league, the fans and even Jessica Biel herself knows what I'm going to do to her, the next time I get my hands on her." Alba passionately answers. "That botch is dead meat!"

"So are we teaming up again? Is it LA's finest back together for one more time?' Gabrielle ponders.

"Hell yeah! We ride together, We die together. Bad Girls for life." Alba says as the duo breaks into smiles and laughs and hugs together.

"Those bitches thought that they unleashed hell on us? They have no fucking idea. We're going to take those demons to the deepest lake of fire and drown them until they're begging for mercy." Gabrielle says with an almost evil gleam.

"If we're going to be partners, we've got to be on the same team. If you join the Resistance, we will have total freedom to do what we want. In the ABA you are subject to Demi Moore's rule." Alba explains. "What do you think about leaving the ABA and joining the Resistance?"

"I don't know." Gabrielle answers with doubt. "Leaving the ABA usually comes with a stiff penalty. They will not like it. However Demi Moore and Vivica Fox and all of the ABA love and respect me. Also Demi still has a good relationship with Cameron Diaz. There may be another way, but a price must be paid."

From that conversation, Gabrielle Union and Jessica Alba went back to their prospective organizations and discussed the Union\Alba team. Both groups felt the girls are a natural together and knew it would be wrong to keep them apart. Both groups wanted what was best for their girl and that team is probably best for them. With good intentions and both groups feeling that they both had something to gain, Cameron Diaz and Demi Moore agreed to negotiations for a trade. They both agreed that they should have a second to witness the proceedings and help them out. Cameron chose Nikki Cox while Demi had Amber Rose to watch her back.

Cameron and Demi meet at a neutral location and began talking trade terms for Gabrielle. Both felt they could gain for their organization. The Resistance felt that getting Gabrielle to join alone is worth a heavy price. For her to choose the Resistance over the ABA is already a big win, that other celebrity may follow. Second, she has already proved to be a formidable fighter. Lastly, it would make one of their star members, Alba, extremely happy.

The ABA knew they could gain in this transaction. First, they would divorce themselves from Gabrielle's involvement in the Alba vs Biel III Incident. While they valued Gabrielle as a member, they thought they would not have problems replacing her. Demi figured that Gabrielle is way more valuable to the Resistance than to her ABA syndicate.

Demi opened negotiations by agreeing to a financial package that she could give everyone in the syndicate a good bonus, and herself an even better one. She has to keep the peace. Her second condition was to request that Resistance member and reigning XXX Champion, Spontaneous Xtasty, to be included in the deal to become a member of the ABA.

"No not an option!" Cameron immediately protested. "X is our girl until the end. Especially after Alba vs Biel III there is no question about her value." Then a long impasse began where neither party seemed to budge on their position.

After forty-five minutes of strategic heated negotiations, Demi confesses, "To be honest, we really don't want Xtasty on our team. We just want her XXX title. We have a deal if we book a match at RAGE! III. We want a XXX title match with Xtasty defending her title in a 4 Corners match, against ABA members, Asa Akira, Jenna Jameson and Aria Giovanni. We get a sure chance to add te XXX title to the ABA, and you keep Xtasty as a member of the Resistance."

Cameron sits silently staring at Demi after hearing this offer. Nikki is on the side shaking her head 'no'. Cameron knows that this match is a no win scenario for Xtasty. She also knows Demi pretty well, and knows that this offer is non-negotiable. This is the critical moment of the entire negotiations. "Why don't we just put the title belt on a silver platter and hand it over to you?" Cameron quips. "Do you really have such little faith in your girls to beat Xtasty fairly?"

Demi wears a slightly sheepish grin. "I don't have to have faith in the girls, I have the leverage to get a can't lose scenario." Demi then gets very serious."I have what you need. Out of respect for Gabby I am willing to part with her, but there must be a significant cost. It's the ABA way." Demi then reasons. "The Resistance stands to make multi-millions with the Alba-Union, LA's Finest team. The possibility of an Alba and Union versus Biel and Dawson match is priceless. That's not accounting for rematches and variations of that match up. If Gabby and Alba win, they will be the premier and most marketable tag team in the league."

"Fine, I'll agree to the match as long as Xtasty has a rematch clause." Cameron counters.

"No" Demi snaps. This is a condition that she had not considered. The smart business woman, Demi, counters the new request. However every counter was flatly refused. Cameron's cold eyes told Demi that the blonde was not budging. In fact Cameron was willing to walk away from the deal if Demi would not comply. "Deal, we'll just beat Xtasty so bad that she will not want a rematch." Demi agrees.

With the deal in principal being made, crossing the 't's' and dotting the 'i's' went quickly. Soon a deal is hashed out and signed to send Gabrielle Union to the Resistance in return for basically sacrificing Spontaneous Xtasty's XXX title to the ABA. At the end of the negotiations both parties were happy and satisfied with the results.

Cameron and Demi exchange pleasantries and shake hands. As they prepare to leave, "I forgot, there is the small matter of the Milano.", Demi comments as she pats Cameron on the back.

Cameron is very aware of the ABA tradition to beat down any member that decides to leave. It is named after the first recipient of the beat down, Alyssa Milano. "You've got to be kidding me. After all this are you really going to do that to Gabrielle?" Cameron says with annoyance and disgust in her voice.

"Of course not, we love Gabby." Demi answers with a smile. "But the price still has to be paid." Demi says as puts her arm around Cameron's shoulders and directs her away.

Meanwhile Amber has been maneuvering behind Nikki nonchalantly. Next thing, Amber slams her forearm down across the back of Nikki's shoulders. Nikki falls forward against the negotiation table. Amber slams her forearm across Nikki's back twice more before the busty red head spins away and escapes the next strike. "Are you fucking serious? Are you trying to give me the Milano for Gabrielle Union?" Nikki shouts with a shocked and incredulous expression.

"Why not?", Demi calmly answers, like she is almost confused by the question. "Of all people, you should understand, Nikki. You helped write the rules for the Milano. It must be done." Demi finishes with a shrug, like it is out of her control.

Cameron forcefully intervenes yelling, "Hey!" and steps forward.

Demi immediately interrupts by grabbing Cameron's arm and jerking her back. "There is no need for a double Milano today. Be smart and stay out of this." Demi advises.

Before Cameron can respond, Nikki challenges, "Amber!", to avoid the tense situation. "If you're going to give me a Milano, then your big ass is going to have to earn it!". Nikki pokes her chest out like she is ready for a fight. Nikki is a former founding member of the ABA. She knows the paramountcy of intimidation in the ABA. This Milano issue is not going away. It is a core principal of the ABA. There is only one way to end this.

Amber chuckles like she is amused. Then she pushes the negotiation table to the side to make more room to fight. Amber shoves away chairs that may get in the way, as Nikki follows suit removing some chairs. As they are rearranging furniture, Amber senses that Nikki is very close. Suddenly Amber spins around and catches Nikki totally unaware with a spinning back fist to her eye. Nikki is dazed by the unsuspecting, cowardly blow. Amber grabs Nikki by the shoulders and shoves her against a closed door. The big and busty model swarms over Nikki with shots to her jaw, rights and lefts to the body, followed with knee lifts to her mid section.

Nikki tries using her arms to defend herself as best she could. She eases the pain of some of the body shots. Luckily Nikki is able to slip a punch allowing Amber to bonk her knuckles against the hard wood door. Amber's face contorts and her mouth falls open. The savy Nikki takes advantage of the slight opening. Nikki explodes with fists of fury to Amber's face. The red head puts the hour glass figure model on her heels. Nikki's veteran hands have Amber rocked and staggering backwards. Just when it looks like Nikki is about to take total control, abruptly Amber's big leg swing up and boots Nikki in the pussy. The punt lifts Nikki a foot off the ground. When she lands Nikki crumbles to her knees on the floor, while clutching her cunt.

Amber guides Nikki's head between Amber's meaty thighs and clamps them shut. Amber goes to the floor and locks a devastating leg scissors on her victim. Demi grins seeing Nikki locked in Amber's leg scrissors because she knows the power that Amber's thighs possess. Nikki wiggles and squirms vainly on the floor but she might as well be locked in a vice. Amber adds to Nikki's torment by twisting the nipples of the trapped woman. Then Amber punishes Nikki with several hard punches down into Nikki's gut.

Although Nikki is agonizingly flopping around on the ground, Amber knows that this might be a way to win a wrestling match, but it is no way to complete a Milano. Amber releases her leg scissor and starts getting up while pulling Nikki up with her. Amber immediately slings Nikki over onto a nearby sofa in the room. The model swiftly follows over and plops down with a seat on top of Nikki. With a sadistic smile, Amber clutches Nikki's big tits through her bra and blouse. Nikki howls and cringes before her eyes regain some focus. The red head's eyes almost shoot lasers as they burn with intensity at Amber's big ole chest. Nikki's hands shoot up and grab Amber's breasts like plucking two juicy watermelons. To Amber's surprise she finds herself screaming in pain. Amber redoubles her clutch on Nikki's boobs and gives the red head reason to scream too. One day Amber is bound to be a chest destroyer, but this day, Nikki's Hollywood proven, boob busting fingers are getting the best of Amber's. Nikki is able to throw Amber to the side and throw the larger woman off top of her to the carpet.

Amber is actually happy that she is out of the breast duel. Although she was holding Nikki to a draw, it hurt like hell. Amber grabs her chest and holds them tight. Nikki rolls off of the couch and grabs her chest too. Both celebrities massage and rub their aching tits for a minute and groan a bit. Amber stands first. She goes to Nikki, but the red head reacts with a double kick that drives both of her heels into Amber's big soft boobs. With a painful shout, Amber goes reeling back against the wall.

Nikki springs to her feet and charges after her adversary. Nikki leaps at the woman trapped against the wall to body splash the model's big ole tits, and smush them once and for all. However Amber side steps Nikki and allows her to slam into the wall boob first. Nikki is only rocked for a split instant, but it allows Amber to grab her red hair and use it to slam Nikki's face into the wall five times. Afterward Nikki is dazed and compliant. Amber spins Nikki around to face her then unloads with several heavy blows to the jaw with both fists. Finally Amber finishes Nikki off with an uppercut that explodes like a nuclear bomb on Nikki's chin. Nikki's head rockets up like her head is about to fly off her shoulders, then she falls forward flat on her face.

With Nikki knocked out at her feet, Amber throws her hands up triumphantly. She is genuinely excited and thrilled that she has defeated this veteran former founder of the ABA. Demi strides over and grabs Amber's wrist like a referee. Amber shuns her excitement for the moment. Amber uses her foot to roll Nikki over onto her back and places her foot on Nikki's Chest. Demi raises Amber's hand to an invisible audience. Cameron smacks her lips realizing that they have been set up. There is definitely cameras hidden somewhere. At least Nikki will get a profitable contract offer for the release of the footage of the fight.

"Good doing business with you Cameron." Demi says as she and Amber step away from Nikki. The blonde immediately goes over to tend to her snoozing teammate. "We hate losing Gabrielle, but she will be happier with Jessica Alba." Demi and Amber move to the door. "I'm sure their LA's Finest team will definitely be a dangerous, if not unbeatable combination for Rosario and Biel." Demi adds from the doorway. "We are fighting a common enemy. You will do well to remember that and put away the differences between our organizations."

"I wouldn't count on it." Cameron says under her breath as Demi exits. "Dealing with the ABA is like playing with rattlesnakes."

This was a costly and painful deal for Cameron, but one that had to be made. First, following the disastrous results of Alba vs Biel III. The Resistance needs a morale booster. This could be it. Second, Cameron wants to maintain the sorority sisterhood feeling of the group. She wants it to be a priority that the entire group will sacrifice for the needs and happiness of one member. Third, Cameron wants to communicate that vengeance is on the way. The Fabs will not get away with their destruction and violation of the Resistance.

After getting Nikki back up and running, Cameron makes a phone call to Jessica Alba. "It cost Nikki some bruises, probably Xtasty's XXX Title and an ass kicking for her, but we got the deal done. Gabrielle is now a member of the Resistance." Cameron reports.

Cameron and Nikki could hear Jessica and Gabrielle celebrating in the background. They sounded so happy that it made the ordeal of negotiating almost worth it. Finally Jessica says, "Thank you Cameron. You and Nikki won't regret this, and I'll make it up to Xtasty somehow." Jessica excitedly promises. "Jessie Biel and Rosario have the beating of a lifetime coming. We're not just going to beat them and fuck them, we are going to demolish and humiliate their asses. They will be begging for mercy as will the rest of those Fab whores when we are done! Bad girls for life!"


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