Jessica Alba vs Jessica Biel III

The Trilogy

It was the next day after Gabrielle Union’s victimization of Rosario Dawson at the Candyman’s party and the whole Fab Corp was lit. They were furious that a member of the ABA would be so bold as to brutally assault and punish their girl. As more and more news got back to them, attention turned from an ABA transgression to the influence from the Resistance. Constant reports from the witnesses were all about how the only thing they heard was Alba trying to convince Dawson to make Biel accept another match. Although it wasn’t the complete truth, the narrative became Alba using Union as muscle to send a message to Biel. The Fab girls decided they would all answer that message.

At an emergency team meeting some by skype, it was then that Roselyn Sanchez voiced a battle strategy she had been considering. She knew that one day they would face the Resistance all out again and they needed an edge. As “Rock” laid it out for the others, the team got energized and agreed to it almost immediately. All had considered how another meeting with the Resistance would go and not many thought it would be in their favor. However, Roselyn’s plan had potential of not only evening things with the Resistance, but also taking it to the ABA if the time came.

Then the question was how to make it happen. Pam spoke up for the core 4 saying, “Leave that to us.” A quick huddle with Carrere, Berry and Lopez and the 4 were sure they could have things ready in less than a week. It took some maneuvering but the whole corps found ways out of their schedules so they could meet up for the week and prepare Roselyn’s plan.

The next day, the core 4 assisted Biel in finalizing the deal to face Alba. Applegate pretended to be at the contract negotiations as the unbiased Commissioner, but all knew she had Alba’s and in fact the Resistance’s best interest at heart. Both Jessicas had Cheshire grins as the terms were agreed upon. It was set to be a lumberjill match with each team realizing and fully planning for it to turn into a brawl.

The Fab girls did a horrible job of keeping it quiet that they were planning for some payback. That was fine with the Resistance girls. They had numbers and most importantly visciousness. The Fab girls were beauty queens, not fighters. Or so the Resistance thought. Sure, they had led the league in the past, but that’s ancient history. The average Resistance girl didn’t have much respect for that time, including the members from that era that seem to remember only the losses of the core four. And with the Skipper calling the shots and doubling as the Commissioner, they were confident it was only a matter of time before the Fab got paved over. That end would come sooner if they managed to humiliate them again in the upcoming war.

This time, not counting on the aid of the ABA, they would bring their own toys to put in the coffin nails. 16 facing 16 on the surface would seem fair, but Spontaneous Xtasy was two girls in one and they all knew the Commissioner was going to make an appearance tipping the scales further. Plus, the Fab Corp couldn’t count out the chance of the Resistance padding their numbers further. Thankfully the Resistance had no such plans as they didn’t feel threatened in the slightest. It would be 17 vs 17, when both Gwen Stefani a former Resistance member and Kimora Lee Simmons a former Fab girl, were convinced to return for this epic clash of vengeance for the Fab and playtime for the Resistance. Both had been present for the Massacre and both returned to settle things one way or another.

The match itself was set as a standard wrestling match with standard rules. The lumberjills obviously consisting of their relative teams were there to make sure neither combatant chickened out attempting escape. Alba Biel III was simultaneously billed as the Fab Corp VS the Resistance. Focus stayed on the two rivals, but everyone knew the match would disintegrate into a gang rumble as soon as the winning Jessica beat and pinned the losing one. Stonerage planned for extra security, but in a private meeting with the Fab Four, they convinced him to let the carnage play out for the most part. The team needed this victory. Winning individually but having had a mudhole stomped out of them as a group wasn’t doing much for their reputation as a team.

An unofficial rule agreed upon by all was dress to impress. With this in mind, many of the ladies wore outfits they had made iconic like Pamela’s Baywatch suit and Alba’s Sin City costume. All wore something at least special to them. The Fab girls completed their look with a matching white hip sash tied at the hip with a large “F4” embroidered on them honoring the core 4 as leaders of their union. The Resistance also wore what they considered iconic outfits, but without any unifying symbols to match the Fab’s team sash.

The bell couldn’t come quick enough for either team or the crowd. Even the ref was anxious. Everyone in the opposing teams of furious hellcats waited to challenge his every call, he thought. At the *ding* Alba and Biel tore out of their corners and locked up in the center of the ring, left hand about the neck and the right hand on the opposing shoulder of their enemy. A test of strength ensued as they tried to manhandle each other. Alba is no wimp, but Biel’s body is near solid muscle. Biel is wearing the tiny two-piece pink bikini she burned into fans eyes as she emerged from a pool soaking wet in the movie “Summer Catch.” As said, Alba was decked in her truly iconic Sin City costume complete with cowboy hat, rope, and toy pistols. Alba finds herself losing ground and then her footing. Falling to the mat with Biel clumsily following, they accidentally roll out of the ring between the middle and bottom rope to the hungry sharks, the Resistance team.

If it was an accident, it was in Alba’s favor. She is eased back into the ring with her hat even gently handed to her while Biel is violated. Her tiny top is pulled revealing her perky breasts and the micro bottoms were slid aside. Her nipples were pinched till they thickened and pulled in opposite directions like her assailants were trying to pop them free from her chest. Her head was on fire as her hair was pulled in multiple directions.

Several hands penetrated her pussy and anus scrambling to be the one fist fucking her. A battle went on within her pussy as two hands from different girls tried to push the other out as to have the pussy to themselves. Biel howled in agony as both hands penetrated deep past the thumb in rapid succession. Finally, when Jessica Simpson forced Kelly Hu’s hand out, Biel got a little relief. Simpson was still reaming her, but it didn’t hurt as much as the pair ripping her open. Relief was short lived because Gaga seemed to be going down to the elbow in her ass cavity forcing terrible screams again from Biel.

The Fab Corp hadn’t expected to get into the rumble this quickly, but Biel’s screams of torment couldn’t be ignored. They couldn’t see how bad it was as the horde of Resistance girls surrounded her, but they knew enough. If the ladies planned to let Biel continue the match, it wouldn’t be till after they had destroyed her. So, it was time to move. The odds were against them, but they had a plan. However, the plan had a better success possibility if they had managed to lure the Resistance into the ring. The question became clear. Can they adjust the plan and make it work outside the ring?

Target prime was Xtasy. She was just too big and too dangerous to not be addressed first. Unfortunately, she was the prime one holding Biel in the air so that she could be violated (setback #1). As the wave of Fab girls came into contact with the Resistance mob, the Resistance girls spread out to search for their rivals which wasn’t desired for the Fab. They really wanted Kardashian and Coco to tackle Xtasy and they were now tangling with Cox and Ashlee Simpson respectively (setback #2).

However, Kardashian followed through with the plan expertly by dangerously turning her back on Cox to wrap her arms around the waist of the unexpecting younger Simpson sister as Ashley squared up to Coco. Nikki grabbed Kim by the hair in which Kim responded by spinning around and aiming Ashley’s wild kicks for freedom toward Cox. Kim then suplexed Ashley onto the unforgiving concrete floor. Ashley wore a black halter top with her cleavage accented by a white pushup bra. She matched this with black with white trim boxing shorts, completing the outfit she wore for one of her favorite photo shoots. Still flat on her back from the deadly move her ass in the air and her legs resting on top of her, her large boxing shorts fell up her waist allowing the white panties that matched her bra to be seen. Coco immediately swooped in and after removing her waist sash used it to wrap up Ashley’s wrist and tie her to the leg of the ring. It took a moment to tie the knot, but it was solid and tightened as it was pulled. By the time Ashlee’s lower body rolled back to the floor, she was a helpless casualty of war and Sanchez’ plan to isolate and eliminate targets.

Kim hadn’t been able to get back to her feet after suplexing Ashley quick enough to keep Nikki off her. Nikki boots Kim in the face kicking her from her seated position back flat on the floor. Kim’s huge breast meat spilled out of her black bikini top with her nipples just barely remaining covered by the cups. On her back her huge ass jokingly contained in her matching black bikini bottoms flattened out from underneath pooling into and accentuating her thick thighs. Nikki who was in the red cleavage revealing top she made famous from the sitcom “Unhappily Ever After” complete with a tiny black skirt, then mounts Kim forcing Cox’s skirt to ride up and reveal the tiniest red panties as they turned into a thong.

Nikki then starts throwing wild punches into Kardashian’s face. She bloodied Kim’s lip and nose and opened a cut above Kim’s left eye before Coco could finish securing Ashley and make it back for aid.

Coco lifted Nikki’s head with two fistfuls of hair and planted a knee three times in Nikki’s visage as she stood over Kim. The third smash knocked Nikki off Kim leaving strands of her hair ripped out in Coco’s clutches. Coco assisted Kim in getting to her feet and they both forced the groggy Nikki over to the ring. Coco held Nikki in place face to face chest to chest gripping Cox’s forearms to keep them raised so Kim could use her sash to tie Nikki’s wrists to the middle rope. Coco was decked out in the tiniest black bikini bottoms she could find forgoing the top to allow her nipples to show freely, but covered herself from neck to ass in a barely there completely see-through mesh mini dress she claimed fame in. Her breast easily engulfed Cox’s iconic pair as Coco body pressed her against the ring apron. Once Cox was secure Coco stepped aside so Kim could test her knot by driving an elbow into Nikki’s skull as she dropped down from the ring apron. Nikki’s knees buckled and the knot proved good as it tightened on the middle rope keeping Cox dangling. With Ashley and Nikki both secured, Kim and Coco were free to get their revenge on the two, but that wasn’t the plan. The Sanchez battle strategy for evening the odds was ultimate teamwork and tactical use of the Fab sashes they all wore pretending to be just for fashion. Now they both considered the original target they were tasked with had things worked as plan.

Biel had been suspended in midair by Spontaneous Xtasy who’s arms wrapped tightly about Biel’s rock abs. Xtasy wasn’t anywhere near as toned as Biel but her greater frame and the muscle needed to move it about now focused on crushing the smaller blonde. Her team of miscreants as they swarmed Biel, helped X tighten her grip again and again about Biel’s midriff till if felt like a python was breaking Biel in two. Jessica grunted with every twist and grind into her crushed reddened abs. If that wasn’t torment enough, the violation of her most privates left her devastated. The horde of claws and intruding digits made identification of who was violating what, totally impossible. She didn’t know who had finally torn her bikini from her. Thankfully when her girls came to her aid, the horde broke up in response leaving her with just the python.

Xtasy shook her about bouncing the blonde about like a ragdoll. Biel’s pert perfect breasts jiggled from the assault. Her firm and plump rump also bounced about in response to her lower limbs flailing about. At first Biel offered no resistance as the assault had taken its toll, but fear of losing consciousness made he stiffen up in Xtasy’s arms and attempt to push down on the piston like forearms that were breaking her in two. Salvation wouldn’t come without another dose of hell though. Spontaneous stepped towards the ring and held Biel up with all of her might. Biel caught a glimpse almost too late of Alba leaping off the closest turnbuckle. Alba soared into Biel with a clotheline forearm that tore her out of Xtasy’s grip. Alba hit the concrete hard but rolled with the fall. The deadly maneuver near decapitated Biel spinning her over Xtasy, into an uncontrolled flip, and planting her back first into the hard concrete floor.

The crowd went wild over the success of such a high-risk high-flying maneuver and Biel fans instantly feared the worst. Cooing from the Alba fans weren’t received well by the Biel fans who feared for their fighter. Biel lay agonizing and cringing naked on the concrete with her left arm unconsciously reaching around her back for false comfort. Alba, still dressed as the Sin City sexy cowgirl, but having lost her hat, now crawled about slowly stalking the temporarily helpless Biel. Alba had rolled with her fall, but it still took a lot out of her. That made her slow to capitalize on the broken Biel.

Freed up, Xtasy searched for an opponent. She wasn’t present for the Massacre, so she had no set target to reaffirm dominance over. Then she got lucky. Spontaneous Xtasy who was the most fully dressed of everyone in attendance snatched up Scarlett Johansson. Dressed in an actual dress a black one that came down under the knees, Xtasy was mostly covered. Only the white bustline and tiny over the shoulder straps of dress allowed any skin to show revealing her massive cleavage. Her gigantic knockers were seriously on display with the bodice resting just above her massive areola and nipples. Her fingerless gloves which had long sleeves reaching up above the elbows put her 3 inch curved nails on display. She grabbed little Scarlett, spun her around, and scooped her into the air. Her massive jugs acted as a bed for the Avenger as Johansson now suffered the grip that had once captured her teammate. Xtasy was playing with Scarlett’s soft body easily manhandling her. Her large three-inch razor-sharp nails carved into Scarlett’s creamy tits moving in and out of her light blue bikini top.

Johansson soon melted as they probed into her matching swimsuit bottoms. The famed bikini the paparazzi had made famous from a trip to the beach offered no protection of her intimate regions. They were peeled off her, even her sash, as Xtasy played with her. The blonde was terrified for her kitty. Those nails could turn her clit and lips into hamburger. To save her cunt she gave in to Xtasy and allowed the porn star and XXX Queen to take whatever she wanted. Johansson looked back coyly into Spontaneous’ eyes signaling that she belonged to her ebony tormentor.

Her eyes begged the mega titted XXX title holder to choose pleasure not pain. That was okay with X who was quickly seduced by Scarlett’s seductive gaze. She had no real beef with the blonde and wanted to taste her body more than mangle it. Sadly, she would do neither cause that’s when Kim and Coco found her, their prime target. They swarmed the ebony goddess and attacked her knees forcing her to release Scarlett and fall to the ground.

Now both booty queens wailed on Xtasy with wild haymakers beating her about the face and breast. They kicked that huge ebony booty sending it into waves and forcing Spontaneous to move as directed. Scarlett now free, gathered her resolve and turned on the lady she had just offered her love muffin too. With Xtasy on her knees slowly moving forward, her crotch was clearly vulnerable. Scarlett punted the chocolate mound driving a howl out of Xtasy and pausing her movement. Xtasy cursed, “Bitch, I was gonna let you go. Now I’m gonna rip your pussy and ass apart.” Scarlett cringed. After getting a taste of those sharp nails, she knew the threat was a serious one. She could feel the pain of the welts those talons had left on her plump melons. Still, X couldn’t make good on her threat today.

Scarlett answered the threat as she kicked X’s love box again, “Shut the fuck up bitch. You aren’t doing nothing but begging today.” Another kick and moan from Xtasy signaled time to get on with it. Scarlett recovered her sash and wrapped the ends around her hands pulling the middle fabric tight. She then wrapped it about Xtasy’s neck to strangle her. The three fab girls forced the gasping X over to the ring and forced her hands up so Scarlett could use her sash to tie the XXX Queen’s wrist to the middle rope similar to Cox. Difference was Cox was facing away from the ring and X was facing towards it. Kim and Coco then freed each chocolate bowling ball from its harness and positioned the mega melons on the ring apron. Then they encouraged Scarlett to step and stomp on the gazongas for a bit till Xtasy descended into tears. Using the ropes as support, Scarlett made bouncy bouncy on Xtasy’ titanic titties long after Kim and Coco left in search for more prey.

War raged between the most heated rivalries before the other Fab girls were able to focus back on the plan. Kelly Hu dressed in a tight black leather catsuit, had her mind set on raping Roselyn right through her famed tiny orange V shaped one piece that tied around the neck, from the start. That gave Roselyn the edge she needed. Sanchez lured Kelly into the ring and fisticuffs turned into groping as Kelly pins Roselyn up in the corner. With one hand stroking and pinching Roselyn’s right nipple through her suit and the other hand deep within Sanchez’s welcoming moist pussy, easily bypassing the stretch of fabric that claimed to be a swimsuit, Kelly was getting herself wet in anticipation of totally subjugation Roselyn sexually. Roselyn didn’t dislike the attention, but she was still too angry over the Massacre to give in to the pleasure.

As Kelly is about to cream herself with excitement, Roselyn knees her in the puss. The hands that once teased Kelly’s hair as a fake-out simulating passion, now grasp tightly and drove Kelly’s head into the turnbuckle. Sanchez then plants the groggy Kelly’s left cheek into the top rope and drags her along it from one corner to the next burning the cheek before switching cheeks and burning the right while returning to the center of the ropes.

Across from them Xtasy is having her tits crushed by a jubilated blonde tyrant. Roselyn then ties Kelly’s mane into a knot about the top rope fairly quickly. Then came the sash about Kelly’s neck securing her to the top rope for good. With Hu near helpless, Roselyn treated her body like a punching back sinking knucks into Kelly’s firm body, beautiful face, and soft tits targeting the engorged nipples as they poked through her skintight suit. A couple of dirty low blows took the fight out of Kelly who now focused on trying to cover up the best she could. She felt her boots pulled off and her black catsuit being unzipped and peeled from her body revealing a second iconic outfit, her skimpy tee with nipples poking the material out and panties so tiny they barely made it all the way up her pubic mound. Being forced to her side revealed just how flimsy the panties were as they made her ass cleavage stick out the top. Roselyn stepped back and sent a Muay Thai kick into Kelly’s round Asian ass that forced Hu to jerk about and tighten the noose about her neck. That kick to the ass cheeks and subsequent strangling convinced Kelly she wouldn’t have much luck in trying to continue battling Roselyn. Thankfully, Roselyn controlled her urges to punish Kelly’s tight body from head to toe and left her prisoner still in her tee and panties. Kelly was left to attempt to free herself, but she had no idea how to untie the complicated knot Roselyn and the Corp had trained all week learning.

JLO and Vida battle head-to-head with JLO edging out ahead. A solid uppercut made lightning by JLO’s muscular frame near took Vida’s head off. Each punch made worse by JLO putting the total of her muscles behind them, put on display how well Lopez had toned her body recently. Her black one piece with string across the cleavage with bottoms that rode high up the hips, accentuated the sexy bits. Lopez’s larger boobs threatened to spill out of her boob hammocks and her extra-large and in charge ass jiggled for all its worth with every blow. Behind each ass jiggling punch was payback for the humiliation Vida put Lopez through before and during the Massacre. Vida’s slutty skimpy schoolgirl outfit offered no protection with the top cut just below the nipple line exposing the underneath of her bouncing breasts and the shortest yellow checkered skirt ever made exposing her ass cheeks. She had made the outfit famous in a classroom type pictorial. JLO saw the hanging breast from the cut top as punching bags and tried to pop them off Vida’s chest with every blow.

Jennifer was the first to break the plan, choosing to tie Vida’s legs together and not to anything to trap her permanently. JLo did this so she could carry out her own plan. Holding tight to the sash, Jennifer took off dragging Vida across the concrete floor. Burning Vida’s ass cheeks on the concrete floor and then up the ramp leading back to the dressing rooms, Lopez reveled in Vida’s screams. Vida was soon in tears as her ass cheeks suffered the worst carpet burn. Luckily JLO stopped before exiting the arena or she would have run into the Commissioner who was planning to join the carnage as expected until she noticed her girls not doing so good. Vida’s skirt was obviously useless as protection and the white panties underneath were even more of a joke as they rode up Vida’s crack adding a wedgie to the agony of her burning ass cheeks as Lopez started back down the ramp. Vida screamed as she wildly reached for anything to grab hold to and stop the bare butt bobsledding torment but found nothing.

Rosario too battled her nemesis the tiny terror Jada Pinkett-Smith. Jada wore black leather pants and a silver top with a drawstring bodice that just barely cleared her breasts up to under her arms. It was so tight; it popped her smaller breasts up creating cleavage just over the top. The unconventional top gave Jada free room to swing with everything she had also. Having suffered a boxing barrage from the tiny dynamo, Rosario, wearing the light blue top her bouncing boobs made famous in Clerks 2 and blue jeans, was already wobbly and spent less effort on defense than she did holding the outside barricade in an effort to stay on her feet. Jada took every opportunity to mug Rosario’s jugs as Gabrielle Union had expertly done earlier in the week with lefts and rights to make them dance as much as they did on Clerks 2. Rosario’s prized jugs hadn’t completely healed, and the new punishment made Dawson desperate. Desperate to save her boobs and not to let Jada humiliate her again, Rosario covered up as best she could and ducked under Jada’s night night haymaker she knew Jada would send with the loss of her prime targets. Rosario slipped under and in and grabbed her rival about the waist. Then with all the strength she could muster, she quickly lifted Jada and dropped her back first onto the top of the barricade. Jada’s face contorted in agony as her body was broken in two and she poured down the barricade. Rosario slammed a few vengeance punches into Jada’s face till Pinkett’s eyes blurred from tears. Then the top came undone, and Jada got a little payback to her own smaller tits as Rosario freed them and punched them repeatedly, flattening Pinkett-Smith’s breast meat and crushing Jada’s large nipples into her ribcage.

After getting Jada good and punch drunk, Rosario went for her sash to finish the job only to have the left side of her face smashed in by an intruder. Dawson hadn’t noticed Gabrielle Union approach the barricade and never saw Union’s roundhouse kick over the barrier. Union continued over the barricade and as her right foot touched on the other side, she spun and sent a left side kick, made worst by her high heels, into Dawson’s gut doubling her over. Continuing her spin, her right foot was primed to punt Rosario in the face straightening her up and driving her back up against the ring. “Rematch bitch,” was all Gabrielle said as she balled her fist and moved in for the continuation of the beating, she had given Rosario not too long ago. Dawson was dazed by the assault, but she wasn’t drunk this time. She faced off with Union who wore fancy overalls, a sheer fabric one piece that covered from ankles to chest. The black fabric continued up to the shoulders but left a plunging v line to her tummy. However, keeping the chest straps from falling off the shoulders and covering her exposed chest was a lacy pink blouse held underneath the overalls. The blouse hung just off the shoulder.

“Sucker punching bitch,” was Rosario Dawson’s only response as she quickly took a defensive posture. Union quickly proved she was no fluke as a succession of jabs split Rosario’s lip. However, Dawson ducked the decapitation attempt by the following haymaker and delivered a mighty one-two combo into Gabrielle’s ribs. Union stepped back for a kick to the midriff, but Dawson caught the leg and swept the other taking Union to the ground hard. Union took a brutal stomp to the cuscus before she could override the pain in her back to attempt to break free. Kicking with her free leg, she forced Rosario into retreat. Though in retreat Rosario realized something. Union was set on punching it out. However, this wasn’t a boxing match. Hell, it wasn’t a match at all. It was war and there are different tactics in war.

“What you gonna do now Gabby,” taunted Rosario. “I’m not drunk now, and you’ve had your sucker punches. You ready to go night night, bitch,” Rosario threatened as she moved forward bouncing like a boxer, her tits again bouncing in her top like in Clerks 2 but in pain after Jada’s pummeling. She wanted Gabrielle to continue her boxing moves. The two boxers swung wildly at each other hitting mostly air and soon clinched up grabbing hold of each other. Gabrielle quickly scored two rib shots into Dawson just before Rosario scooped Gabby up and suplexed her onto the unforgiving concrete. Slow to rise, Gabrielle soon found it even harder with Rosario’s sneaker clad feet stomping on her skull. Gabrielle rolled away pass the recovering Pinkett to escape, but as she rolled up to her knees, she found Dawson on her heels and airborne. Rosario actually overtook Gabrielle coming down with a superman punch that rocked Union’s world driving her limp back down to the concrete. Rosario continued pass the beauty and turned to say, “It’s like I said. I’m not drunk now. Get up bitch. Let me introduce you bitch ass to the floor again.” It was a serious mistake letting Gabrielle get up, but Rosario had a lot to prove.

Gabrielle stood up now between Rosario and the groggy Jada and was like, “I dropped your caramel ass before, and I’ll do it again. What will your excuse be after I mop the floor with you this time?” A loud *clank* went off behind Gabrielle, but she was too focused on Rosario to care about what it was. She just figured it was Jada doing something. She focused on mugging Rosario’s jugs again. Her fist balled up and came to rest by her smiling face as she moved in to remind her rival of the previous beating to the tits she delivered at the party earlier. However, there was another loud *clank* and the malice on Gabrielle’s face turned to bewilderment as her eyes rolled up into her head. She fell awkwardly to her knees and doubled over slamming her head into the concrete floor before her body went totally limp. The first clanking sound was Chrissy Teigen catching Jada trying to make it to her feet and convincing her to lay back down with a metal folding chair to the skull. Teigen then deflated the unaware Union with another strike from the chair. Teigen appeared to have the same thoughts as Dawson about this not being boxing match. It was war.

“Party crasher,” asked Teigen.

“Just someone who wanted to join in on what we have planned for the Resistance whores,” answered Dawson. “Give me your sash. I’ll finish these bitches. See to the others.” In agreement Teigen removed and relinquished her sash before surveying the battlefield. She caught a glimpse of Halle duking it out the Jeri and got concerned because they were getting far from the ring. She decided to follow and watch Halle’s back. Gabrielle might not be the only one intruder, she thought.

Halle and Jeri mixed it up out amongst the audience. Jeri wanted a different taste. She had already had chocolate during the Massacre and wanted something different. She originally flew at Tia Carrere for some Asian flavors. Like many of the other Resistance members Jeri didn’t really take this rumble seriously. After the deadly win they had earlier in which they decimated the whole Fab Corp, this was for most of them just another chance to fuck and humiliate their uppity rivals. Jeri, decked out in a light blue blouse that only buttoned at the center to expose her white bra and blue jean skirt, was almost dazed when Halle separated her from Tia by tugging at her mane. Savage schoolgirl fight swings from Halle plowed into Jeri unanswered as the blonde covered to protect her skull. Halle left all of her boxing training behind as she tugged Jeri’s locks and swung wild uppercuts into the blonde’s face with no real care of where they hit. Her boxing training did add extra weight to the ghetto style swings you’d expect to see from youtube girl fights. Despite the inaccuracy of the attack, the viciousness of the assault bloodied Jeri’s eyes nose and mouth.

When Halle sent the final uppercut from her knees to the sky, Jeri’s face was covered in blood and matted hair. Ryan fell down lifeless amongst a row of just emptied chairs and crumbled amongst them. Halle didn’t waste a second, throwing and kicking the chairs away, to get her hands back on Ryan. As she sat down on Ryan’s waist, she took the closest chair and folded it up. Halle turned the chair so that its back aimed straight down at Ryan’s face, Halle raised it and violently slammed the frame of the chair repeatedly into Jeri’s blood-soaked face. It was a gruesome show as the blood started splattering everywhere on impact. She broke Ryan’s nose in two places and didn’t flinch as it fountained out blood. The iconic “Die Another Day” orange two-piece bikini Halle wore was splashed with Jeri’s blood. Halle had lost control as she thought of how badly she suffered because of Ryan. Removing those anal beads, the gift from Vivica, left Halle’s violated asshole gaping in the most unthinkable agony. Ryan was beat unconscious, leaving her body to twitch reflexively from the continued assault.

When Teigen arrived, she found little reason to worry about Halle and more to worry about the rampaging hellcat Berry dismantling Ryan in unthinkable speed. As the beating took a horrible turn, Chrissy moved in to restrain Halle. Berry would soon be thankful for the interference because she never intended to go that far. Ordering the crowd away, she returns to Jeri and turns the bloody pulp over to her stomach. She assures Teigen that she has come to her senses and orders Teigen to check on the others. Then Halle ties Jeri’s arms behind her back. Now she focused on dragging the decimated blonde back to the ring.

Xtasy, Cox, Ashlee Simpson and Kelly Hu were out of the fight and secured to the ring as planned. JLo was dragging Vida back down to the ring, burning her ass down the entrance ramp. Rosario was handling the finishing touches of tying both Jada and the intruder Gabrielle to the steel barricades. That left the battles of Alicia vs Sofia, Milian vs Fox, Lovato vs Gaga, Gwen vs Zoe, Kimora vs J Simpson, Diaz vs Tia, Aniston vs Pam and the battle of the Evas. Oh, and Dash was stalking Scarlett.

Gwen is regretting accepting Applegate’s offer to get a “second run at the Fab Flops.” After Zoe manages to tie Gwen’s right leg to the bottom rope of the ring and send her dangling off the side of the ring, she was little more than a punching bag to the vengeful Saldana. Stefani still had on her black jeans but her red top with drawstrings in the center that allowed her cleavage to show was gone forcing her to attempt to cover her breasts with her arms. It was fine by Zoe. She targets a little lower or with Gwen upside down a little higher. Their battle had started with Gwen surprising Zoe with a flurry of expertly crafted blows high to the head and low to the gut as defenses shifted. Plenty of times Gwen’s knuckles forced Zoe’s breast meat into the see-through sides of Zoe’s one-piece suit. Zoe’s small chest was taking a serious beating to Gwen’s delight. It turns out Gwen’s mistake would be rolling Zoe into the ring. Instead of making Saldana helpless in the corner as she planned, Gwen got hemmed up in the ropes as she followed her chocolate plaything.

With the Resistance still in the dark about the Fab’s strategy, Gwen didn’t realize the importance of freeing her outstretched leg from Zoe’s clutches until the sash tightened about her ankle. She fully learned her lesson as Zoe stood and stomped on her tummy, stomped on her pubic mound and kicked her repeatedly in the ribs. She caught a glimpse of Kelly Hu getting the business to the left of her, Spontaneous taking punishment to the right, and Gaga getting the worst from Lovato across from her. After a severe punt cracked one of Gwen’s ribs, Zoe took off running to the other side of the ring.

Noticing Cox tied to the ropes hanging outside, Zoe made sure her hips hit the middle rope to taunt Nikki as she rebound. Her tiny rack bounced up and down within her tight one piece. Bouncing off the ropes she built a dangerous momentum and used it to slide her tennis shoes into home driving both heels into Gwen’s ribs and sending the blonde out of the ring, off the ring apron and dangling off the side. Screams of torment left Gwen’s lips as her upper body stretched and contorted about her now broken rib and stressed her sprained ankle. Dangling there with her left knuckles dragging the floor and her right arm desperately grasping the edge of the ring apron she screamed for help, “oh god, someone help me! My, my ribs are busted. Please, someone!”

Though she screamed as best she could, the pain in her ribs made her reflexively hesitant to fill her lungs and belt out as loud as possible. As the other girls fought their individual fights Stefani was totally alone except for the presence of her tormentor. Zoe quickly took a position close to Stefani and wrapped her left arm over and around the free left leg. Positioned between Gwen’s knee and the hips, Zoe was in the perfect position to lean back and force Gwen’s legs into an overextended split tearing her crotch open and finally breaking the trapped ankle of the other leg. As Gwen howled in agony as pain shot through trapped leg and tormented crotch as Zoe leaned further and further back. Stefani new her ankle was broken and was sure Zoe was going to dislocate her hip. Taking a moment to ease up on the pressure, Zoe unbuttoned Gwen’s jeans and unzipped them fearing they were keeping Stefani from stretching too far. Zoe repeated her torment on Gwen’s crotch and ankle noticing higher pitched screams as Zoe cranked further and further back.

Thankfully Zoe switched tactics. She folded the two sides of the opening of Stefani’s pants and tucked them back for clear access to the panty covered kitty. Gwen might not need to see an Orthopedist to fix that hip after all. However, as Zoe stood keeping a hold of the thigh, raised her balled fist and started pummeling Gwen’s panty clad pussy like she was in a karate brick breaking competition, it seemed Gwen might need to see her Gynecologist. The audience on that side of the ring started counting with Zoe’s assault. In the thirties, Zoe paused long enough to slide the crotch of Gwen’s panties aside. Zoe found Gwen’s battered pussy lips turning black and blue, the surrounding area red as a crayon and an engorged clit doubled in size. Seizing the black and blue pussy lips within her pincers, Zoe pulled abruptly on the lips stretching them to their limits and then beyond. Gwen’s body spasmed from the pain and her arms flailed about wildly reaching for some way to escape. Her faced contorted in agony until she could take no more and went limp. Zoe wrenched violently on Gwen’s enlarged clit to confirmed Stefani was not faking unconsciousness. She wasn’t.

Silverstone had made use of the carnage to get Vergara from behind. Wrapping her arms about Sofia’s neck in a rear naked choke, she forced Vergara down to the ground securing her legs around the raging Columbian’s waist for a perfect hold. Still fresh for the fight, Sofia wasn’t too worried. She was skilled enough to escape, but bad luck struck and ruined her chances.

Nearby, both Diaz and Aniston had snagged Pamela Anderson by the hair and were double teaming her with punches and knees to the back and belly. They outstretched Pam’s arms to make her boobs vulnerable. Pam was in her iconic Baywatch suit for a short time at least. Cameron and Jennifer started taking turns kicking her breast until they rebound out of the suit exposing Anderson’s nipples.

Tia, free of Ryan, tackled Diaz, but not until after the severe punishment of the sadistic boob assault. Aniston tucked weakened Pam’s head between her legs and tugged the bottom of the Baywatch suit into a wedgie forcing Pam to stand. As Tia pulled Cameron away in her sluttly teacher garb, Jennifer wrapped her arms around Anderson’s waist and hoisted her into the air. In one fluid motion, Jennifer power bombed Pam into Sofia’s exposed tummy evacuating the little air that kept her clinging to life. The blow also made Vergara jerk turning the choke into more of a noose. Alicia had the benefit of Sofia’s body for protection from the blow. Anderson was thankful for her cushioned fall, but still grunted as her body bent violently over the two wrestling beauties and the back of her head snapped back onto the concrete.

Jennifer took hold of Pam’s ankles and pulled her away from Sofia’s death scene. She quickly dropped a leg and spun around the other. Aniston came to rest locking Pam into a figure four leg lock. Pam screamed bloody murder at the terrible pressure put on her leg and ankle.

“Sofie,” taunted Alicia into Sofia’s ear. “I brought some great toys to fuck you with. I know that kitty is getting so moist. Can you feel it? Is it dripping down there?” Sofia couldn’t respond, but she was still defiant in the eyes. At least she was. The choke hold was starting to take its toll as Sofia’s eyes rolled back into her head and her body went limp.

Sofia and Pam weren’t the only Fab girls caught by bad luck. Tia, who was dressed in her black “Wayne’s World” number with strings forcing the top to contain her breasts, was in the process of throwing her battered foe into the steel steps when Cameron snapped to life and reversed the throw sending Carrere back first into the unforgiving steel. Tia set up with her back to the steps grimacing as Cameron ran in and kneed her skull into the steel steps. Dazed, Tia was easily hauled up to her feet by her hair and maneuvered to face the steps. Then Diaz slammed Tia’s head repeatedly into the top of the steel steps until a cut opened up on Tia’s forehead. Seeing the blood cascading down Tia’s face only encouraged Cameron to intensify her attack. She slammed Tia’s head over and over again until the Asian goddess’ blood covered the top of the steps.

She spun Tia around securing Carrere’s head under her arm and DDT’d Carrere into the concrete floor, forcing Tia’s body to continue over her planted skull and onto her back from the perfect execution of the attack. With Tia struggling to clear the cobwebs, Diaz mounted her and started slapping the shit out of the Fab team leader. *smack* *smack* *smack* *smack* Diaz palms are soon red from Tia’s blood, but she wouldn’t let up. *smack* *smack* *smack* *smack* Alternating rights and lefts forced Tia into a continuous head shaking of No movement. The screams were horrible. The silence seemed worse somehow as Tia quit responding. The blood on her face hid the fact that her cheeks were bright red from the relentless bitch slapping. *smack* *smack* *smack* *smack* *smack* Diaz was finally getting tired and a little bored with punishing Carrere. Her left hand shot into Tia’s blood-stained hair and tightly held Tia’s head to the floor exposing her left cheek. Cameron supported her weight on her left fist as it gripped Tia’s mane. Bent over, she used her free right hand to continue slapping the bloody spit from Tia’s lips.

The battle of the Evas wasn’t going in the Fab’s favor either. Longoria was a head of steam winning a hairpulling match till Mendes seized control, hair hauling and hip tossing Longoria to the concrete floor. She hair-lifted Longoria again and again hair/hip tossing her back and back to the floor. Longoria was lifted again and again and planted again and again. Her hair was on fire and her hips were bruised from the pounding. Soon Mendes was in total control. She lifted Longoria to her knees, tugged on her hair to force Longoria to look into her eyes. Mendes then spit into her victim’s face. Taking her right hand out of Longoria’s mane, she used it to rub her spit all over Longoria’s face. Back to a two-fisted hair hold Mendes twisted Longoria around till Longoria was on her ass. Mendes then started dragging her around the outside of the ring by her hair, dragging her ass over the rough concrete kicking and screaming. Longoria’s silver one piece offered no protection for her reddening ass cheeks as she gets some of what was killing Vida. Mendes, wearing her red and multi-colored halter and blue booty shorts from “Stuck on You,” kept her rival in torment by speeding up to add a little more fire to the ass burning and putting Longoria through a bit more of the hell JLO was giving Vida.

A few knees to the belly and Lady Gaga found Demi Lovato a little more manageable. The two had maneuvered into the ring at the start of their matchup. They had entered on the side Gwen now dangles. They boxed back and forth over to the ropes where Cox was trapped. They battled as Hu took her beating on one side and Xtasy on the other. Demi’s boxer stance was an unspoken challenge to battle it out technically.

Lady Gaga seemed to oblige following her into the ring. Demi started off displaying her boxing moves rocking Gaga into the ropes just above the trapped Nikki Cox, but found Gaga unwilling to keep her distance and slug it out. Gaga kept charging Demi and going below the belt. Unlike Union who at the moment was battling Dawson, Gaga never expected boxing to win the day in this war. It was punches at first, but soon Lovato felt her pussy being violated. Gaga tugged Demi’s swimsuit till it wedged deep into Lovato’s pussy. Then came the knee strike that made Demi gasp. It was low and blasted her in the bladder. Demi suffered an unrecoverable humiliation as her bladder expelled its contents from the impact of the blow forcing her to piss herself. Out of the fight she focused on holding back her pulsating stream. Unfortunately, Gaga wasn’t done with the knees. Another sunk in about the same place. Soon another crushed in. Demi’s bladder soon emptied totally, and urine soiled the bottom of her blue one-piece.

Her one-piece was secured just over the left shoulder and from the shoulder to the naval was a bare region that resembles a guitar creating a cleavage window. The bottoms of the one-piece were quickly soaked through and started dripping with pee draining down Lovato’s leg. Lovato never regretted drinking a “Big Gulp” so much. When Gaga finally noticed, she stepped back and laughed, “Ooh you nasty whore. Invest in diapers.” Gaga laughed harder as she imagined a big pair of grandma diapers hanging out the one-piece bottoms as they wedged like a thong up in Lovato’s massive ass. Demi just stood there with her arms crossing her body as if she could cover up and disappear in shame. Then noticing the puddle forming in the ring below Demi, Gaga jumped back into action. She found Demi’s helpless form pliable enough and forced her down to the mat. Gaga used an armlock and twisted it forcing Demi to her knees.

As they left the center of the ropes in perfect timing, it was then that Zoe Saldana bounced off the ropes at the spot they had left to return and finish Stefani. Gaga spun the rival singer till she was able to maneuver Demi’s face into her own pissy puddle. Gaga released the arm and bent over grabbing Lovato’s hair to make sure Demi’s hair was used as a mop to clean the spill. Getting her hands covered in Lovato’s juices forced Gaga to come up with a way to clean her digits. Gaga clamped a camel clutch on Lovato modified by gripping the sides of Demi’s lips forcing her mouth open. Gaga then easily slips her fingers in and out of Lovato’s’ mouth forcing the singer to suck on Gaga’s piss stained fingers. Forcing them in and out of Demi’s stretched lips, Gaga cleans her fingers on Lovato’s tongue. Satisfied, she releases Lovato so that her head falls into her piss puddle with a splash. Quickly Demi turns her head to spit out the salty liquid that made its way into her mouth. Gaga stood in complete satisfaction that she and Demi would have an understanding from now on.

She didn’t even notice Coco Austin until it was too late. Coco speared Gaga from behind, lifted the smaller woman and plowed the singer into the corner of the ring. Gaga struggled to recuperate as Coco lifted her into the air and delivered her into the unforgiving mat with a piledriver. Coco then forced her prey’s legs to the corner. Sliding out of the ring she pulled Gaga’s legs to both sides of the ring corner post. She gripped both ankles and pulled with all of her might driving Gaga’s pussy into corner post. Nicole called to Demi to throw out her sash. Demi was hesitant because the garment was soaked in her urine. Finally, she complied, and Austin used the soaked garment to tie Gaga’s ankles together outside the ring. With Gaga trapped in the corner, she was helpless to stop Demi from stalking her. Demi secured Gaga’s arms under her and sat her piss-stained ass and soaking suit bottoms on Gaga’s face. Gaga’s eyes widened in fear as she wondered which would be first, smothering to death or drowning to death. All she could see was the curvature of Lovato’s chunky ass cheeks as the wedgied fabric was cloaked by creamy ass meat. Gaga tits were covered by a weird clam shell bikini, but it was thrown out of the ring so Demi could pinch and pull on the blonde’s large thick nipples. Meanwhile, Nikki Cox felt her hair getting damp. She heard the pampers line and then got squeamish fearing her hair was soaking up Demi Lovato’s piss.

Milian was the only one with a weapon since she was entrusted with the sex toys they had brought to degrade the “Fab Sluts.” When all hell broke out so early, she dug into the case and pulled out a cat o’nine tails. She was only able to hit Fox with it once before the rampaging raven haired vixen tackled her. Hitting the concrete hard enough to knock the wind out, the bronze starlet allowed Megan to easily mount her and take up fist fulls of hair. Fox then used Milian’s dirty blonde mane to bounce her head off the concrete several times. In desperation Christina jabbed the back of the handle into Meagan’s ribs repeatedly till she was able to reverse their positions. Megan, who was in a revealing white top that kept her boobs lifted and separated and matching white booty shorts, was now on her back and mounted by her rival.

Milian had chosen to relive her cheerleader days in a cheer outfit like in her Bring It On sequel movie. It flattered her waist as the top had a large pyramid cut from the center of the chest down to each side. It just barely kept Christina’s tits covered. The skirt was regulation length, but the absence of panties wasn’t, even for pro ball cheerleaders. As she rested her vag on Megan’s tummy, Fox noticed and reached in between them getting her claws around Milian’s clit and lips. Milian howled and tried to convince Fox to release her by ripping open the cups of Megan’s bikini and pinching the exposed nipples. Both girls grimaced in agony as they scarred and mangled each other intimately.

Kimora was a dynamo. Unlike Stefani, she was glad she accepted the offer for vengeance. Kimora had let her body go for a while, but health reasons forced her to tighten up and get back into shape. Through hard work she had made it back to a fighting weight in which she soon ran into Pamela Anderson. Pam kept her in mind when the talks of Alba/Biel III started or as Roselyn codenamed it, “Vengeance.” When Pam approached Kimora, Simmons was hesitant being fully aware of what an all-out battle would entail. Finally, she agreed out of loyalty to her former group and a from-that-day simmering desire for revenge. Now she stood decked out in a flimsy mostly see-through sun dress revealing her favorite tiny black and white string two-piece bikini. She had worked hard to flaunt that bikini again, but at the last moment got in her own head and went for a cover albeit barely a cover. It still allowed her to cover what she considered problem areas.

Jessica Simpson was attired in her Daisy Duke outfit, arguably the only good thing about the often-trashed movie adaptation of the “Dukes of Hazard.” Well, she was wearing it. The shirt went flying out into the thankful crowd in seconds as she started losing the duke out with Simmons. Ghetto blasted again and again; Jessica transformed into one of those air puppet dancers. Amidst flailing about, terrible gut shots broke her in two and Kimora used Simpson’s bent over position to relieve her of the Daisy Duke tee, revealing the equally iconic bikini top Jessica wore during the car wash scene.

An uppercut to the skull straightened Simpson up and back into one of the steel barricades, and like Jada nearby Jessica melted down the side of it. Kimora, the only one in high heels used them to stomp the life out of Jessica. The protruding heel stabbed at the blonde’s biggest ever breasts as their only protection was the Daisy Duke bikini top that might as well have been a collection of strings amongst Jessica’s massively enlarged chest whoppers. Kimora easily found vulnerable tit flesh thanks to Jessica’s recent bustiest form. Simmons’ heels also stabbed into Simpson’s tummy and pubic mound. Fearing she wasn’t doing the damage she wanted with Simpson still rocking the daisy dukes, Kimora paused to undo Simpsons shorts and pull them off her victim. Simpson, who was now flat on her back in just her two-piece bikini feared the worst as Kimora raised her legs by the ankles. With Simpson’s legs now spread out, Kimora returned to stomping Jessica’s pubic mound. The screams from Jessica convinced Simmons that removing the shorts was the best idea. But was it enough?

Quickly, Kimora bent between the blonde’s thighs and tugged at the bikini bottoms. Jessica tried to hold them in place but failed losing her bikini bottoms to the crowd. Now Kimora was able to take the heel of her shoes and target Jessica’s bare clit. Bending the legs further back over Jessica, folding her like a matchbook, also put the pussy in prime position to be penetrated by Kimora’s heels. As the heels violated Jessica, she started struggling anew. However, Kimora was too strong and had Jessica right where she wanted her. If Simpson was close to pulling free, Kimora just drove the ball of her feet harder into the blonde’s exposed clit till she was pliable again. Simpson looked around begging for aid that would never come.

Dash was the only one of the Resistance to understand the purpose of the sashes. She had been stalking Scarlett Johansson and saw how Xtasy was forced to succumb. Wearing her flimsy white top and skirt, she wore in Kanye’s “All Falls Down” video, her big tits and huge nipples were easily seen bouncing underneath the skimpy fabric. Stacey took a second to remove the skirt revealing no panties like her teammate Milian. Ringing it like a towel, getting it as long as possible, she moved in on Scarlett as the blonde continued to play bouncy on Xtasy’s jumbo jugs and wrapped the garment around Scarlett’s neck. Spinning to face back into the ring and twisting the noose, Stacey had the garment twisted over her shoulder and dropped to her knees tightening the choke on Johansson. Scarlett’s upper body was being dragged into the ring over the top rope as her lower body kicked in the air. Stacey let up just enough to intensify the strangle by immediately jerking down harder. This bounced Scarlett rag dolling body up and down over the ropes and quickly made her helpless.

Unfortunately for Dash, Kim came to Scarlett’s aid and stomped on Dash till she released her prey. Dash was the subject to a horrible beat down as the booty queen wouldn’t even give her the chance to stand. To make matters worse, Scarlett now had Stacey’s skirt noose and wrapped it around Dash’s neck strangling her from outside the ring. Scarlett was on one knee outside the ring using all of her strength to pay back Dash for the hanging. And to Xtasy’s discomfort that knee Scarlett was supporting herself on was nestled in X’s aching whoppers. Scarlett had to sit between X’s outstretched arms as they were tied to the ropes so she was teasingly in range, yet Spontaneous couldn’t do anything about it but bite Scarlett’s thigh. That only forced Scarlett to bounce in X’s beaten teats till she let go. In the ring Stacey was destroyed. Kim sat in front of Stacey, pinning the legs by the ankles with her hands as she laid back to get her feet up to Dash’s jumbo jugs. Her sneakers ground into Stacey’s flimsily covered rack crushing them into Dash’s ribs. Kim was riding a bike uphill pounding her feet into Stacey’s ravaged knockers. Each stomp to the swelling breast made a thumping sound as Kim’s heels squished them and rebounded off of Stacey’s chest bones. Stacey’s tormented cushions and the tightening noose about her neck were too much. The horrible boob beaten itself was too much to face and it was a race to see if the lack of air or the chest destruction would be the one to put her down.

Teigen caught Cameron’s balled fist as she prepared to start punching Carrere’s groggy form. She was sending Tia to the hospital for sure till Chrissy got in her way. In a whirl Teigen put on her best Rhonda Rousey impersonation dropping to the floor and securing Cameron’s right arm in an armbar with her legs coiled over Cameron’s face and chest. Tia was still partial trapped under Diaz, but at least the beating was over. Diaz quickly started to tap out as she feared Teigen breaking her arm. However, there was no ref in sight and Diaz wouldn’t be the legal fighter anyway.

In all the carnage, none of the raging girls noticed the ref call for the bell when Biel was not allowed back into the ring. Being a legal match, the lumberjills were supposed to keep the fighters from escaping. They weren’t supposed to swarm and gangbang a fighter. The match had been called with Alba’s disqualification for interference. Technically Biel was the winner, but she didn’t feel like one as Alba was killing her ass cheeks with a brutal spanking.

With Cameron under control, Tia was able to recover enough to free herself. Pulling her bloody hair out of her face revealed open cuts to her forehead and lips. Blood also poured from her nose and filled her mouth. Spitting the blood out onto Cameron’s white blouse, the tiger in Tia stirred and she mounted Cameron sitting on her tight black skirt. Clinching her fingers into a double fist, she raised her fists and swung them down violently into Cameron’s tight abs adding to the blondes howls from having her arm mangled. Teigen was relieved. She didn’t know where she was going with her move. It was instinct. She wasn’t going to break the arm and she knew there was no ref coming to accept a surrender. Now she just focused on pinning Cameron down so Tia could get her revenge. Again and again, Tia pummeled Cameron’s tight tummy until the flesh was black and blue. Now Tia started sending in single blows to Cameron’s bruised abs turning Diaz into a whimpering child. Teigen released Diaz when she realized Cameron wasn’t struggling any longer. The unrelenting jackhammering of her tummy had finally silenced her.

The actual battle was starting to wrap up. Alba had turned Biel over to her stomach and was sitting on her upper back so she could spank her foe’s thick ass cheeks till they were bright red apples. She didn’t even see Dawson coming for her. Alicia had to release Sofia to protect herself from Coco stomping on her face. Teigen had recovered Milian’s cat-o-nine and used it to strangle Christina and give Fox the opportunity to turn the tables.

“The Rock” Sanchez delivered an unseen spinning round house kick that rung Mendes’ bells. Straight to the left temple, a perfect brain banger near lifted Mendes off her feet as she careened away from Longoria. Crumbled to the floor trying to regain her composure, Mendes was dropped flat to the floor by another unseen and deadly side kick to her left side again. The force of the blow torpedoed Mendes headfirst into the steel barricades. Out cold with no idea it was Roselyn, Mendes lay silent in her pooling drool.

Aniston took several metal folding chair shots to the head from Halle to halt Aniston’s assault on Pam’s jugs. Since she knocked Pam senseless, Jennifer had directed all of her energy to breaking Anderson’s boobs with punches, karate chops and just plain biting. She was trying to unscrew Pam’s nipples when Halle jumped in. Pam wiggled her trapped arms out from under Aniston and sunk her nails into the groggy Friends actress’ tits causing the once cheerful bully to squint and writhe in agony. Aniston had come to the ring in an opened doctor’s coat and hair styled matching her character in Horrible Bosses. Removing the coat revealed the bra and panties she wore in “We’re the Millers”. Now that white bra was torn open, and her bouncy naturals were mangled and clawed.

Alba found her face buried deep into Dawson’s jean covered crotch. Rosario had swooped in and wrapped her thighs about Alba’s head and now rubbed her covered vag into her rival and friend. Twisting her thighs, she forced Alba off Biel and then dropped to her knees hammering Alba’s skull into the concrete and straining her neck. Alba had left Dawson with a neck injury in their last one on one encounter and Rosario was threatening the same. Tightening her thighs about Jessica’s neck, Dawson rolled onto her back forcing Alba to follow. Then she wrapped her legs into a four trapping Alba face tightly into her crotch. Dawson lifted her lower body from time to time to put more pressure on Jessica’s neck.

As a team, the Corp assisted the Resistance losers into the ring for stage 2, Punishment. Any whoever hadn’t used their sash used it now. Those already in use were repurposed and their victims were moved about. Since they didn’t have enough sashes for everyone, other bits of clothing had to be used. Stacey Dash’s skirt was used to bind her. They left X with a sash and exactly where she was, too worried that freeing the big girls could go sour. Milian’s cheerleader skirt was used to bind her and with the Resistance girls mostly bound and generally under control, Tia grabbed her squad and exited the arena as the rest of the Fab Corp finished preparations.

The Resistance girls were stripped of whatever remained and forced to lay down in the ring next to the ropes with their wrists bound above their heads to the bottom rope. Only Jessica Alba and Spontaneous Xtasy got special treatment. The special knots that had be essential in the plan tightened if pulled, were quick to tie even with thick fabric and had no straightforward way of being undone without prior knowledge. Each Fab girl trained hard to learn the knot. Their plan to isolate the enemy and neutralize them as to double team the others, or as they called it ultimate teamwork, had been more than successful. Despite some of them losing to their rivals, the team proved victorious. And now the punishment round promised to satisfy their thirst for revenge.

However, there was one person missing and they couldn’t get started till their special guest, the Commissioner arrived. And suddenly she appeared coming down the ring in her birthday suit with each of Tia’s squad holding and arm or leg. Carrying Applegate down to the ring, Christina ordered someone anyone to come to her aid. She was the Commissioner after all. Sadly, no one was willing to risk the backlash from Tia’s unit in a misguided attempt at salvation. That was until Calderon spoke up as he approached the Fab girls meeting them and the Commish before they reached the ring. Christina’s stark naked body covered in bruises screaming and shaking her head in defiance was warning enough to anyone getting any ideas, but Calderon didn’t fear any retribution and stood blocking the way to the ring. He came to Applegate’s defense acknowledging the fact that she was not a participant in the match and dragging her down to the ring counts as an assault. Tia’s team didn’t seem too responsive and at Tia’s lead they brushed past him with only Sanchez remarking, “Limp dick.” The grim look of anger on Tia’s face and the determined looks of her team made Calderon take a step back.

Bringing Applegate close to the ring, a squad from within pulled Christina the rest of the way in and secured her laying in the ring with her wrist bound above her head to the bottom rope with her own black leggings as provided by Tia. Like her partners in crime, Applegate would take part in what would happen next.

For her loyal attempt to render aid, Union found herself tied to the bottom rope set to join in the prescribed punishment as well. Each of Tia’s team retrieved their King Cock Mega Girthy dildos, locked them into their hip harness and put the harnesses on, matching the humongous strap-ons of their fellow Fab members. The mega cocks each had ordered for this party had a 10.5-inch insertion length and an unimaginable 9.5-inch circumference. The size of the anal beads that left Halle with a gaping anus for a half hour were half that circumference. They lumbered about like a third leg threatening the Resistance losers.

Only one loser wasn’t in the ring. They left Spontaneous Xtasy outside the ring with her wrist still tied to the middle rope, her destroyed boobs still placed on the apron. She had a front row seat to what was about to happen to her teammates.

The fab girls finished up their preparations. Some planned for more than just stretching out pussies and asses. There were a few transgressions the Fab girls had to repay first. Halle for instance made sure to bring the anal beads that had her asshole gaping. She gathered them and made her way to helpless Jeri Ryan. With the beads in one hand, Halle stroked her mega cock bitch killer as she stood over Jeri Ryan to threaten the blonde bombshell. Halle soon goes to work positioning herself between Jeri’s thighs and forced the blonde’s legs into the air. Halle lay cross body to pin Ryan’s legs against her chest. She spread Ryan’s ass cheeks and stuffed the huge string of anal beads in one by one causing a fresh scream with each as she resorted to hammering them into Jeri’s tight asshole. When fists don’t drive the balls home, Halle repositions and uses her knees plop the beads all the way in. Jeri is in tears and sobbing at the destruction of her butthole. Berry isn’t down with her yet. With the huge anal beads rearranging her insides, Halle plows the huge King Cock Mega Girthy dildo into Ryan’s pussy dry and with no time for the blonde to adjust to the mega load. Despite thrusting as hard as she could Halle could only get a couple of inches past the head into Ryan’s tight pussy.

Kim Kardashian was sitting on Nikki Cox’s face waiting for her mega ass cheeks to rock the rowdy red head to dream land. She let the huge King Cock rest on Nikki’s chest for a moment before grabbing Nikki’s huge tits and mashing them against the shaft of the King Cock. Then she began grinding her ass into Nikki’s face so she could titty fuck the red head as she drifted to ass cheek dreamland.

Fox was forcing Milian to suck the head of the King Cock. “It’s too big,” screamed Milian whenever she got the chance. Still Fox did her best to deep throat Christina. Unfortunately, Christina’s mouth just couldn’t take the monster and she just kept getting the roof of her mouth slammed by the mega dong.

Tia was more successful. She had the Commissioner silenced by deep throating her with the mega cock. Applegate’s throat swelled as the massive member violated her throat. “Damn Chrissy,” remarked Tia. “You don’t have any kind of a gag reflex, do you? How much cock do you suck?”

Tia giggled at Christina’s response, “mmmph mmmph mmmph.””

“You’re a sucky cock sucker,” laughed Fox as she removed the saliva coated behemoth, held it up over Milian’s head and let it drop *bonk* onto Christina’s head. The weight of it was noticeable, but the impact didn’t hurt Christina. As it dripped of her saliva into her hair, it did force Christina to realize her situation was just going to get worse. With a whimper her spirit crashed as had the majority of the other member’s spirits.

Longoria didn’t seem to have any real desire to sexual dominate Mendes. She sat bare butt on Mendes’ face and used her King Cock as a club beating her rival’s tits with the weighty cock. Then taking hold of Mendes’ left leg and pulling it to the side, Longoria used the massive cock to club Mendes’ pubic mound and batter her clit. *donk* *donk* *donk* Longoria punished Mendes’ pussy turning the King Cock into a baton. She felt each exhaust of frustration vibrating in her pussy as Mendes gasped and grunted into her ass.

Kimora had a 3-section chain that had strong clamps on each end. Two crunched down on each of Jessica Simpson’s nipples and the last one bit into her clit. Grabbing the center where the chains connected, Kimora tugged up repeatedly pulling violently on Jessica’s nipples and clit forcing the blonde victim to bridge her body up in a useless attempt to ease the pain. Her face grimaced each time Kimora tugged away repeatedly at the chain tearing into Simpson’s most sensitive nobs.

Coco was using a studded paddle to add some color to the other Simpson sister’s ass. It didn’t take long to go from pink to bright red and then to black and blue. Ashley cried profusely as Coco beat the pride out of her.

Rosario Dawson had really put some thought behind how she was going to pay back Jada Pinkett-Smith for always being up Rosario’s ass. The tiny terror was relentless in violent beatings and verbal insults at any type of party or get together. Dawson couldn’t deny sleeping with Will in any way Jada would believe. Even though she would have been in her rights as the match leading to the extramarital escapade was agreed upon by Jada herself. Every time Jada came within earshot of anyone mildly associated with Dawson, she made sure everybody thought of Dawson as an adulteress whore. It villainized Rosario to the point where Jada could do anything to her and just be cheered on. She was the betrayed wife after all, defending all of the other betrayed wives and good homes a home wrecking whore could tear apart. It gave fuel to women like Gabrielle Union who consider such women to be beyond contempt.

That contempt Gabrielle had for Rosario, led to her humiliating the caramel beauty earlier in the week and sadly to her waiting to see how she would be punished for it. As she watched Dawson slide a string of anal beads into Jada’s ass and observed those Godzilla size cocks, Gabrielle felt real fear replace her burning desire to fight for freedom. The four beaded anal toy wasn’t as big as the one Halle continually hammered into Jeri Ryan’s tanned ring, however. Now that was a sight Gabrielle wished she hadn’t seen as she awaited her turn at whatever. Rosario had taken another anal toy and connected it to the anal beads by threading the butt plug of the toy through the beads pull ring. The pull ring was obviously there to help keep the beads from going in too deep, but not it was used to connect another anal toy for entry into Jada’s pinkett. Dawson now shoved the ring in too with the inserted butt plug. On the part of the butt plug still sticking out was a skunk’s tail. If the butt plug tail wasn’t enough to humiliate Jada, Rosario brough forth and tiny remote and pointed it at Jada giggling so hard her titties ached from the earlier punishment as they bounced all over her chest. Suddenly Jada started jerking about like a floundering fish out of water. Turns out the string of anal beads had a vibrating function, several in fact, and were remote controlled. Union had a front row seat to the kinkiest punishment she could have imagined as she lay right next to Pinkett. Reaching into their pile of toys, Rosario returned with a large double ended Dildo It wasn’t as thick as the King Cocks, but matched the circumference of the golf ball sized beads that had tormented Halle’s rectum. Rosario then plugged one end into Jada’s vulnerable vag. It proved a difficult chore as the anal insertions press on Jada’s pussy walls marking her puss closed for business. Dawson ignored the signs and violently shoved the shaft in until it stretched Jada’s puss out enough to welcome the full 5.277inch circumference of one end of the double cock.

Union shuttered as Rosario approached her. Grabbing Gabrielle’s leg nearest Jada, Rosario started to pull Union over to the site of Jada’s destruction. It took Biel, Fox and Scarlett to help position Union on top of Jada and get the other end of the double cock into the dark chocolate bum hole. Gabrielle howled as she fully realized the absence of any lubrication. With her ass resting on Jada’s pubic mound, Gabrielle upper body lay just to the side so that her armpit rested near Jada’s head. She could hear Jada’s labored breathing and grunts as her body shivered again to the soundtrack of laughter. Rosario now positioned herself above both her victims and introduced her Kick Cock to Union’s Queen box. Up above Jada’s wrist on the middle rope was Xtasy’s bound wrists. Rosario looked out at X and winked as she masterfully stroked deeper and deeper into Gabby’s snatch. The violation involved with learning why the King Cock was also named Mega Girthy, broke Union completely. Then came the grip about her neck. Rosario had both her and Jada in choke holds. It was simply a side effect of Rosario using them to keep her balance, but it felt like the final nails in the coffin. The harder Dawson pumped her King Cock into Union’s vag the more pressure was put on her stuffed anus which in turn pressed Jada’s puss and pressured her stuffed ass. The flopping of the skunk tail as Jada’s ass shook was icing for this cake of the humiliation. Most of the others, including those who assisted Dawson, were soon plugging their victims with their King Cocks. Orgasm came quickly as the Mega Girthy shock to the system ripped one gushing squirt after another from every member.

Only Xtasy who stood out of the ring, bound and forced to look in on her doomed teammates was free from vaginal violations. She caught Jada’s agonizing gaze and returned a sympathetic one. Applegate was placed on Cameron just as Union was on Jada thanks to the only other double headed bitch breaker and had her vag forced gaping by Tia Carrere’s King Cock pounding. Kardashian brutalized Nikki Cox, Fox broke Milian, Longoria dismantled Mendes, Roselyn split Kelly Hu in two, JLO jackhammered Vida, Zoe crushed Gwen, Halle annihilated Jeri, Lovato put Gaga down, Sofia humbled Alicia, Scarlett killed Stacey, Pam eliminated Jennifer, and Kimora and Coco had the Simpson sisters screaming into each other’s face.

Lastly Biel was jackhammering Alba. Alba had been the only one forced to stand facing a corner with her arms bound to the top ropes on either side of the turnbuckle. Biel overstuffed Alba’s puss with the King Cock and pounded the Sin City star to tears. Lucky for Alba her first immediate orgasm led to a gushing squirt that lubed her tormentor just as Biel switch gears. Anyone who saw Biel guest star in Jimmy Kimmel’s HoBo ball skit could recall how she pounded that ball with her body. The same powerful athleticism she displayed there now jackhammered Alba into total submission. Biel hammered away through two more gushing orgasm before she noticed how wet the mat was getting. The speed was ridiculous. Alba couldn’t react to one mega thrust till she took two more. Getting it the worst of her colleagues except for the anal suffering ones, Alba was reduced to a blubbering mess.

And then it happened. Amidst the moans of extasy Alba screamed out, “Oh, shit! I love you!” Though Alba screamed it at the top of her lungs, few actually heard her. Biel was in another world as her body hammered away like a machine. Most of her teammates were also too focused on annihilating their rivals. Only Xtasy of the Resistance heard the remark as she was the only member not having her uterus or ass rearranged. Of the spectators, those closest to the ring heard, but didn’t know what to make of it. Could it be that Alba actually had the hots for Biel? Is this whole feud just her trying to destroy something she can’t have? Has beating Biel become some kind of sexual gratification for her? She wouldn’t be the first to get off on subjugating another. There was no immediate answer to those questions, but the question of how long Biel can keep up her devastating energy appeared to be at hand. She was beginning to slow to deeper longer strokes. With her eyes bugging out, Alba confessed again, “Oh god! Oh god! I love you!” The surprised look on Biel’s face and her sudden freeze proved she heard it that time.

“Oh, Albie,” Biel responded. “I love breaking you too.” Biel pulled out the Mega Girthy finding it soaked and dripping of Alba’s juices. Playfully she lifted it up repeatedly to tap it against Alba’s now gaping open and still gushing pussy. “Ooh, you’re like a fountain. Are you just pissing or what?” Biel laughed as she cupped her hands and gathered a pool of the fluid and slapped both hands onto each side of Alba’s face. When Alba reacted to the slaps, Biel slipped her dripping fingers into Alba’s gaping mouth making Alba taste herself. “There you go,” teased Biel. “That’s all you… your stinking rancid pussy cream. Swallow it down.” Biel then removed her fingers from Alba’s mouth and dried her hands through Alba’s hair before tugging hard to get some face-to-face time. “I didn’t know you cared Alba. If I had known, I would have signed for the match sooner. If you just wanted me to fuck you, all you had to do was ask,” taunted Biel.

“Fuck you,” replied Alba transforming back from sobbing victim to her ultimate defiant form. “Fuck you. You didn’t beat me. Your girls did it for you. By yourself, you are nothing.” Alba’s words wouldn’t bite until much later. At the moment, the sobbing and coughing cries, made it hard to take Alba serious.

Biel put her right forearm at the base of Alba’s neck and forced her face into the turnbuckle and responded, “Stop it… no more flirting. You had all of your girls by your side and where did it get you? We’re about to drown in your squirt. You know why? Do… you… know… why?” Biel accentuated each word pounding Alba again and again into the turnbuckle. “Because we are a team you are nothing but a band of backstabbing low life Cunts.” Biel accented “Cunts” by plowing her knee into Alba’s ass cheeks. Before Alba’s bronze cheeks could stop jiggling, Biel was stepping back and out of Alba’s lake of squirt.

By now the others were finishing up with their partners who were crying profusely. All of their pussies were left gaping as they all continued to shiver from the agony of the most explosive orgasms they had ever achieved. Not even Jada and Cameron were sparred.

While Union and Applegate got the most of it, Rosario and Tia made sure not to leave the girls out at the end. Repositioning Union and Applegate off their fuck buddies after they fully coated their violating cocks, Rosario and Tia stretched Jada and Cameron’s pussies unimaginably with their King Cocks. JLO had moved to Vida’s ass. Thankfully Vida’s pussy juices had lubed the massive organ. Mega thrust to the anus had the head visibly protruding through Vida’s vaginal wall making Guerra’s remaining pussy juices pool up and splash out with each thrust. Then JLO made Vida suck the cock to clean it. Back and forth JLO subjugated Vida with her anus stretching and humiliating cock cleaning.

Having fucked the defiance out of the Resistance, the Fab girls gathered in the center of the ring and congratulated each other on a job well done with high fives and hugs. Then they compared who got the deepest in by how high the moisture line was on each member. Biel was cheered the winner though she really hadn’t gone as deep as Scarlett. Sadly, Alba’s mega stream of fueled extasy had bathe her member entirely making it appear that Biel had stuff the entirety in. Scarlett came in second just barely missing the last half inch in Stacey Dash’s cunt.

“Alright, line up everybody,” requested Pamela Anderson. “One last task before we leave these bitches to cry themselves to sleep.” The girls all lined up behind Pam and the Baywatch beauty led them out of the ring, to the corner where the steps were and down the steps in an orderly fashion. Xtasy grimaced as they approached her, fearing she was wrong in thinking she’d escaped.

“Hi X,” teased Pam. “May I call you X?” Xtasy heard snickers from the line behind Pam. “You see, we had a conversation before the match and thought…” Pam got all perky. “…what do we do with you. Your career is literally to take as much cock as possibly. You’ve probably had bigger dildo’s than ours, haven’t you? So, what do you do to the gangbang queen?” Pam now smiled as she approached X. “You gangbang her.”

With that the former Cockfight Queen took up residence within Xtasy’s pussy. It wasn’t the biggest Spontaneous had ever had, but nobody has ever rammed something so huge into her and pounded away without giving her pussy a chance to adjust to the size. Big X was soon quivering. She thought she was lucky at first because Pam didn’t stay in it too long. The fight had taken its toll on the blonde. However, the word gangbang started to resonate with her as Halle Berry took Pamela’s place, and then Tia. Eventually all 17 members of the Fab Corp, including visiting Kimora, took their turn in X’s now gaping and dripping wet pussy. Towards the end Spontaneous couldn’t even stand and the Fab girls had to muscle a leg up to continue the vag destruction.

The Fab Corp after party went on all night as each reminisced over the thrill of getting payback. They thrilled over how they had left the Resistance bound, gaping and dripping on full display. There’s no telling how many pictures were taken and how far this news will spread. Adding to the joy, was the later reported fact that for the first 20 minutes after the carnage was over, the girls were still bound because no one could figure out how to untie them. In the end, the restraints had to be cut. If that wasn’t enough, video hit the net fairly quickly of their mixture of slow walking and squatting to relieve their aching gaping pussies. The stream of pussy juices marking their walk of shame and the swimming pool left in the ring had to be cleaned with a wet vac.

The Massacre didn’t loom over Fab Corp heads anymore. Sanchez was the MVP of the day thanks to her strategy for the match. Roselyn knew the Resistance wasn’t going to go down easily. She decided they needed ways to isolate them and put them down quickly. The answer came in the matching sashes they would wear which would appear as just clothing and using them to bind opponents to some type of immovable structure, taking the girls out of the fight quickly. The war was supposed to take place in the ring for access to the ropes, but all went well as they adapted quickly. Roselyn had searched the internet for hours trying to find the right knot, one that could be tied quickly yet be impossible to escape and difficult to untie. Roselyn showed off the first sash which she had arranged to be made as soon as she solidified her ideas and used it to teach the knot to the others. The Fabs impromptu training camp was mostly focused on everyone learning to tie the knots.

Then came the hard sell, with equal numbers some would have to sacrifice and take a beating to help a teammate tie up their opponent. Ideally that teammate now free can assist their partner afterwards. The tactic should work even when slightly outnumbered, effectively leveling the battlefield. The rest of the training camp focused on the idea of staying aware of their surroundings so they can help each other, or ultimate teamwork as Roselyn called it. It’s dangerous because it loses focus on the immediate threat, however aiding each other along with trapping could prove to be devastating.

Knowing that the Resistance could never adopt such a strategy because they are not really a “team”, Roselyn felt it would be unlikely for them to have an answer for the scheme. In that aspect the Resistance never had a chance. All the Fabs needed now were the remaining sashes and for the King Cock Mega Girthy each had ordered from to arrive. Luckily, they all arrived on the day of the match and about the same time. The plan was ready. The tools had arrived. The trap was set.
-The End


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