It is a dream scenario. It is a fight between two full figured, big breasted, slightly past their prime, heavily tattooed porn stars. The fact that they are slightly past their primes and pack a couple extra pounds does not diminish this fight in the least bit. The fans know that they are about to get a down and dirty, nasty brawl from two experienced ladies that will abuse each other in exciting and spectacular ways.

On one side of the ring stands the fan favorite, big blonde Jenna Jameson. She has been called the world's most famous adult-entertainment performer and "The Queen of Porn". Her recent stint on Celebrity Big Brother UK vs USA makes her this London crowd's darling. Jenna is bigger than her really thin performing days, but now curvy with colorful tattoos covering both arms. Her spectacular breasts have only gotten bigger. Jenna has the confidence of the ABA's training swelling in her chest, which cultivates into a smug facial expression. The blonde is a staunch member of Jenny McCarthy's syndicate, The McCarthy Mob. She stands in the corner with her hands on her hips waiting on the bell.

Across the ring stands her opponent, Spontaneous Xtasy. She came to fame with the film, Spantaneeus Xtasty 551 where she set the World Record for Gangbanging. The star of Chocolate Gozongas 4, has always sported a multitude of tattoos on her arms and chest, and like Jenna has added a few pounds over the years. However, the star of Amazon Breasts is still extremely curvy and super desirable. She is especially looking forward to this match. Although now part of the Resistance, Xtasy is a former member of the ABA as well. Jenna orchestrated her Milano, Xtasy's beat down out of the syndicate. Xtasty is thirsty for revenge.

All those facts are interesting back drops. Tonight, in London, fans are packed to the rafters in the SSE Arena, Wembley, to see Jenna Jameson and Spontaneous Xtasy battle it out for Stone Rage's newest title, the XXX Championship. The title is for adult entertainers, and sexual activity is very much encouraged. The event is appropriately named the GOLD EXPERIENCE III. One of these women is going to experience walking away with a brand new gold championship belt.

Jenna notices the camera as she stands, spilling out of a purple string bikini. The blonde gives the fans a double bicep pose before turning around to show her hot ass. Then she bends over to stretch by touching her toes. Jenna turns around as the camera pans up from her feet to her face.

Next the camera pans to Xtasy. She treats the fans to a quick side flex pose, to see that she too is battle ready. Then Xtasy poses like a model in a photo shoot. She even turns around to show a big plump juicy ass and bounces up and down to make it jiggle. Finally Xtasy turns to face the camera with a smile also with body parts barely contained and falling out of a zebra print bikini.

The bell rings and both ladies seductively saunter to the middle of the ring. "Are you ready for this?" Jenna asks as she raises both hands challenging her opponent to a test of strength.

"Sure. Let's see what you got" Xtasy answers as she raises her hands and locks finger with Jenna. The vixens vie against each other in a stalemate for a while. Then to many's surprise, Xasy starts sinking to one knee. The brunette has beefier arms, but because of her extra-long fingernails, Jenna has a better grip. Once forcing her rival down to a knee, Jenna kicks Xtasy to the side, knocking her over to the mat.

Jenna quickly pounces on Xtasy and starts wrestling her to the mat. The blonde is on top and is muscling and pinning Xtasy. She grasps both of Xtasy's wrists and is close to pinning both of Xtasy's arms down above her head when the Gang Bang Queen heaves and rolls Jenna off top of her. Xtasy is now on top grappling and trying to keep Jenna down. With a mischievous smile, Xtasy reaches down and pulls Jenna's bikini top to the side, allowing the blonde's big tits to spill out. Jenna lets out a loud mock and obligatory scoff at the indignity of having her breasts exposed. Nether the less if her modesty is real or not, the blonde redoubles her efforts. She throws Xtasy from off top of her and rolls on top of her opponent in a matter of seconds. Once on top, Jenna viciously wraps two hands around Xtasy's neck to choke her.

When Jenna cannot fully contain the struggling Xtasy by the neck, she repays Xtasy by pushing Xtasy's tits out of her top and digs her claws into Xtasy's huge chocolate boobs to subdue her. Xtasy screams and bucks more vigorously to knock Jenna off top of her. Still unable to contain the buxom Xtasy, Jenna sits up and drives the point of her elbow down into Xtasy's pubic mound. Xtasy shrieks in an explosion of pain and pleads, "No.. no Not again!" as Jenna drives her elbow down a second and third time. Finally a beefy leg swings around and kicks Jenna away.

Jenna rolls away while holding her jaw and saying, "Owww Damned big bitch."

"Fuck you... You bleached blonde fucking bitch!" Xtasy snaps back nastily. "Get ready for a beat down to pay for that dirty ambush at Pink's studio. I'm going to rips off your ears and shove them up your ass so you can hear me kicking your ass." Xtasy threatens as gets back to her feet.

"Just bring it Bitch! I'm here for that XXX title belt." Jenna yells back. While trading insults, both women stand and readjust their bikini tops to cover their big breasts.

The two colossal babes lock horns again. This time both women grab two handfuls of the other's hair and start pulling, tearing and jerking each other around. They only take breaks from hair pulling to clobber one another over the head, or burring punches into their foe's ribs and tits. Then a dominant figure presents herself. Jenna captures Xtasy in a headlock. Next she wrestles Xtasy down to her knees. Jenna has her hands clasps right against Xtasy's throat and wringing her head back and forth. The hold's effectiveness is displayed on Xtasy's anguished face and her squirming body.

In her zeal to inflict pain, Jenna wrings on Xtasy's neck and leans back further. However she shifted her body weight and gets unbalanced. It allows Xtasy to throw the off balance woman to the mat and slip out of the headlock. At first Jenna is surprised that she has been tossed out of her headlock. Then while she is on the mat, Xtasy is all over her and wrangling her in between her legs for a tight leg scissors hold. Xtasy's thick legs prove as effective as Jenna's head lock. It has the blonde squirming with a grimace and pushing against Xtasy's legs for relief. The blonde finally finds some relief when she starts hammering her fist down on Xtasy's crotch. Then a twist of Xtasy's pussy lips grants her freedom.

Both porn queens rise to their feet, but Jena gets up first. When Xtasy gets fully erect, Jenna is waiting and wraps two hands around Xtasy's throat. As Xtasy gags Jenna powers her back against the ropes with the two handed choke. Xtasy is bent backwards over the top rope. Then a sly smile spouts on her face. She is in perfect position to kick out with her right leg and punt Jenna in the cunt. Jenna roars in pain and stumbles back several steps, before dropping to her knees while clutching her pussy.

Next Xtasy walks behind her foe and wraps her arm around Jenna's throat in a rear chin lock. Xtasy wrenches on the hold, getting wails from the blonde. Confidently Xtasy laughs and adds, "Uh Oh... how are you going to get out of this one?" An evil and annoyed expression crosses Jenna's face. Then she drives her elbow back hard into Xtasy's big titty. Xtasy howls and releases Jenna and backs away while holding her harpooned tit.

Both women get to their feet, breathing hard and inspecting themselves for injury. After a moment's rest, Jenna explodes and charges at Xtasy. The blonde blasts Xtasy with a huge right hook to her jaw. Xtasy's head spins and her eyes start rolling in her head like a slot machine. Xtasy drops to one knee but instantly rises back up and reels clumsily backward. Jenna's quick shoves and traps Xtasy in the corner. Jenna unleashes a right handed open hand slap across Xtasy's face. The Gang Bang Queen's knees buckle, and she only stays upright by draping her arms over the top rope.

With Xtasy dazed and barely hanging on, Jenna decides to go for Xtasy's bikini top. She is sure that Xtasy's breasts are her weak point from their ambush of her years ago. The personal invasion rouses Xtasy a bit. She puts her arms up to defend her chest while slapping Jenna's hands away. Annoyed but undaunted Jenna rears back her fist and drives it into Xtasy's ribs. The Gang Bang Queen's body jolts like a surge of electricity just ran through her. Jenna unloads five more explosive punches to Xtasy's belly. The Gang Bang Queen slumps in the corner, no longer offering any defense. Jenna laughs loud and proud while patting Xtasy's tummy. However there is no rest for the wicked, and Jenna pounds Xtasy's aching gut with several more undefended shots.

"Ohhhh it hurts" Xtasy mindlessly mumbles. Jenna leans in and starts untying Xtasy's bikini top once again. "Get away" a hurting Xtasy mumbles. "Lesbian." Her weak pleas are ignored, and soon Jenna steals Xtasy's top.

"Whoooooo! Look what I got!" Jenna says as she bounces around and waves Xtasy's top above her head. Jenna waves the top in Xtasy's face to taunt her then turns to wave it for the fans.

Xtasy slumps in the corner until Jenna turns her back. Then she races out of the corner and attacks Jenna from behind. She rips a kidney shot, followed by another then another. Xtasy's other hand was on Jenna's hip, on top of the knot holding bikini bottoms together. Of course Xtasy took the opportunity for payback and pull the string to untie half of Jenna's bikini bottoms. "What the fuck?" Jenna exclaims as she breaks away and spins into a corner of the ring to face Xtasy with both of her hands over her crotch. Jenna starts trying to retie the strings, but Xtasy swoops in with a right hook to her jaw. The blonde swoons for only a moment, but is enough for Xtasy to grab her bikini bottoms and jerk them off.

Xtasy bounces around while Jenna stands in the corner with both hands covering her private parts. "Give me that back, you fat ass bitch!" Jenna demands.

Give me that back!!! Xtasy sings, mocking her foe. After a good laugh, Xtasy approaches, offering the bikini bottom in her left hand. When Jenna reaches out for the bottom, Xtasy wallops her across the jaw with a right hook to her jaw. As Jenna swoons in the corner, Xtasy blasts her with a left hook a split second later, Followed by another blast from Xtasy. Jenna is dazed and on Dream Street. Instinctively she drapes her arm over the top ropes to stay standing.

Seeing Jenna helpless before her, Xtasy unleashes a barrage of punches to her victim's stomach, just above her opponent's bare, hairless cunt. Barely able to breath, Jenna tries to escape the punishment corner and get away. Xtasy grabs her dazed stumbling foe by the shoulder to straighten her up to face The Gang Bang Queen. Next Xtasy strikes with a kick that connects between Jenna's legs, right in the pussy. Jenna shouts then falls to the mat to her hands and knees.

Xtasy steps over the moaning blonde. Some fans thought they were Xtasy might get a horse ride from the downed blonde, but most never realized that Xtasy never dropped Jenna's bikini bottoms either. Xtasy starts by reaching down and disrespectfully rubbing the bikini bottoms in Jenna's face. Xtasy finishes by looping the garment around Jenna's neck. The blonde gags and paws at the bottoms and desperately tries to pull it away. "Fuck you cunt! Choke on your own pussy juice!" Xtasy growls as she throttles Jenna's head back and forth. Jenna is down to a seated position grabbing at the string bikini bottom lassoed around her neck with her legs kicking the canvas. Jenna's struggles amuse Xtasy who laughs at her opponent's plight. "Haaa ha ha suffer bitch! This is why they call me the Avenger!" Jenna's eyes roll up in her head soon afterward. Her kicking comes to a halt, then her arms drop to the mat.

"It's over!" the referee frantically yells and signals Xtasy off. The victor slowly releases the garment and gently places the slumbering blonde's head on the canvas. Xtasy's moments were slow and deliberate as she soaks in every moment of victory. Not allowing the loser any dignity Xtasy reaches down and plops Jenna's huge tits out of the bikini top for everyone to see. Xtasy puts a foot on Jenna's chest and treats the audience to a series of victory poses with her new title belt. The bare breasted new champion raises both hands above her head, then does double bicep poses and other poses to show off her strength and dominance. Meanwhile Jenna is out cold, flat on her back with her legs wide open showing her pink pussy to the audience in attendance and others watching around the world.

Once the euphoria of winning dissipates, Xtasy realizes that the fans were not pleased that she won the title. The English fans are much more familiar with the world renowned Queen of Porn. Xtasy knows of a way to perhaps win over some fans. Besides she never intended to let Jenna off this easy anyway. Xtasy walks around Jenna's prone body for a couple of revolutions, then she drops her big ass down on Jenna's face. She rubs ass on Jenna's face then rises off her a bit. Xtasy sexily continued. She shook and twisted her ass across Jenna's face again and again, playing to the crowd until she revives Jenna some.

Seeing Jenna waking, Xtasy stands and unties her own bikini bottoms and removes them then drops them to the mat. She returns to her seat on Jenna's face again. This time she takes the time to untie Jenna's bikini top while Jenna weakly kicks underneath the new champion. Once Xtasy gets the top off and tosses it aside. The London audience is now treated to two stark naked porn stars in the ring.

Suddenly a devilish grin comes across Xtasy's face. She rises off Jenna's face a little to make sure she can breathe, then she starts rubbing Jenna's round tits. It is not rough but an erotic caressing to turn on the audience and the blonde. Once her intentions are known Xtasy's rubs reach deeper down until she reaches Jenna's pussy, that gets special attention then her hands travel back up Jenna's body back to massage her breast one more. Xtasy made several more seductive trips up and down Jenna's beautiful body. Xtasy made use of her trademark long finger nails to tantalize Jenna's body. It seemed the girls built a bond together during that brief time.

Xtasy repositions herself and hovers with her pussy right above Jenna's face. The blonde knows what she must do. She lifts her head and sticks out her tongue and starts licking. Xtasy moans, "hhoooooooo" as Jenna starts. Xtasy rotates her hips in a circular motion as the good feelings mount. Jenna may had loss the fight and the title, but she was determined to show Xtasy that she was still the boss bitch one way or another. Her way was to aggressively lip and suck her pussy until she has seduced all resistance out of Xtasy. It is working as Jenna hears Xtasy let out another long growling moan. Xtasy says "Of Fuck!" as she comes to boil. Then her head falls back and she finally reaches an orgasm.

Xtasy take a moment to compose herself then travels down Jenna's body. She thrust apart Jenna's legs and gets between them. "Your turn" Xtasy offers with a grin and goes down on Jenna licking her bald puss. Jenna gasps and arches her back. Her hips rotate and gyrate instinctively. It appears that Xtasy is trying to re-impose her will over the blonde. After Xtasy's tongue got everything started, she got Jenna wet and sloppy. Now she rises up off Jenna and moves up and plops her giant tit on Jenna's cunt. She lines her nipple up with Jenna's clit and starts swinging her tit back and forth. The erotic skin on skin touch gives Jenna new sensations. Xtasy grabs her boob with her hands and uses her breasts as a sex toy, and it is effective. Xtasy rubs and scrubs her soft warm breast across and up and down Jenna's pussy. In her long phenomenal career, the blonde has never experienced this sensation. Jenna closes her eyes and squeezes out an orgasm.

The fans soon forgot about who was their favorites, they applauded the sexual act that they were fortunate enough to witness. Jenna lies on her back, drained from the match and orgasm. She gives Xtasy the floor completely to herself. First she did not want to encourage the new champion's ire. She does not want an embarrassing episode at this point of the night. Second, she certainly does not feel this will be her final meeting with Xtasy, and that gold belt is destined to be around her waist someday. After all Jenna is the Queen of Porn.

Xtasy parades her championship belt around the ring. She hoists it above her head and returns to the backstage to celebrate with the rest of her Resistance members. The town will be rocking tonight. Xtasy is the first champion in the Resistance. She will go down in history as the first XXX Champion.


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