Journey To The Casket PART 1

It started as a quick reconnect amongst old acquaintances. Alicia Keys took a trip to the west coast to handle some business. While there, Alicia agreed to meet an old acquaintance, Jennifer Aniston for a quick drink and reunion. Alicia and Jennifer met while directing a short movie along with Demi Moore years ago. Halfway through their reconnecting, a recruiting pitch breaks out. Jennifer begins trying to convince Alicia to think about joining her catfight organization, the Resistance. Jennifer made a convincing pitch, but Alicia had no interest in joining the group. It did spark a deep conversation and debate about each other's catfighting career and goals. Alicia went on to explain that she enjoys the energy in her team up with her old friend Beyonce and plans on maintaining it indefinitely.

Then as luck would have it, other acquaintances of Alicia and members of the Resistance, Eva Mendes and Christina Milian arrive and join Alicia and Jennifer. Christina and Eva's arrivals were planned to help convince Alicia to join the Resistance. Neither Jennifer, Christina or Eva are remotely successful in convincing Alicia to join. All four end up enjoying a little wine and talking shop instead. They openly discuss league secrets, rumors and conspiracy theories. Alicia is a smart woman and stays tight lipped as much as the wine will allow. A lot of Alicia's conversations were veiled in talk of positive and negative energy and vibes. However she had six ears listening and breaking down her sentences for nuggets of information. After Alicia leaves for the evening Eva, Christina and Jennifer hang around and start dissecting everything that Alicia said.

"Reading through the lines, did I understand that Beyonce needs rehab time? She must have a serious injury that she's been hiding?", Eva recalls. "I could really exploit that if I knew what it was. One of Pam Anderson's weaknesses is that she really cares a lot about her former pupil, Beyonce. She would do anything to help Beyonce, even give me that dream match." Eva schemes. "After all this time, this could be the key."

"One thing I know about Alicia is that she puts everything in her diary." Jennifer chimes in. "If we could browse through her diary, we will definitely find out what is hurting Beyonce."

"How do you suppose that we do that?" Eva says, stating the obvious. "As bad as I want my dream match, I wouldn't sacrifice my friendship with Alicia. She treasures that diary. You would have to hurt her for a peak. Who could ever even hurt Alicia? She is too sweet and enchanting to ever hurt a hair on her head. There has got to be another way." Eva says and starts contemplating.

"No there aren't many other ways to get a look at Alicia's Diary other than to take it." Jennifer advises. "I'm nowhere near mean enough to hurt a hair on Alicia's sweet head either. She’s so beautiful that you just want to eat her up!" Jennifer gushes then continues, "Hmmm not everyone in the Resistance knows Alicia. Maybe somebody else wouldn't mind trying."

"Are you two fucking kidding me?" Christina explodes. "Don't tell me that you're falling for the sweet and enchanting Alicia positivity shit. There are a lot of R & B singers like me who know differently. Her co-judges on The Voice know differently. Sure Alicia is all sweet with her good vibes and energy, but when you're standing in the way of something that she wants, the fierce competitor comes out. She is the producer of the Netflix movie that I'm starring in, and the business woman that I deal with is only concerned about being the best. Like every prodigy, she's a perfectionist. Bring that competitor side of Alicia out, and she is real easy to fight. She might give you more fight than you want."

The next morning Alicia leaves the beach house that she is renting and goes to a secluded part of the private beach. She told Jennifer, Christina and Eva how much she enjoys going there early mornings and collecting her thoughts and writing in her journal. Alicia is wearing a yellow bikini with a wrap around her waists for modesty sake. The majority of time she is alone, but occasionally there are other people there. It is an exclusive beach community.

Alicia finds her peace and tranquility with the universe. She listens to the waves crashing and feels the warm breezes. She lies on her lounge chair, taking everything in then picks up her journal. As she does, Alicia sees another couple approaching and setting up chairs near her vicinity. Looking through her sunglasses, she recognizes the woman as the world famous hip hop model, Vida Guerra. Alicia had no clue who the man accompanying her is, but he is one of the finest, most handsome men that she can remember seeing in a very long time.

Vida and the mystery man set up chairs within shouting distance of Alicia. Alicia tries to mind her own business, but the guy took off his shirt and has washboard abs and a perfect body. She said, "Damned!" under her breath. Alicia is a perfectly happy married woman, and would never cheat, but just about any woman would stop and admire this work of art. Alicia opens her diary and starts writing so she would stop ogling Vida's guy.

Dear Diary
Weird girl talk with Jennifer Aniston yesterday, she was trying to get me to join her group, the Resistance. Why in the hell would I ever want to do that? Then Jen invited Eva Mendes and Christina Milian to join us. I guess they were supposed to be backup to help recruit me. LOL! The energy was all wrong with them.

Still there was a strange vibe. It was like they were testing me or searching for information. Overall I had fun with them though. They were obviously digging for information, but I guess they didn't mean any harm. It's a strange time in the league. I was paying attention to everything they said too.

As Alicia starts writing she looks up and notices Vida walking off and leaving her hunk alone on the beach. Immediately Vida's fine ass Latin boy toy looks Alicia's way like he is trying to get her attention. Moments later he strides over and asks, "Excuse me but aren't you Alicia Keys? I'm sorry to bother you but I'm a huge fan. My name is Miguel. Can I please get a picture with you? It would mean the world to me." Alicia smiles and chooses to be appreciative to the fan, as she usually does. However since this one is so attractive, it makes it easier for her to spend a few extra moments, and oblige him to a photo on his cell phone. In fact Alicia is a little flattered that this man is a fan of hers.

"Only if you promise to get me a picture with Vida Guerra and you”, Alicia answers with a smile. "I'm a fan of Vida." She begins engaged him with a few moments of idol banter.

After Miguel and Alicia have talked for several minutes, Vida returns, walking pretty quickly. She walks to Alicia and her escort and angrily asks, "What the hell is going on here?" Vida directs her fury toward Alicia asking, "Are you trying to take my man?"

"Whoa calm down Vida!" Alicia says taken aback by Vida's attitude. "Nobody is flirting with your friend." Alicia continues, "He said he was a fan, and we were just talking. In fact, I asked him to introduce me to you."

"I don't believe you!" Vida shouts back. "Everyone knows that you're a home wrecking ho! Once you're a home wrecking ho; you're always a home wrecking ho! You can't help yourself, because you're a fucking ho!" [Fun Fact: Alicia, her husband (producer - Swizz Beatz) and his ex-wife (singer - Mashonda) are all one big family now. However Mashonda accused Alicia's hard pursuit of her husband while they were still married as putting the death nail in their marriage.]

That struck a big nerve in Alicia, just like Jennifer and Eva said it would. Her sensational smile instantly disappeared. "I'm going to go." Alicia emotionlessly states and stands and begins to gather her things.

"Don't turn your back on me and run now, because I exposed you as a little ho!" Vida yells. "You were using your feminine energy to cast a spell on him. You've got my man all hot and bothered and smiling and shit. You've got him thinking and fantasying about Alicia Keys instead of me!" the Cuban sexpot huffs. "You're not the only person who understands the powers of energy and vibes. Follow me on and you'll know I speak about feminine energy and empowerment. But your positive energy is just a front to mask your true power. You have a sensual-sexy energy! You can use it to enchant the world, but I will not let you use it on Miguel!"

"Are you insane?" Alicia shouts flabbergasted. "I don't want your man. You're Vida fucking Guerra! You're one of the most gorgeous and sexiest women walking on the face of the Earth. I'm sure Miguel is thanking his lucky star that he is with you." Alicia says being a beaming light of positivity energy as always. "I'm sure he would never leave you for me or anyone else."

Alicia turns to Miguel to back her up. Miguel immediately frowns and starts hedging. "Yeah I guess. Vida is hot and amazing! She is an unbelievable strong woman."

"Don't lie Miguel, tell me, the truth!" Vida demands. "If you lie to me, I'm leaving right now and never fucking with you again. Tell me that you weren't falling under Alicia's spell" Miguel looks down and does not answer Vida right away. "You know I saw it in your eyes when you first laid eyes on her, and felt her energy. Tell me the truth or you're done Miguel!"

"Alicia makes me so hot just being so fucking beautiful. I can't help myself but to tell the truth. I wish I could lie to you but I can't." Miguel stammers.

Alicia's mouth drops open and she blurts, "I have nothing to do with this Vida!" Her eyes are wide pleading with Vida to believe her. Then it starts to register in Alicia's mind that she is caught up in some kinky mind game with these two. "Can't you see that he's trying to manipulate us to argue for his creepy and twisted little pleasure?" Alicia is in total disbelief. She looks at Vida for simple understanding.

"Now I'm stupid, huh? You act like I didn't feel your sensual energy as soon as I came to the beach." Vida says trying to escalate the situation. Alicia stands amazed at how she got in this loony bin. "Your sensual feminine powers overpowered my man. Why? Because you want him and I know it. We both know it! You're a home wrecking ho and I'm going to kick your ass!" Vida finishes with a hard shove that sends Alicia tumbling over her chair to the sand.

Alicia picks herself up off the ground. Alicia overflows with positivity and good energy. She still keeps hope that she can resolve this incident without an altercation. "Vida please calm down. This is all a big mistake!" Alicia frantically explains. "We are both very spiritual women. We can talk this out."

Vida shoves the rising, woman again. "There is nothing to talk out. Didn't you hear? You make my man hot, hotter than I do apparently. So, I've got to fight for him to keep him. Our three energies can't co-exist together. There is too much attraction."

Alicia looks confused as her brain comprehends what she just heard. Alicia whole heartedly believes in energies, but Vida is perverting the concept and taking it to another level. It hurts Alicia that this man has so much control over such a gorgeous and successful woman. She thinks it would be merciful to fight Vida and relieve her of this insane obsession. She wonders how to heal this woman's obvious lack of self esteem. Alicia wonders what the best way to minister to this woman is. Eventually she comes to the conclusion that she might have to beat some sense into her. Instead, Alicia springs to her feet and says, "Alright, I'm not going to fight you. We're going to talk this out woman to woman. Let's just calm down. I'm a happily married woman and I apologize if I unintentionally made anyone think otherwise. We can talk about my mistakes. We also can have a long conversation about why Miguel makes you so emotional and jealous."

"I know you want to talk. That's all you want to do you preachy ass bitch!" Vida earnestly yells back. "You're so self righteous that you're annoying and make people want to slap the shit out of you!" Vida's words ring true to Alicia after a lifetime of often being misunderstood. Then Vida goes deeper. "You don't fool me with your positive energy, with Skittles, Care Bears and unicorns flying out of your ass. I have feminine power too. My power makes me sexy and allows me to make a man's mouth water. Your energy touches men and women's minds and hearts. You take energy from them. The worst is you can do it without knowing or caring. Positive energy my sexy ass! You are a mind fucking, sexual and sensual energy slut! You are really a dirty hoe bag and hooker at heart. You really want to fuck the shit out of Miguel right this second and suck all the energy out of him. Then grind on my body and rock me mindless and suck me dry too. Then you'll go and put all that energy into a song! You're nothing but a fucking sensuality stealing witch! You won't get a drop of energy out of Miguel or me. In fact, I'm stealing all of your power and send you back to singing about how he doesn't even know your name." Vida slaps Alicia across the face and says, "I'm the alpha female energy on this beach. You're just a mind witch."

Alicia is a very spiritual artist, who sometimes speak with her head in the clouds, but she totally understood that tirade on energy and vibes. Alicia is aware that she has a sensual energy that seduces both men and women that make them fall in love and lust for her. Vida has a strong energy too. It is a strong raw sexual energy from her perfect body that over powers and creates raw physical attraction. Now it makes sense to the artist that her soft sensual seduction is simply clashing with Vida's raw sexual energy. This is no reason to fight. They could make a spectacular team. But now that the truth is revealed in both of their minds, the competitor in Alicia is awakened and is willing to fight and take that energy from the other feminine power. Alicia has withstood too many insults, or were they truths? It does not matter right now. It is time to beat this delusional bitch's ass. Alicia whips off her wrap from her waist and tosses it aside. Definitely ready for action, Alicia proclaims, "I've got your witch for you, devil."

Vida just smiles as the women circle away from the chairs and into the open sand. Vida had accomplished the first part of her assignment. She has goaded the peace loving, Alicia into a fight and has not threatened the relationships between the Resistance and Alicia. The second part of her assignment to incapacitate Alicia and get a look through her diary. Miguel was chosen and hired through the acting agency to help accomplish both goals.

"You're right about one thing." Alicia says as she marches toward Vida. "I don't want your man, but I really want your ass!" Alicia angrily finishes and accompanies her desire with a hard cracking slap across Vida's face. The slap is so hard that it sends Vida stumbling and twisting out of control across the beach. Sweet Alicia is gone. She pursues after her prey like the Terminator.

Vida takes advantage of Alicia's over confidence as she walks toward her with her defenses down. Vida' hands shoot up and snatches Alicia by the hair before Alicia's hands could act. Immediately Vida jerks Alicia's head backwards by her hair. Suddenly Alicia finds her spine arched backwards and her head snatched back so far that she is looking straight up at the clear beach sky. Alicia screams from the pain while feeling pretty helpless. Vida had total control of her body by her hair. Next Vida whips Alicia's hair, forcing her helpless captive to start making circular revolutions around the Latin sex bomb. Alicia felt like a moon orbiting around planet Vida. Alicia struggles to keep her feet moving fast enough to keep up with her hair as Vida whips her around in circles like a toy. Finally Vida releases Alicia and tosses her sailing away. Alicia stumbles then crashes and burns on the sandy beach.

Vida runs over to Alicia where she has fallen and pounces on her immediately. The two feminine powers grab each other by the shoulders and struggle mightily. Vida wants to engulf Alicia's body. Alicia wants to keep Vida at bay and toss her off top of her. They grunt and groan a lot and jerk each other slightly but neither is able to accomplish much. Vida rises off of Alicia and gets to her feet, but still with her grip on Alicia's shoulders. Now standing over Alicia, Vida adjusts both hands a little closer and wraps both of her paws around Alicia's neck to choke the sensual, sexy music prodigy. Alicia quickly draws both of her feet to her chest and kicks Vida away like a kangaroo. Vida goes flying backwards. She is launched back a few steps until she trips up and falls on her back.

Alicia springs to her feet and instantly goes after Vida. Alicia did not want this fight, but now she really wants to kick Vida's crazy ass. Alicia wants to beats some sense into her and makes her regret and take back all the shit she has talked. Finally, Alicia plans on showing Vida she was wrong, when she can take her prize man, but chooses to leave him alone. Alicia stands over Vida while straddling her body. The Alicia bends over and slaps Vida face as hard as she could. The Cuban wails and covers up. Alicia drops her larger body down on Vida leading with her ass on Vida's tight, muscular stomach. Alicia finds herself in a dominant position and Vida's went from covering her face to her stomach. Alicia is able to fire off another hard slap across the Cuban's face.

Vida reaches up and sinks her fingers in Alicia's hair. With an angry growl Vida tosses Alicia off top of her and reverses positions in a blink of an eye. Magically Vida is seated on top of Alicia and jerking her head around by her hair. Alicia snares Vida's hair and pulls and jerks her hair around too. Vida tries to quell Alicia's retaliation by slamming the back of her head against the sand.

Although she is on top, Vida does not find that to be a real advantage in the hair pulling contest. Vida stands off of Alicia and brings the pretty singer to her feet also by her hair. They struggle against each other, but Vida starts maneuvering around behind Alicia. Eventually Vida captures Alicia from behind with an arm wrapped around Alicia's neck from behind. Alicia reaches behind her and bends forward and snatches Vida's hair. Next she throws Vida off of her and tosses Vida over her shoulder with a judo throw. Vida tumbles head over heels over Alicia's shoulder and lands on her back and goes rolling across the sand.

Alicia follows Vida and pounces on top of her again She pins Vida down by sitting on top of her and delivers another loud cracking slap across Vida's face. Miguel cringes hearing the loud clapping of flesh followed by Vida's helpless wail. Realizing that they have rolled into a hard part of the beach, Alicia grabs Vida's hair again and slams the back of her head against the hard compact sand. Miguel hears a thump each time Alicia slams Vida's head accompanied with a loud grunt. Alicia looks down in Vida's eyes and no longer sees a crazed bitch. She sees fear in Vida's eyes.

"Are you ready to talk like you got some sense?" Alicia harshly asks.

Vida growls loudly, "Fuck you!" accompanied with a huge wild buck that knocks Alicia off top of her.

Both women get to their feet and create some distance between them at the same time. The crazed bitch look returns to Vida's eyes as she rushes Alicia and slaps her as hard as she could across her face. Alicia's head spins on her shoulders and then she stumbles a step or two and falls to the ground. Vida drops on top of Alicia and repays her with another cracking slap across the face. Miguel heard Alicia grunting, groaning and sniveling after tasting Vida's hands.

Alicia struggles under Vida. The booty model wasn't sure that she could contain Alicia, so she voluntarily rises to her feet. Vida grabs Alicia's arm and snatches her to her feet too while saying, "Get your ass up!". Alicia proves to be just as fiery as the latina and rips off another extremely hard slap to Vida's face. Vida staggers away, grunting every step, looking like her bell has been rung. Alicia follows and fires a kick to Vida's body once she catches up. Vida surprisingly catches Alicia's foot before is lands. Then Vida easily jerks Alicia off of her feet and dumps her on her back on the beach. Vida goes to the sand after Alicia.

The songstress felt, Vida's big hot tits fall on her. When Alicia felt them, jealousy, curiosity, envy and extasy erupt in her all at the same time. Alicia grabs the back of Vida's bikini top and starts trying to untie it and take it off while saying, "Let's see what you are working with, Raw sexy energy." Vida scoffs loudly and instinctively goes after Alicia's bikini top in return. The two start rolling around the sand while tearing at each other's tops.

Alicia is pretty proud of herself when she ends up on top of Vida. She has Vida pinned underneath her when Alicia raises her chest off of her foe. To Alicia's utter shock her bikini top fell clean off her body, exposing her breasts. "Whoa!" Alicia exclaims, and wonders when and how Vida got her top untied without her feeling it. Vida chuckles loudly as she tosses Alicia's top across the beach. While blushing bright red, Alicia determinedly goes after Vida's top again. There is little that the pinned Cuban could do to stop Alicia's relentless and vindictive fingers from tearing her top away shortly thereafter.

Alicia tosses Vida's top away and zealously starts slapping her adversary. Vida looks up in Alicia's eyes. She does not see America's sweetheart that's full of positivity. Alicia is a conquering vixen intent and determined on beating Vida into submission. Vida sees Alicia's lust for victory in her eyes. Vida wants more than anything to exploit that, then take that lust away.

Vida struggles fiercely from her pinned position. Alicia imposes her weight down heavier by dropping her chest down on Vida's chest. This allows Vida to throw Alicia off of her with a sharp turn, now that her weight is distributed differently. Alicia rolls off Vida and onto her back. Vida rolls up to her knees. Immediately, Vida reaches for Alicia's bikini bottoms. Vida jerks them halfway down Alicia's thick thighs before her aghast opponent could react. Alicia tries to grab at her bottoms, but it is too late. Vida's second tug has them down at Alicia's knee caps. Alicia resigns to surrender bikini bottoms at this point. She takes a deep breath and tries to regroup as Vida finish stripping the bottoms unopposed. Vida smiles. She wants to see how sweet sensual energy reacts to raw sexy aggression.

Vida stands and is pretty happy, dangling Alicia's panties. Alicia get to her knees and instantly lounges at Vida's hips, and tries to grab her bottoms and strip them off. Alicia gets the bottoms pulled down over Vida's ass, but Vida grips them and kicks and fights out of Alicia's grip. Vida snickers while pulling her bottoms back up. Alicia pops to her feet. Vida can see that Alicia is rattled and out of her element a bit.

Alicia promptly leaps at Vida again. She puts her arms around Vida and is able to toss the smaller vixen to the sand. Alicia is on top of Vida in a flash, wrestling with the woman grappling from her back. Alicia vengefully tries to take off Vida's panties again, but Vida effectively fights her off. "Give me those fucking panties, you crazy bitch!" Alicia says with fatigue and exasperation in her voice. The vexed singer uncorks two consecutive hard slaps across Vida's face. The smack reverberates, Miguel cringes again and Vida has more red hand prints. Vida grabs her throbbing jaw, allowing Alicia to finally get those bothersome bottoms off of Vida.

Alicia's time with her prize is very short lived. Vida kicks with both feet and knocks Alicia down. Vida dives on Alicia and they start their wrestling across the sand once again. Vida is more aggressive and controls the rolling around more this time. Vida starts grabbing and squeezing and mauling Alicia's modest breasts. Alicia squeals and does her best to protect her boobs. Vida insults, "Nice tits, for a middle school girl." Vida laughs. " I bet deep down your husband wishes you would buy an adult pair."

That gets a reaction out of Alicia as she immediately slings Vida down and mounts her again. She has acrimonious and avenging eyes as she lands one more stinging slap across Vida's face. Alicia stands and backs away from Vida. "Come on bitch! Get up! Let's end this right now!"

Vida looks up from the sand and sees that Alicia is seething and on tilt. Vida takes a deep breath and understands that they have reached the pivotal moment of the conflict. Vida rises and a venomous stare down begins.

Miguel gulps in total disbelief that he is witnessing this sexual fantasy. Alicia Keys and Vida Guerra are totally naked and catfighting on the beach. Alicia’s body is far from perfect, but marvelous and spectacular at the same time. Her thick thighs and wide round hips make up for her breasts. Her skin and aura glows, beguiling the observer. It is like she has a light bulb under her skin that makes her far from an ordinary female. At the same notion, Vida's body is perfect. The only places in the universe where females look like Vida are statues of Greek goddesses or the pages of comic book super heroines. His only possible criticism is that Vida's body is that it is too perfect. It is like she is too good to be true, or he is unworthy of such perfection. Miguel starts to think he is starting to understand all that feminine energy mumbo jumbo.

"Come on Vida. You're supposed be proving to Miguel that you are so much better than me." Alicia begins. "You're supposed to be showing me how much more powerful your energy is than mine. So far you haven't shown doddle. I've still got a song to write. It's about a little girl who's in over her head."

Soft, sensual alluring Alicia is reasserting her power after Vida has turned this into a raw naked sexual affair. To hell with her mission right now, Vida does not care about getting Alicia's diary, at the moment. She wants to knock this preachy bitch's block off. Vida angrily charges at Alicia. Standing still with challenging eyes, Alicia's glare dares Vida to attack. When Vida arrives, steps to the side and launches a looping low hook into Vida's gut. Vida lets out a loud short bark and doubles over around Alicia's fist. When Alicia withdraws her fist, Vida crumbles to the sandy beach, curling up into a ball.

Alicia stands over Vida tensely waiting for some movement. However there is none, Vida is completely out cold. Finally Alicia raises her head and focuses her gaze on Miguel. He stands, totally astonished with his mouth open and both hands on his head. He was hired by Vida, Eva and the Resistance to either enchant and distract Alicia long enough for Vida to read her diary, or help instigate a fight between Vida and Alicia. The plan was for Vida to kayo Alicia, and give them access to her diary. Now Vida is just a sexy baby, curled in fetal position, sleeping on the beach. Miguel knows that he is getting a significant pay cut for failing to deliver that diary.

Alicia storms over to Miguel, saying "This is all your fault!" Miguel notes that Alicia is yelling at him like she is somebody's mother. While wagging her finger in his face, Alicia continues, "You pitted the two of us against each other. Why? Did you think I would sleep with you? Well hell no! You are a fucking manipulative asshole!" Alicia goes on about how Miguel is not worthy of someone like Vida.

Miguel starts tuning her out. Luckily, the roar of the beach with the waves crashing is very distracting. The spray of the waves comes across his face as it blows across and wettens everybody's face. Amazingly, Alicia has barely taken a breath and continues to berate and yell at Miguel while still buck naked on the beach. Another wave sprays the beach, putting a light wet sheen over Alicia's body as well as the dozing Vida's face. Even though Alicia is dogmatically shouting at him with a look of disgust in her eyes, Miguel finds Alicia irresistibly sexy. "People are right, Alicia is preachy." Miguel thinks, but it is not like he cares at the moment. "She is loud too."

Alicia is so deeply consumed in her sermon to Miguel about is role in this incident that she does not realize that she is loud enough to wake a baby. Alicia does not realize that the ocean spray has covered her body with a cool sexy sheen. She has no recognition that these beach conditions could away even a sexy sleeping baby. Alicia is coming to the end of her long oration by beginning, "Miguel you are a piece of shit human being. You're using your looks to control and manipulate women!"

Then it happens. Alicia's sermon is brought to an abrupt end when her own beach lounge chair comes crashing down over her head from behind. Alicia shouts and drops to her hands and knees. "Will you ever shut the fuck up!" Vida screams after the sleeping sexy baby was awaken from her slumber and bashed Alicia with her chair. Vida hit Alicia so hard that Alicia's head burst through the chair's mesh seat, ending with Alicia wearing the chair's frame around her neck.

Vida grabs the chair and pulls it toward her. Dazed Alicia is jerked up to her knees with the chair's frame pressed against her throat, and choking her. Vida places her knee against the back of Alicia's neck to secure her in the choking device. Alicia grabs the chair frame and tries to pull it away from her throat, but Vida has all the leverage in her favor. After she technically already loss the fight, and having Alicia kick her ass, Vida is not about to allow Alicia get free. "Go to sleep. Don't fight it. Make it easier on yourself, preachy witch!" Vida advises. Alicia doubts that she can escape this predicament. Even more, she is extremely tired of her entanglement with this crazy couple. Alicia wants out in the worst way. Alicia reaches back, finding whatever contact with Vida that she could find and taps out. First she taps Vida's arm, then later Vida's thigh. Alicia just wants to offer her surrender. Alicia thinks she was really dumb to be in this fight in the first place, then extra stupid to lose a fight she already won to preach to Miguel.

Vida had intended on choking Alicia to unconsciousness, but because of her newfound respect for this woman, she changes her mind. Vida removes her knee and takes the chair frame away from Alicia's throat. Breathless and naked, Alicia collapses face first to the sand. Vida quickly reaches down and turns Alicia over onto her back. Looking Alicia in the eyes Vida admits, "You are one sexy woman. I just can't help myself." Vida drops to the beach and sits down squarely on Alicia's face. With her naked pussy on Alicia's face, Vida pulls Alicia's face in even tighter by her hair and starts grinding her twat all over Alicia's face to satisfy herself.

Vida immediately looks at Miguel and mouths the words 'THE DIARY'. Miguel immediately grabs Alicia's diary and start thumbing through the pages looking for references about Beyonce as quickly as he can. When he finds a relevant page, he snaps a picture of the entry with his cell phone and keeps searching. Alicia is under Vida, protesting her face being sexually violated never knowing that Miguel is violating her privacy by reading through her diary.

Miguel gives a quick look up and sees Vida's body at the peak of her erotic magnificence. One glimpse of Vida's perfect body, grinding pumping and oscillating makes his penis harder than it has ever been. He reverts his attention back to the diary, but he still hears Alicia's frantic pleas for Vida to stop. He finds her helpless pleas are intoxicating. He found it unimaginable, but he got even harder.

After a period, Vida is panting hard and fast. Alicia's desperate pleas, although muffled were still comprehendible. She begs Vida to stop, and that she cannot breathe. Vida knows what her phenomenally famous ass is capable of, and is sure that Alicia is struggling for air. Vida is feasting on Alicia's energy. It is very apparent as Alicia’s limbs slow down flailing and Alicia moans and groan, as she is being drained. She still taps Vida's ass and thighs in-between moans wailing "I give up". Vida forces her booty down harder and adds incomprehensive, animalistic expletives. This continues until Vida ultimately climaxes. She lathers Alicia's face with her cum. Vida's juices flow into Alicia's nose and mouth. Alicia is overcome by it all and she goes limp and passes out.

Vida is huffing and puffing, when she looks up at the engorged Miguel nearing the end of Alicia's diary. She is not sure if she has ever seen an erection that hard. "So is that thing for me or Alicia?" Vida asks.

Miguel answers, "You're the one with all the tits and ass. What do you think?"

"Yeah..." Vida responds. "I think you're going to fuck up and call me Alicia when you fuck me later after we drop off that information." Miguel’s eyes and ears instantly perk up. He certainly never expected to hear anything like that when he took this job. "I think I might fuck up and call you Alicia too. She's got me so fucking horny." Miguel and Vida finish ravaging through Alicia's diary before she wakes up and leaves the beach. Alicia never knows that her diary was the real target. As they drove away, they saw Alicia wake up and stumble her way back to her beach house.

As planned a remorseful and tearful Vida contacts Alicia the next day with the assistance of Jennifer Aniston, Christina Milian and Eva Mendes. Vida claims every relevant mental health issue and begs for Alicia's forgiveness. She heavily blames Miguel's influence and says she kicked him to the curb. She vows to seek help and her friends on the Resistance do their best to smooth over the relationship between Alicia and Vida. Alicia eventually accepts the apology. After all she is always a very nice and positive person. However deep down, Alicia would not mind having a rematch with Vida down the line. Besides, wrestling Vida made Alicia as horny as a brass band and Vida owes her a face ride.

Vida and Miguel got the information to Eva, Christina and Jennifer for examination. Miguel performed his espionage job well. The Resistance found the entry providing the information that they needed.

Dear Diary
I'm headed to Houston this week to check on my girl Beyonce again! Bey is here to rehab that old shoulder injury again. those things can take a long time to heal.

After Beyonce's first loss to Rihanna, Beyonce could not use Pam Anderson as her trainer anymore per the contract. Pam sent Bey to train with some legendary old underground fight club fighter called, 'Cajun Cat'.

Young Beyonce went crazy like she always used to do back then and turned into her alter ego Sasha Fierce. Cat wasn't having that. She put Bey in a Fujiwara arm bar and then a chicken wing cross face. Cat stretched her biceps, and pectoral muscles. It severely injured Beyonce's shoulder. To her credit, Beyonce came back and beat the Cajun Cat's butt. She finished her with a Beyonce Bomb Power bomb. Unfortunately that move hurt Beyonce's shoulder even worst.

It really lead to her defeat to Rihanna in the rematch, Britney Spears and Shakira. Beyonce wasn't 100% for any of those fights. She needs to rest, and take time off from the ring, but Bey doesn't know the meaning of rest.

A torn shoulder labrum needs time to repair itself. You can't do it while training for championship mega fights.

"Beyonce has a torn shoulder labrum that she has been protecting." Eva recognizes. "Pam Anderson will be willing to do anything to protect Beyonce's shoulder too. She will give us the dream match to save her precious former prize pupil. All we've got to do is put Pam and Beyonce's shoulder in a compromising position, and Pam will crumble to give us anything we want." Eva finishes with a devilish smile.

Journey To The Casket PART 2

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