Journey To The Casket PART 2


NOTE - This story takes after Journey To The Casket PART 1

Text Msg: From Eva Mendes to Beyonce

"I got your message Eva. I've got to admit I was pretty skeptical when I read it." Beyonce explains as she walks into the room where she and Eva were to meet. "If this was the ABA I would know that this is a trap. I'm trying to give the Resistance the benefit of the doubt, but don't bullshit me. Is this a trap or a negotiation? It can't be about a gift."

Eva looks Beyonce eye to eye from across the room. "I'm glad that you came. No bullshit, I do have paperwork that will allow you to use Pam Anderson as your trainer again." Eva begins her pitch. "When Pam Anderson was your trainer, you were the champion, and a dominating one at that. The Resistance took that away from you. Our genius, The Resistance's genius created the circumstances to defeat you. We set the trap to take your title away. We stripped you of your title, your clothes and your dignity that night. We took Pam Anderson and the Fabs away from you and you haven't been the same ever since. I am offering you a way back."

"That's not answering the question Eva." Beyonce impatiently interrupts. "Since you did not give me a direct answer, let me be more direct. Give me your terms to get the release or let's get to kicking each other's ass. I know that we are alone, or else I wouldn't have come. Stop wasting my time."

"Bey, we're friends." Eva says.

"We're not friends." Beyonce interrupts. "We're friendly acquaintances. So let's get down to business and maintain that relationship. Why am I here and what do I have to do to get that paperwork from you?"

"Okay." Eva answers with resolve. "This isn't really about you. To be honest I want Eva Longoria's name on a contract to fight me, but the little cunt is too chicken shit to sign it. My suggestion is that we work together and use your influence, and skills to make that happen." Eva suggests. "Then I can give you your release papers and we can leave friendly acquaintances."

"Another option is that I kick your ass and take those papers and leave. We can still be friendly acquaintances afterwards. That would be up to you." Beyonce sassily offers.

"The third option is I kick your ass, get Longoria to sign the contract to save your raggedy ass and don't give you shit!" Eva counters. "We are both smart and beautiful women. I'm sure we can come to an agreement that is mutually beneficial."

"Nah, not at all." Beyonce answers while removing her sun glasses and tossing them aside along with her purse. "First, there is no way that I'll be a part of putting Eva Longoria in a match that she doesn't want. Second, I feel a responsibility to put an end of this nonsense of you bullying Eva into a match right now."

"What's really nonsense is that everyone protects that little coward. Eva Longoria made a commitment to the Resistance when she joined the group. She pledged loyalty to her friends like, me, Christina Applegate, Jessica Simpson and Cameron Diaz, full well knowing that we were going to war against the Fabs and some of her other friends. Then when she thought the grass was greener, she stabbed all of us in the back and totally betrayed us to join the Fabs." Mendes explains. "The little cunt showed no honor, and broke the collective hearts of the Resistance. She demoralized the entire team. We've got to exact our revenge, to restore the group's dignity".

Beyonce can emphasize with Eva's passionate response. She pauses and looks Mendes eye to eye again. Although Beyonce could understand Mendes' anger and frustration, Beyonce still is not going to betray her friends. Her expression changes as the sympathy disintegrates. "Sounds like a personal problem. Might I recommend a good counselor? Cause I'm not going to help you beat up my friend." Beyonce coldly responds.

"Stubborn bitch, I knew that you would see things that way." Eva answers as her expression turns hard also. Both of their expressions mirror each other. They both are ready for a fight. "I'm sorry for you, but it looks like we're going to do this the really hard way."


Suddenly the lights in the room go off and the room goes totally dark. "Are you serious?" Beyonce's voice calls out in the dark. "A clapper in 2021!?!" In the darkness Beyonce feels someone grab her right arm. Suddenly that arm is extended and fiercely twisted. Beyonce yelps in surprise and because that arm is attached to her ailing shoulder. Quickly Beyonce's attacker drops to the floor yanking down on Beyonce's arm and shoulder violently and threatens to jerk her arm out of it's socket. Beyonce roars in pain and reels away in the darkness and hopes for the best.


The lights instantly turn back on. Beyonce has wandered several steps away and is holding her shoulder with a pained expression. Eva is getting off the floor wearing a big smile. Her surprise attack is off to a perfect beginning. After seeing Eva standing, Beyonce's expression turns from pain to fury. Beyonce grumbles "Why you...." then charges after Eva. A snarling Beyonce has both arms extended and is about to snatch the shit out of Eva. Then magically, Eva tosses a handful of white power in Beyonce's face. The powder explodes in a cloud around Beyonce's head. Beyonce screams and clutches her face shouting, "My eyes! It burns!"

Eva chuckles slightly with the thrill of even more success. Eva comes behind Beyonce and grabs her right arm and pulls it behind Beyonce's back and bends it up into a hammerlock. Eva roughly ushers Beyonce to the wall and drives her shoulder first into the unmoving wall. There is a loud thump and a bark from Beyonce, then she sinks to the foot of the wall holding her shoulder. She looks up at Eva in confusion. She is not only confused, but her shoulder hurts and her vision is very blurry. The battle has just begun, and she knows that she is in deep trouble. Beyonce's mind reels wondering how Eva knew about her nursing an injured shoulder.

Eva nastily kicks Beyonce's arm and shoulder as she sits there, knowing the blinded woman had little to no means to defend herself. Beyonce helplessly makes sharp barks and howls. Eva snatches Beyonce's arm and pulls Beyonce to the floor then stretches the arm out on the carpet. Eva's drives her knee with her body weight behind it into Beyonce's bicep and shoulder several times. Eva follows by standing and putting a foot on Beyonce's shoulder and simply pulling up on the arm. After a couple dozen of seconds Eva lets Beyonce go while wearing a triumphant smirk.

Beyonce tries to crawl away with her injured wing drawn under her. Eva stalks her prey. Beyonce rises to her knees and shoves Eva away with both hands. Eva retaliates with a kick to Beyonce's ribs that knocks her down. Beyonce does a roll across the carpet then flips up to her feet. She continues her retreat and ends up cowering in the corner and trying to protect her arm.

Like a confident and savvy predator, Eva hunts her wounded prey. Eva follows Beyonce into the corner and strikes with a series of kicks deep into the bread basket at Beyonce's waist line. Beyonce falls on her mythical bootylious ass into the corner. Eva puts her foot against Beyonce's throat and chokes her vision impaired, and wounded nemesis.

Eva takes her foot off of Beyonce's throat to inflict more damage. Eva uses a handful of hair and an arm to pull Beyonce to her feet and out of the corner. Keeping a grip on Beyonce's wrist, Eva jerks the singer towards her and slams Beyonce across the upper chest and throat area with a short arm clothesline. However to Eva's shock and surprise the thick powerful woman absorbed the impact and did not go down. Eva quickly jerks Beyonce back into her again and slams her with another clothesline. Just like the first time. the strong woman absorbed Eva's force yet again. Undaunted, Eva jerks Beyonce into her for another short arm clothesline. With a sneer and a growl Eva puts all of her force and a short hop into this clothesline and knocks Beyonce off of her feet and to the mat.

"Always the bad bitch Beyonce", Eva rumbles. She grabs Beyonce's arm and rolls her onto her stomach, and locks an arm bar on the injured right arm. Beyonce's wails satisfy Eva greatly. She did not want to give any life to Beyonce's fight with the show of resistance that Beyonce just displayed.

"You dirty cunt! Who told you about my shoulder?" Beyonce roars.

Eva answers, "I can't tell you all of my secrets." Then stands and kicks Beyonce's injured arm. She proceeds to transition her hold into a cross arm breaker. Lying perpendicular to Beyonce, Eva maneuvers Beyonce's arm between her legs and leaning back to bend Beyonce's arm at an obtuse angle. At the final instant before Eva locks the hold in completely, Beyonce clasps her right hand with her left hand to keep Eva from applying the hold completely. A tug-of-war begins as each woman tries to out muscle the other. Eva tries pounding Beyonce's clasps hands with her fist to hopefully break them apart. Beyonce retaliates by swinging her leg around and kicking Eva in the face. Eva abandons her hold and rolls away, while checking her jaw.

Eva gets to her feet rather quickly while moving her jaw from side to side. Beyonce only got to one knee while delicately cradling her shoulder. Eva goes over to the singer and helps her to her feet by pulling a handful of hair on the top of Beyonce's head. When Beyonce stands, Eva grabs her injured arm and tries to twist it into another arm bar. Beyonce slams Eva across the chest with her healthy arm and knocks Eva off of her. Eva grittily stops and reels back at Beyonce. The former champion snaps Eva across the chest with a mighty chop that knocks Eva back again.

Next Beyonce surges forward and knocks Eva to the ground with a shoulder block from her good shoulder. Eva immediately gets right back up to get plowed over again by Beyonce coming at her like a runaway train again. Then Beyonce runs toward Eva and jumps in the air and comes down with her back across Eva's back with a senton.

Beyonce rolls off of Eva while breathing hard and still holding her arm gingerly. Eva starts to take on a little damage herself, but sits up and grabs Beyonce. The two grapple on the carpet for a little bit. It results in Beyonce getting behind Eva and locking a sleeper hold securely with her arms around Eva's head and her legs around Eva's waist.

Beyonce squeezes desperately, trying to put an end to this unwanted encounter. Eva quickly begins to show the effects of the hold. Her eyes get sleepy and her movements are sluggish within seconds. Then a burst of life erupts from Eva. She twists her hips sharply to break Beyonce's leglock. Then Eva rolls up backwards towards Beyonce's arms. It changes the leverage, allowing Eva to break free from the sleeper.

Eva rolls against the wall and stands up with its assistance. Once Eva focuses her eyes, Beyonce is coming at her and leaps and crashes into Eva chest to chest with a big splash. Eva dropped to the floor on her ass. Beyonce reaches down for Eva but the Fast & Furious actress grabs Beyonce's bad arm and jerks it down. Beyonce howls and grabs her shoulder while tottering away. Beyonce angrily wheels around and shout, "You bitch!" and slams her healthy forearm across Eva's chest, followed by a bitch slap across Eva's gorgeous face. Eva falters back a few steps, then hauls off and kicks Beyonce in the chest, right between the tits, making her flounder back many steps. Eva comes after Beyonce. Beyonce grabbed Eva right below her hips and picked her up, then drove her to the carpet back first with Beyonce's love on top. Eva cannot believe that she walked into Beyonce's spinebuster

Beyonce rolls off top of Eva and both women lie on the carpet breathing heavily for a good while. Almost a minute both beauties lie there while taking a damage report of their heavenly bodies. Finally both slowly start to rise. Beyonce's shoulder appears to be in bad shape. She winces every time she has to move it. Eva holds the small of her back

Both women are up to their knees when Eva fiendishly punches Beyonce's bad shoulder. The diva holds back her cry but harshly slaps Eva's face in revenge. Both are now slowly standing but Eva nails Beyonce in the jaw as the rise. Beyonce hits Eva right back with a forearm to the jaw, dishing out as good as she was receiving. Now fully standing Eva kicks Beyonce in the chest and breasts again. Beyonce in knocked back several steps but leaps right back into the fray with another forearm shot to Eva's jaw. Eva fires right back with a forearm shot to Beyonce's jaw. Beyonce sways then responds by picking Eva up and body slamming her ass to the carpet. Eva gets up while holding her back. Then she throws an angry and harder forearm shot to Beyonce's face. Beyonce simply picks Eva's Latin ass up again and body slams her a second time. Eva gets right back up although holding her back again. Then she hits Beyonce in the face with yet another forearm shot. Beyonce picks Eva up a third time for a bitch slam. However this time Eva is prepared. Eva shifts her weight and escapes Beyonce's grasps when Beyonce lifted Eva over her head. Eva squirms out of Beyonce's clutches and lands on her feet behind Beyonce. Eva is able to grab the surprised diva around her waist and lift Beyonce off her feet. Eva tosses Beyonce behind her with a belly to back suplex. Beyonce lands heavily on the back of her neck and shoulders.

After the suplex, Eva sits up wearing a smile. She swiftly looks behind her to see the effects of her power move on Beyonce. Eva expected to see Beyonce holding the back of her neck and head, that usually takes the brunt of the fall. Instead Beyonce tightly clutched her injured right shoulder. Eva knew the shoulder injury was bad, but now she realizes that it is worst than she knew.

Eva's response is to spring to her feet and starts stomping Beyonce's shoulder as fast as she could. There was no keeping count of how many times Eva stomps Beyonce's shoulder. Beyonce screams shrilly at each stomp. Sounding like Satan's bride, Beyonce seriously threatens "Fuck you... you stupid punk ass bitch... I'm going to murder you for this."

Eva stomped the squirming bitch till her leg tired. Still in a rabid frenzy, Eva reaches down and snatches Beyonce to her feet. Once Beyonce is upright, like a true champion, or a revengeful bitch, or perhaps both, Beyonce clocks Eva in the jaw with everything that she had. Eva squints and reels backwards. Eva's mind is in a fog for a moment, and she stumbles away.

In only a matter of moments Eva's head clears enough for her to see a tough, mean looking Beyonce, breathing really hard and thankful for the brief moment without strife. So Eva hauls off and punts Beyonce in the coochie as hard as she could. Beyonce's eyes pop out accompanied with a yelp. The diva grabs her pussy with both hands and with knocked knees. She hangs there for a couple of seconds, like she is fighting it, then Beyonce drops to her knees and drops her head. Eva waits patiently for Beyonce to raise her head again. It takes a while. Once Beyonce does lift her head, Eva takes off running toward her. Eva smashes her knee into Beyonce's face. Beyonce falls backwards and lies on her back with her arms splayed by her sides. She is stunned, dazed, semi-conscious and all of the above.

Eva's primary goal is to capitalize on Beyonce's shoulder injury to defeat her. However Eva also wants to heap on the punishment and pain to discourage Beyonce from seeking revenge. To inflict a little mental anguish, Eva asks, "Is this the new Ivy Park sportswear?" (Ivy Park Beyonce's athleisure clothing line) as she reaches down and starts tugging at Beyonce's trendy stretch top. Eva is able to remove Beyonce's top off of the dazed diva as easy as disrobing a baby. Eva knows that getting stripped makes a woman feel like less of a fighter. After robbing Beyonce of her shirt, Eva looks at it, then says "This will be a great souvenir of the day that I beat Beyonce's ass." Eva laughs heartily. "Thank you," Eva finishes.

Beyonce's senses quickly return. She gets to her feet, minus her top only wearing a bra with her matching Ivy Park stretch pants. She knows that she has stepped into a trap and her chances were bleak after the clapper trick, the burning dust to the eyes, and Eva somehow finding about her bad shoulder. However the long chances make her angry and resolute. "Fuck you bitch!" Beyonce grumbles "I ain’t giving you shit, but a foot up your ass."

Beyonce raises her fists in a boxing stance. Her left fist is forward in a southpaw stance. Beyonce's injured right shoulder is purposely protected. Eva chuckles to see the naturally right handed warrior trying to adjust to her injury on the fly. Wisely the savvy Eva gets into her boxing stance then gets on her toes and starts bouncing around Beyonce. Eva's circling and movement makes it even more difficult for the one armed fighter who is struggling to adjust to the unfamiliar style.

Now Eva is dancing around the one armed boxer, who struggles to keep up. Then Eva lets her fists fly. The one winged warrior is ill equipped to defend herself. Eva's fist of fury lights Beyonce up like a Christmas tree, with an onslaught of straight punches and jabs. Eva capitalizes on Beyonce's limitations, and has her groaning and grunting loudly from each strike. Eva floats like a Cuban decent butterfly and stings like a Miami bee. In just under ten minutes, Beyonce's hair is dishevel, she is breathing hard, and profusely sweating, and looking whipped.

Beyonce backs away and drops her fists. Her shoulders droop, almost accepting the futility of being a one armed boxer. Eva playfully taunts, "What's wrong lefty? You can't take it?" Once Eva sinks into a moment of confidence, Beyonce explodes into action. She steps toward Eva, does a spin and slams her left elbow into Eva's red lips in the process. Eva goes reeling from Beyonce's spinning back elbow strike. When Eva comes out of her clumsy stagger, Beyonce's big, luscious leg swings high and kicks Eva across the face. Eva's eyes blink a few times. Then her knees give away and she crumbles to the floor.

Eva lands on the floor lying face down in an unmoving pile. It takes Beyonce a moment or two to realize that Eva is down for the count. Somehow she has miraculously escaped this trap. Another moment passes before Beyonce gathers her wits. She looks around the room for her shirt. She walks over and retrieves her shirt so she can get the hell out of the room.

Beyonce nears the door, when her Deep South magic tingles. Beyonce whirls around and kicks a stealthily approaching Eva dead in the stomach. Eva bellows loudly and doubles over. Beyonce pulls Eva's head between her thick chocolate thighs and grabs Eva by the waist. She prepares Eva for the most devastating finishing move in the league; The Beyonce Bomb!

Beyonce lifts Eva up for her famous power bomb, and then her shoulder’s strength gives out. She cannot flip Eva over and pauses in the middle of executing the move. Eva has plenty of time to counter and flip out of Beyonce's weak grasps. Eva gets two feet back on the floor. Then Eva grabs Beyonce's right arm and drags her down to the floor. Eva forces Beyonce face down and sits on Beyonce's right shoulder blade and pulls Beyonce's arm painfully backwards. Eva proclaims "This is over Beyonce!"

Beyonce wails in a ballad of sharp pain and misery. She knows it is over too. "Alexa!" Eva shouts into the air. "Call the hawk man." The familiar voice of an Amazon device answers and the sound of dialing comes from hidden speaker in the room.

"No Eva! Please don't use me like this. Don't use me as a weapon against my friends. I'll do whatever else for you and the Resistance."

"Sorry Beyonce", Eva answers "Like I told you at the beginning I don't want to do this. There is no other way. Your friend Eva Longoria is a cowardly cunt. We've been trying to get her name on a contract to fight me, Jada (Pinkett-Smith) or Vida (Guerra), but she has avoided them at all costs."

Thousands of miles and several states away, Pam Anderson and her team on Fabs, Eva Longoria, Sofia Vergara and Chrissy Tiegen are sitting outside at an exclusive little outdoor cantina. They meet their weekly whenever possible for team building and to share a cocktail or a glass of wine. They are interrupted by a young man approaching with a Kindle Fire tablet. "Sorry to interrupt you Mrs. Anderson, but you have an urgent message on the tablet." He hands Pam Anderson the tablet and she looks down, then gasps.

Pam sees Beyonce face down and screaming while Eva sits on her shoulder bending Beyonce's arm backward in an exact copy of WWE Superstar, Becky Lynch's finishing hold, the Disarm-her. "Hey Pam I guess you can see what's going on here." Eva begins speaking, seeing Pam's face on the monitor mounted in the room. "I've got your girl, Beyonce, in deep shit here. I'm guessing you know the story about Beyonce's arm too. She's in a helluva lot of pain right now so I'll be brief. My associate, The Hawk man, is handing you a folder with a contract for a match between me and Eva Longoria. Have her sign it quickly or Beyonce's new name will be Queen Lefty."

"Don't do it Pam" Beyonce frantically pleads "Don't let them win! I'll get out of this shit. I promise."

Eva's well dress lackey, Hawk man, slides a leather folder onto the table that contains the contract. Pam simply slides it over to Eva and meekly asks, "Please sign it."

Longoria definitely does not want to sign it, but understands that there is not much of a choice to be made given the situation. She opens the folder where there is an ink pen waiting and Longoria quickly flips to the last page and signs her name. The Hawk man snatches the contract right after so there is no mind changing. See the contract signed, Eva immediately releases Beyonce and rises off of her victim.

"Yes! We've finally got the match made." Mendes says brimming with excitement. "Don't bother reading it, I'll tell you what it said. You signed a contract for a casket match between you and me at RAGE! III. The loser of the match has to leave the league for one year. This ends between the Resistance and you that night. If you win Eva, I'm out of the league and the Resistance will not bother you. If I win, we finally get revenge for you abandoning us! I can't wait. Alexa, end call." The transmission immediately ends.

Mendes gets an envelope from a desk in the room and walks back to Beyonce. The diva just lies on the floor, clutching her shoulder. Mendes drops the envelope in front of Beyonce, saying, "Here is your release to use Pam as your trainer again. You cannot join the Fabs nor have Pam at ringside, but she can train you for your fights. Sorry about everything. Letting you work with Pam is doing you a favor. At least she will not let you get in the ring again until that shoulder has completely healed."

The Casket Match

Dee Williams vs Nikki Darling! Dee William sexually Destroys a fit ebony wrestler